The Brightest Night by Jennifer L Armentrout Book review

Updated: Jan 24

The Brightest Night

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Tor Teen

Book 3 in the Origin Series Series

Less than a year ago, Evelyn Dasher was a normal girl, living an unremarkable life.

Now, she's on the run, under the protection of the beautiful, deadly inhuman Luc. She's been betrayed by those who were closest to her. And she's learned truths about herself that she never saw coming--things she once knew, and was made to forget. Truths with devastating consequences. She's caught in the eye of the storm.

He is the darkest star.

You are the burning shadow.

And together, you will bring about the brightest night.


Some Violence Young Adult Thrilling

Some Steamy Scenes Science-Fiction


The Brightest Night is the third book in Jennifer L Armentrouts Origin series, and centers around Evie Dasher, who is in hiding from the deadly government group, the Daedalus, along with Luc, her best friend, the man she loves, and one of the most powerful beings on earth by her side. Together, they learn more secrets about themselves, and the full extent of their powers.

Truth time ... I was nervous going into this book. Look at other JLA series'. The third, or second to last book always ends on a cliffhanger, the will truly fuck with you during the long wait for the next book.

Remember Opal? Deity? Stone Cold Touch? Rage and Ruin? A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire?

So I kept putting my book down.

Because that would stop it, right?

Kinda like Joey putting The Shining in the freezer in that episode of Friends.

But I did it. I finished it.

Why Jen? Why do you torture us so?

The Brightest Night for me was a building block to the finale. It was sometimes a little slow on the action, but there was a lot of character building, relationship bonds being strengthened, and abilities being tested, which is so important to the story ahead. It filled up the book. The Brightest Night maintained it's unique storyline, and was a bit unpredictable, as I truly didn't see that ending. Spoiler alert --------> I figured that Luc + Evie = Ultimate weapon .... together. Not Luc essentially siphoning off the Source from Evie, and himself becoming the ultimate weapon. What I did see? I knew that kid was leading her to a trap. <------------- I have predictions to how this series will play out, but I will get to that.

We learned some interesting things about Luc in this book. An ability that barely anyone knows about. A sad fact about his biology ------>he was made sterile by Daedalus<--------, and lets be honest, a confirmation on a truth we already knew: he feels bad about the things he has had to do. No shock there. I loved seeing his and Evie's relationship progress in this book. With Luc's help, Evie learning to control her insane powers, she finally begins to accept herself. She is Evie. She is Nadia. She is powerful. She loves Luc, and she knows he loves her ... for her, and not the past. Some things I loved with Luc and Evie: --------> their ability to talk to one another mind to mind. Them finally having sex, and Luc losing his virginity to the woman he has loved since "before he knew what love was." Their unwavering support of one another, and their choice to fight side by sider, and not one hiding behind the other. I love them! <----------. Along with Luc and Evie, we get Daemon and Katy, and their baby. Perfect name choice, but I totally saw it coming. Daemon and Katy haven't changed from the LUX series, still fighting for what's right and one another. I loved that we got more Kat in this book now that Luc and Evie are in Zone 3 with them, and one of my favorite moments is Katy speaking up for Evie and laying some truth down ... all while being a pretty kick ass mother. We also get a short little extra at the end of the book .... probably to give us a little cushion after that insane ending ... of Daemon holding his son and thinking about how amazing Kat is, and how he will burn down the world for them both. We get Grayson (who else thinks that -------> it's not really Luc he is in love with? I think he wants her to think that, and he is really in love with Evie. After watching her all that time, he may have fell for her from a distance. Whether I am right or wrong, Grayson obviously truly loves either Luc or Evie, because he wants them happy, even if it's not with him. <------------), with all his sarcasm and aloofness. We get a bit more knowledge on Ashley (Dawson and Beth's daughter) and her quirk --------> ( she knows things. What, we can only guess. The future? The truth? She knew Evie was Nadia, and my guess is that in the next book, Evie will be going by Nadia, now that she remembers everything. Perhaps a glimpse of the future? ) <----------. We get a bit of Dawson and Beth, Dee and Archer (hardly enough), and we even get Hunter and Serena! And this is a spoiler, another character we get that FLOORED me -----------> Fucking Blake. I can't believe he didn't actually die. The difference here, is I think he actually is telling the truth now. Now that he has his best friend with him, they ran while they could. Sadly for them, I don't think it's going to end well. <--------------

I don't usually do this. But I have predictions. I don't really want to cover them up, so if you are not cool with spoilers, don't read on. If you have already read The Brightest Night, read on, and let me know what you think in the comments!

  1. Obviously, Evie is not going to give up on Luc. That's a given.

  2. There isn't going to be much of a war. There will be fights between the Daedalus and Luxen/Hybrid/Origin/Friendlies army, but I think now that Luc is this insanely powerful weapon that obviously backfired on Daedalus, and he seems to have retained a tiny bit of himself (which is obviously his love for Evie/Nadia, because why else would he spare Evie, and tell her to stay away, if not for her safety?), I think he will be doing a lot of the work of FINALLY taking them down on his own. I suspect this will also be how Evie finds him ... following his trail of destruction as he hunts down his ultimate target of Dasher.

  3. Grayson. I sadly don't think he will make it to the end of the series. I think he will ultimately go down saving the one he loves.

  4. Blake will die saving Kat. I don't know if I think this will happen, or if it's a hope of mine. A tiny bit of redemption before death ... because there is no way he survives the series.

The ending I hope for: Luc and Nadia living on a hobby farm with llamas.

The Brightest Night was not what I was expecting, but it was wonderful all the same. A bit slow at times, but it's setting up for one hell of a finale. As long as it ends with Luc and Nadia together, Daemon, Kat, baby Adam and the rest of the family safe, and Daedalus buried and done, I will be happy.

Favorite Moments

  1. Luc taking the source from Evie after her dream to save her life, followed by that rather intense make out session

  2. Kat telling Evie that if she is a threat, they will put her down ... and Evie being understanding.

  3. Luc training Evie

  4. Grayson saying that Evie looked beautiful

  5. Kat swearing at Daemon while she was in labour ... and KAT AND DAEMON BABY

  6. Luc telling pick up lines to Evie while she was in her coma state, trying to wake her up

  7. Adam.

  8. Evie telling Luc she heard him say he loved her, and him telling her what she said the first time he told her

  9. The bath ...

  10. Luc and Evie discovering they can talk to one another telepathically

  11. Daemon holding Adam while talking with Evie at night ... and Evie then overhearing Daemon telling Adam the story of Princess Snowbird

  12. THE BABY HAS DAEMONS HAIR! **I love when babies have lots of hair, haha**

  13. Evie going badass, controlled Trojan

  14. Our favorite LUX characters standing up for Evie at the council meeting

  15. Luc letting Evie "feed" from him, and Luc giving her some good memories of him and her

  16. Grayson and Evie talking about love and hate

  17. Evie stopping the fight between Daemon and Luc

  18. Evie and Luc telling each other how much they love one another, and that hot as hell steamy moment in front of the door

  19. Daemon snuggling Adam and telling him to say "Uncle Luc is a dick." haha

  20. Luc sending Daemon back to the community to warn the others, because Luc knew he would want to be with Kat and Adam

  21. Luc feeding off of Evie to save them

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Favorite Quotes

Luc: "That was you in the woods. Just another part of you that I haven't quite made friends with yet, but I will."

Evie: "I don't know about that."

That power that was in me, the Source that had been twisted by all the serums and the alien DNA, wouldn't make friends with anything other than maybe a honey badger.

Luc: "Honey badgers are extremely intelligent creatures, did you know?"

Evie: "Luc."

Luc: "To be honest, I think the honey badger part of you thought I was the bee's knees."

A strangled laugh broke free.

Luc: "I've got a cure for that."

Warmth invaded my cheeks when my gaze connected with his heated one. I had a feeling I knew that kind of cure he was talking about. Him. Me. Kissing. Lot's of skin-on-skin activities.

Biting down on his lower lip, he nodded.

The heat increased, spreading down my throat.

Evie: "You're the worst."

Luc: "I'm the best."

Evie: "I'm going to punch you."

Luc: "I might like it."

Evie: 'There's something wrong with you."

Luc: "Maybe."

Luc: "You have been waiting all morning for me to walk by."

Luc gave a slow grin.

Luc: "Haven't you?"

Daemon: "I've just missed you that much."

Luc: "Not surprised."

Luc: "Kat is a hybrid, and she has you."

Luc's hand slipped from mine as he stepped toward Daemon, placing a hand on Daemon's shoulder.

Luc: "She has her family. She has me. We won't let things go south. Kat will be fine, and so will your baby."

Daemon clasped Luc on the shoulder

Daemon: "You're her family, Luc. Don't separate yourself from that statement."

Luc: "Evie's hungry. Sounds like her stomach is eating itself. I have a feeling if it doesn't get something that is considered red meat in her, she may start eating small animals and children."

Luc: "There's no point in hiding from it. It's as inevitable as you getting on my nerves."

Daemon: "If I had feelings, you might've hurt them."

Luc: "If I cared, that would concern me, but since I don't, you fill in the blanks."

Luc: "You're looking at me, Peaches, but you don't see me. See me."

Evie: "He said he would kill you. That he could and he would -"

Luc: "That was before, in the past, and Peaches, he couldn't kill me then. And he sure as hell can't touch me now."

I shivered, a little scared by his words.

And I was also sort of ... turned on. That probably meant there was something wrong with me. Okay, not probably. Most definitely there was something twisted and disturbingly wrong with me.

Luc: "Humans are messy, Evie. Complicated and layered beings who sometimes find themselves in that uncomfortable, moral gray area. Just because you aren't exactly human doesn't mean you're not just as messy."

Evie: "And in case you don't know, you look like the Human Torch right now."

Luc: "But I am still Luc. I am still yours."

Evie: "Yes. You are."

Evie: "Luc."

Luc: "The way you say my name like that? It's going to kill me. You have no idea."

Evie: "You're in my head again."

Luc: "I am. And it's not the only thing I want to be inside of."

Surprised by the sudden move, I let out a stunned laugh

Evie: "That was impressive."

Luke: "I know."

The wet warmth of his mouth touched my shoulder

I bit back a moan

Evie: "And here I thought you couldn't get any more arrogant."

Luc: "Is it arrogance if it's the truth?"

Dee: "Look, Daemon needs knocking down a peg or fiver hundred every so often."

I blinked slowly.

Kat laughed softly.

Kat: "That is true. Usually, it's Luc who reserves that special place."

Evie: "They seem to threaten each other a lot."

Dee: "That's their version of male bonding. Throw Archer in the mix, and it's like who can out-threaten one another."

Kat: "Daemon and I didn't get along in the beginning. Actually, I sort of hated him at that point. Okay. I thought he was hot even then, but his hotness did not overrise his douche-ness."

Dee: "It's not something personal. I like you. Plus, according to Zoe, you have a girl crush on me. You have my vote."

I was going to punch Zoe.


Evie: "It's not like you took the peanut butter. If you had, then I wouldn't be remotely happy."

He blinked

Evie: "I like peanut butter. A lot."

Nate: "You're weird."

I laughed

Evie: "Yeah, I think I am."

Luc: "Why are you lying in the backyard, under a tree, cradling a jar pf peanut butter to your chest?"

Evie: "Huh?"

My brows snapped together as I looked down, and hell if I wasn't cradling the jar.

Evie: "I fell asleep with it."

Luc: "I feel like I need to be a better boyfriend if you're turning to peanut butter for support."

Evie: "You could never compete with peanut butter."

Luc: "That sounds like a challenge."

Luc: "I'm not going to lose you. You're sure as hell not going to lose me."

Evie: "Good."

Luc: "Like, ever, Peaches."

Evie: "I'm okay with that."

Luc: "You're stuck with me. You're paper and I'm glue. We go together -"

Evie: "Like cheese and bread?"

Luc: "That's my girl."

Luc: "I am yours."

Evie: "And I am yours."

Evie: "Do you think he will come back?"

Luc: "I think so."

Evie: "Why?"

Luc: "Because after meeting you, I don't see how anyone could stay away."

Luc: "Evie ... The things you fill my head with."

Evie: "Like what?"

He turned his head into my palm, placing a kiss against the center of my hand.

Luc: "You. Me."

Lowering his head, he coasted his lips over my cheek until he arrived at that sensitive spot below my ear.

Luc: "And things I only ever fantasized about."

Evie: "Does he have to be here?"

Luc slid a long look in the direction of said corner, to where Grayson lounged on some kind of large cable spool.

Luc: "Why are you here?"

Grayson: "I'm here for moral support."

I rolled my eyes

Evie: "More likely he's here to make sure I don't kill you."

Luc grinned

Luc: "You're not going to kill me, Peaches."

Evie: "What if I kill Grayson? Accidentally?"

Grayson arched a brow as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a sour apple Blow Pop.

Luc: "That would make me sad. Gray is useful."

Evie: "About as useful as a wooden frying pan."

Grayson: "You don't know what it feels like?"

Evie: "You're about to feel my knee in your junk. Let me know how that feels."

Evie: "You're annoying.:

Luc: "And sexy."

Evie: "How does it feel to not be the best?"

Luc: "I'm a sore loser."