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Of Flame and Promise by Cecy Robson

Updated: Apr 4

Of Flame and Promise

by Cecy Robson

Published by Loveswept

Book #6 in The Weird Girls Series,

Prequel to Weird Girls: Flame Series

Cursed by a spell meant to destroy them,

Taran Wird and her sisters instead developed unique magical talents. With the power of fire and lightning literally at her fingertips, Taran doesn’t fear much. Demons, vamps, whatever—bring ’em on! Only one thing terrifies her: commitment. Taran is crazy about her boyfriend, Gemini, a sexy were with the incredible ability to split into two separate wolves. But after watching her sister go through heartbreak with the pack’s Alpha, Taran knows not to count on happily ever after—despite Gemini’s desire to claim her as his mate. Reluctantly, she agrees to meet his very traditional and conservative parents. Taran’s a badass with a mouth to match, and Gemini loves her for it. She’s just not positive these attributes will please Mom and Dad. Unsurprisingly, every attempt by Taran to bond with Gemini’s folks proves disastrous. But in the end, Taran finds that winning them over means unleashing her powers . . . and proving that this foul-mouthed fire-starter is a force to be reckoned with.



Violence, death, kidnapping


Of Flame and Promise is the sixth Weird girls story, and a prequel to the Weird Girls: Flame series, but it really should be listed as a novella between book 2 and 3, as this is when it takes place in the timeline. It's written in Taran's point of view, and focus's on her struggle to let Gemini and herself further bond themselves together, especially after watching her sister suffer from heartbreak after Aric leaves her. While she doesn't want to, she compromises, and agree's to meet Gemini's parents. Most of this novella describes the ... unfortunate events of that meeting.

First of all, I gotta say, I loved Taran from Celia's point of view, but I love her more when the book is written through her point of view. She is funny as hell, and her attitude and kick ass persona add life to the story. And I have a whole new appreciation for Gemini. What a sweetheart.

Most people in a relationship goes through the "meet the parents" event, and I can remember how terrifying it was when I met my husbands parents, so it was easy to relate to. With Taran, her fear of commitment, especially with her rough past in the foster system, and being literally reminded everyday of the pain of being separated from your mate causes (with Celia and Aric), its no wonder she closes herself off, and doesn't want to meet his parents, or solidify their mate bond. It's sad for Gemini though, because you can tell it hurts him. So I am glad she finds a compromise and decides to meet his parents.

Which leads to disaster and hilarious moments. Honestly. Taran is a ... big personality with a dirty mouth, and her meeting his traditional, conservative, Japanese parents ... it's a mix for disaster. Her blow up with Mrs. Mancuso (Japanese culture is really respectful of their elders) before even meeting them, her accidentally letting it slip that they live together (in sin), accidentally showing them a selfie of Gemini sucking on one of her nipples, and, again, accidentally, throwing his mother off a cliff (she's also a were, so while hurt, she didn't die), it was as bad as it could get. I predicted that there would be some event that would put them in danger, and unite them all ... and it does sort of. After escaping, Gemini is injured and poisoned. When help comes a long time later, and Celia has to perform surgery on him to remove bullets, Taran's fierce protection and love of Gemini, and his parents, while not a fan of hers, accept her as his mate. The story ends with her agreeing to the mate bond, despite her fear of him leaving her.

It's a fun little story that gives us some insight into Taran, and while she is all attitude and confidence, she is actually a very vulnerable person. And while it was a bit weird to finish the fifth book, and jump back in time for the sixth, it gives us a little taste as to what Gemini and Taran's relationship was before they broke up, and gives us an idea of what is to come.



Gemini: "Just because they're no longer together doesn't make their love less real, nor their bond less strong. Celia will always be Aric's mate. He'll never love another."

Taran: "Really? I'm sure that evil fiancee of his would love to hear that."

Gemini: "Taran, we've discussed this before. Aric is a pureblood werewolf. He is held in a different regard than I am. He is obligated to continue our race, and that means reproducing with another pureblood."

Taran: "I'm sure knowing that is a tremendous comfort to Celia."

Taran: "I'm going to see my sister. You remember Celia? She used to live here before your pussy werewolf alpha dumped her."

Koda: "Don't call him that."

Taran: "You mean a pussy?"

Mrs. Mancuso: "Taran Wird! Must you dress like the devil's slut?"

Emme: "Taran. For once, just count to ten and ignore her."

Taran: "What's your problem? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the crypt this morning?"

Mrs. Mancuso: "No. I just live next to harlots."

Taran: "Zip it, you old coot! Don't you have Snow White to poison?"

Mrs. Mancuso: "Give me one reason I shouldn't kick your skinny ass."

Taran: "Um, I don't know. Maybe cause you'd trip over your neck skin, break a hip, and lose your dentures?"

Taran: "Can I ask you something that will likely skewer your heart and roast it over the fiery pits of hell?"

Celia: "After that setup, sure, why not?"

Taran: "If you could go back to the night Aric claimed you, would you change anything?"

Celia: "Not a damn thing."

Witch: "I'm Genevieve's second."

Taran: "So?"

Witch: "So, I suggest you show some respect, freak. No one likes you, or your pathetic excuse for magic. Watch yourself or you will feel the wrath of my might."

Taran: "'You will feel the wrath of my might?' Are you trying to sound like Thor - No, no, let me guess. Game of Thrones fan, right? I'm supposed to cower, right? Bow at your feet and maybe borrow your broom to clean your room or something? Sweetheart, that's so not going to happen. You don't scare me, and neither do your sorority sisters. You want my respect, you need to leave asshole status behind and earn it. And if you ever threaten me again, you're the one who'll learn what real power is."

Taran: "Don't let the door hit your broom or your ass."

Aric: "How is she?"

Taran: Considering how much she misses you, about as well as can be expected."

Aric: "I miss her, too, Taran, every minute of the day. Don't stand there assuming I don't."

Taran: "If you miss her so much, why don't you call her? And maybe step up, grow some balls, and tell your Elders to kiss your ass and mine."

Taran: "I'll meet your parents."

Gemini: "What?"

Taran: "I said I'll meet your parents."

Gemini: "What changed your mind?"

Taran: "Celia did. She said she'd give anything to have what we share."

Aric met my eyes with an expression so pained it stung me down to my toes.

Aric: "So would I."

Were: "What are you?"

Taran: "I'm the mistress of flame and light, the goddess of lightening, and the princess of fire. In other words, asshole, the woman who'll burn your store to ash if you don't give me my sake!"

Slowly, they started muttering in their language and pointing to the photos. For all their pursed lips and unyielding expressions, they seemed to warm then, their excitement appearing to build. Until they went one back, to a selfie of me and Gemini.

In bed.

With my right breast exposed.

And their son sucking on the left.


Instead of leaning close to him, I sat on the passenger side as far away as I could. I glanced his way. His hands remained tight on the wheel, his focus straight ahead, his face still bright red. Good God in heaven, it had been a long two days. His gaze bounced to mine. "I'm sorry," I mouthed for the gazillionth time. His face reddened further.

Lex sniffs and grins

Lex: "Wolves?"

Gemini and his mother nod.

Lex sniffs again and smiles

Lex: "And something else."

Gemini growls.

Lex: "Ah, sorry, boss. But you can't blame a coug for looking."

Gemini: "You're wrong. I can."

Gemini: "I want that to be us. You and me. I want us to grow old together. Do you want that, too?"

Taran: "Aric told Celia he wanted to grow old with her, just a few weeks back. At Shayna and Koda's wedding, while they were dancing."

Gemini: "I know. He told me."

Taran: "Did he also tell you what else he said - about wanting Celia as his wife, and as the mother to his children?"

Gemini: "He did."

Taran: "He shouldn't have told her. All it did was hurt her more. Despite what he said, he's still marrying and having children with someone else."

Gemini: "Aric didn't share those words to hurt her. He was trying to explain what she means to him because he never told her."

Taran: "You're missing the point. Regardless of what he feels, they're no longer together. It would have been better to keep those thoughts to himself."

Gemini: "Maybe. But Koda and Shayna's wedding triggered feelings he could no longer suppress, especially with Celia so close."

Taran: "He should have tried. You ask me about forever, when nothing guarantees past today. If your leader taught me anything, it was that."

Lex: "Don't you trust me, sugarplum?"

Taran: "I'm not your sugarplum. And if you drop her, I'll roast your balls like kabobs."

Emme: "You can start by saying sorry."

Taran: "I did - don't you think I did? This has been a nightmare. I've tried, really I have. But nothing's worked out. They've seen my nipple, for crying out loud!"

Emme: "Ah, yeah, that was unfortunate."

Taran: "Unfortunate? It was one step shy of porn. There's no way to fix this. No way to look good. Is there?"

Celia, Emma and Shayna: "No. Nope. No way, dude."

Taran: "Uh, uh, uh babe. No one draws fire like me ..."

Taran: "Motherfucking, dipshit, fuck-loving whore. Don't you ever do that to me again!"

Gemini: "I love you, too."

Liam: "Aric just texted. His search party was out toward Nevada, so it's taking them a while to get back. But don't worry - he won't bring Barbara here, or have sex with her in front of you or anything."

Celia: "Good to know."

Shayna: "Dude. Just get the extinguishers."

Taran smacks Liam's arm

Taran: "What is wrong with you?"

Taran: "Sorry."

Liam: "It's okay. I know you can't help being a bitch."

Taran: "What did he say?"

Celia: "Nothing."

Taran: "Celi, if this has something to do with Gemini, you need to tell me."

Koda: "He swore that as his Leader's mate, he could never hurt her."

Taran: "Tomo, please look at me. You're my strength. You know you are. You have been since the day you walked into my life. I can't tell you how close I am to busting everything up. So, stay strong for me, so I can be strong for you. I love you, Tomo. Please ... be the hero you've always been in my heart."

Gemini: "Don't be afraid. As long as you want me, I'll never leave you."

Celia: "It's fine. I have to get back."

Aric: "To him."

Celia: "What do you expect, Aric? We both have new lives to return to."

Aric: "I wish things could be different."

Celia: "I don't see how."

Aric: "Don't go back to him."

Celia: "Don't make this about Misha. And don't tell me what to do. Your opinion no longer mattered the day you walked away."

Love wasn't beautiful; it wasn't pure. Love was brutal. Never had a word existed that could be so cherished and hated from one breath to the next.

Gemini: "There are no guarantees in life, Taran. But Aric and Celia have demonstrated that the love they share will burn through eternity."

Taran: "And so will their misery."

Gemini: "Perhaps. But when adoration runs so deep, so does its torment."

Gemini: "Our life together hasn't been perfect. We've argued and hurt each other more times than I wish. I'd like to say it won't happen again, but given -"

Taran: "My attitude, short fuse, rage?"

Gemini: "I meant to sat that given the state of our world, our troubles are far from past us. But all things aside, I need you to believe that I would rather endure the hardships that await us than to never have known you. I love you, Taran."


Check out the prequel novellas, and the rest of the Weird Girls series below!

(If picture has no link, it's because the review hasn't been posted yet. Stay tuned!)

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