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Gone Hunting by Cecy Robson

Updated: Mar 20

Gone Hunting

by Cecy Robson

Published by Cecy Robson LLC

Prequel to The Weird Girls Series

Discover Cecy Robson’s sensational Weird Girls series for the first time — or go back to the beginning ...

The rest of the werewolf pack

might consider Aric Connor to be omniscient and destined to save the world when evil returns to claim it. But for the most part, fifteen-year-old Aric ignores the confirmations of his powers, taking everything in stride until he meets her. Celia Wird wasn’t supposed to awaken naked in the mountains of Colorado, not when she was just stalking her prey in a filthy alley several states away. She especially wasn’t supposed to meet Aric, the handsome werewolf who comes to her aid. As a supernatural tasked with protecting the earth, Aric sympathizes with Celia’s dangerous situation. He’s also struck by her beauty and kindness. Yet, as much as Aric welcomes Celia, her arrival isn’t a peaceful one. Dark forces stir in Celia’s presence, resolute on killing her. Aric and his inner beast are adamant about keeping Celia safe and with them. But there's a time and a place for love, and Aric and Celia might not survive long enough to find it.





Spoilers ahead lovelies. I can't help it. It was so great I need to talk about it.

Gone Hunting is a prequel to the Weird Girls Series, and it written from Aric's point-of-view. It goes back in time to when he and his future warriors, Gemini, Koda, and Liam, were all teenagers, living a care-free life, until Aric stumbles upon a scared girl in the woods - Celia. Celia's uniqueness isn't the only thing that interests him; he is drawn to her for reasons he can't explain. With Celia's presence, it comes with a cost though.

I left this prequel to the end (well, the end of the books already released). I LOVED it! I love the Weird Girls series, but this prequel is a shining gem among the books. For a few reasons. The timeline brings our main characters back in time to the age of fifteen. We get a better understanding of the relationship between Aric and his best friends/warriors, and learn things about them we didn't otherwise know (and we get Liam again!). We get to meet Aric's father, and get a glimpse at a very happy childhood. We get a trip through memory lane with Celia, and learn what she did to those who murdered her parents, and what is costs her. We get answers to what happened to their cousin, who helps the Wird sisters in another prequel. And we get Aric's point-of-view of his connection with Celia. In the end, we get a better understanding that with magic their is a balance, and sacrifices must be made to achieve that.

I'm going to jump right into Aric and Celia's connection with one another, and his Dad's choice in the end. First of all, I loved Aric and Celia's attraction to one another as teenagers. There was an innocence to their love, and it called back those memories of first loves. Aric, admitting he was never interested in females before Celia, and his awkwardness around her was endearing. Everything between them was sweet. Reading the main books in the series first, I knew who they were to each other, but having it confirmed by his parents was a rather powerful moment. As soon as his parents realized their son had found his mate (despite both being too young), they adopted her into their family, and were willing to take in her sisters and foster mother. Reading the original books first though, I knew it wouldn't happen. When Aric and Celia meet in Sealed With A Curse, they didn't know each other. So I knew that the witches in this book would play a part and make them forget each other. It was heartbreaking in a lot of ways. Celia was only there, because her cousin (from another prequel), knew Celia was in danger from dark witches. She sent Celia to a place where she would always be safe (with her mate, Aric), but it sends her two years in the past, and the dark witches were able to latch on to the spell, and use dark magic any way they could to kill Celia, and in turn, killing everyone who helps her. Darkness knew, even then, that Celia was the key to ending them. While dark magic is literally destroying the area, and killing Aric's best friends, Aric's father makes a deal with Liam's aunt (a very powerful hag), to send Celia back to her time in the future, and to make everyone forget, especially Aric and Celia, as it would kill them to be parted from one another. Aric, pounding on the ward around Celia, and finally getting through to give her one final kiss and promise her he would find her again was bittersweet. They were hurting in that moment, but you are comforted to know they do eventually find one another.

I found it very interesting how Cecy weaved Aric's fathers demise into Celia's story. We know from the original books that he died when Aric was 15, by a witch in Africa during a hunt. We know now, that he knew when he went on that hunt, he wasn't coming back. It was part of the sacrifice he made to save Celia, and make them forget what happened, and send Celia back to her time. Magic needs to be balanced. To make everyone forget, someone must be burdened with the knowledge, and Aric's father took it. Willingly. Not only because he knew Celia was destined to save the world from the darkness, but for Celia, his son's soulmate. So when his family woke up, like the past few days never happened, it was sad. Aric's father knew he was saying goodbye to his son in that moment. Knew that Aric had found his mate, loved her, and was forced to say goodbye. The promise he asked of Aric the last time they saw each other was important. Aric was always pursued by women because of his position and bloodline. It knew there would be temptations Aric would succumb to, but he made Aric promise to not marry anyone who wasn't his mate. It was the last thing he did for his son to ensure his happiness. It tied really well into the series, and for that, I am appreciative.

The added bonus of this story was the warriors: Gemini, Koda, and Liam. Especially Liam, since our sweet and fun-loving wolf dies protecting Celia later in the series. So many books have passed since his death, and I still feel his absense. While he drove the others crazy, they loved him. We learn a bit about Gemini, too. He, being Aric's future second-in-command, and the one who has known Aric the longest, was drawn to Celia, and wanted to protect her as well. While it's clear that part of the reason is that she is the mate of their future Alpha, and therefore feel the need to protect her, I wonder if its also because Celia is related to two of the wolves future mates. We also get a back story on Koda, which was MUCH appreciated by me. As we know now since Taran's story is finished, Shayna's is next. Shayna to me has always been a bit of an unknown to me, and therefore, Koda hasn't been showcased much. Learning that Koda comes from an abusive home tells a lot about Koda's character in the later books, and makes me feel more connected to him now. It makes me look forward to the next book that much more.

In the end, while it is sad that Aric and Celia find one another, only to be torn apart and lose their memories of those moments between them, so many good things happen because of Aric's father's sacrifice, beside the fact that everyone gets to live (except Aric's father). Celia meets Danny, who eventually helps them break the binds of their curse so they can better control, and have full access to their powers. Danny also introduces them to Bren, a lone were, who teaches them about the supernatural world, and ends up becoming a brother of sorts to them. Not to mention, its looking very much like Emme and Bren are mates, so they may never have found one another without the sacrifice. It was a sweet, innocent story, and it enriches Cecy Robson's Weird Girls world that much more.



Celia: "Oh, my God."

Aric: "What's wrong?"

Celia: "You're naked!"

Aric: "So are you."

Celia: "I'm - put some clothes on!"

Aric: "What?"

Celia: "I told you to put some clothes on."

Aric: "My pack is up there."

Celia: "There're more of you? Naked more of yous?

Celia: "What are you doing?"

Aric: "Trying to see you."

Celia: "I think you've seen enough."

Aric: *laughing* "Come on. This isn't the first time I've seen a naked female."

Celia: "I'll just bet, big boy."

Aric: "What do you mean? My kind and I change all the time in front of each other."

Celia: "Great. Of all the places I could have been zapped to, I get sent to a nudist colony in Colorado."

Celia: "For someone whose idea of a good time is streaking through the woods and scratching behind his ears, you're pretty judgmental."

Aric: "I also have mad tracking skills."

Celia: "Is that so?"

Aric: "I found you, didn't I?"

Celia: "I suppose you did, Aric."

Aric: "Ouch, Celia!"

I hook my arm tighter to pull her closer.

Aric: "Don't be mean. I'm only trying to help."

Our closeness amplifies the warmth between us. I try to fight it, but that fight is brief. Like before, the feel of her consumes me. My body welcomes Celia like an embrace after a long, weary day. It relaxes me, despite how my heartbear races and her presence further rouses my best. I groan, clutching her closer.

Aric: "It's okay. I won't hurt you. I swear it."

Liam: "I don't know, man. I still think we should eat her."

Celia makes a chuffing sounds.

Liam: "What was that?"

Celia does it again. This time louder.

Liam: "Is she laughing at me?"

Aric: "It beats her trying to rip your throat out, like you deserve."

Liam: "Do I have to get dressed? I have to air these parts out every now and then. You hear what I'm saying? Some things need to breathe."

Celia grimaces and turns away, staring out over the valley.

Aric: "Liam, she's a guest. And from what I can tell, she's seen enough of your parts."

Liam: *grinning* "Has she seen enough of yours?"

Heat flushes across my skin. I'm not embarrassed by my body. I'm embarrassed that Celia's embarrassed, if that makes sense.

Aric: "Yes, Liam."

Liam: "Woah. You're really pretty."

Celia: "Um -"

Liam: "I mean hot. Really hot. *he nudges Koda* Hey. Isn't she hot?"

Koda: "Liam."

He motions to where I'm standing and not smiling anymore.

Liam: "Oh, sorry. I meant sexy. Is sexy a better word for you Aric?"

Liam: "Celia, I'm never going to know what it's like to give birth. I don't have the parts, you hear what I'm saying? But I gotta tell ya, when your fist came out of the hole in my neck, holding that slimy, pulsating thing in your hand, it was everything I've ever imagined birth to be. You should have slapped that clump and gave it a name."

Celia: "Please stop speaking."

Liam: "Why? I'm just getting to the good part."

I don't know Celia. We only met a few long hours ago. But everything I've seen makes up for it. Celia faced an immense snarling wolf head on, telling him she didn't want to hurt him. She's a young woman who hid in embarrassment, but who took on a creature that weres live in fear of, knowing she couldn't heal if wounded. This female saved my friends, my brothers, ignoring everything it could cost. No. I don't know Celia. But what I do know is enough.

Aric: "We should go to bed."

Celia: "What?"

I don't have to look in the mirror to know my face is fire-engine red.

Aric: "Ah, bed? You know, in my room?"

Her tigress eyes replace her own. That's pretty much when I realize I'm in trouble.

Celia: "I'm not going to bed with you."

Aric: "That's not what I mean. I just want you in my bed."

Celia: "Oh, I bet you do."

And that's when her claws come out.

Aric: "I mean, I want you in bed by yourself. Without me. Do you know what I'm saying?"

Celia: "No."

Of course not. Celia doesn't speak moron.

Aric: "You can stay in my room is all I meant."

Her nails slowly withdraw.

Celia: "You want me to sleep in your bed?"

Aric: "Yes."

Celia: "By myself?"

Clicks tongue while doing a little shooting finger with his fingers.

Aric: "You got it."

I press my forehead against the door, speaking low.

Aric: "Goodnight, Celia."

I don't think she hears me, until her sweet voice whispers against the door.

Celia: "Goodnight, Aric."

Gemini: "We should give Aric and Celia some space. We'll wait for you downstairs."

Koda follows without a word. Liam continues to sit there like he's waiting on the Tooth Fairy.

Aric: "Liam?"

Liam: "Yeah?"

Aric: "Go."

Liam: "Huh? Okay. I guess I can do that."

Aric: "And shut the door."

He jogs back to the door and shuts it, but not before giving us a big thumbs up. Celia is officially the color of fire.

Celia: "They think we ..."

Aric: "Oh yeah. I'll grab you something from my Mom's closet. She's bigger than you, but a lot smaller than me."

Celia: "Aric? You don't think we ..."

Aric: "Trust me when I say I would have remembered that."

Liam perks up when he sees me, lifting his hand in a high-five.

Liam: "My man."

I smack him upside the head.

Liam: "Ouch."

Aric: "Not another word, Liam."

Liam: "I say we take her to Mimi."

The wolves and I toss our forks, groaning, Gemini going as far as covering his face.

Celia: "Who's Mimi?"

Liam: "Only the greatest hag you'll ever find."

Koda: "Liam's nutso aunt."

Liam: "She's not nutso. She's just a little eccentric."

Koda: "Eccentric means you act a little funny or maybe dress up in that cosplay crap. Eccentric doesn't mean you blow up anyone stupid enough to knock on your door."

Liam: "That was just the one time. And your hair grew back just fine. Besides, I told you she's hard of hearing. She wouldn't have zapped you like she did if you'd spoken up."

Aric: "Celia, Mimi is a lot of things. But she's not cruel."

Celia: "She turned some cougar inside out. What do you call that?"

Liam: "Vengeance. He did steal her tomatoes. Are you going to steal her tomatoes?

Liam's grin lights up the room when Celia shakes her head.

Liam: "Then what's the problem?"

Liam: "Hey, Aric. Are you blushing?"

Aric: "No. I'm just hot from running."

Liam: *laughing* "Liar. You are blushing. Is it because of Celia? Hey Koda. Aric's blushing in front of Celia again. You're right, he has it bad - oh, look! She's blushing, too. You totally have to see it -"

I shoot my foot out, hooking his ankle and making him fall on his face. Liam scrambles to his feet, spitting out dirt.

Liam: "What was the for?"

Aric: "Sorry, it was an accident."

Celia: "I feel bad that you have to do this. I'm not sure when or how, but I promise to make it up to you."

Gemini turns away, embarrassed. I can't blame him. Out of all of us, he's the most quiet and shy around females, especially cute ones. Except Celia isn't one of those cute types, those who know they're cute and who toss their hair to get attention. Celia is muddy. Her skin glistens from the run and she's covered with cuts and scratches. She's also the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Gemini: "You owe me nothing. Just stay safe."

Celia: "I wish you could meet my sister, Taran."

Gemini: "Why? Is she pretty?"

He starts to blush.

Celia: "She;s gorgeous. She's also mouthy, loud, temperamental, and completely inappropriate."

Gemini: "That doesn't sound like anyone I'd be attracted to."

Celia: "I don't know about that. What I do know is Taran would make you smile. I think you could use a few more smiles."

Liam: "So, are you to a thing? Or are you just using each other for a few kisses and cuddles?"

Aric: *blushing* "We just met."

Liam: "You'd never know it, Juliette."

Aric: "Just ignore him."

Liam: "Are you guys going to be bed buddies again tonight? Do you think your parents will mind? If they don't, could you tell them to talk to mine? I'd like a bed buddy. Wouldn't you, Koda?"

Celia: "Something's touching me?"

Aric: "It's Mimi's magic. It's trying to determine if we're friend or foe."

Celia: "What happens if she thinks we're foe?"

Liam: "Oh, then we're totally screwed."

Celia: "Is she close?"

Aric: "I'm not sure yet. This is more akin to a security system, meant to keep the bad guys out."

Liam: "And blast anyone she doesn't like into oblivion. Oh, look. Tomatoes."

Koda: "Touch those tomatoes and I'll tear your fucking liver out."

Aric: "Stay close. Okay? I don't want anything to happen to you?"

Celia: "I don't want anything to happen to you, either."

Celia: "Are you calling me weak?"

Aric: "No, not weak. Just, you know, delicate."

Celia: "Aric, call me delicate one more time and I'll leave you buried in this stupid hole."

Aric: "Is now a good time to tell you I'm not good with girls?"

Celia: "You don't have to. It shows, big guy."

Celia: "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

Aric: "It's okay. These things happen."

Celia: "These things happen? No - no. You can use that line when people trip over a cracked sidewalk or misplace a few dollars. You can't say something like that when they have their heads twisted like corkscrews and eyes dangling down their backs. I mean, come on, Aric. Liam didn't even touch her tomatoes!"

Aric: "He'll be all right. See? That eye that launched out of his socket is already making its way back into his skull. He's a were. He'll be as good as new in no time."

Liam: "My ass! Why am I looking at my ass?"

Koda: "Your psycho aunt's magic snapped your neck around. Keep still so Gemini can crack it back into place before the bone heals."

Celia: "The bone can heal that way? Permanently?"

Aric: "Sure. Our inner beasts repair our bodies when broken. But they don't always know how to align them or to return them to a specific direction. Gemini will have to break his neck first and -"

Celia: "Oh, God."

Liam: "I notice you talk to God a lot. She's a nice religious girl, Aric. Your mom will like that."

Liam: "Are you messin' with me? This freakin' hurts. And now you're talking about ripping out the extra stuff my wolf took the time to grow? You guys suck."

Aric: "Don't die. Please. You can't die. I like you, okay? I know we only just met, but I really like you. You're pretty. But you probably already know that. You're also nice and smart and good The way you helped my friends and fought by my side, it meant a lot. Just stay with me. I want you you with me."

I shake her when she gasps.

Aric: "Don't leave me, Celia. Not like this."

Celia: "Aric. I'm not going to die. But I may puke if you keep shaking me."

It's only when the bus moves away from the curb and onto the main road that she finally breaks down. I can't touch her, and she can't feel me. That doesn't stop me from curling around her and wishing I could take all her pain away.

Aric: "I want to keep you with me. I can't let you go back to that life."

Celia: "You were there? With me?"

Aric: "I never left you."

Mimi: "How could you? Your wolf has latched onto her tigress."

Aric: "What? Why?"

Mimi: "Why do you think?"

Liam: "I think it's hungry. Hey, Celia. Are you up to breastfeeding?"

Celia: "It has a beak, Liam."

Liam: "Is that a no?"

Koda: "Don't worry about him. He'll be all right."

Celia gasps when she sees the chunk of arm Koda's wolf is working overtime to fill in.

Celia: "Koda. You poor thing."

Very gently, Celia takes Koda's wrist, turning it back and forth so she can examine the extent of the damage. Koda's face turns two shades redder than Mimi's squashed tomatoes.

Koda: "Uh. It's fine."

Celia: "It looks awful. Why is your face so red? Is the venom making you feverish?"

She reaches up on her toes to feel his head.

Liam: *laughing* "No way. Koda is blushing. Gemini, are you seeing this? Celia is totally making Koda blush."

Celia starts blushing, and Koda turns redder.

Celia: "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to embarrass you."

Koda: "It's okay. I just, you know what I mean."

Liam: "Nah, we don't. Please, elaborate and enlighten our feeble, yet studly, minds."

Gemini: "Liam. Now is not the time."


Koda: "Females tend to stay away from me. I've never had one touch me."

Celia: "Why?"

Koda: "I guess they're intimidated."

Celia: "I know how you feel. Males tend to stay away from me -"

Gemini, Koda, Liam: "Naw. Really? I don't believe it."

Celia: "My sisters would be more than happy to hang out with you. Especially Shayna."

Koda: "Yeah?"

Celia: "Koda, she would talk your ear off."

Celia: "Here. Let me carry you."

I jump away when she bends and opens her arms.

Aric: "What are you doing?"

Celia: "It's okay. I'm a lot stronger than I look."

Aric: "If my bloody corpse lay covered in scorpions as my decapitated head looked on, I still wouldn't let you carry me."

Celia: "If you were decapitated, you wouldn't be able to see anything, let alone protest."

My friends crack up, even Gemini, who's trying to hide ie by wiping his mouth.

Liam: "Ow, Celia. I think the scorpions hurt my little toe and Koda's pinky. Could you carry me? Maybe both of us? We promise to let you."

Aric: "Knock it off."

Celia: "I'm sure you big, menacing wolves will be fine on your own."

My head lowers as I thread her fingers through mine. I've never considered myself the shy type. In the past, I'd shake my head when Gem withdrew from females or when Koda intimidated them simply by being. I didn't understand why it was so hard for hem to connect with the opposite sex.

Then came Celia.

Being this shy and insecure around a female doesn't seem fitting, especially after years of being told what a catch I am. But if I'm going to feel this way, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather feel it with.

The warmth that spreads between us when our skin touches is like sunshine following a long week of storms. She makes everything worth it, all the good and all the bad.

Celia: "Thank you for the Wonder Woman underwear. They're a little small, but she's my favorite."

And you're mine.

I almost tell her. I'm realizing that more and more, unsure how I've gone my whole life without knowing her.

Gemini's twin wolf runs alongside Celia, panting and looking up at her while leaping and avoiding the hazards of the mountain terrain, as if no obstacle matters as much as her. Totally love-struck, his tongue dangles from the side of his mouth and his tail wags as he runs. My wolf isn't doing anything close to tail waggin. Mostly, he's raring to take a bite out of Gemini.

Celia laughs when the goofball leaps up and butts her elbow. She pets his head.

Celia: "Looking for a little attention there, buddy?"

Aric: "Yeah, a little lonely there, buddy?"

Gemini grins, his face reddening when Koda and Liam throw their heads back in laughter.

Koda: "What's wrong, Aric? A little jealous there, pal?"

Liam: "Naw. Not our fearless Leader, Aric. He'd have to like Celia to feel threatened. Do you like, Celia, Aric Do you think she's pretty? Do you dream that one day you'll make pups together -"

Aric: "Liam, look out."

He whips around. I trip him before he realizes nothing is there. He crashes to the ground, kicking up dirt. And suddenly, all is right with the world.

Celia: "You tripped him."

Aric: "No. That was a total accident."

Celia: "Before you ask, no, you may not carry me."

Aric: "I wasn't going to offer."

Celia: "Liar."

Aric: "Yup."

Aric: "I take it you and your sisters don't wrestle in mud?"

Celia: *laughing* "No. Taran and I occasionally go at it -"

Liam: "Naked?"

I don't know which is worse, what he asks or how my friends light up and wait for her to respond. Celia rolls her eyes.

Celia: "No, Liam."

Liam: "By the way, cool underwear, Celia."

Celia: "Excuse me?"

Liam: "You underwear. I saw it when you flipped, kicked and did that split. A little distracting, but awesome all the same. What?"

he asks, when the wolves and I glare at him.

Liam: "I like Wonder Woman."

Aric: "Goodnight, Liam."

Celia: "There are other ways to show affection."

She's close enough for me to lift up and kiss her. I think it's what she wants. I lick my lips, tilt my head to the side and ... completely lose my nerve. Instead, I playfully swipe mud on the tip of her nose.

Aric: "You mean like this?"

She crinkles her nose in the cutest way possible and wipes her nose clean.

Celia: "Or like this."

I'm too taken with Celia to see her hand coming at me. I make a face when she smears mud across my right cheek.

Aric: "Aw, man. I'm going to get you for that one."

Celia: "You're going to have to catch me first, wolf."

The day my grandfather passed away was a moment I'll never forget. He died clutching my grandmother, who had died mere seconds before him. He didn't want to be without his mate, a gentle were who often told me she never knew happiness until she met Granddad. That memory is seared in my mind forever. It showed me what it is to love and how some just need each other to breathe, to smile, to live.

This moment with Celia is like that memory and one I pray I'll never forget.

I release her hand and draw her to me, my arms around her as the moon bathes us in its glow and the last of the birds fly home.

Celia: "You're awake."

Aric: *laughing* "And you're purring. I thought big cats couldn't purr."

Celia: "They can't. I told you, I'm weird."

My smile vanishes. No, you're perfect.

Aric: "Was it okay? Me being next to you like this?"

Celia: "It was the best thing ever."

Aric: "Ever?"

Celia: "Yes."

I nuzzle her neck, wondering why my eyes sting the way that they do.

Aric: "I feel the same."

Aric: "I'm not sure how this keeps happening. Me showing up here, I mean."

Celia: "Mm-hmmm."

Aric: *laughing* "You don't believe me?"

Celia: "Not even a little bit."

Aric: "You should."

Celia: "Why?"

I grin. She's all sorts of cute.

Aric: "Because I don't want you afraid of me."

Celia: "I'm afraid of a lot of things. But you're not one of them."

Aric: "Was that all right? I've never done that before."

Celia: "Never?"

Aric: "I was never really interested in females. Until now. What about you? Have you kissed a lot of males?"

Celia: "There's only one boy I've ever kissed."

Aric: "Oh. Sorry. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised."

Celia: "Do you want to know his name?"

So I can hunt him down and break his legs? Sure.

Aric: *shrugs* "You can tell me if you want."

Celia: "Are you sure? You look a little mad there, wolf."

Aric: "Positive."

Celia: "His name is Aric and ... I think I love him."

I can't breathe. Can't move.

Aric: "What?"

Celia: *laughs* "You're incredible. I've never met anyone so perfect."

Mom sniffs, turning around to face Dad as the first of her tears fall.

Mom: "Her name is Celia, Aidan."

Aidan: "My God. How is this possible? He's too young."

Aric: "We didn't do anything. Celia's in trouble. I found her in the forest the day I went hunting. She's my girlfriend now and she needs me."

Dad places his arm around Mom. It's then I realize there's more to their reactions than what appears on the surface. When Dad speaks, I know my world will change forever.

Aidan: "She's not your girlfriend. Aric, you found your mate."

Aric: "Is that what has you so upset? I mean, it's not like Celia and I are looking to breed."

Aidan: "Your right about that, son."

Aric: "She's my mate. I can't lose her like this!"

Aidan: "Aric."

Aric: "No. You said it yourself, Dad. Mates don't do well being apart. Celia and I couldn't sleep a few feet away without finding a way to be next to each other. And now, you're not just talking about sending her to another state, you're talking about banishing her to the future, somewhere I may never find her again."

Aidan orders Mimi

Aidan: "Make him forget about her. Make them both forget."

Aric: "I don't want to forget!"

Celia: "I can't forget Aric. It isn't possible."

Aidan: "If it means your sanity, your heart, and your future, you both c an and will. Do you think I want to ask this of you? I know what it means to have a mate - "

Aric: "Then you know you're asking the unbearable."

Aric: "Baby. We were supposed to be happy. You were supposed to live here with me. You, your family. You were never supposed to leave me."

Celia: "I don't want to leave you. But you need to live, and you need to find me. Do you hear me? You and your wolf have to find a way back to me and my tigress."

Aric: "No. I can't risk letting you go. What if I can't find you? What if you find someone else?"

Celia: "I won't. You'll always be the one."

Mimi: "A love like this can't merely be forgotten. The sacrifice of one must be replaced by another."

Aidan: "I'll carry the burden of the memory. And sacrifice what's needed."

Dad places his hands on Celia's shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead.

Aidan: "You won't be forgotten, sweet one. I swear it."

Aric: "I'll find you. I swear, my wolf will stay with you and we will find a way."

I haul her to me, kissing her one last time before she fades away and all that's left is darkness.


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