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Let Me by Cecy Robson Book Review

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Let Me

by Cecy Robson

Published by Cecy Robson, LLC

Book #2 in the O'Brien Family Series

Once he was broken beyond repair.

Now this MMA contender is fighting to be a better man—for her. RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in Let Me, it is Finn’s turn to discover how love can heal the deepest wounds. A mixed martial arts star on the rise, Finn O’Brien dismantles his opponents with brutal precision. And yet beneath his fierce persona, Finn is raw from a trauma he’s buried for years . . . until the day his deep-rooted rage erupts and lands him in court-mandated therapy. Finn’s not one to bare his soul, but if talking it out means meeting beautiful women like Sol Marieles, he’ll give it a shot. Sol is working toward her masters degree in psychology, and already she feels like she’s in over her head. With an important internship on the line and a scary family situation demanding her attention, the last thing Sol needs is Finn around to distract her. The man is ripped and seriously sexy yet it’s his troubled side that warns her to keep her distance. But their attraction is intense, and he clearly has the heat to see how far and fast their passion takes them. Alone, Finn and Sol have been fighting to find happiness in their lives. Together, there’s no stopping them as they face their greatest challenges—not in the ring, but in their hearts.


Steamy Romance Happy Ending



TRIGGER WARNING! The characters in this book are dealing with various forms of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and PTSD stemming from childhood sexual assault. Please be advised before reading.

Let Me is the second book in the O'Brien family series by Cecy Robson, and centers on Finn O'Brien, youngest O'Brien sibling, a MMA fighter, and suffers from the horrific assault that happened to him when he was ten years old, and Sol Marieles, a psychology student, cousin to Sophia (from the Shattered Past series, Killian's now wife, and Finn's sister-in-law), and also trying to help her mother overcome her severe mental illness.

Do you know what I like about Cecy Robson's books? They're real. It's a heartbreaking truth to the world we live in, but there are bad people in this world. Sexual assault happens every day. It happens to both females, and males, to any age. It destroys. Mental health is becoming a bigger topic of discussion every day, but we're still a long way off. It's rare to find a book, particularly a romance, that highlights these tough, painful issues, yet Cecy Robson does it again and again. This O'Brien novel was probably the one I was most looking forward to, and the least. I loved Finn's character in Sophia's story in Shattered Past. He's funny. You also learn he is broken, and why he is broken, so I wanted this book for him, so he could have a happy ending. I wasn't looking forward to it, because knowing what happened to him, and reading about it, is hard. Cecy Robson did it right. There was no explicit details. No reliving the actual acts. Just what led up to the assault. Reading about a character blaming himself for what happened, so traumatized ... its a hard read.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story. I always liked Finn, and I am glad to say, even at his darkest moments, I still liked him. I rooted for him. We learn he is more than a brawling, drunken, womanizer. He hurts. He loves deeply, and his love for his family is the only thing that has him holding on. His relationship with Sol shows how capable he is, and that under the rough persona, he is a good guy. Sol is a great character too, and balances out Finn in a great way. She is patient, and understanding, which Finn needs to truly connect with her. Sol's experience with her mother was hard. I know someone with schizophrenia. It's a very difficult mental illness to treat and manage. I couldn't imagine watching your parent slowly descend into madness, and feel like you failed her by not bringing her back. To grieve a person you loved when they are still alive would be hard. I'm glad in the end she runs to Finn when he needed her most.

This second book in the O'Brien series doesn't disappoint. The story draws you in, despite it's difficult subject matter. The romance is sweet, and sexy as hell. The characters are people who are easy to like and root for. One of the best things is the ending. At first, I was annoyed because we don't find out if Finn win's the championship fight. But that wasn't the point, and I appreciated the book's ending that much more because of it. Mental illness doesn't go away. The only thing you can do is keep fighting through it. The story isn't about him winning the belt ... it's Finn and Sol both fighting, and working on being happy. Cecy Robson obviously understands the material she writes. It didn't end with a happily ever after. It ended with both Finn and Sol accepting their past, placing blame where it needs to be, and getting help for their issues. They are working on happiness. For the people who suffer from mental illness, the realness of the end of this book is perfect.

1. Sol and Finn babysitting Teo and Evie's kids

2. Sol asking Finn to kiss her after she figured out what happened to him.

3. When Sol accepts her mother is gone, and Finn accepts that his assault was not his fault.

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Sol: "I'm coming, Miss. Hemsworth. Sorry. She hasn't been the same since the last of her flying monkeys flew out of her ass."

Finn: "If you were to describe yourself, how would it be?"

Sol: "Why do you want to know?"

Finn: "Maybe 'cause I want to know you."

Sol: "I don't know. Studious, maybe?"

Finn: "Studious? Is that the best you can do?"

Sol: "I know it's not the same as having Greek god-like charm, but we all can't be Thor."

Finn: "Thor?"

Sol: "You know, Thor, the guy with the really big hammer? You have to respect the hammer."

Finn: "Damn, there's so much I can say to that. But I won't. I'm what you call a classy guy."

Sol: "What do you think your best feature is?"

Finn: "Besides these muscles you can't stop looking at?"

Sol: "You are seriously unbelievable."

Finn: "You forgot hot."

Finn: "You're not paying for me. I got this."

Sol: "Don't. It's my way of thanking you."

Finn: "For what? Keeping you company?"

Sol: "No. For giving me a smile I didn't know I had in me."

Sofia hugging Finn

Finn: "Sorry. I told her to quit fondling my ass, but she can't seem to help herself."

Killian: "You're lucky I trust her."

Finn: "Don't you trust me?"

Killian: "Not even a little bit."

Sofia: "Behave, Finn."

Sofia goes to grab a tray of good, before Killian approaches.

Killian: "I got it babe."

He lifts the tray away from her with one hand, and places his free arm around her waist, stopping to kiss her before leading her forward.

Finn: "So, what were you saying, Sofia? Something about my irresistible ass."

Killian: "You're pissing me off, Finn."

It's what he claims, but even with his back to me, I know by now he's laughing.

Mateo: "Hey. How's it going, Finn?"

Finn: "Aside from prying your sister off me in the driveway? Pretty damn good, man."

Mateo: *smirking* "Sure you were."

Killian: "Christ."

Finn: "What if you're the one I'm trying to impress?"

Sol: "You already have."

Finn: "Oh yeah? When?"

Sol: "That night you helped me. You were brave and kind and exactly who I needed."

Finn: "You told me I was 'cute,' remember? But you wouldn't let me kiss you. Said you would when I was sober."

Sol: "You were drunk. I didn't want to take advantage of you."

Finn: "I'm not drunk now. Still think I'm cute?"

She doesn't move, her large eyes fixing on mine. Before I can figure out a reason why I shouldn't, I lean in and kiss her.

Finn: "You want me, don't you?"

Sol: "What?"

Finn: "It's why you came out here, isn't it? You need to cool off your scorching womanly parts before you embarrassed yourself and straddled me in front of your family."

Sol: *laughing* "Oh, my God. Could you be any cockier?"

Finn: "Is that a challenge?"

Sol: "If I'm an old maid, what does that make you?"

Finn: "Sadly, a hot stud too many women want to drag to bed. You should feel sorry for me."

Sol: "Oh, I do feel sorry for you. There, there, you oor sexy and studly man."

Finn: "So, now I'm sexy? Not just cute?"

Finn: "Maybe you don't want it now. But you will."

Sol: 'You really are something else."

Finn: "No. More like just confident, especially after I caught you looking at my ass."

Sol: *gasping* "I was actually looking at your dimple. On your face."

Finn: "Not my ass? Most girls stare at my ass. What's wrong with you?"

Again, all I do is laugh.

Finn: "Doesn't matter. It's only a matter of time."

Sol: "Before I stare at your ass? Finn, I'm not like those other women - the ones who fall all over you when you look at them."

Finn: "Maybe that's why I like you."

Mateo: "I don't like this. You said she was bringing a friend."

Finn: "I'm a friend."

Mateo: "Friends are girls."


Mateo: "Fine. Don't let me catch you making out with my cousin on my couch."

Finn: "I'm not making any promises. Your cousin's hot."

Mateo: "Christ."

Mateo: "All the numbers, our cells, the restaurant, and the theater, are written on a pad beside the phone. Our address is on top in case you need to call an ambulance -"

Finn: "Where's the earthquake kit in case we need it?"

Evie: "In the man cave behind the bar, next to the zombie survival gear."

Finn: "No, shit?"

Mateo: "It's a power outage kit." trying to hide his smirk when Evie starts laughing.

Finn: "I would have been more impressed if you were prepared for the apocalypse. Just saying."

Sol: "He's allergic. He's allergic to peanuts!"

Finn: "Shit. Are you sure?"

Sol: "Yes!" I yell, placing Lynnie on the floor and reaching for the landline.

Finn: "Is he going to die?"

Sol: "I don't know."

Finn: "You don't know? What do you mean, you don't know? Holy fuck." He scoops Mattie out of his booster chair and runs him to the sink.

Finn: "Mattie, spit it out. Spit it out now - ouch. Shit, he bit me!"

Sol: *getting Mateo's voicemail* "Teo. Call me. Call me now."

Finn: "Call 9-1-1."

Sol: "Omigod - did he stop breathing?"

Finn: "No, he's laughing - fuck - and biting. But this is serious. Ow - shit. Ow - Mattie, cut it out!"


Sol: "Teo says he's not allergic to peanuts."

Finn: "Is he allergic to human flesh? Because he bit the shit out of me."

Mateo: "The fuck?"

Sol: "Mattie bit him when Finn tried to take the peanut butter crackers out of his mouth."

Mateo: "Can you blame him? I would, too, if someone rammed their fingers in my mouth. You want us to come home?"

Finn: "Yes."

Sol: "No."

Mateo: *laughing* "We'll see you in another couple hours. Oh - I forgot to tell you - keep Mattie away from the magic markers. He likes to draw on his sister."

Finn: "Just so you know, I'm never having kids. This parenting thing is fucked up."

Mattie: "Fucked up."

Finn points at him.

Finn: "Watch your mouth."

Sol: "Did you clean up all the cereal?"

Finn: "Yup. Cleaned up everything except Mattie's room."

Sol: "Why?"

Finn: "He's almost three. He needs to own some of this shit, you know?"

Sol: "I'm not ready for this."

Finn: "The kissing?"

Sol: "I mean you."

Finn: "You've mentioned that."

Sol: "So why did you kiss me?"

Finn: "Because you're really pretty. Because I wanted to. And because you let me."

Sol: "I wish you didn't say that."

Finn: "Why?"

Sol: "It makes me wish you hadn't stopped."

Fair enough. So, I pull her close and kiss her again.

Finn: "He's going to hunt me down and chop me into hamburger with his machete, isn't he?"

Lino: "And make it look like an accident."

Finn: "What's up?"

Wren: "Your life is shit."

Finn: "Thanks. I'm glad we had this talk."

Sofia calling in the middle of a make out session:

Sofia: "Hi, Sol. Are you having a good time?"

Finn laughs when I answer

Sol: "Oh, yeah. Totally."

Finn: "She's not the type to take a swing at me. Not like psycho Chelsea, my ex. Shit, she hurled a toaster at me once."

Sol: "I'm in love with you, Finn. I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but I love you ..."

Wren: "I hear you. Sometimes, it's all I can do not to look away."

Sol: "I'm sure. I mean, you love him, too."

Wren: "You sayin' you love my brother?"

Sol: "I really do."

Finn: "Hey. How you doing?"

Sol: "I'm scared."

Finn: "You worry too much, you know that?"

Sol: 'I don't want anything to happen to you or this face."

Finn: *chuckling* "I'm not sure about my face, but I'll be all right. I promise. Just promise you'll be waiting for me when I'm done."

Sol: "I will. No matter what."

They kiss,

Sol: "I love you."

Finn: "Cool."

Finn: "Is it such a bad thing to be happy? To want some joy after all the shit you've been through? I hope not. That kind of happy - the kind I don't have to fake is what I feel when I'm with you."

Sol: "I feel it, too."

Finn: "Good. I think we both damn well deserve it."

Finn: "What are you saying?"

Sol: 'That you don't need me, Finn."

Finn: "You're wrong. You're all I need."

His arms circle my waist as his lips collide against mine, the force strong enough to bend me backward.

Finn: "Don't leave me. I need you."

My body betrays me, aching with how it responds to his touch. But Finn's needs, the ones I've neglected to far too long, are more important than anything I'm feeling. I wrench away from him, staggering backward and holding tight to my belongings.

Finn: "Sol. Please, don't do this."

Sol: "Finn, I have to. Don't you see? All I've done is hold you back from all the good you can have."

Finn: "No. You're the only good left in me. I love you. Do you hear me? I fucking love you."

Finn: "It wasn't just sex."

Sofia: "I know. You were making love."

Finn: "Don't pussy it up for me, Sofe."

Finn: "How is she? Just tell me."

Sofia: "She's not well, because she's not with you. She needs you, Finn. And I think you need her, too."

Killian: "Finn, time to go."

Sofia: "But she needs you to be healthy, and that's something you're not right now. Finn, you have to keep it together out there -"

Finn: "Tell her I love her."

Sofia: "What?"

Finn: "Tell her I love her ... and that I need her, too."

Sol: "I love you."

Finn: "I love you, too. And if you let me, I swear to God I'll love you forever ..."


Check out the rest of the O'Brien Family Series below!

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