The Queen by Tiffany Reisz Book Review

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The Queen

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by MIRA books

Book #8 in the Original Sinners Series

Book #4 in the Original Sinners Series: The White Years

Once upon a time, Nora and Søren made a fateful deal—if he gave her everything, she would give him forever. 

The time has finally come to keep their promises. 

Out of money and out of options after her year-long exile, Eleanor Schreiber agrees to join forces with Kingsley Edge, the king of kink. After her first taste of power as a Dominant, Eleanor buries her old submissive self and transforms into Mistress Nora, the Red Queen. With the help of a mysterious young man with a job even more illicit than her own, Nora squares off against a cunning rival in her quest to become the most respected, the most feared Dominatrix in the Underground. 

While new lovers and the sweet taste of freedom intoxicate Nora, she is tempted time and time again by Søren, her only love and the one man who refuses to bow to her. But when Søren accepts a new church assignment in a dangerous country, she must make an agonizing choice—will the queen keep her throne and let her lover go, or trade in her crown for Søren's collar? 

With a shattering final confession, the last link in the chain is forged in The Original Sinners saga. It's the closing chapter in a story of salvation, sacrifice and the multitude of scars we collect in the name of ecstasy—and love.


Steamy Erotica Exciting


The Queen by Tiffany Reisz is the eighth book in the Original Sinners series, and is the first book in the series that is only told from Nora's perspective. The Queen is Nora's story, from the moment The Virgin ended, with Elle asking Kingsley for a job, to the moment she met Wesley. The story is Nora's confession to Søren, about the moments she was going to go back to him, but didn't.

The Queen was good. Really good. We see Eleanor/Elle become the dominatrix she was always meant to be, and become the Nora Sutherlin we love all the way to the first book, The Siren. This book is about a woman becoming who she is, making goals for herself, while still struggling with her love for Søren, he ex-master, and Kingsley, her boss. As always with this series, The Queen is wonderfully unique, and has a story that is easy to get lost in ... which I find unusual for erotica. Unusual, but amazing. The story flow was perfect, and the time jumps didn't hurt the story whatsoever.

The characters have all grown so much from the start of the series, to now, and have learned to accept one another for who they are. Much to their surprise, it only made their bonds with one another stronger. Nora went from a spunky, fierce teenager, to the ultimate submissive (with her attitude still in place, of course), to a lost woman, to the best dominatrix in America, and ultimately, to settling down with two men who give her freedom to be herself: a switch. Outlets for both parts of her. Søren went from terrifying dominant, who wouldn't give an inch, to others or himself, to finally letting go, and learning that in letting go some of the control, he found happiness. (We also get an explanation as to why he was the way he was in the first book, The Siren, which was very different from how he is naturally) Kingsley also gets everything he wanted. Juliette, who he loves and is the mother of the children he always wanted, and Søren, who finally caved in to his desires to be intimate with Kingsley once again. Zach and Grace are happily in love and amazing parents to Fionn. Everyone finds happiness. I wish we could have had an update on Wesley and Laila. Wesley is such a huge part of the first four books, after all.

The Queen was meant to be the final book in the series, but a ninth book, The Priest, was rele