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Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Updated: Jan 10


by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published by Entangled Teens

Book #3 in LUX Series

No one is like Daemon Black.

When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well… There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.

But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love.

After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different… And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we’re stronger… and they know it.

Spoilers ahead!



Violence, Kidnapping (not by MC)


Opal is the third book in the Lux series, and is just as thrilling as that last two books. One of the best parts of this book is that Kat and Daemon are finally together, but lucky for us, it doesn't change the dynamic between them too much. They still bicker constantly, which is fun to read. The only difference now, is there is more sweet and tender, and to be honest, hot, moments between them.

Kat is dealing with the consequences of putting her trust into Blake, and hiding her mutation from Dee. She feels a lot of guilt. What is a horrible situation for her, leads to her character growing. She finally gets that she is forever changed, and normal isn't possible anymore. She learns that trust needs to be earned, and not just given. She grows into a pretty kick ass girl, who stands up for herself, and those she loves.

Daemon made me fall for him even more in this book. Yes, I am that girl. The girl who doesn't crush on celebrities, but book characters.

I can't be the only one, right?

He has grown a lot since Obsidian as well. It's obvious he is head over heels for Kat, even if he waits till its too late to actually say it (we will get to that soon). Obvious. Kat doesn't even need him to say it. She knows. While his and Katy's relationship grows stronger, he is also trying to help his brother Dawson, who is traumatized from his time with Daedalus, and wanting to rescue his girlfriend Beth. It is hinted that they may have not been getting along before Dawson and Beth were taken (Daemon being VERY against his brother dating a human). Kat obviously brought these two brothers to an understanding. She promised Dawson they would help him get Beth back (even if it really pissed off Daemon), but Dawson saw the changes in Daemon. Katy brings out the good in Daemon.

Before I go on talking about the rest of the gang, can we all give a collective cheer that Daemon and Katy did the deed. For any parents out there who is thinking about letting their teens read this, its very tasteful. Not descriptive on the physical act of sex, but of the emotions between the two of them. About them being ready. Even talk about having protection (which, yay to slipping in any mention to safe sex, amiright?)

Dawson is the newest addition to the story (although not really.) He is broken. Katy's promise gives him hope to hang on, and by the end of the book, I think we see some of the real Dawson.

Unfortunately, Blake is back. He is a hard character to read. What the hell are his intentions? In the end you find out he is for sure a back stabbing dick ... but why is he siding with Daedalus? Why, if he likes Katy the way he says he does, does he hand her over? Questions for the next books, but, can I just say, how screwed up it is he crawled into bed with her while she was sleeping? That is just disgusting and creepy on a whole new level. There is NO redemption for him.

It's so hard to read Dee's character in Opal. She is very angry, and bitter. Hateful. Needs vengeance. I get it. She is just so hard on Katy. She seems to come to terms by the end of the book with what happened. I think Carissa's death made her stop and think of what could happen. One day, maybe Katy would be gone, and she would regret how she treated her.

The Thompsons and Matthew seem to finally tolerate Katy now. I am not sure if it is because they have come to accept Daemon's feelings for her, or if its simply because she is no longer 100% human, and she is in as much danger as them ... who knows? Its obvious Ash still has a thing for Daemon, but the fact that she is tolerate of Katy shows she at least respect Daemon.

Before I get to rating the book, lets talk about that ending. Holy Shit. Talk about a cliff hanger. I was bawling! Katy, realizing that she was trapped, and pushing Daemon away using The Source so he wouldn't get himself killed ... ughhhhh. I love it, but it hurt. And him screaming that he loves her. Brutal. The next book is going to be insane. I guarantee it.

Opal is original, has non stop action, and is a gripping read. The characters who have been with us from the start are growing with every chapter.



Daemon: "Oh, I love it when you get all bossy-pants. It's sexy."

Katy: "See, that's possibly the stupidest thing you've ever said."

Daemon: "For real? I say a lot of stupid things."

Katy: "I know. So that's saying something."

Katy: "Mom, it's not like we're going to have sex with you home."

Mom: "Well, Honey, it's good to know that you only have sex when I'm not home."

Daemon: "I find it incredibly attractive when you're all feisty with me. That probably makes me disturbed. But I like it."

Kat: "Costco has everything - thick walls, food, and supplies. They even sell guns and ammunition. You could hole up there for years while the zombies are getting their nom nom on."

Dawson: "Is your need for vengeance more important than finding and stopping what they're doing to Beth? Because, little sister, let me tell you that what Adam went through pales in comparison to what she's experiencing. The things I've seen ... If you doubt what I say, then ask Katy. She's had a taste of some of their methods and she can still barely talk from the screaming."

Katy: "And there's this things I have to do tomorrow night."

Lesa: "Oh! What thing? A thing with Daemon, and if you say yes, please tell me that thing starts with an sand ends with an x."

Katy: "Geez, you're worse than a dude."

Katy: "He ... he kisses like he's dying of thirst, and I'm water. I can't believe I just said that out loud."

Luc: "Aliens. They have this wacky internal system that lets them sniff each other out."

Daemon: "You want kids? Because you know, practice makes -"

Katy: "Shut up."

Dawson: "He had a thing for you, didn't he?"

Katy: "What makes you think that?"

Dawson: "My brother's hate for him knows no bounds."

Daemon: "You know what. Give me two minutes. That's all I need."

Katy: "Whatever. What are you going to do with the leftover eighteen minutes?"

Daemon: 'Snuggle."

Katy: "God, you tick me off."

Daemon: "Well, at least I got you -"

Katy: "Don't even finish that statement!"

Lesa: "What's his deal?"

Katy: "I don't know. Must be his time of the month."

Katy: "Morning."

Daemon: "Where's my bacon and eggs?"

Katy: "I thought you were offering to make them."

Daemon: "You mistook what I said. Get to the kitchen, woman."

Katy: "Whatever."

Daemon: "I just want to hear you say it: I'm jealous."

Katy: "I already said it, butt-face. I'm jealous. Why wouldn't I be?"

Katy: "What did you say?"

Daemon: "There's really no translation for it, but the closest human words would be, you are beautiful to me."

Andrew: "Ouch! What was that for?"

Daemon: "Your timing sucks on an epic level."

Katy: "That bouncer was really big."

Daemon: "Oh, Kitten, see, I try not to say bad things."

Katy: "What?"

Daemon: "I would say size doesn't matter, but it does. I would know."

Daemon: "You're cute."

Katy: "You're weird."

Dee: "Oh, dear God and baby Jesus in the manger, my eyes! My eyes!"

Katy: "Oh my God."

Daemon: "Dee, you didn't see anything. Because you have impeccable timing."

Dee: "You were on ... her and your mouths were doing this. And that's more than I want to see. Like, ever."

Dee: "You should really say yes, so we can go dress shopping and so I don't have to witness I really awkward moment of you turning down my brother. Even though he deserves to be knocked down a peg or two."

Katy: "Amazing. You're amazing."

Daemon: "That's what I've been saying for years,"

Katy: "You rarely get guy time. Stay with them."

Daemon: "I don't need guy time. I need Kitten time."

Katy: "Well, you can get Kitten time when you come home."

Katy: "You don't know what I'm capable of."

Daemon: "And if you don't agree, I'll tie you up - and not in the fun way - and lock you in your bedroom. Okay, maybe in the fun way. Like later, after everything is done, I'll come back and -"

Katy: "I'd like to see you tie me up"

Daemon: "I bet you would."

Katy's Mom: "I'm happy for you. He's a good boy."

Katy: "I know."

Mom: "Good. Curfew?"

Katy: "I -"

Mom: "You have none tonight. Just behave and don't do anything you'll regret in the morning. Wouldn't be much."

Katy: "Mom!"

Mom: "I'm old, not dead. Now get going and have fun."

Katy: "You didn't hear that last part, did you?"

Daemon grins.

Katy: "But God, did you ever tick me off."

Daemon: "It's a part of my charm."

Daemon: "Bad little Kitten."

Daemon: "I love you, Katy. Always have, always will. I will come back for you. I will - "


Check out the rest of the LUX series below! (Oblivion is split into three parts)


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