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Of Flame and Fury by Cecy Robson

Updated: Jan 15

Of Flame and Fury

by Cecy Robson

Published by Cecy Robson, LLC

Book #9 in the Weird Girls series

Book #3 in the Weird Girls: Flame series

Taran Wird, the loudmouth mistress of flame and lightning,

didn’t want to attend the formal gathering of the supernatural elite. She did so only to help to unite the supreme beings in attendance in one common goal: protecting Taran’s sister, Celia. Celia is pregnant with alpha werewolf Aric Connor’s child, the same child prophesized to save the world from uprising evil. Evil wants this child dead before he is born and, more importantly, before he can grow strong enough to stop it. Taran and her werewolf lover, Gemini, put plans in place to protect Celia. Master Vampire Misha Aleksandr and his clan also swear their allegiance to Celia and vow to keep her from harm. The witches even cast protection spells around the manor to curse anyone with malintent who enters. Nothing was supposed to go wrong, except everything did. Creatures that shouldn’t exist stalk the grounds and invade the premises, and every curse meant to shield the guests turns against them. No one counted on the powerful being who arrived uninvited. But he’s here, manipulating the magic enclosing the estate to work in his favor. As body counts rise and allies become enemies, chances are Celia won’t survive the night. But evil never counted on how hard Taran Wird would fight, even at the expense of her life.


Violence, Death


First of all, I would like to thank Cecy Robson, LLC for sending me an ARC of Of Flame and Fury via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. In an extremely lucky coincidence, I actually started reading the Weird Girls series about a week and a half ago, and was about to finish the last book, Of Flame and Fate, when I decided to check to see if there was an ARC for the next book available, and there was. I obviously love the series, as I finished reading the books and the novellas in less than two weeks, so when I requested the title, I was crossing fingers I would get approved.

I'm not ashamed to admit I may have done a mini fan-girl squeal when I got the email approving my request, and the resulting eye roll from my husband.

Let's get to the book! Of Flame and Fury is the ninth book in the Weird Girls series, and is the third book in the Weird Girls: Flame series. It is written from Taran Wird's POV, and is - SOB - the last book of Taran's story. I loved Celia's story, and was weary switching to Taran's, but I loved it! I have no doubt I will love Shayna's and Emme's stories as well. Of Flame and Fury has a much shorter time span covered than previous books. It's not clear, but the whole book is Taran's point-of-view of a multiple days long attack to the Alliance by an unknown, very powerful evil.

Of Flame and Fury is undeniably unique, and original. I have read a few supernatural books in my life, and none of come up with characters quite like Cecy Robson has, or enemies. Especially this one. Let's just say that evil takes a rather weird form this book, and while sometimes the creatures bordered on cheesy, it's actually an element I have grown to like about this series. It adds a touch of humor to a series that could be quite dark at times.

I have read other books, in which authors have attempted to cover a short span of time and write a whole book, and it was disastrous. When I read the description and saw it was going to be covering one attack, I was worried. Cecy Robson did an amazing job making sure that this book was FULL of action the entire time. Whether it was actual fighting, or hilarious moments, and those rare quiet moments Taran has with Gemini, the story never once felt dull.

Taran Wird has grown up quite a bit from the first of the series, and it shows in this book. She used to be the one who would be the first to say "Fuck it," and run away from a fight, and now she is the first to run into it, and do what's right, no matter how hard it is. She doesn't let her past affect her anymore, and chooses to live her life the best way she can. Her relationship with Gemini is stronger than ever, and I love the private moments that we get with them this book. And of course, the moments where Taran totally exasperates him. It's one of things I love the most about them. They are total opposites, but it works so damn well for them.

If you love the Weird Girls series, you will ABSOLUTELY love this book. It has the classic Weird girls action, humor, romance, sex, and emotionally charged content we have been gotten in the past. We even get a rare moment where it's just the four sisters, and I don't think I realized how much I missed them together that way until I read it. Of Flame and Fury tied up some lingering plot lines, and left others open for future books, but most of all, ends Taran's story beautifully. Go buy it! March 24th, 2020! If you haven't read the Weird Girls series yet, do it! It won't disappoint.



Gemini: “Taran. She didn’t know.”

Genevieve: “Sister Taran.”

Taran: “Don’t you ever whisper in my mate’s ear while we’re fucking again. There. She knows now.”

I wave to Uri as I walk away

Taran: “How’s it going, sunshine?”

Uri chuckles. The little diva has always liked drama. Gemini cuts in front of me, blocking my path.

Gemini: “Was that necessary?”

Taran: “About as necessary as you knocking-out that werecheetah who winked at me.”

Gemini: “That was different. He didn’t just wink, he invited you to his bed to show you how a real man fucks.”

Taran: “He was an idiot and didn’t know we’re together.”

Gemini: “I was standing just to your left.”

Taran: “Talking to Vieve if I recall. Anyway, he didn’t matter, and he didn’t know.”

Gemini: “He knows now. Are you done now?”

Taran: “Eh. For the moment.”

He rolls his eyes. Like I mentioned, we’re totally in love.

Taran: “Sister girl, you don’t know me. Keep your hexes to yourself before that talisman ends up on the ground beside your burnt remains.”

Misha: “Celia Wird, as you pledged your friendship to me, I pledge my will and life to you.”

Celia: “No. Find your way out, Misha – you and your family. Don’t you dare worry about me.”

Misha: “You ask the impossible.”

Celia: “Aric. I don’t want to raise our baby without you.”

Aric: “Nothing will keep me from you or our child. Get to safety. I’ll be with you soon. I swear it.”

Gemini: “I have to go. I won’t be long.”

Taran: “Don’t you dare make me cry. I’m trying to focus.”

Gemini: “You are my love …”

Taran: “Baby, stop.”

Gemini: “My pain in the ass …”

I choke out a laugh, my vision blurring as the opening expands farther.

Gemini: “And the woman I want to carry our children.”

Taran: “You had to go there. Didn’t you?”

He kisses my forehead. It’s sweet but no less lovely.

Koda: “You’re the best thing that will ever happen to me.”

Shayna: “I love you like the moon does the sun, Miakoda.”

Emme, although fully healed through her own power, walks carefully towards us. Bren snatches her into a tight embrace.

Bren: “I won’t leave you. Not like this. Remember what I said, you and me, we’re going to make it.”

As he releases her, he grasps her hands, kissing them, the gesture as intimate as our goodbyes with our wolves.

Shayna: “Sometimes I feel him stronger than others.”

Taran: “Like when you’re in danger.”

Shayna: “Yup, and when I’m in heat.”

Taran: “Ah, what?”

Shayna: “It’s what Koda calls it. His wolf can tell when I’m ovulating, and lately, I’m like this ravaged, amorous beast. You know, horny. I think I’ve mentioned how we like to role play.”

Sisters: “Yeah, yes, um.”

Shayna: “One time, we were playing dirty pirate slut and Captain Hotness.”

Emme: “Shayna. That’s so offensive.”

Shayna: Oh, I’m sorry, Emme. I didn’t mean to offend you. If it makes you feel better, we didn’t go through with it. My hook kept getting in the way, and Koda’s skirt was way too tight on him.”

Celia: “Please stop speaking.”

Celia: “You were accepted as a sister of the coven. You’d feel her perish no matter what you felt for each other in life.”

Taran: “Hey, she started it. Don’t put the moves on my man, and I won’t feel the need to smack you around.”

Celia: *laughs* “She’s a good person, Taran. A friend to the weres.”

Taran: “Is she? So, if you catch her cozying up to Aric and whispering sweet nothings into his ear with her oh-so voluptuous bosom inches from his face, you’d be cool with that?”

She stops smiling.

Taran: “Yeah, kitty, kitty. That’s what I thought.”

Shayna: "I like to see the good in others. Whether you want to admit it, you do too. Except now you know there's no good left. Not after all this. No one will blame you for what comes next. He's made his own deathbed. Time for us to tuck him in."

Emme: "Celia. Would you like us to get you the rat?"

Celia's gaze turns primal. Slowly, she nods, what's left of her civility dwindling fast.

Emme: "To um, eat?"

Celia makes a noise. Not quite an affirmative grunt. Not quite a growl. And, oh, man, not quite human either."

Shayna: "Ceel. Do you really think this is a good idea? Think about what you're saying. I get you're a tad hungry-"

Shayna startles when Celia fixes her deadly gaze on her. Celia does think it's a good idea. In fact, at this moment, its the greatest idea ever.

Taran: "She wants the rat. Get her the damn rat."

Shayna: "Me? Why me?"

Taran: "You're the one with the weapons, and you have the essence of a freaking werewolf lurking inside of you for hell's sake."

Shayna: "You have fire, T. As in, let's fire up the barbie, matey."

Taran: "Are you going for Australian or pirate, here? Either way, both suck."

Shayna: "You can kill the little varmint and cook it in one shot."

Taran: "Oh, and now we're from Texas."

Emme: "I hate to say this, but Shayna has a point. It's like the old saying, two birds with one stone, Taran.."

Celia: "It mocks me."

Shayna: "Does it, Ceel? Does it really?"

Vampire: "You think me or Master Fate cares? She's all we want."

Shayna: "Master Fate? Am I the only one who thought he said masturbate?"

Celia: "No."

Taran: "Nope."

Even Emme shakes her head.

Celia launches herself on him, straddling his shoulders and tearing his head off.

Hmm. Yeah. We're supposed to be protecting her.

A rather perturbed snapdragon reaches out and smacks me across the face. I smack it back.

Taran: "We're on the same side, asshole!"

Vampire: "What's wrong? Haven't you ever seen a god?"

Taran: "Honey, those wings don't impress me. It's like sprinkling glitter on shit. You're still shit, only sparkly."

Vampire: "You bitch."

Taran: "That's my confirmation name. Try something original, freak."

Taran: "Ceel, do you really think either of you can handle the separation right now? Since learning you're knocked up, he won't even let you go to the bathroom by yourself."

Celia: "That's not true."

Shayna: "Dude. We've seen him standing by the door to the loo. He practically spins around in circles, wagging his big ol' tail when you emerge."

Taran: "What the hell was that?"

Shayna: "I don't know. Something with seven, maybe nine dangly boobies."

Celia: "They're tails, Shayna."

Shayna: "You sure, Ceel? They sound all floppy."

She makes a bouncy motion with her hands in front of her chest.

Shayna: "You know, kind of like when you or Taran run really fast and forget to wear bras."

Taran: "I don't forget to wear a bra."

Shayna raises her brows and gives me a once-over. I jerk the front of my dress down.

Taran: "It's a wrap-around. I tuck my breasts back in the cups and adjust the stupid thing. It's not practical given my cup size, but it works with the dress."

Shayna: "If you say so, T."

What sounds like an audible explosion of multiple zits follows.

Shayna: "It;s like, squirting them with milk."

Taran: "I can do without the visual."

Celia: "They're tails, Shayna. Oh. I think whatever they're fighting is poisonous. It's bursting with venom. I can smell it."

Taran: "Are you sure it's not breast milk?"

Uri: "You will not keep me here. None of you will."

Taran: "Trust me when I say I'd rather you leave, princess."

Taran: "We can't kill him if we can't find him."

Uri: "And are you prepared to do as much? We would not be here if you did your job last time."

Taran: "I know my job, and I do it well. Unlike you, who only fights when others are watching."

Uri: "You dare insult me?"

Taran: "I do, and I'm not done. You usually let those you think are lesser than you do the dirty work. Are you ready to fight for real, Uri? Or will you hang back and spare your pompous and saggy ass?"

Uri: "My son. Make a choice and make the right one."

Misha: "I do, Master. It's why I choose to stay with Celia."

Celia: "Misha, don't do this. Not for me. You don't owe me anything."

Uri: "No. His debt to you is paid tenfold."

Celia: "There was never a debt to be paid, Uri."

Uri: "You show a great deal of strength with your mate so close, Celia."

Celia: "Keep telling yourself that, Uri. And we'll pretend I didn't help save your dynasty."

Celia: "I don't want you to stay because of me. You don't owe me anything, Misha. You never have."

Taran: "Mm, true."

Aric: "No one is keeping you here, Uri. You want to go, get the fuck out."

Gemini: "The point of this reunion was to determine who would stand by us. And who will choose to save themselves. This is your moment to decide."

Uri turns to leave.

Gemini: "The pack will remember this when evil strikes its blow."

Uri: "The blow was already struck."

Taran: "Maybe. Except that blow was just the beginning. Good luck out there."

Taran: "Just let her help you, Bren. If nothing else, do it for Celia and her baby."

Bren: "Fine. But I better be that kid's godfather."

Edith Anne: "The fucking brown furball bit my tit. Don't get me wrong, it felt kinda good. It's the stab to my throat I took offense to."

Emme: "Is this sanitary?"

Taran: "They are. The flowers are cultivated with magic and dusted with silver from seedlings. They sanitize the water and possess healing properties. During witch school, I was in charge of them for like, a day."

Emme: "You set them on fire, didn't you?"

Taran: "It was an accident, and they started it."

Emme: "Did they really, Taran?"

Taran: "Yes, Emme. The little bastards would lengthen when they saw me and stab me in the ankles with their thorns. So, yeah, I torched one or eight of them to show them who was boss. Can you believe that innocent act of self-defense cost me four demerits?

Emme: "Only four?"

Taran: "Whose side are you on, anyway?"

Emme: "I'm just saying the witches tend to be strict. I'm surprised the incident didn't earn you time on the torture rack."

Taran: "It's the modern world, Emme. The rack is only used for witches who accidentally sprout hooves. And antlers, if memory serves. Damn, no wonder I was kicked out."

Emme: "We're going to have to fight our way out of here, aren't we?"

Taran: "Yup."

Emme: "I really hate fighting our way out."

Taran: "Beats dying."

Emme releases a rather defeated sigh. "Yes it does."

She winks a us, her blue eyes blazing, and goes to town on the largest and roundest set of breasts I've ever seen in real life. Dark hair gathers around her shoulders and curves.

Emme: "Oh, my. It's you."

Taran: "It is not. My boobs aren't that big or round. And look at her nipples."

Emme: "They're a tad exaggerated. And her nipples very much point north not south -"

Taran: "Mine don't point south."

Emme: "Taran."

Taran: "They point straight, damn it."

Emme: "Taran, look at her. She has your hair and eyes and ... It's you. Johnny recreated you with his twisted taste."

Taran: "All right. I get it."

Emme: "You do see it?"

Taran: "No, Emme. And I don't want to. This situation is messed up enough without the little perv making versions of me he probably whacks off to."

Emme: "Oh. Did you have to take it there?"

Emme: "Where is she?"

Taran: "I don't know. But she's loaded with magic and damn fast."

Emme: "Where couldn't we have gotten the Ewoks? I could have just rounded them up and locked them in the freezer."

Taran: "I don't know. Nipple biting is sounding really good right about now."

Liz: "God, you stink. Did you get the crackers?"

Taran: "No, I didn't get the fucking crackers. Haven't you noticed we've been gone forever?"

Liz: "Bitch, please, it was a few seconds at best."

Shayna: "You dudes okay?"

Emme: "We've had better experiences."

Shayna: "Um, how;d it go?"

I squish, squish, squish after her into the living space. "Oh, it went."

Celia: "What ... what happened?"

Emme: "We were locked in the downstairs bathroom where a swamp creature capable of laying eggs and spawning mini-mes, crawled out of the tub."

Maria: "A swamp creature laid eggs on you?"

Taran: "Not on us, I don't think."

Maria: "Hmph. All you had to do was retrieve the damn crackers. You smell like a wet rat who pooped on another wet rat and then had baby poopy rats."

Taran: "What's going on?"

Shayna: "The vamps thought it would be a great idea to throw Celia a baby shower. You know, to lift her spirits."

Liz: Oh, and because she might die and shit."

Edith: "Mine first."

Liz: "Back off."

Edith: Maria! Liz is trying to cut in front of me."

Maria: "Like I give a shit."

She curses in Portuguese when Edith tackles Liz.

Shayna: "Dude, should I, you know, break it up?"

Celia: "You can try if you want. Just be careful, they bite."

Taran: "Screw this."

They screech when I zap them with lightning, but damn well separate. Liz jumps to her feet, batting out the flames eating away what remains of her plaid skirt.

Liz: "Bitch."

Taran: "Yeah, like I've never heard that before."

Edith: "You shot me in the ass."

Taran: "Sorry, Edith. I wasn't aiming for -"

Edith: "I kind of liked it."

Agnes: "Can we get on with this? Edith and I have the next patrol. I'd like her to open our gift in case we get eaten."

Taran: "Excellent point, Agnes. Thank you."

Edith passes Celia a small box wrapped with post'its.

Maria: "From me and Agnes, darling."

Celia: *smiling* "Thank you."

She stops smiling when she pulls out two pairs of panties. One crotchless, the other sheet and small enough to fit in gum packaging.

Maria: "To wear at your next conception."

Taran: "Where did you get panties?"

Maria: "I told you, they're from me and Edith. You all heard, correct?"

Celia: "Ah, you shouldn't have."

Liz: "Cheap bitches."

Maria: "Our hearts are in the right place."

Liz: "You need more than heart on a day like today. Look at her. Look at how fat she's become carrying the savior of the world. DO you think when she prayed for a child, she asked for cankles too?"

Celia: "I do not have cankles."

Celia pulls out an index card, a cartoon of a baby scrolled in crayon on the back. Her nails protrude and withdraw in and out a few times, puncturing the corner of the card.

Shayna: "Ah, what is it, Ceel?"

Emme: "I don't think we want to know."

Celia looks up, her breathing unusually pronounced. She forced an inhuman smile that has Liz taking several steps back.

Liz: "What's wrong? You don't like it?"

Celia: "Oh, I just love it."

Okay. Now she doesn't even sound human.

Shayna starts to rise, changing her mind when a sound we've never quite heard from Celia sends her back to her seat. Liz is now standing near the entrance out, the weres just behind her and the few witches who remained behind them with their staffs visible.

Our were buddy from Liberia looks up and asks his friend something I don't quite catch. His friend shakes his head after another glance at Celia, and everyone edges farther back.

Emme looks from the large group gathering near the door, to us, then back at Celia. Rather hesitantly, she stands and walks with her palms out to Celia.

Emme: "M-may I?"

When Celia doesn't answer, Emme eases the card from Celia's grasp, careful to avoid Celia's claws. Her eyes widen as she reads it. She covers her mouth, appearing to read it again like she can't believe it.

Taran: "Just tell us what it says."

Emme: "It's a gift certificate for a tummy tuck -"

Celia: "And a chin lift. Two chin lifts."

Without missing a beat, Edith steps into a ta-da pose.

"Misha": "Taran. Don't you want to help your old pal?"

Taran: "My old pal doesn't use words like 'pal.' He also doesn't cry like a little peon and allow needle dicks like Johnny Fate to tie him to a tree."

"Misha": *laughing* "You're not as stupid as I thought."

Taran: "You mean as Johnny though. All this is Johnny. His thoughts, his bitterness - those Nytes? They're not just part of him. They are him."

"Misha": "You freak -"

Taran: "For once in your pathetic life, be original, Johnny. Call me something I haven't heard. Stop being the loser you always were and the weakling everyone laughed at. Show some balls despite your small, mangy dick -"

"Misha": "You know what your problem is, bitch?"

Taran: "My balls are bigger than yours?"

Gemini: "Do you want to die in here?"

Taran: "No. This is a sucky place to die."

Gemini: "Then stay put."

Taran: "You're so cute thinking your growls have any effect on me. Only in the bedroom, big boy. Only in the bedroom."

He growls again, but I catch the smirk.

Taran: "How's it going with your twin?"

Gemini scoffs. "Not great. Shayna drew out letters, but my brother can't spell worth a damn. He was able to convey urgency and that Johnny is weak. They also know we're alive. I can't explain where we are, not through him. All I know is, if Bren makes one more Lassie and Timmy fell in the well joke, my wolf will rip his throat out."

Gemini: "Will you marry me?"

Taran: "Are you serious?"

He nods.

Gemini: "I'm not giving up on our duties or on us. But if we don't survive, I want to die fighting and knowing I married the most beautiful woman in the world."

Gemini: "From the time when weres first roamed the earth and ran through high grassy fields, they dreamed of their mates. Some searched the world and never found their match. Those who did didn't need a gathering of friends or pack. They didn't need clothing that sparkled, hides of their kill, or objects of prestige. They just needed each other and their promise to love for eternity."

I smile as I laugh, listening closely.

Gemini: "I need you, Taran. Need to feel your scent when my lips graze your neck, need your heat as we fall asleep, need your heart to help me through the darkness. You turn my worst times into my best. You are my passion, the one who provokes my growls, both good and bad, and the one I will love forever."

Taran: "Thank you. Thank you for all that you say, do and make me feel."

He lifts me up laughing.

Gemini: "Is that a yes?"

I cry into his shoulder

Taran: "Yes, yes!"

Destiny: "You're a smart cookie, Taran. I don't care what they say about you."

Taran: *laughing* "I'm sure they say a lot."

Gemini: "I, Tomo Hamamatsu, take you, my beautiful Taran, to love as long as my wolf calls to the moon and the birds serenade to the first rays of the sun. In life and in death, I will love you forever."

I blink several times and sniff.

Taran: "You took all the good lines."

He laughs, the happiness behind his dark eyes, helping me to find the right words regardless of all the wrong ones I spent a lifetime speaking.

Taran: "I, Taran Wird, take you, my beloved Tomo. You've taught me kindness through your strategy, and love with your heart. I am a better person today because you bless me with your presence and honor me with your devotion. I'll only know reason if you're present to gift it and happiness as long as you remain at my side. I love you, Tomo. You are my mate and my world."

Destiny: "Love has joined two souls as one. From this day forth, and through eternity, the beasts will protect the mates, the light and fire will fortify the union, and no one will break them apart."

Gemini bends to kiss me. I welcome him with all my being. Fate stole many moments. But he couldn't stop this.

Gemini: "We'll be there."

Taran: "Actually. We won't."

Deafening quiet overtakes the room. The coffee Emme made finishes brewing, and the oven timer goes off. Still, no one moves, and I can't speak.

Gemini: "Are you pregnant?"

My silence is answer enough. A smile, so full of devotion, spreads along my husband's wonderfully handsome features. His hand cups my belly.

Gemini: "Are you?"

Taran: "Yes." The sting of happy and frightened tears casts along my eyes. I sort of laugh, sort of cry, and probably screw u a perfectly lovely moment.

Gemini lifts me, kissing me hard.

Gemini: "I love you. God, I love you so much."

Shayna's jaw is down to her toes, and Emme is covering her mouth as if her lips may hall off.

Taran: "You're up, girls."

Celia leaves Aric's lap, the shock on her face reflecting everyone in the room. She stops just in front of me, torn between hugging me and crying.

Celia: "Taran, you're having a baby."

I start to cry with her. Destiny stops me in my tracks.

Destiny: "No ... she's not."

Her brows draw tight as she walks to my side, her deep knowing gaze fixed on my stomach. More plumage drifts from the peak of her bun before she speaks again, ignoring the tension surging throughout the room. Everyone expected doom and destruction. Chaos. Anarchy. Crazy shit. It's what we're used to.

Destiny doesn't disappoint. She glances up, beaming.

Destiny: "She's having two. Congratulations, Taran. You're expecting twins."


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