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The King by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Apr 11

The King

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by MIRA books

Book 6 in the Original Sinners Series,

Cunning. Sex. Pure nerve. Only this unholy threesome can raise him to his rightful place as a ruler of Manhattan's kink kingdom.

Bouncing from bed to bed on the Upper East Side, Kingsley Edge is brilliant, beautiful and utterly debauched. No carnal act or chemical compound can relieve his self-destructive heartache—only Søren, the one person he loves without limit or regret. A man he can never have, but in whose hands Kingsley is reborn to attain even greater heights of sin.

Kingsley's plan to open the ultimate BDSM club—a dungeon playground for New York's A-list—becomes his obsession. His expertise in domination can't subdue the one man who wants to stop him. The enigmatic Reverend Fuller won't rest until King's dream is destroyed, and so the battle lines are set; it's one man's sacred mission against another's…



Detailed sex with BDSM, heavily leaning in sado-masochism


The King by Tiffany Reisz is the sixth book in the Original Sinners series, and the second book in the sub-series, The White Years. This novel centers around Kingsley, who is visiting Grace and Zachary to meet Søren's son Fionn, and Kingsley telling the story of how Søren saved him, and helped him build his "kingdom". The story covers the span of time from when Søren and Eleanor/Nora met, to a couple of days after Eleanor crashes Kingsley's party, looking for help.

I really enjoyed The King, for multiple reasons. For one, we get a closer look of the friendship and love between Søren and Kingsley. In past books, we see a bit of it, but I really enjoyed seeing Kingsley and Søren become friends again after all this time apart, and what it led to. Some of the strongest parts of the book were the conversations between Kingsley and Søren, and Kingsley and his new assistant, Sam. I would say the only weak part of the story is there is too much sex (whaaaat?). It's Kingsley though, so I guess that was to be expected. I would have loved a little more back and forth between Kingsley and Fuller, and I found sometimes the sex paused the story for a bit (specifically when he is with Felicia the Domme).

Kingsley's character has certainly grown on my with every book added to the series. As with every other character, he is very layered, complicated, and sometimes not easy to like. There is one thing that this book makes apparent about his character, though. He loves, and he loves deeply. He loves Søren. Eleanor/Nora. He loves his people, his community. His family, which extends past his girlfriend and daughter, and long-lost son Nico, but now Zach, Grace, and Fionn. I loved seeing Søren through his eyes, and them building a friendship after 11 years apart, and their past with one another.

Was The King my favorite of the series? No. Did I really like it? I did. I love that they are not prequels, but present characters telling a story of the past. This is important. Read the Red Years first, as the White Years are not prequels and contain spoilers from the first 4 books. I highly recommend The King if you love the Original Sinner's series as I have grown to.



Grace: "Zachary'd thought I'd lost my mind. He's an editor, though, not a writer. He thinks all writers are a bit mad."

Grace: "Nora. Well, if she behaved like a normal person, she wouldn't be Nora, would she?"

Kingsley: "No. No, she wouldn't be."

Grace: "Maybe she should come stay with us a few days. She loves being around Fionn. And she and Zachary fight so much, she'll forget all her sorrows, I promise."

Duke: "God must be a tits and ass man."

Kingsley: "If He wasn't, He wouldn't have invented them."

Kingsley: "This key opens a door to a hidden part of this club. The part of the club you came to see. Doors are symbols, you know. Thresholds to cross, choices to be made. It's not often that a real door stands between you and a different life. Don't waste this chance. You go back that way, and you stay in your old world. You open hat door, and you enter a new one."

Boy: "If you were me..."

Kingsley: "I was you."

Boy: "What would you choose?"

Kingsley: "I ran through the door. And I never looked back."

Kingsley: "You bastard. A fucking Jesuit priest."

Søren: "Actually, a nonfucking Jesuit priest. They haven't rescinded the vows of celibacy yet."

Kingsley: "How inconsiderate of them."

Kingsley: "We dreamed beautiful dreams, didn't we? But a girl like that? Impossible dream."

Søren: "Nothing is impossible."

Kingsley: "What do you mean?"

Søren: "Kingsley..."

Kingsley: "What?"

Søren: "I found her."

Kingsley: "You found her. You're certain?"

Søren: "I have never been more certain of anything in my life. And that includes my call to the priesthood. It's her. Black hair and green eyes. Green hair and black eyes."

Kingsley: "That's not possible."

Søren: "Her eyes change color in the light. Green to black and back again. When I first saw her, she had streaked green dye through her black hair. She's violent and foul-mouthed, and she told me I was an idiot. Not only did she say that to me, it was the first thing she said to me."

Kingsley: "Wild, is she?"

Søren: "I'd go so far as to use the word feral."

Kingsley: "Feral. A wild cat, then. With claws?"

Søren: "Sharp ones. Sharp mind, too. Very intelligent. Cunning. Quick and clever. Almost fearless."

Kingsley: "My type of girl. Where did you meet her?"

Søren: "I was sent to pastor at a small parish in a town called Wakefield in Connecticut. She's in my congregation. I recognized her the second I saw her. You would have, too."

Kingsley: "What's she like?"

Søren: "Dangerous. She doesn't even know how dangerous."

Kingsley: "Beautiful, is she?"

Søren: "Kingsley, you have no idea..."

Kingsley: "You ... You're in love with her."

Søren didn't deny it. Kingsley respected him for that. Honesty as its own special brand of sadism.

Søren: "I am."

Dixon: "I thought all the French military knew how to do was surrender."

Kingsley: "You'd be curtsying to the Queen of England if it wasn't for the French."

Dixon: "You're fucking my wife, and you come to ask for a favor. I almost admire that."

Kingsley: "I wouldn't have to fuck your wife if you weren't too busy fucking your wife's sister."

Dixon: "You're friends with a priest?"

Kingsley: "Trust me, no one is more shocked by that than I am."

Kingsley: "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point."

Dixon: "What was that?"

Kingsley: "I said, yes, I really like this girl. Call it destiny."

Dixon: "Let's hope my wife doesn't find out about you and your little destiny. She likes you."

Kingsley: "Let's hope your wife doesn't find out about a lot of things. I'll send someone to your house later. Or maybe I'll just drop it off next time I'm there."

Dixon: "You son of a bitch."

Kingsley: "My mother was a saint. I'm the only bitch in the family."

Kingsley: "Let me ask you something. If I hadn't been able to help your little girl, what would you have done? What was Plan B?"

Søren: "I think she and my mother would get along quite well."

Kingsley: "I'm glad I could save you from the necessity of kidnapping a minor and transporting her across international borders."

Søren: "Kidnapping is such a strong word. I prefer the term rescuing."

Kingsley: "You really love her."

Søren: "You will, too."

Kingsley: "If I'm going to keep you from getting excommunicated or going to prison for seducing and/or kidnapping a teenage girl -"

Søren: "Seduce her? I haven't even seen her for a full month."

Kingsley: "She quit church?"

Søren cleared his throat and sat up a little straighter.

Søren: "She's grounded."

Kingsley dropped his head on to the table.

Kingsley: "Why didn't I defect to Russia when I had the chance?"

Søren: "Are you going to make a decision about your cards, or are we going to be here all night?"

Kingsley: "We're going to be here all night."

Søren shook his head in disgust.

Kingsley: "Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one with a girlfriend young enough to be grounded."

Blaise: "Against my better judgment, I answered the phone and took a message for you. But don't get any ideas that I'm your new secretary, although you need to get a new secretary -"

Kingsley: "I will, chouchou. I promise."

Blaise: "You said that last week."

Kingsley: "I got a new secretary last week."

Blaise: "Where is she?"

Kingsley: "She quit."

Blaise: "Did you fuck her?"

Kingsley: "I didn't mean to. It was an accident."

Blaise turned her attention back to Søren

Blaise: "Can you please tell your oldest and dearest friend to stop seducing his secretaries so they'll stop quitting on him when they catch him fucking someone else?"

Søren: "Kingsley, stop seducing your secretaries so they'll stop quitting on you."

Blaise: "Thank you."

Søren: "My pleasure."

Kingsley: "Can I ask you a question?"

Søren: "Ask."

Kingsley: "What did you do to Blaise?"

Søren: "I'm not going to answer that?"

Kingsley: "Did you fuck her?"

Søren: "That's two questions, and no, I didn't. Are you upset we played? She said she's allowed to be with anyone she wants."

Kingsley: "I don't care who she plays with. I want to know why she's lying on my couch in a stupor claiming you gave her the best pain of her life."

Søren: "The best? I'm sure that's an exaggeration, but I'm pleased she enjoyed herself. I certainly enjoyed her."

Kingsley: "So all that about not breaking your vows was, quoi?"

Søren: "There was no sex, and I didn't marry her. Nor did I take money from her or refuse to obey a direct order from the pope."

Kingsley: "What about -"

Kingsley made a specific hand gesture.

Søren: "Well, I did do that, of course."

Kingsley: "Of course."

Søren: "But we Jesuits aren't nearly so hard-line or heavy-handed as the Curis when it comes to masturbation. My God, there are at least three puns in that last sentence. Entirely unintentional."

Søren: "You know from personal experience it's in the world's best interest I beat someone on a regular basis. I spoke to my confessor, and he gave me leave to deal with this side of myself as long as I don't break any vows. So there."

Kingsley: "So there? No, not there. We're not there yet. You - You're in a good mood all the time. And you talk. And you're ... nice. Well, nicer. You've changed."

Søren: "Kingsley -"

Kingsley: "It' the girl, isn't it? The Virgin Queen. I should have known."

Søren: "Kingsley, are you -"

Kingsley: "Give me a second."

Søren: "What are you doing?"

Kingsley: "I need a cigarette to calm my nerves. They're frazzled."

Søren: "You're not a dowager duchess. You shouldn't have frazzled nerves at twenty-eight."

Kingsley: "Do you never knock?"

Søren: "The moaning and groaning had stopped, and the walls have stopped rattling. I assumed the coast was clear."

Kingsley: "She let you hurt her?"

Søren: "She did. Although she herself is a sadist. And a very good one."

Kingsley: "How good?"

Søren looked away and smiled at something before looking back at Kingsley.

Søren: "She was very mean to me."

Kingsley: "Good. Someone needs to be. Is the reason for all this..."

Kingsley waved his hand again

Søren: "This what?"

Kingsley: "Good behavior?"

Søren: "I just told you I went to a brothel every week in seminary to learn sadism from a madam. You have an interesting definition of good behavior."

Kingsley: "Blaise has a big mouth. One of her better qualities. Usually."

Kingsley: "Hosting an exorcism tonight?"

Søren: "Worse. Couples' counseling."

Kingsley: "Same thing."

Blaise: "Call the priest. You're in a better mood when he's around. He doesn't brood like you do."

Kingsley: "He invented brooding. He holds the patent on brooding. He gets royalties whenever anyone broods. You just haven't seen him do it yet."

Blaise: "Call him."

Kingsley: "I don't want to. I don't like him anymore."

Kingsley: "You wanted him?"

Søren: "I wanted to hurt him."

Kingsley: "Why didn't you?"

Søren: "I didn't love him."

Kingsley: "You hurt me. The next semester you -"

Søren: "I loved you."

Kingsley: "Well ... now you tell me."

Søren: "How much do you charge?"

Kingsley: "Why? You want to buy an hour with me? I'll give you the friends-and-family discount."

Søren: "I want to know what price you put on something I considered priceless."

Kingsley: "Sex isn't priceless."

Søren: "It was with you."

Kingsley's stomach cramped from guilt and sorrow. Søren laid a hand on the top of Kingsley's head. Søren: "I absolve you."

Kingsley: "I've killed people." Søren: "I absolve you."

Kingsley: "I've fucked half of Manhattan and three-forths of Europe." Søren: "I absolve you."

Kingsley: "Absolve me? I'm not Catholic." Søren: "I absolve you of that, too."

Kingsley: "Your Virgin Queen was right. You are an idiot."

Søren splashes water in his face.

Kingsley: "Good to know you're still as much a bastard as always."

Kingsley: "Who the hell are you talking to?"

Søren: "God. I was criticizing Him, so perhaps it's for the best you interrupted."

Søren: "My fault? What leaps in logic did you take to lay this at my doorstep?"

Kingsley: "You turned my kinky."

Søren paused

Søren: "I want to argue with that assertion."

Kingsley: "Oui?"

Søren: "I said I wanted to argue with, not that I could."

Kingsley: "You're a Catholic priest. Aren't you all drunks?"

Søren: "If I wasn't before, being back in your life might drive me to drink. Between you and Eleanor it's a miracle I'm even lucid."

Kingsley: "I take that as a compliment."

Søren: "You would."

Blaise: "Oh, don't do that. I can't be mad at you when you have your glasses on. You look too sexy. Doesn't King look sexy in his glasses?"

Søren: "I am overcome."

Blaise: "They tried to tell me strip clubs exploit women."

Kingsley: "What did you do?"

Blaise: "Flashed them."

Kingsley: "Don't reward bad behavior."

Kingsley: "I have a lesbian bartender to seduce."

Kingsley: "Do you know a woman named Blaise?"

Sam slapped a hand over her heart.

Sam: "Blaise? Blaise of Glory Blaise? The future mother of my children Blaise? Hair like Rita Hayworth, eyes like Ingrid Bergman, dresses like Lauren Bacall?"

Kingsley: "You know her, then."

Sam: "Know her? I worship her. If there is a God and if that God loves me, I will wake up tomorrow morning with no work to do, no place to go and that perfect piece of ass in my bed. I'd tie her down spread-eagle and turn her inside out. I'd make her come so often she'd forget how to go. I want to spend so much time inside that girl I'd have to get my mail forwarded to her pussy. So, yes, I know her."

Kingsley: "So do I. We're sleeping together."

Sam opened her mouth and closed it again.

Sam: "Well, bully for you."

Kingsley: "I'm a lucky man."

Sam: "I guess I should apologize for saying I'd forward my mail to your girlfriend's vagina."

Kingsley: "Don't apologize. I feel the same way. I did have my mail forwarded there until she started complaining about paper cuts. Women."

Sam: "Fate is a bad thing. Fate is why Oedipus screwed his mother and lost his eyeballs."

Kingsley: "My mother is dead. I'll get a guide dog. I always wants a dog."

Sam: "You'd look incredible in a tuxedo."

Kingsley: "You think?"

Sam: "Like a sexy French penguin."

Kingsley: "Someone else to fill out the health forms ... Now I know why people get married."

Søren: "Now I know why people don't have children. Now sit down and behave yourself."

Søren: "I know, and that's the excuse I used on myself. But the truth is I was afraid to find out if you hated me for what I did to you."

Kingsley: "I loved you for what you did to me."

Søren: "I was equally afraid of that."

When she asked how many sexual partners he'd had, she did a double take at the answer.

Dr. Sutton: "I think that's a record."

Kingsley: "I'm French."

Søren: "That's your excuse for everything."

Kingsley: "It's not an excuse. It's an explanation."

Søren: "You're half French."

Kingsley: "Yes, and if I was all-French that number would be twice that."

Irina: "Does that pay well? Beating up men?"

Kingsley: "It can, if you do it well enough."

Irina: "Sounds like a dream come true."

Kingsley: "Can you be brutal?"

Irina: "I am brutal. My husband will be in the hospital for a week because of what I gave him last night. I couldn't stop laughing while he was sick."

Kingsley: "You monster. I like you already."

Kingsley: "I don't have time for this."

Søren: "You can't have sex for two weeks. That has to give you at least a spare ten minutes a day."

Kingsley: "Ten minutes? Ten? You know I can last longer than ten minutes."

Søren: "Do I? I seem to recall having to punish you a few times -"

Kingsley: "I was sixteen. And I'm leaving."

Søren: "We seem to have acquired an audience."

Kingsley noticed at least a dozen women in shorts and barely-there T-shirts had gathered round, trying to look inconspicuous and failing miserably."

Kingsley: "He's a Catholic priest."

The girls booed.

Søren: "He's not."

The girls cheered.

Sam: "Are you dressed? Is it safe to turn around again? I don't want my delicate lesbian sensibilities overwhelmed by your incredible manliness. I might get the vapors, whatever those are."

Kingsley: "It's safe."

Sam: "Kingsley, you haven't buttoned up your shirt yet, and I can totally see your chest. You lied to me, and no I have the vapors."

Kingsley: "What do you want?"

Søren: "This is your first of fourteen nightly reminders to not have sex with anyone until you get your test results back."

Kingsley: "Go fuck a fifteen-year-old."

Søren: "Her birthday was in March. She's sixteen now."

Kingsley: "I'm hanging up on you."

Søren: "I like the new secretary. Keep this one."

Kingsley hung up on him.

Sam: "Well, that was rude."

Kingsley: "I hung up on him because he deserved it."

Sam: "No, I mean it's rude to talk to him in French. I couldn't keep up."

Kingsley: "He said he liked you."

Sam: "Then I like him. I've never met a kinky priest before. He has a nice voice. Stern but soothing. I want to call him 'sir' and serve him te and crumpets and listen to him read The Hobbit to me."

Søren: "Congratulations, Kingsley. You're the new striker on our intermural church league team."

Kingsley: "Were you this weird back in high school? Or this a side effect of prolonged celibacy?"

Søren: "You can't say no. We've already ordered your T-shirt."

Kingsley: "Definitely weirder since high school."

Kingsley: "For the record, I consider myself pansexual."

Sam: "Does that mean you like to fuck cookware?"

Kingsley: "It means I like to fuck everything.

Søren: "Kingsley, don't look now, but you have a crush on your secretary."

Kingsley: "I do not have a crush on my secretary."

Søren: "Methinks the Frenchman doth protest too much."

Kingsley: "My secretary is gay, remember?"

Søren: "I'm straight, remember?"

Kingsley: "You told me that once before. I think it was after you'd fucked me so hard we broke a spring in the cot."

Søren: "Are you finished with me? I have to check on Eleanor. We have an Ursuline sister here this week, and Eleanor is giving her a tour of the church property."

Kingsley: "This is a cause for concern?"

Søren: "Eleanor asked the sister if she wore hole-y underwear. And if that wasn't bad enough, she asked the sister if she also had, and I quote, 'a hard-on' for Captain von Trapp.'"

Kingsley: "I need to meet this girl."

Sam: "They didn't want a daughter like me."

Kingsley: "If I have a daughter someday, I hope she'll be like you."

For two weeks he'd been fasting from sex. He wanted his first meal to be a feast, not a snack. He needed someone delectable, succulent, mouth-watering ...

Søren walked in.

Kingsley rolled his eyes.

Kingsley: "Not you."

Søren: "Hello to you, too. I'm here for five seconds, and you're already upset with me."

Kingsley: "Yes. I'm trying to pick out someone to fuck, and you're blocking my view."

Søren: "Forgive me. I had no idea you were prowling."

Kingsley: "When am I not prowling?"

Sam and Kingsley start slapping each other.

Søren: "Children. Behave."

Kingsley: "I told Sam my sister married a pompous arrogant self-important over-educated pretentious bastard."

Søren: "That would be me."

Sam: "Gotcha. Well, I'll leave you two bros-in-law to catch up. There are women in this room who have never had a multiple orgasm. They need me. I have heard their cries in the night."

Kingsley: "Go answer the cries."


Kingsley: "Have you ever had sex in the back of a Rolls Royce?"

Søren: "No. But ask me that question again in an hour."

Søren's hands shook for thirty minutes afterward.

Søren: "I didn't know if I would stop in time."

Kingsley: "You stopped. I'm fine. More than fine."

Søren: "I could have killed you."

Kingsley: "Kill me if you want. I'd die happy."

Søren closed his eyes and laid his hand on top of kingsley's head.

Kingsley: "I'm going to do something for you someday."

Søren: "You do everything for me."

Kingsley: "I want to build you a castle."

Søren: "I've had my fill of castles, Kingsley. What I need is a dungeon."

Kingsley: "I didn't think women in your denomination were allowed to speak in church."

Fuller: "We're a nondenominational congregation. We let our women speak and teach."

Kingsley: "Too bad. If my wife were spouting bullshit like this, I wouldn't let her talk, either. Let me know if you need to borrow a ball gag."

Kingsley: "I'll tell you anything about him you want to know. Did you know he was abused as a child? Hospitalized after his father broke his arm? Did you know he killed a sexual predator at his school? He also gave up a huge fortune to become a priest after he was widowed at age eighteen. He spent several summers volunteering at a leper colony in India. How much time have you sent volunteering in leper colonies?"

Kingsley gave Fuller a long, pointed look. Fuller didn't answer.

Kingsley: "Take some advice, and keep your eyes on me. If you stare at him too long, you might learn something about what is means to be a man of God."

Kingsley: "When I get your hotel and turn it into my club, I'll fuck a man on opening night in your honor. By the way, do you have any sons?"

Søren: "Do you know what their pastor said to me after the last game? He said their team was predestined to win. Now I understand how holy warns get started."

Kingsley: "Do you have to wear the collar on Saturdays, too?"

Søren: "No. But it's for the best I do."

Kingsley: "Why is that?"

Søren: "Because Eleanor's here today, and I need as much armor as possible around her."

Kingsley: "She's here?"

Søren: "No."

Kingsley: "You just said -"

Søren: "Pretend I didn't."

Kingsley: "Can I see her?"

Søren: "Absolutely not."

Kingsley: "Why not?"

Søren: "She's busy, and I don't want you distracting her."

Kingsley: "She's sixteen. What's she doing that's so important?"

Søren: "Youth group."

Kingsley: "Is that as horrible as it sounds?"

Søren: "We have a seminarian here today. He's speaking to a group of teenagers about discerning God's will in their life. Eleanor's under orders to pay very close attention.:

Kingsley: "You ordered your teenage girlfriend to go to youth group on a Saturday morning during summer break?"

Søren smiled fiendishly as he stood up and came around his desk.

Søren: "Sometimes the depths of my sadism surprises even me."

Kingsley: "That makes one of us."

Eleanor: "God's plan for your life is to shut the fuck up. You have our attention now."

Søren: "What are you laughing at?"

Kingsley: "I don't think you want to know..."

Søren: "I think I do. In fact, I'm certain I do."

Kingsley: "If you must know, I'm starting to believe in God."

Søren: "What brought this on?"

Kingsley: "I foresee a miracle occurring in the future."

Søren: "Which is?"

Kingsley: "You. Being humbled."

Søren: "And makes you say that?"

Kingsley only smiled on and said three words.

Kingsley: "I met Eleanor."

Sam: "I don't think your dick is going to solve this problem."

Kingsley: "Why not? It solves all my other problems."

Sam: "Please, stop reading those books. They're making you weird."

Kingsley: "They are not."

Sam: "Yesterday you asked me if we're spending enough quality time together."

Kingsley: "Are we?"

Sam: "Oh, my Jesus."

Kingsley: "Admit it, Sam. Our marriage has never been better."

Sam: "I'm burning those books."

Søren: "Kingsley, it's three in the morning."

Kingsley: "What are you wearing?"

Søren: "An angry scowl."

Kingsley: "I can call Blaise now. She'll be there in an hour. Would you like that?"

Søren didn't answer at first, didn't say a word.

Kingsley: "You're thinking about it, aren't you?"

Søren: "I should have known better than to make friends with the devil."

Kingsley grinned

Kingsley: "Blaise is amazing in bed. You won't regret it. She can do this thing when she's going down on you where she takes your -"

Søren: "Kingsley."

Kingsley: "And goes so deep she can lick your -"

Søren: "Kingsley."

Kingsley: "It's amazing. Gift from God."

Søren: "Red."

Kingsley: "Red?"

Søren: "I was attempting to safe out of this conversation."

Kingsley: "Tell me something ... how long has it been?"

Søren sighed.

Søren: "What day is it?"

Kingsley: "Friday."

Søren: "Then it's been ... oh ... eleven years. You?"

Kingsley: "Eleven minutes. You haven't been with anyone since me? Not even once?"

Søren: "No one since you."

Kingsley: "And your Virgin Queen?"

Søren: "I made her a promise. I promised her I would give her everything. I intend to keep that promise."

Kingsley: "You made me a promise, too. You said you'd share her with me."

Søren: "Another promise I intend to keep. I won't be enough for her, God knows. But I get her first."

Kingsley: "Why? Because you saw her first?"

Søren: "Because I haven't had sex in eleven years."

Søren: "The sacrifice is worth it. Try it sometime. You'll see."

Kingsley: "Spoken like a man who hasn't had sex in eleven years."

Søren: "I'm hanging up on you."

Kingsley: "This is fun. You and me on the phone at night talking about girls. We should do this more often.

Søren: "Kingsley?"

Kingsley: "Oui?"


Kingsley: "You're enjoying telling me what to do, aren't you?"

Maggie: "Remember that night you made me suck your cock for two straight hours?"

Kingsley: "That was as much work for me as it was for you."

Kingsley: "Clergy Appreciation Day. That will work. On my way."

Søren: "On your way?"

Kingsley: "Yes. I need to get drunk. I'm depressed and miserable and angry. And you said I can't drink unless I'm celebrating something. You and I can celebrate Clergy appreciation Day together. And you owe me. I destroyed First Presbyterian for you."

Søren: "I owe you?"

Kingsley: "Oui."

Søren: "The rectory at nine."

Kingsley: "You want to celebrate, too?"

Søren: "I'm a priest in love with a sixteen-year-old girl. Bring a big bottle. We'll both crawl inside it."

Kingsley: "I like your house. It's like a little wizard's house."

Søren: "Thank you. I think?"

Søren: "I wouldn't want to accidentally kill you. If and when I kill you, it will be on purpose."

Kingsley: "I can't believe you quoted a Calvinist."

Søren: "Proof of how drunk I am."

Fuller: "Catholics aren't real Christians."

Sam: "Oh, no. You really shouldn't have said that."

Kingsley twisted his hand and broke Fuller's wrist. The snapping sound was like music to his ears. Fuller screamed like a demon was clawing its way out of his soul.

Kingsley: "I am so hard right now. This must be how that blond monster feels all the time."

Fuller: "Go to hell."

Sam: "I've already been to hell. That's where I met your wife."

Kingsley: "Did you punish her for crashing my party?"

Søren: "She's being punished, yes."

Kingsley: "You beat her?"

Søren: "Worse. I grounded her."

Kingsley: "You're going to regret you ever met that girl. She's a tiger in a kitten's body."

Søren: "I always liked cats."

Grace: "Søren and I spoke on the phone after we told him about Fionn. He taught me 'Jeg elsker dig, min son, og Guf elsker dig ogsa.' He asked me to say it to Fionn every night."

Kingsley: "What does it mean?"

Grace: "It means 'I love you, my son, and God loves you, too.' It's the last thing I tell him every night before I put him in his crib."

Kingsley: "He's a bastard, that blond monster."

Grace: "You know you love him."

Kingsley: "Entirely against my will."

Nora: "Before you say anything else, just answer one question for me. How much trouble am I in right now?"

Kingsley smiled.

Kingsley: "All of it."


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