Feel Me by Cecy Robson Book Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Feel Me

by Cecy Robson

Published by Cecy Robson, LLC

Book #4 in the O'Brien Family Series

Declan O’Brien was always driven to take his place among Philly’s elite,

working hard for everything he’s earned, including the title of Assistant District Attorney. He’s won seemingly impossible cases, so he’s furious when he’s assigned to lead the one unit he doesn’t want.

Melissa Fenske was born hearing impaired to a neglectful mother, finding solace when she was adopted by a young attorney, now Declan’s boss. As the current Director of Victim Services, Melissa’s livid when Declan is placed in the main unit she oversees. She can’t forget their disastrous first encounter. Or shake how he makes her feel.

Declan considers the assignment another step toward his political aspirations, despite that he can’t get Melissa out of his mind. Melissa sees Declan as egotistical and self-serving, kicking herself for how fast she’s falling for him. Someone as hot, smooth, and perfect as Declan isn’t supposed to want her.

In another situation with any other woman, Declan wouldn’t hesitate to take Melissa to bed. But she is the boss’s daughter, and for once, Declan finds himself wanting more than just a one night stand.

Neither counted on each other. Both just met their match.


Steamy Romance Feel Good

Feel Me by Cecy Robson is the 4th book in the O'Brien Family series, and is written from the second eldest son's POV, Declan O'Brien, a highly successful Assistant District Attorney, and on the fast track to being mayor, and Melissa Fenske, Director of Victim Services.

I have been waiting to read Declan and Melissa's story since book one in the series, where they first met in a diner, after Declan bet Curran that he could get any woman Curran picked out for him, using his charm. Curran points to Melissa, an attractive woman, yet not Declan's usual size 0 model type, and Declan goes to introduce himself. Only she ignores him. When he sat down in front of her, he asked "What are you, deaf? I'm trying to tell you you're beautiful," not realizing, that in fact, she is hearing impaired. She storms up embarrassed and angry, and Declan felt like an ass, and felt truly bad. He seemingly forgot about the encounter, until his boss introduces him to the D.A's office newest director of Victim Service, and his daughter, Melissa ... the same woman he failed to pick up, and insulted.

So their first meeting didn't go well. As you can expect. Melissa had no issues telling her Dad what happened, and she thought Declan was an asshole. We also get a glimpse of their working relationship in Wren's story, in book 3. They were in a meeting, when Curran and Wren show up to talk to Declan. Declan thanks Melissa for her help on a case, and tries to use ASL to tell her to go home and go to bed, as she has been working hard. Only problem, he does it wrong, and instead tells her to go home and go fuck herself ... earning him another "you asshole", and her storming out embarrassed and upset again.