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The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: May 2

The Angel

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by Harlequin MIRA

Book 2 in the Original Sinners Series: The Red Years

No safe word can protect the heart

Infamous erotica author and accomplished dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is doing something utterly out of character: hiding. While her longtime lover, Søren—whose fetishes, if exposed, would be his ruin—is under scrutiny pending a major promotion, Nora's lying low and away from temptation in the lap of luxury.

Her host, the wealthy and uninhibited Griffin Fiske, is thrilled to have Nora stay at his country estate, especially once he meets her traveling companion. Young, inexperienced and angelically beautiful, Michael has become Nora's protégé, and this summer with Griffin is going to be his training, where the hazing never ends.

But while her flesh is willing, Nora's mind is wandering. To thoughts of Søren, her master, under investigation by a journalist with an ax to grind. And to another man from Nora's past, whose hold on her is less bruising, but whose secrets are no less painful. It's a summer that will prove the old adage: love hurts.



Descriptive sex with BDSM


The Angel by Tiffany Reisz is the second book in the Original Sinner Series: The Red Years, and centers around Nora Sutherland, famous erotica author and dominatrix, Michael, the masochist teenager who Søren saved after a suicide attempt, Suzanne, a war zone journalist, who has an axe to grind with the Catholic church, and Wesley, the young man that she fell in love with, but sent away because of their different lifestyles, and her obsession with Søren.

One thing I cannot deny, is this series is unique. From the erotica/BDSM books I have read, it's far tamer than these books. Men are always the dominants, and the couple always fall in love in the end. Not in this series. There is love, but not romance. There is sex ... a lot of it in this book compared to the last. The thing that sets this book, and in fact, the series apart from the rest, is the story. It's intensely emotional, complicated, and intriguing. Despite it's genre, if Tiffany Reisz cut out every steamy part of this book, it would still be a great book, which I love about it. Let's be honest ... most erotica is about the sex, not the story.

We get to learn SO MUCH MORE about these characters, as well as get an updates on characters from The Siren. We learn a lot about Søren, and I will admit, while I have warmed to him as a character, I don't understand what Nora loves so much about him. His backstory is fascinating, dark and twisty though, and I loved it. We learn more about Nora, and her past, and the reason why she left Søren in the first place. I found myself not liking Nora so much in this book. Perhaps it's because Zach isn't there in person, so we don't get so much self-reflection on her part. Just a lot of sex. Michael's story is also fascinating. I have trouble reading the story because of his age, but his story is a good one, albeit, hard to understand, as I am no a masochist myself. We even learn a bit about Wesley, and the secrets he kept from Nora when he lived with her. Honestly, the most fascinating plots and character building came from the other characters. Griffin is a favorite of mine, I love that we get a small update on Zach, and he and his wife are good friends with Nora, and of course, Wesley's character warms my heart.

The Angel answers a lot of questions you may have had from The Siren, but it leads to so many more. If you are looking for erotica that has depth and substance, so far the Original Sinners series is delivering.



Søren: "As you both may know, Bishop Leo has colon cancer and will soon retire."

Nora: "And Father Landon is replacing him, right?"

Søren: "Father Landon was replacing him. Until three days ago when certain allegations came to the fore."

Nora: "Jesus H. Christ. Why priests can't keep their holy cocks inside their goddamn pants is beyond me."

Michael inhaled sharply and Nora grimaced. She looked at Søren and smiled apologetically. Søren arched his eyebrow at her.

Nora: "Present company excepted, of course."

Søren: "Of course."

Søren: "You taking a vow of silence, Eleanor, is as likely as you taking a vow of celibacy."

Søren: "I would only suggest you go far enough away that no one would attempt to follow you."

Nora: "England? Zach and Grace are trying to get pregnant. This is something I can help them with. Or at least, you know, watch."

Søren: "Out of the question. I know how you behave in other countries. That you still are allowed a passport is one of the universe's great mysteries."

Nora: "That was not my fault. The consulate cleared me."

Nora: "Let's talk. Well, you don't talk so you can listen while I talk."

Michael: "Just, please don't -"

Nora: "Don't what?"

Michael: "Don't say stuff like that again or I'll get us into a wreck."

Nora: "All right, Angel. I promise I won't talk about the night I tied you down and took your virginity. If you insist."

Michael: "Nora, please."

Nora: "Fine, I'll behave. For now."


Søren: "Eleanor, you're supposed to be in school."

Eleanor: "It was a life-or-death situation. If I stayed in school, I would have killed myself."

Søren: "As suicide is a mortal sin, I'll absolve you for cutting class. But you know you are also not supposed to be at the rectory."

Eleanor: "I'm outside the fence. I'm not at the rectory - I'm just near it. What are you doing anyway?"

Søren: "Planting trees."

Eleanor: "Obviously, but why? Are the two million trees around us not enough for you?"

Søren: "Not quite. You can still see the rectory from the church."

Eleanor: "Is that a bad thing?"

Søren: "I like my privacy."

Eleanor: "It'll take years before you get any."

Søren arched an eyebrow at her, and she'd blushed.

Eleanor: "Privacy, I mean. Trees take forever to grow."

Søren: "Not these. Empress trees and this particular species of willow are some of the fastest growing."

Eleanor: "In a hurry for your privacy?"

Søren: "I can wait."

Something in his eyes and his voice told her that they weren't talking about the trees anymore. I can wait, he'd said and looked at her with a gaze so intimate she felt as if it was his hand on her face and not just his eyes. She summoned her courage and returned the gaze.

Eleanor: "So can I."


Nora: "Wes, I'm going to say it." she said glancing at their back-to-back open laptops.

Wesley: "Don't say it, Nora."

Nora: "I have to say it."

Wesley: "Do. Not. Say. It. If you say it, I'm leaving."

Nora: "Wesley ..."

Wesley: "Nora ..."

Nora took a deep breath, pretended to type something and whispered

Nora: "Wes?"

Wesley: "What?"

Nora: "You sunk my Battleship!"

Nora: "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been ..."

Søren: "Eight days."

Nora: "Eight days since my last confession. Let's see ... where to start?"

Søren: "Pace yourself, Eleanor. If you forget something, I will remind you."

Nora: "Oh, thank you very much, Father. You are too kind. I have done some serious lusting this week."

Søren: "Per usual."

Text Message:

Griffin: Hurry up. My cock can't wait to see you. Love, The Griffin.

Nora: Just for that, I'm taking the scenic route.


Søren: "My confession begins as the confessions of many men begin - with three words."

Michael: "Father, forgive me?"

Father S sighed.

Søren: "I met Eleanor."

Griffin: "Alfred, are you looking up my skirt?"

Alfred: "Master Griffin, I would marry my own mother for the excuse to stab my eyes out with her brooches rather than see anything under your kilt. Where would you like your guest's things, sir?"

Nora: "That's an Oedipus Rex reference."

Griffin: "Stick them in the Blue Room. And no interruptions for the next couple of hours, please. My guest and I will be fucking. Two hours, Nora?"

Nora: "At least."

Griffin: "Better make it three, Alfred."

Nora: "This is going to be a long summer, isn't it?"

Griffin: "Eight and a half inches long, if you'll recall."

Nora: "You get sick of the city?"

Griffin: "Parents are in the city. Parents who want grandchildren. I am here so I won't be forced to give them any."

Nora: "Understandable. My mom stopped asking about grandchildren ten years ago. Just start fucking a priest and they'll back off."

Griffin: "Your priest doesn't put out for me."

Nora: "True. But he'll beat the hell out of you if you ask nicely though."

Nora: "You know, I should probably take a shower before we fuck. Søren gave me a very intense goodbye last night, and I haven't washed it off yet."

Griffin: "You know I don't mind sloppy seconds. And knowing Pope Whatadick, he probably blesses his cum before he blows it."

Nora: "I promise you he does not."


Mother: "Eleanor. Mary Rose told me the new priest is supposed to be very handsome."

Rolling her eyes, Nora had flipped back over and glared at her mother.

Eleanor: "Mom, he's a priest. That's gross."

Nora: "Griff, you're too pretty to also be smart."

Griffin: "Nora .... I think I'm in love."

Nora: "You're in heat, Griff. Big difference."

Griffin: "Right, okay. Easy enough. Everything's on a one-to-five scale - one meaning it turns you on as much as kissing your grandmother and five meaning it makes you spray your shorts just thinking about it. Doesn't matter if you've done it or not - just if you want to do it. First category - sex."

Michael: "Five."

Griffin grinned at him.

Griffin: "That was just the category. But I like your enthusiasm, Mick,"

Søren: "You stand and sit at the appropriate times without looking lost. You called me Father comfortably, not Pastor or Reverend. And you have a distinctly Catholic look in your eyes."

Suzanne: "What Catholic look?"

Søren: "Guilt."

Suzanne: "You aren't what I expected."

Soren: "Considering what the common perception of the clergy is these days, I shall take that as a compliment."

Nora stared at her pajamas, at the little baby ducks printed on the blue flannel. Pajamas had been the cause of her first fight with Wesley right after he moved in. No one would ever call her an exhibitionist - she knew too many real exhibitionists to even make a claim on that title - but she had a good body and didn't care who saw it. So the first morning after Wesley moved in she came down to the kitchen in her usual sleepwear - a little nearly transparent black camisole and panties. Half-asleep still, she'd entered the kitchen, patted Wesley on the top of his blond head, grabbed a croissant and a cup of coffee, and headed for her office. A few minutes later a visibly troubled Wesley came into her office and stood with his back to her.

Nora: "Yes, Wesley, those jeans to make your ass look fabulous."

Wesley: "That is not why I have my back to you. You have no clothes on, Nora."

Nora: "I do have clothes on. I have on my pajamas."

Wesley: "You're wearing saran wrap and nothing else."

Nora: "That is not true. I've worn saran wrap before and it looks nothing like this. This is La Perla."

Wesley: "It's La Transparent. Pajamas have substance to them. They are made of cotton or equally opaque fabrics. If I'm going to live with you without losing my mind -"

Nora: "Or your virginity."

Wesley: "You need to wear real pajamas around me. That's final."

He'd gone off to school in a huff that day. When he came home she surprised him with a little pajama fashion show. First the sock monkeys, then the penguins, then the baby ducks wearing galoshes on their little feet.

Nora: "Better?"

Wesley: "Perfect."

Søren: "Michael, Eleanor is without a doubt the most beautiful woman who has ever or will ever live. If you could take a nighttime thunderstorm and turn it into a woman, you would have a very good idea what she looks like. And a fairly good idea how she behaves as well."

Zach: "Nora, do I need to remind you that it's midnight in England?"

Nora: "Were you dreaming about me again?"

Zach: "God, I'm never going to hear the end of that, am I?"

Nora: "Your fault for telling me you had a sex dream about me."

Zach: "Your mind is both fascinating and repulsive."

Nora: "Try dominating Grace in bed."

Zach: "Is kink your answer for everything, Eleanor?"

Nora: "No, Zechariah. It's just the answer for everything sexual. For male dominants, kink causes a testosterone surge. That can up your sperm count. For female submissives, kink can cause the body to release opiate-like hormones. She relaxes deeply. Makes conceiving easier when you're less stressed. There is a method to my madness. Tie her up. Knock her up. Doctor's orders."

Zach: "You may very well be my new favorite doctor."

Grace: "Nora? Are you all right?"

Nora: "I'm fabulous. I was just flirting with your husband while you were out of the room."

Grace: "I don't blame you. He's looking quite nice tonight. I can't tell you what he's wearing because he's not wearing anything."

Nora: "You're torturing me, Grace. I think you might be a sadist. I approve of this."

Grace: "I really do want to meet this mysterious priest of yours."

Nora: "We'll have a foursome next time you and Zach come to the States."

Grace: "Capital idea."

Griffin: "You know why me and King and your priest all fucked her once in the same night?"

Michael shook his head.

Griffin: "It was her birthday. And that's what she asked for."

Griffin: "Trent worshiped the ground she walked on after that. We all did. Except Søren, of course. Those two were at war after that. But only because he wanted her back more than ever."

Michael: "Can you blame him?"

Griffin: "No. I can't."

Nora: "God, I love masochists. Such gluttons for punishment."

Suzanne: "I'm investigating you."

Søren: "Yes, I know."

Suzanne: "That doesn't bother you? Doesn't surprise you?"

Søren: "Neither."

Suzanne: "They say you can tell an innocent man from a guilty one by arresting him. An innocent man panics and paces his jail cell. The guilty one relaxes. He's caught. he's done."

Søren: "I'm not afraid of you."

Suzanne: "I got a tip about you. A fax with your name and the names of the two other priests up for bishop. Next to your name someone put an asterisk."

Søren: "A terrifying piece of punctuation to be sure."

Suzanne: "God, you Catholic priests. Masters of the guilt trip."

Søren: "I'm very good at my job."

Suzanne: "You're not a normal priest, are you?"

Søren laughed.

Suzanne: "What?"

Søren: "Eleanor asked me the very same question the day we met almost twenty years ago."

Suzanne: "And what did you say to her when she asked that?"

Søren: "Exactly what I'll say to you now - my God, I hope not."

Søren: "I could be a thief. Or the bastard son of the pop. Both would qualify as conflicts of interest. Why are you so certain the reason for my asterisk is sexual?"

Suzanne: "I suppose it's because you're so incredibly attractive."

He laughed again, this time far more subtly.

Søren: "Finding me attractive hardly qualifies as evidence, Ms. Kanter. Wishful thinking possibly, but not evidence.

Søren: "I find you attractive as well. But I shan't accuse you of pedophilia and ephebophilia simply because I do."

Suzanne: "You find me attractive?"

Søren: "Very much so."

Suzanne: "But you're a priest."

Søren: "Priests are required to be chaste. Not blind. I had planned on praying the Stations of the Cross tonight. I may pray the Lord's Prayer instead."

Suzanne: "Why?"

Søren: "Lead us not into temptation."

Griffin: "Jesus Christ. What the hell happened?"

Michael: "It's nothing."

Griffin: "That is not nothing. Tell me what happened to you."

Michael: "Um, I had a bad day a few years ago."

Griffin: "Bad day?"

Michael: "I slit my wrists in the sanctuary of my church. Father S saved my life."

Griffin: "Saved your life? You almost died?"

Michael slowly nodded.

Griffin: "Goddammit. I really like hating your priest. Now I can't anymore."

Michael laughed a little as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Michael: "I'm sorry."

Griffin: "You're okay now, right? No more bad days?"

Michael: "Yeah, I'm okay. I promise. One day at a time, right? Plus Father S said if I ever hurt myself again, he'd kill me."

Griffin: "Seriously. I loved hating him. Fuck."

Griffin: "Thank you, Alfred. There's a thousand dollars in the cookie jar. Go buy yourself something pretty."

Alfred: "I will purchase a firearm and shoot you with it."

Michael: "I don't think you're useless. I think you're awesome. Anybody would be luck to be with you."

Griffin: "They'd be luckier to be with you."

Michael: "Anybody in their right mind would run the second they saw these. They're hideous."

Griffin: "Mick, there's nothing, absolutely nothing about you that's hideous."

Nora: "Who's hideous?"

Griffin: "Søren is."

Nora: "I know. He's gross."

Harrison: "God, Nora. Be still my heart. Be still my groin."

Suzanne: "That hot, is she?"

Harrison turned wide eyes at her and slowly nodded.

Suzanne: "You're a fan?"

Again he nodded.

Suzanne: "Father Stearns also a fan?"

Harrison rolled his eyes.

Harrison: "He's male and straight. I'd worry if he wasn't a fan."

Nora: "How's my Big Brad Wolfe?"

Brad: "Little Red Riding Crop, what are you doing in my neck of the woods?"

Nora: "Causing trouble. Care to help?"

Griffin: "Don't touch my property, Jack. Not with any part of you that you want to keep."

Nora: "What are we doing tonight, boys? I'm open for anything."

Griffin: "This was your idea."

Nora: "I have wonderful ideas. And terrible ideas. And terribly wonderful ideas."

Griffin: "No wall sex though, please. Nora's a lot heavier than she looks."

Nora: "Is that something you really want to say to a woman who has your balls in her hands?"

Griffin: "Good point. You're as light as air."

Griffin: "Foreplay, Nora?"

Nora: "Don't bother. This entire conversation has been all the foreplay I need. Go for it."

Griffin: "Weirdest. Woman. Ever."

Griffin: I want him so much it hurts. Like physically hurts, Nora. And not just sex. It isn't that. I can't explain what it is but I just ..."

Nora: "Wesley."

Griffin: "Wesley?"

She smiled but the smile didn't reach her eyes or touch her heart.

Nora: "Wesley ... he has this problem. Type 1 diabetic. Scared the shit out of me, that kid did with his needles and his blood-testing. Every single night, I'd have to look in on him when he was sleeping. I can barely sleep at my own house anymore because he's not there to keep me up at night. Which makes no sense at all."

Griffin: "No. It makes perfect sense. Does this ever go away?"

Nora: "No. Never."


Nora: "I love that smell. A winter's night ... Does anything in the world smell better than a winter's night?"

Wesley: "It does smell amazing."

Nora: "This ... This is what Søren's skin smells like. Just like this. Even in summer this is what I breathe in when I'm near him. At night before I'd fall asleep, I would lay my face on his back between his shoulder blades and breathe in and in until I'd almost pass out. And he would laugh at me. Amazing, isn't it? That someone's natural smell could be like this?"

Wesley: "If he bottled it and sold it, he'd make a fortune."

Nora: "God, I miss that smell. I love winter. It;s the only time I can smell him again without having to be around him."

Wesley: "You were crazy about this guy, weren't you?"

Nora: "Crazy would be a good word for it."

Wesley: "Why did you leave him?"

Nora: "Winter can be so beautiful and so cruel. Cruel and cold. And if you live in the presence of winter you never have summer."

Nora stepped close to him and put her nose at his cheek.

Nora: "You smell like summer. Like clean laundry hanging out in the sun. That's an amazing smell too."

Wesley: "We should go inside. It's too cold out here."

Nora: "It's okay. It'll be summer soon."

Wesley: "I helped her paint this room, you know? Moved the furniture, put down the drop cloths ... We painted all day. Took three coats to get the walls as red as she wanted. That print over the bed? I hung it for her. She spent a solid hour trying to figure out exactly where she wanted it. We rearranged the furniture in here until after midnight. Then we ate pizza at one in the morning. And you know what she said after all that? Do you?"

Søren stared at him.

Søren: "No."

Wesley: "She said, 'Wes, I don't know what I'd do without you. I hope I never have to find out.' Took four months but we repainted every room in this damn house. Repainted, rearranged the furniture ... This was our house. Mine and hers. I know she'd sneak over to the rectory every once in a while and let you wail on her for a night. But I got her the rest of the time. I cooked her breakfast. I answered her fan mail. I put her to bed when she fell asleep at her desk writing. I rubbed her back when she was sore from overworking herself. And when she got all wrought up over you, it was me she cried on. No, she and I never had sex. That's true. But we had love, real love that didn't take anything out of us, that didn't bruise us or break us. I loved her without hurting her. You asked me if I, a virgin, could teach her what sex should be? No, course not. Hell no. But at least I can teach her what love should be like. And she knows it too."

Søren: "Does she now?"

Wesley smiled.

Wesley: "Seen her new book yet? Read the dedication page. Then you'll see why I say she's not quite as content as you want to pretend she is."

Michael: "I want Griffin. I want Griffin so much it hurt. I love him, Nora. I have never felt anything like this before. And it's absolutely stupid because he's rich and he's perfect and amazing and I'm a nobody. I'm a nobody, and I'm in love with someone I can't be with. He's so beautiful. I can't stop looking at him. I can't stop thinking about him. I dream about him at night. And he's the first thing I think about when I wake up. And I want to touch him so much. I want to touch his face and that fucking perfect hair of his. And his lips and his chest and his arms - and I think about those arms around me, and it's humiliating how much I want that. And, God, I want to live in his bed. I want to spend the rest of my life underneath him. I want to feel him on top of me and inside me. And I want to submit to him. I want to go down on my knees in front of him. I want to call him sir and wear his collar and kiss his fucking feet if he told me to. And I want to walk down the busiest street in New York with him holding hands so the entire world can see us together and know that I belong to him. I love Griffin, Nora. I'm in love with him. But that's ... that's it. You won't tell him, will you?"

Griffin: "She doesn't have to."

Michael: "Oh, God, I'm in love with a guy ... This sucks."

Nora: "It also blows."

Michael groaned again and Nora could only laugh at him.

Nora: "Aah ... teenagers. Everything is life-and-death when you're seventeen. Especially love."

Michael: "It isn't life-and-death?"

Nora: "No, it is actually. Life and death are less life-and-death than love is. When I fell in love with your priest, I felt as though I had this open would. I was so raw, so tender. And it hurt. But I didn't care. Love is the open wound that you hope never heals."

Nora: "Your father has terrible taste in sons. I'd be thrilled if I'd ended up with a kid like you."

Nora: "He wrapped me up in those crazy-strong arms of his and held me close to his chest. And then he gave me the one order he's ever given me that I couldn't obey."

Michael: "What?"

Nora smiled.

Nora: "He ordered me to marry him."

So Griffin had actually been in love once upon a time. With her of all people. Maybe one of these days she'd figure out why every man in her life had such terrible taste in women.

Nora: "Welcome home. You survive the night?"

Michael: "Barely. Your priest ... I have no words."

Nora: "Did he kick your ass? No, don't tell me. I'll be too jealous if he did."

Griffin: "He didn't. We talked."

Nora: "A talk with Søren? I think I'd rather take a beating."

Griffin: "It hurt worse than a beating. But I think I needed it."

Griffin: "Oh, message from Søren, Nora."

Nora: "Good Lord, what?"

Griffin: "He said you're in trouble for going to the party in the city. Told you to stay upstate and out of trouble. So he's punishing you."

Nora rolled her eyes

Nora: "Goddammit. Whatever. I'll do it. What is it?"

Griffin: "He said ..."

Nora: "What?"

Griffin: "Don't shoot the messenger, okay?"

Nora: "Griffin ... just tell me."

Griffin: "Søren said you have to visit your mother."

Nora: "Goddamn motherfucking sadist."

Griffin: "Do not speak again until I give you permission."

Michael opened his mouth in an automatic "Yes, sir" but remembered himself and stayed silent.

Griffin: "Good boy. Now go. In my bed. Right now."

Michael got into the bed, and Griffin threw himself right next to Michael.

Rolling onto his back, Griffin grabbed Michael and pulled him hard to his chest.

Griffin: "Now go to sleep."

Michael: "Seriously?"

Griffin: "I'm exhausted. Haven't slept all night. I love you too much to lay a hand on you like this. Now shut up, sub, and go to sleep."

Michael: "You love me?"

Griffin brought his mouth to Michael's.

Griffin: "Yes. Now go to sleep."

Michael: "Yes, sir."

Michael: "Sorry, sir."

Griffin: "Never be sorry for kissing me, Mick. That's an order."

Michael: "Your orders are really easy to follow, sir."

Griffin: "Take your clothes off."

Michael: "Okay, I take it back."

Griffin: "I'll help."

Michael: "I'm so fucking skinny and you're so -"

Griffin: "I have the most beautiful sub in the world in my bed. If you insult him, the punishment will be swift and severe. Understand me?"

Michael: "Yes, sir."

Griffin: "I want to own you."

Michael: "You already do."

Nora: "Yeah, let's take the best priest in New England and turn him into, I don't know, a piano teacher just because he's in love with me. And we'll let all those priests who like to tape the altar boys stay in the Church. Last time I read the bible, I don't remember sexually assaulting children being part of doing the Lord's work."

Goddammit. She had a priest for a lover and a nun for a mother. Between the two of them she had enough Catholic guilt to start her own religious order.

Mother: "Can you just try to love someone or even let someone love you who doesn't want to hurt you? Is that too much to ask?"

Nora bit her lip.

Mother: "Nora? Will you answer me if I call you Nora?"

Nora: "I tried."

Mother: "You did? Who was it?"

Nora: "His name's Wesley. He worked for me. But it was more than that. He was my best friend. And ... I love him so much. He got sick once and I couldn't find him. And I'd never prayed so hard for anything in my life, prayed that he would be okay."

Mother: "He loved you too?"

Nora: "Like crazy. I didn't realize it for a long time. I never thought someone that sweet and pure really would ever want someone like me. But he didn't see me like that. He didn't see Nora Sutherlin who writes erotica and does kink ... I was just his Nora, his crazy friend he wanted to love and be with and keep safe. I think he would have stayed with me forever if I hadn't kicked him out."

Mother: "Why ... why would you kick him out of your life if you loved him so much? If he loved you?"

Nora: "Because all the kid wanted was to love me and not hurt me. And you have no idea how much that hurts someone like me. And I wanted to love him without hurting him ... and I hurt him so badly. Her deserved better than me. I made him go."

Mother: "My Ellie ... You sent him away on a fool's errand. There is no one better than you, my beautiful girl. Not in all of God's creation."

Mother: "Try not to let another six years pass without coming to visit again."

Nora: "I didn't think they'd let me back in after all I pulled."

Mother: "Are you kidding? They still talk about you. You've given us six years of dinner conversation."

Nora: "I live to serve."

Griffin: "I told you bad things happen when people don't treat Mick nicely. I love your son. And I'll break you if you ever even look at him sideways again. Your 'not normal' son is the most talented untrained artist I've ever seen. He's intelligent, an amazing skater, has a great sense of humor and is the kindest, most humble person I've ever met. I'm so in love with him I can't even think straight. Which is fine since obviously I'm not straight. And neither is he. Anyway, I'm rambling. I do that sometimes. Hard to shut me up. The point is ... Your opinions on ... everything really, are not welcome here. Michael's fine. I'm taking care of him now. Shoo."

Griffin: "How much do you want for your son? I'll write you a check right now to buy you out of his life forever."

Michael: "Griffin, don't give him a penny. He doesn't deserve it."

Griffin: "No, he doesn't deserve it. But you deserve a life without him. Didn't you tell me he keeps a running total of the child support he's paid out on the checks? Where are we? What's the total?"

Michael: "Griffin..."

Michael's Mother: "Forty-two thousand, three-hundred dollars. And if I had the money, I'd give it all back to him to get rid of him too."

Griffin: "Let;s round it up. Fifty thousand?"

Griffin grabbed Michael's father by the shoulder and turned him around, pushing his chest into the wall. Then using his back as a flat surface, Griffin filled out his check.

Griffin: "I'm feeling generous. We'll make it sixty-nine thousand. I just love writing 69s. I'll even put that in the memo. For sixty-nining your beautiful son."

Griffin spun Michael's father back around, ripped out the check and stuffed it in his father's pocket.

Griffin: "I'm good for it. Aren't I, Mick? Didn't you say this guy here worked in a stock brokerage?"

Michael nodded.

Michael: "At Hamilton's."

Griffin: "Nice. My father is John Fiske. Heard of him?"

Michael: "Go, Dad. You don't want me to be your son any more than I want you to be my father. Now you don't have to be my father anymore."

Griffin: "You just got dumped. Sucks, I know. Oh, goodbye."

Father: "It's a sin, you know that right? Sex between two men. It's against nature and against God. It's an abomination even. You go to church, Michael. You know that."

Michael: "If it's an abomination, Dad, you're just doing it wrong. Bear down hard, then release. It'll fit better."

Suzanne: "Do you ever just want to beat the hell out of the woman?"

Søren: "Every day of my life."

Griffin: "I love you. And you belong to me."

Michael: "Yes, sir."

He opened his eyes and Griffin kissed him passionately and without reservation.

Nora: "Gross. Those two guys are kissing. That's disgusting."

Kingsley: "It's quite unnatural. I shudder at the very thought."

Juliette: "Is that so? Then what were you doing with that young man last night?"

Kingsley: "Business meeting. We were discussing the ledgers at the Mobius."

Juliette: "While naked?"

Kingsley: "It was an informal meeting."

Nora: "Sir?"

Søren: "I love you. I love you enough to take this from you for a little while. I love you enough to give you this in return."

Nora: "Søren?"

Søren: "You came back to me after years apart. And it gave me such joy to have you again that I neglected to ask the most important question - why? Why did you come back to me? And were you coming to me? Or were you leaving someone else?"

Nora: "You know I was -"

Søren: "I saw your book. I saw the dedication. Many waters ... You still love him. I love you too much to keep you against your will."

Nora: "Even if against my will is what I want?"

Søren: "Even then."

Nora: "Wesley ..."

Wesley: "Nora ... I missed you ... so much ..."

Nora: "My God, you need a haircut."


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