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I can't believe you are interested, but since you found your way here, I will nurture your curiosity with a few little facts about me.

  • My name is Alisha, and I am 36 years old.

  • I live in New Brunswick, Canada, and have all my life

  • I am married to the most annoying, but lovable man on the planet, and we have three daughters (and two fat cats and three rats!)

  • I drink a lot of coffee and read a lot of books :)  

Reading has always been a passion of mine.  You see, I have always known that I am a little broken.  Most of us are.  I have always been aware that my brain doesn't work quite right.  Since childhood I have suffered from constant anxiety, and bouts of mild, to soul-crushing depression. It sucks.  I'm aware, and have lots of support.  Getting myself

immersed into a book is an escape for me.  I become incredibly passionate about what I am reading, and for a time, it takes my mind off things that I usually can't help but think of.  

Like many of you book nerds out there, I have adventured new lands and dimensions through authors words alone.  Fallen head over heels in love with too many characters to count.  Escaped reality for moments in time.  

Its a blessing.

This little website isn't just reviews.  Its an outlet.  A way to talk about my current read ... because as great as my family and friends are ... I tend to be a bit obsessive about my books, and they can only tolerate so much from me.    

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