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Oblivion I by Jennifer L Armentrout

Updated: Jan 11

Oblivion (Part 1)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published by Entangled Teen

Daemon's Point of View in Obsidian

Book 1 in LUX series

Experience the epic love story of OBSIDIAN as told by its hero, Daemon Black…

I knew the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door, there was going to be trouble. Lots of it.

And trouble’s the last thing I need, since I’m not exactly from around here. My people arrived on Earth from Lux, a planet thirteen billion light years away. Plus, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that humans can’t be trusted. We scare them. We can do things they only dream about, and honestly, we make them look weak as hell. ‘Cuz they are.

But Kat is getting to me in ways no one else has, and I can't stop myself from wanting her―or wanting to use my powers to protect her. She makes me weak, and I’m the strongest of our kind, tasked with protecting us all. So this one simple girl…she can mean the end for us. Because the Luxen have an even bigger enemy―the Arum, and I need to stay on my game.

Falling for Katy―a human―won't just place her in danger. It could get us all killed, and that’s one thing I’ll never let happen...



Violence, Death, Trauma from loss of sibling


I have made no secret that I tend to crush on literary characters, and one of those crushes is Daemon Black from the LUX series. So color me ecstatic when I find out that we can get the full books worth of Obsidian, Onyx and Opal in Daemon's point of view (Origin and Opposition goes back and forth between Katy and Daemon, so no need to have a separate book.)

I won't post my thoughts on the whole story, as I already did that in my Obsidian review. And Oblivion, part I, is that same story. The only difference, is we get to see it through Daemon's eyes, and learn more about him.

He is cocky, and arrogant, but embraces it. He is smart and funny. Strong physically and emotionally. He admits that it's expected of him, and he has to hide how he feels. Which, even through Katy's POV, we can tell he isn't always a dick. He slips up, and shows his true self.

Oblivion also has some extra bonus "scenes" that were not in Obsidian between Katy and Daemon, as well as lets us readers into his thoughts around his family, and his ex, Ash. And what was going on when Daemon wasn't around Katy. One of my favorite parts is the meeting after homecoming, and Matthew and The Thompson's are finally told that Katy knows the truth. In Obsidian, Katy leaves to get a drink and cool down her temper, and Ash follows her and they have a conversation. In Oblivion, we get to see what happens in the other room. Specifically before Ash leaves the room. When Andrew suggests Daemon have sex with Katy to burn energy, Ash says that that is disgusting for so many reasons besides her being human. She tells Daemon he could do better. He quickly says that Katy could do better than them.

It was this moment that Ash knew Daemon's true feelings.

I loved seeing Katy through him. We quickly learn that he was attracted to her right from the start, and despite trying to push her away by being a douche, he was the one that kept going back for her. He reminds himself that its him doing this, and he can't help himself. I can't let him off the hook for his behavior completely though. He really hated how he felt about her, and his anger at himself tended to come out in some mean ways to Katy.

In my postings of the series, I have said pretty consistently that I love Katy, and she is one of my favorite literary female characters. Not going to lie, seeing her through Daemon's words, I kinda fell in love with her all over again. It's not just that he is attracted to her. And he is very much attracted to her. Some of the things he says to Katy in the series, we know he is rather ... naughty. But being in his head ... oh boy. But there are many beautiful women. It's who Katy is that he is attracted to. He loves her spunk, her attitude, and how she doesn't put up with his bullshit. He admits quite a few times its a huge turn on for him. As the series goes on and he learns more about her, I know that he falls for her that much more.



And because I was competing for world's biggest dumbass, I stayed out there, in the trees, stomach grumbling like a damn engine, and helped her carry in box after box without her even knowing.

Dee: "You can be a demanding jerkface, but I love you. Just wanted you to know."

Daemon: "You can be an annoying chatterbox, but I love you too."

Katy. Her name was Katy. Reminded me of Kitty, Kitty cat. Kitten. Look at me, putting all these words together.

Now her eyes were thin slits, and irritation heightened the blush and rolled off her. Amusement stirred deep inside me. I knew I was being an ass at this point, but I was perversely enjoying the spunk slowly igniting behind her eyes, baiting me. And ,,, the flush of anger was sort of hot in a weird, there's-really-something-wrong-with-me kind of way.

Did she just call me a douchebag? What decade were we in? I laughed, genuinely amused by that.

Daemon: "Now, that's not very ladylike, Kittycat."

Katy: "Don't ever call me that."

Oh, I must've hit a sore spot there. I pushed out the door.

Daemon: "It's better than calling someone a douchebag, isn't it? This has been a stimulating visit. I'll cherish it for a long time to come."

It couldn't be any other way, because that girl was trouble. Trouble wrapped up in a tiny package, complete with a freaking bow. And worse yet, she was just the kind of trouble I liked. - Daemon

For a moment, I didn't move, and then I laughed -a real laugh-and it sounded strange to my own ears. Shit. She was quick. - Daemon

Daemon: "I'll see you at noon, Kitten."

Katy: "I hate you."

Daemon: "The feeling's mutual. Twenty bucks says you wear a one-piece swimsuit."

Katy let out an outraged shriek. I sort of hoped I would be out twenty bucks tomorrow.

I coughed out a laugh. She really was like a prickly, pissed-off little kitten. - Daemon

Jesus, all this thinking about my feelings and hers was probably going to give me a period. - Daemon

Truth was, human and Luxen females treated me the same. Only Ash and Dee mouthed off at me, but we'd grown up together. It was different for them, but others? They pretty much wanted one thing from me. Most of the time I was okay with that, but if I so much as glared in their direction, they scattered like bugs. Not really attractive when you thought about it. But not Kat. She may not have a clue what I was, but she was not scared of me, she wasn't wowed, and as twisted as it was, that turned me on. That did make her dangerous. - Daemon

Dammit, I didn't even like the chick, I thought, trying to convince myself. Yeah, she was amusing. Yeah, even entertaining. And yeah, I wanted to trace her curves with my hands and my mouth. Possibly even my tongue -okay, definitely with my tongue - but she irritated the hell out of me. - Daemon

My unwilling fascination with her - I got it. She didn't put up with any of my crap. I was surrounded by people who looked to me to have all the answers, to protect them, to never show fear. And so I put on a big front and swaggered around like nothing frightened me. It was exhausting something. But Kat, she saw right through all my bluster and kept me honest. And I liked that ... a lot. - Daemon

She was focused in a way that please me, pulled at my control, and teased me with what I could never have. Shouldn't even want, but I wanted ... God, did I ever want. - Daemon

Ah, there it was - there was the kitten coming out, claws sharpening. The warm, cuddly creature was gone in an instant. - Daemon

Daemon: "It wasn't romantic."

Dee: "I think it is. When Adam and I take walks it always ends with us -"

Daemon: "If you want Adam to stay alive, I suggest you don't finish that sentence."

Katy: "Hey."

Daemon: "Hey."

Katy: "You ... you are really pretty."

Daemon: "Thanks, Kitten."

Yeah, she was totally high and out of it, but her smile widened as her eyes closed. I wasn't high or out of it when I whispered back to her, "So are you."

Daemon: "I'm surprised Dee isn't with you."

Katy: "She's with her ... her boyfriend. You know, I had no idea she had a boyfriend until today. She never mentioned him before."

Daemon: "That will do wonders for Adam's self-esteem."

Katy: "I would throw this book at you, but I respect the book too much to do that."

Her lips thinned in disbelief, but she didn't look away. Kat met my stare and held it. Not backing down - never backing down. Reluctant respect continued to grow inside me, but underneath that, something else was developing. I was two seconds from kissing that pissed-off look right off her face. I wondered what she'd do. Hit me? Kiss me back? I was betting on the hitting part. - Daemon

Cold, wet, and sloppy stuff plopped on the top of my head. I froze, aware enough not to open my mouth unless I wanted to eat ... spaghetti? Did she ...? Sauce-covered noodles slid down my face, landing on my shoulder. One hung off my ear, smacking me against the neck. Holy shit. I was dumbfounded as I slowly turned to look at her. Part of me was actually ... amazed. .... I plucked one of the noodles off my ear and dropped it on the table as I peered up at Kat from underneath my lashes. The laugh came up before I could stop it. Good for her. - Daemon

Daemon: "Anyways, can you try turning it on one more time?"

Katy: "Why?"

Daemon: "Because."

Katy: "It's not going to work."

Daemon: "Just try it, Kitten.:

Katy: "Don't call me that."

Daemon: "I wouldn't call you that if you were sitting in your car, turning it on."

Katy: "Oh my God. Whatever."

Car starts.

Daemon: "See you at school, Kitten."

I grinned as I heard her shriek.

My eye roll was so epic I was afraid my eyes would get stuck there. - Daemon

Daemon: "Sit down, Kat."

Katy: "Don't tell me what to do!"

Daemon: "Sit. Down."

Kat stared at me - stared at what was likely my green eyes glowing surreally. She sat down. And saluted me. She literally saluted me with her middle finger. Wow. How could I not appreciate that kind of backbone? I grinned even wider. This girl could slay me if I let her.

Katy: "What are you such an ass?"

Daemon: "Everyone has to excel at something, right?"

Katy: "Well, you're doing a great job."

Damn. Kat was ... she was beautiful. A beautiful pain in my ass. - Daemon

Saturday evening was going to be the night that I locked Kat in her house. Swear to God, deities, and whoever else, it was going to happen. - Daemon

I was really beginning to wonder if the pen was subconsciously symbolic for something else. That "something else" didn't amuse me. Oh no, it did something else. - Daemon

Dee: "Girl, he's not going to be able to keep his hands off you."

Katy: "I'm pretty sure the same thing can be said about Adam when he sees you in the dress you got."

Dee: "That's what I'm hoping for."

Oh for the love of everything in this world and the universe ... - Daemon

I wrapped an arm around her waist and took one of her hands in mine. And damn if she didn't feel right in my arms, perfect actually. Stupid and oddly wishful thinking - Daemon

A storm was brewing, and it had a name: Kitten. I almost smiled. - Daemon

Kat blew me away. This human girl was strong, with a core made out of steel. She was holding it together. Not only that, she has most definitely saved my life. I was man enough to admit that. - Daemon

Daemon: "Shut up."

Dee: "I didn't say anything, jerk-face."

Daemon: "Don't say anything."

Because Dee couldn't stay away from her, and neither could I. But no matter where I went, what I was running from would still be with me - Kat. She wasn't just back in the house, in that bed. She was with me now, inside me. And there was no outrunning that. - Daemon

Adam: "Andrew and Ash are a lot of talk. You know that. They won't hurt her."

Daemon: "I won't let them."

Dee: "This could work. We just get her to exert energy, and that's not hard. Running will do it. Jumping jacks. Jogging in place. Sit-ups-"

Andrew: "Sex. What? I'm not suggesting anyone have sex with her -"

Matthew: "Dear God."

Andrew: "But you all were listing things that burn energy, and sex will do that."

Ash: "That's disgusting for a list of reasons that have nothing to do with her being a human. You can do better than that."

Daemon: "She could do better than us."

Shock splashed across Ash's face, and then she started past me, heading towards the kitchen. I caught her arm and met her stare.

Daemon: "Don't do anything that's going to make me unhappy."

Ash: "Everything makes you unhappy.

Daemon: "I mean it, Ash. If I have to come in there and break you two up, I'm not going to like it."

Daemon: "You should've seen her, Matt. I told her to run and to hide, but she came back. Like a freaking ninja. Stabbed the Arum with the obsidian blade like she'd done it a million times. It was ... yeah, it was amazing."

Matthew: "Sounds like it. Not many humans would've done that. She's a brave girl."

Daemon: "Yeah. Yeah, she is."

Katy: "I'm not a weakness. I can handle myself."

Damn straight she could - Daemon

Dammit. She was such a ... freaking nerd - a hot freaking nerd. - Daemon

Man, she was so full of it. She'd say anything to keep arguing. Placing my hands on each side of her head, I leaned down, my mouth so close to hers I could almost taste her. I doubted her lips would be sweet. More like one of those red-hot Fireball candies. I really, really liked that candy. - Daemon

Our eyes locked. I wanted to tell her I was sorry. I was sorry she moved here and met us. Not in the way she'd think - that it was her fault, but that she had no idea what she was stepping into. I wanted to turn back time, stop her from going to the library and erase the spaghetti incident, because without that, we would've never talked in the woods that night and she would've never walked out in front of that truck. So many mistakes. Kat would be safe right now, watching stupid Halloween movies, maybe even in the arms of some guy who would never hurt her or put her in harm's way. She would be safe. Out of my reach, but safe nonetheless. Most of all, I wanted to go back and change the way I'd acted toward her. Because now, as she shuddered on the damp ground, as death loomed over us all, I was willing to acknowledge the one thing I'd been hiding from. The one thing that had truly terrified me. I never wanted to push her away. As selfish as it was, I was glad she moved here. It was too late for us, but I cared for her ... more than I should, but I did. It was too late. Too late to tell her how I felt, to touch her, to just hold her, to make up for every terrible thing I'd done and said. It was too late for me. But she was going to walk out of here. She was going to live if it was the last thing I did. - Daemon

She really owed me for this. picturing some of the way she could repay me for this visit ... that movie would never end. - Daemon

Daemon: "You can't keep pretending that you don't want to be with me."

Katy: "I'm not pretending."

Bull. Shit.

Daemon: "You're lying."

Katy: "Daemon."

Daemon: "If I wanted to be with ...If I wanted to be with you, you'd make it hard, wouldn't you?"

Katy: "You don't want to be with me."

Daemon: "I'm thinking I kind of do."

Katy: "Thinking and kind of aren't the same thing as knowing."

Daemon: "No, it's not, but it's something. Isn't it?"

Katy: "It's not enough."

Daemon: "You are going to make this hard. Kat?"

Katy: "What?"

Daemon: "You do realize I love a challenge?"

Katy: "So do I, Daemon. So do I."


Check out this book from Katy's POV, or check out parts 2 and 3 of Oblivion

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