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Twisted Hate by Ana Huang

Twisted Hate

by Ana Huang

Published by Bloom Books

Book 3 in the Twisted Series

Gorgeous, cocky, and fast on his way to becoming a hotshot doctor, Josh Chen has never met a woman he couldn’t charm—except for Jules f**king Ambrose.

The beautiful redhead has been a thorn in his side since they met, but she also consumes his thoughts in a way no woman ever has.

When their animosity explodes into one unforgettable night, he proposes a solution that’ll get her out of his system once and for all: an enemies with benefits arrangement with simple rules.

No jealousy.

No strings attached.

And absolutely no falling in love.


Outgoing and ambitious, Jules Ambrose is a former party girl who’s focused on one thing: passing the attorney’s bar exam.

The last thing she needs is to get involved with a doctor who puts the SUFFER in insufferable… no matter how good-looking he is.

But the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes there’s more than meets the eye to the man she’s hated for so long.

Her best friend’s brother.

Her nemesis.

And her only salvation.

Theirs is a match made in hell, and when the demons from their past catch up with them, they’re faced with truths that could either save them… or destroy everything they’ve worked for.



Blackmail over sex tape, theft, off-page sexual assault, violence


I don't get the hate this book gets on #booktok, because I loved Twisted Hate!

Come on!

Sister's best friend/best friends brother?

Enemies to lovers?

Lots of personal baggage?

Steamy as hell?

Yup, this book is for me.

I think it might be my favorite of the series so far.

First of all, from a story prospective, it's interesting. I've been curious of Jules' past since Alex alluded to it in Twisted Love. It adds so much to her character arc. While I didn't love her character in the other books, I loved her once I learned about her past, and how it still affects her life to this day.

As for Josh? His arc might not be as dramatic as Jules, but it's just as interesting and genuine. I think anyone would feel similarly in his situation, and need the closure. The why.

As for the romance, it's as delicious as I suspected it would be.

Now, I get why people might not warm up to this book. If you loved Twisted Games, loved the slow burn of Rhys and Bridget's forbidden romance, and the incredibly amounts of tension, you will miss that in this book.

Because there isn't a whole lots of tension.

When things happen with Josh and Jules, it happens quickly and its intense.

If you haven't read Twisted Hate yet, or a hesitant to start a series where your favorite bookish reviewers don't love this book - don't listen to them. Honestly, how much a person loves or hates a book doesn't really mean anything. There are books I hate that people adore, and books I love that people hate on.

It's all subjective.

And while I see a lot of reviewers hate on this book, I think it all comes down to what tropes you enjoy, because the writing quality is the same. Give it a chance if you haven't, because honestly, this book is great and the series as a whole so far is enjoyable.



Nothing good ever came from right-swiping on a guy holding a fish on a dating app. Double red flags if said guy’s name was Todd.

Jules: “Funny you should mention scaring people off.”

I eyed the woman standing next to Josh. She was beautiful, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a lithe body clad in an incredible graphic-print wrap dress. Too bad her good taste didn’t extend to men, if she was on a date with him.

Jules: “I see you’ve recovered from your bout of syphilis long enough to sucker another unsuspecting woman into a date.”

I directed my next words to the brunette.

Jules: “I don’t know you, but I already know you could do way better. Trust me.”

Did Josh actually have syphilis? Maybe. Maybe not. He slept around enough I wouldn’t be surprised if he did, and I wouldn’t be upholding girl code if I didn’t warn Wrap Dress about the possibility of contracting an STD.

Clara: “Does the pain in your ass have a name?”

I took another swig of beer before answering with a curt,

Josh: “Jules.”

Clara: “Hmm. Jules is very pretty.”

Josh: “Most flesh-eating succubi are. It’s how they rope you in.”

Jules: “I would never. Look at him.”

Jules gestured at me with her free hand.

Jules: “Like I would ever touch that.”

Beanie squinted at me.

Beanie: “What’s wrong with him?”

Josh: “I wouldn’t let you touch me if you offered to pay off all my med school loans,”

I didn’t care if Jules Ambrose was the last woman in the world. She was one person I’d never sleep with. Ever. She ignored me.

Jules: “You ever hear the saying, the bigger the ego, the smaller the penis? Applies to him.”

Beanie: “Oh. That sucks.”

Beanie glanced at me with sympathy.

Beanie: “Sorry, dude.”

Jules: “Wipe the sour expression off your face, Dr. Killjoy. You’re bringing down the vibes.”

Josh: “If my face bothers you so much, don’t look at it. Unless you can’t help yourself, which is understandable.”

I scowled. I’d planned the party with help from Stella and Alex, and while I’d been tempted to exclude Josh from the guest list, he was Ava’s brother. His presence was expected, like E. coli on undercooked chicken.

But that was the thing about guilt. It didn’t give a damn about facts or reason. It sprouted from the tiniest seeds of doubt, slipped through the cracks of your psyche, and by the time you realized what the ugly darkness oozing through your veins was, it’d already burrowed itself so deep you couldn’t dig it out without losing a part of yourself.

Jules: “Fine.”

I rubbed the sleeve of my jacket between my thumb and forefinger, taking comfort in the sensation of thick, sturdy material against my skin.

Jules: “But if I die, I’ll come back as a ghost and haunt you until the day you die.”

Josh: “Noted."

Josh: “We’ll run through the basics first before going up the hill. Don’t need you crashing into a poor child and traumatizing them. Lucky for you, I’m an awesome teacher, so this shouldn’t take too long.”

Jules: “Your hilarity is only matched by your modesty,”

I deadpanned.

Jules: “Okay, awesome teacher, let’s see what you got. And remember.”

I pointed at him.

Jules: “If I die, I’m haunting your ass for eternity.”

Josh placed a hand over his heart, a scandalized expression spreading across his face. Any hints of his earlier brooding had disappeared.

Josh: “JR, I’m shocked. There are children around. Try to keep your obsession with my ass under wraps until we return to our room.”

Josh: “Jules,”

he said softly.

Jules: “Yeah?”

The word stuck in my throat before it came out all wrong. Weird and raspy and not at all like my normal voice.

Josh: “On a scale of one to ten, how badly do you want to fuck me right now?”

The moment shattered into a thousand pieces. My skin flamed as I shoved myself off him, making sure to jab my elbow into his face as I did so.

Jules: “Negative one thousand. Times infinity.”

Surprise passed through Alex’s face before the tiniest of smiles graced his lips.

Alex: “Loser buys drinks for the rest of the weekend.”

Josh: “Considering I’m a struggling medical resident and you’re a fucking millionaire, I’m getting the short end of the stick,”

Alex: “Don’t insult me. I’m a billionaire,”

Alex: “I don’t lose.”

Josh: “What do you call what just happened?”

I gestured at the steep, winding trail behind us. Rare mischief gleamed in his eyes.

Alex: “Alternative winning.”

Josh: “Oh, fuck off with that bullshit.”

But I couldn’t help laughing. Since I wasn’t one to ever turn down a challenge, I agreed to the best of three, though I regretted it when Alex beat me by a minute on the second run. The third run was even closer than our first. We were literally neck to neck until the last second, when I pulled ahead by a hair. A smug grin bloomed on my face, and I opened my mouth before Alex cut me off.

Alex: “Don’t say a word,"

Josh: “Wasn’t going to.”

My expression said it all.

Josh: “Don’t feel bad.”

I clapped him on the back as we walked back to the lodge for dinner.

Josh: “There’s no shame in alternative winning. Just ask any silver medalist.”

Alex: “I don’t feel bad. If I do, I’ll just buy myself a gold medal. Twenty-four karats, Cartier.”

Josh: “You’re an asshole.”

Alex: “Always.”

Josh: “You don’t want or need sweet, Red. It would bore you to death.”

Jules: “Oh, really?”

My voice dripped with poisonous honey.

Jules: “Then please, pray tell, what do I want and need? Since you know me so well.”

Josh leaned forward until his mouth hovered near my ear, and it was all I could do not to pull back. My heart rumbled so loud in my chest I would’ve missed his reply had his voice not poured into me like dark silk, dangerous yet seductive.

Josh: “You want someone who can challenge you. Excite you. Keep you on your toes. And as for what you need…”

His whiskey-scented breath gusted across my skin, peppering it with a thousand goosebumps.

Josh: “You need someone to bend you over and fuck that attitude right out of you.”

My reaction was instantaneous. My nipples pebbled into hard, painful points, and a rush of hot moisture soaked my panties. Every gust of air against my sensitized skin added to the need pulsing low in my belly.

Josh: “You think Marshall can do that?”

Josh’s voice wrapped around me like a velvet embrace.

Josh: “Fuck you the way you need?”

Jules: “And you can?”

I managed. Oxygen. I needed oxygen.

Jules: “Keep dreaming.”

Josh: “I wasn’t offering.”

Josh’s hand grazed my knee for a millisecond, just long enough to set my body aflame.

Josh: “But it’s nice to know that’s where your mind went.”

Jules: "I suffered a massive lapse in judgment when I swiped right on you. I’m back to normal now, so you can run along.”

She shooed him away with a wave of her hand.

Jules: “Don’t say a word,”

Jules said after Todd stormed off. She tossed back the rest of her cocktail without looking at me. I raised my hands in surrender. The coiled tension in my muscles eased with Todd’s departure, though traces of aggravation simmered in my veins.

Josh: “Not a peep.”

After a long pause, I added,

Josh: “You swiped right on that guy?”

Josh: “I don’t need to wish, Red.”

His voice turned dark. Smoky. It slithered past my defenses and kindled a heat in my lower belly that had both nothing and everything to do with my anger.

Josh: “I could fuck your brains out right now. Make you take back every word you said and have you begging for more by the end of it.”

It was a warning, not seduction. And it made the fire burn even hotter in my veins.

Jules: “You know what they say about men who talk a big game.”

Anticipation climbed up my spine at the danger swirling in the air. We were one step away from crossing a line we couldn’t come back from, and I was riding high enough I didn’t care.

Jules: “They’re overcompensating for the smallest packages.”

A smile slashed across Josh’s face, vicious enough it introduced a seed of trepidation.

Josh: “Oh, Red. You’re about to find out just how untrue that is,”

Josh: “Beg for it, Red.”

He curled his finger and hit my most sensitive spot, eliciting another moan, before he slowly dragged it out and shoved it back in. His breathing harshened.

Josh: “Beg me to fuck you. To make you come all over my cock like you so desperately crave.”

Jules: “You wish.”

My nails dug into my palms.

Jules: “My vibrator does a better job than you. On its lowest speed.”

Josh let out a soft laugh.

Josh: “You have to make things difficult.”

He released my wrists and fisted my hair, jerking my head back until his mouth hovered near my ear.

Josh: “But I love a good fight.”

Josh: “You’re my personal hell, Red.”

He gave my hair another sharp tug.

Josh: “And God help me, I don’t want to fucking leave.”

Ava: “Just make sure to bring me back a Lord of the Rings souvenir or I’ll never forgive you.”

Josh: “You don’t even like Lord of the Rings. You fell asleep halfway through the first movie.”

Ava: “Yes, but you can’t go to New Zealand without bringing back a LOTR souvenir. It’s inhumane.”

Josh: “Inhumane. I don’t think that word means what you think it means,”

I said, citing one of our favorite movies.

Jules: “No falling in love.”

I scoffed.

Josh: “Red, you’ll fall in love with me before I ever fall in love with you.”

The mere idea was absurd. Jules was the most difficult woman I’d ever encountered. God help whichever poor bastard ended up falling for her.

Jules: “As if.”

She sniffed.

Jules: “You think far too highly of your dick, Chen. It gets the job done, but it’s not a magical rod.”

Jules: “That was my good underwear, asshole.” 

Josh lowered his mouth to mine.

Josh: “Ask me if I care.”

Josh: “I’m going to fuck that smart mouth of yours until the only sound you’ll be able to make is the one of you choking on my cock,”

Josh: “That’s it,”

Josh groaned.

Josh: “Every inch, just like that. I knew you could take it.”

Jules: “No horror. I hate horror.”

Josh: “That’s a kid’s movie, Red.”

Jules: “So? Kid’s movies can be good.”

Josh: “Yeah. If you’re a fucking kid.”

Jules responded with a sweet smile.

Jules: “Funny you should say that, considering how hard you cried watching The Lion King. Last year.”

I scowled. Ava. How many times did I have to tell her not to share every single fucking thing about me with her friends?

Josh: “Mufasa didn’t deserve to die, okay?”

I snapped.

Josh: “At least I’m not such a wuss I hide behind my hands every time the poster for a horror movie pops up.”

Jules: “I’m not a wuss. I just dislike ugly things, which is why I try not to look at you—don’t you dare put The Ring on!”

Josh: “Try and stop me.”

Josh: “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think it is. As long as you didn’t murder anyone or set anything on fire.”

Jules: “Wow. The bar really is in hell.” 

A small smile touched my lips for the first time that day.

Josh: “At least it’s warm down there.”

Most women thought men wanted them to taste like berries or lavender or whatever, but if we were eating pussy, we wanted to taste pussy. That was the whole fucking point.

Jules: “I don’t understand the appeal,”

I grumbled after a nurse and her daughter walked away, looking disappointed.

Jules: “You’re not even that great a catch. A trout, at most. Maybe a largemouth bass, emphasis on the largemouth.”

Josh: “You liked my mouth just fine in the library.”

Josh’s silky response sent flames licking over my skin.

Jules: “It was okay.”

I sucked in a gasp when he tugged me to his side, his whisper a dark warning in my ear.

Josh: “Don’t provoke me, Red, or I’ll spread you out on the picnic table and tongue fuck you until you have to fucking crawl home because your legs don’t work anymore.” 

Josh: “Good girl. Keep those screams in, Red. I’m the only person who gets to hear how much you love my cock in that tight little cunt.”

Jules: “A skilled MUA can do a lot. Clearly, you’ve never watched any before and after makeup transformations on YouTube.”

I rubbed my face. The conversation was getting more surreal by the minute.

Josh: “No, I haven’t, because I don’t wear makeup.”

Jules: “So? You’re not an astronaut but that doesn’t stop you from watching videos about rocket launches.”

Josh: “Yeah, because rockets are cool.”

Jules: “So’s makeup.”

Josh: “Not to me.”

She rolled her shoulders in a shrug.

Jules: “You’ve always lacked taste.”

Josh: “I’m fucking you, aren’t I? What does that say about you?” 

Jules stretched her arms over her head and yawned.

Jules: “That I’m a lovely, generous human being who’ll throw you a pity fuck when no one else will—”

A squeal cut off her words when I lifted her and delivered a sharp smack on her ass before sitting her on my lap. Her back pressed against my torso, and I reached around to spread her thighs.

Josh: “Don’t make me spank your pussy next, Red.”

I rubbed my thumb over her still-swollen clit in warning.

Josh: “I won’t be as gentle.”

Josh: “Hey.”

I shoved the bag at my sister.

Josh: “Here ya go. See you later.”

I tried to close the door, but Ava pushed it back open with narrowed eyes.

Ava: “Why are you being so shifty?”

Josh: “I’m not being shifty.”

Sweat beaded on my brow.

Josh: “I’m irritated because you interrupted me.”

Ava: “Doing what?”

Josh: “Uh, exercising.”

Technically true. Sex was the best form of cardio.

Josh: “I thought you were napping.”

She gave me a strange look.

Ava: “I woke up.”

Her eyes drifted from my sex-tousled hair to my tense shoulders. A faint green tint colored her skin.

Ava: “Wait…do you have a girl in there? Was that banging sound you? That was what woke me up.”

Heat climbed on my face.

Ava: “How is that possible? We literally just arrived an hour ago.”

Ava clapped a hand over her mouth.

Ava: “I think I’m going to be sick. You are not allowed to have sex when I can hear you. I’m scarred for life.”

Josh: “You’re being dramatic, and what can I say? I’m a legend.”

Josh: “Good.”

I regained motor control. My glass touched my mouth and whiskey flowed into my stomach, but the shock from Alex’s statement lingered.

Josh: “Because if you hurt her again, I’ll take that stick out of your ass and stab you with it.”

Alex: “If I hurt her again, I’ll let you.”

Alex: “But what I did was wrong, and I am…sorry. For the most part.” 

What the fuck?

Josh: “That’s the worst damn apology I’ve ever heard.”

Alex: “I don’t aspire to be the type of person who apologizes so much that they're good at it.”

Up until this moment, Asher had been one of my sports idols, but I wanted to gouge his fucking eyes out for looking at her like that. Like she could possibly be his when she so clearly, irrevocably belonged to me.

Josh: “I want you.”

I didn’t need to dress the truth up with flowery language; it was powerful enough on its own.

Josh: “We’re not dating other people, Red. I don’t give a fuck what the original terms of our arrangement were. Do you want to know why?”

A hard swallow disrupted the delicate lines of her throat.

Jules: “Why?”

I lowered my head and wound my hand through her hair, pulling her even closer to me.

Josh: “Because you’re mine,”

I said against her mouth.

Josh: “Let another man touch you, Jules, and you’ll find out just how easily I can take a man’s life as I can save one.”

Josh: “Hey, Red.”

Josh looked me over, his eyes heating.

Josh: “Nice to see you looking presentable for once.”

Jules: “Nice to see you looking human for once.”

I gave him an equally deliberate once-over.

Jules: “How much did you pay for the skin suit to cover up your devil’s horns and reptile skin?”

Josh: “It was free. I’m just that charming,”

He heaved an exaggerated sigh.

Josh: “Patience.”

Jules: “I don’t know what that is, but it sounds boring.”

I stifled a laugh when he side-eyed me.

Josh: “You’re insufferable.”

Jules: “So you keep saying, yet you missed me and you’re on a date with me. What does that say about you?”

Josh: “That I’m a glutton for a beautiful punishment.”

I bit my lip to contain a burgeoning smile.

Jules: “You should look into that. Doesn’t sound healthy.”

Josh: “I did. There’s no cure, I’m afraid.”

I stumbled on a loose cobblestone and would’ve face planted on the sidewalk had Josh not caught me by the wrist.

Josh: “Careful,”

he said, his eyes aglow with amusement. He knew exactly what he was doing, the bastard.

Josh: “Don’t want you to fall.”

Your favorite food, but you have to make it. B3, S4, #10.

Jules: “Is this a bookstore scavenger hunt?”

I bounced on my feet, unable to contain my delight.

Josh: “Scavenger hunt and puzzle.”

Josh’s cheek dimpled.

Josh: “Have to make sure your brainpower meets my standards, Red. I don’t date dummies.”

Jules: “Understandable. Someone has to be the brains in the relationship.”

Josh: “I wouldn’t make you cook,”

Josh said, referencing the first scavenger hunt clue.

Josh: “I don’t want to die from food poisoning.”

Jules: “Quick, quit your job at the hospital. You should be a comedian.”

I paged through the menu.

Jules: “Since we’re here, I assume I meet your intellectual standards and am officially the brains in the relationship.”

Josh: “Among other things,”

My menu flips slowed. I raised my head, and my stomach flipped at the intensity in his eyes.

Jules: “Other things?”

A slow smile spread across his mouth.

Josh: “No fishing for compliments, Red.”

Josh: “Alex and I are going to a game next week.”

Pleasant surprise rushed through me.

Jules: “That’s great.”

Josh: “We’ll see. He’s such an asshole, it could hurt more than it helps.”

I laughed.

Jules: “True. But he’s always been an asshole, and you guys were friends for years.”

Josh: “Careful, Red.”

Pleasurable goosebumps dotted my skin at Josh’s soft warning.

Josh: “Keep saying things like that, and I might never let you go.”

I couldn’t pinpoint the specific moment my feelings toward Josh changed. I didn’t even know what my current feelings toward him were, exactly. All I knew was, he set me ablaze, and I never wanted the fire to go out.

Jules: How’s the bro date going? Should I be worried?

Josh: TBD. Alex knows how to treat a guy right, but you’re prettier

Jules: Are you saying I don’t know how to treat you right??

Josh: You spend half your time insulting me, Red

Jules: It’s not my fault you’re a masochist

Jules: Excuse me for catering to your kink eye roll emoji

Alex: “It’s not just sex. You’re dating her.”


Josh: “I never said that.”

Alex: “You implied it.”

Josh: “No, I didn’t.”

Alex: “Yes, you did.”

I released an aggravated sigh.  Man, fuck having a best friend. They were overrated know-it-alls.

Jules: “Do you want to talk about it? Usually, I charge for my therapeutic services, but you’re hot, so I’ll give you a complimentary fifteen-minute session.” 

Josh: “I am hot.”

He nodded.

Josh: “I like you. We’re off to a good start.”

Josh: “Well, if you need a study partner, I happen to know a devastatingly handsome and intelligent one.”

Josh paused.

Josh: “I’m talking about myself, by the way.” 

Despite my tension, a small laugh rustled my throat.

Jules: “Of course you are. I appreciate the offer, but you’ll distract more than you help.”

Josh: “Understandable. My looks have distracted many a student. It’s one of the pitfalls of having this, I’m afraid.”

He waved a hand in front of his admittedly spectacular face.

Jules: “It is uniquely hideous.”

I patted his shoulder.

Jules: “Don’t worry, I’m sure they weren’t judging. People are much more open-minded these days.”

Surprise coasted through me.

Jules: “You went to art camp?” 

Josh: “Yeah, for one summer when I was eight.”

Josh winced.

Josh: “Figured out that art is, uh, not my strongest suit, so I switched to basketball.”

Jules: “Wow.”

Suddenly, it all made sense.

Jules: “No wonder you love terrible art. It reminds you of you!” 

I laughed when Josh slapped my ass in retaliation. 

Jules: “I feel special.” 

Josh: “You should. Even though you can be fucking exasperating and a pain in my ass—”

My smile disappeared.

Jules: “Hey!”

They weren’t the result of sudden, blinding clarity the way they were in movies. There’d been no meaningful eye contact at the end of a deep conversation, no special kiss at the end of a magical date.  Instead, they were the culmination of a million small moments—the way Jules tried to distract me with her fish propaganda declaration during Finding Nemo, her quiet sympathy when I told her about my patient’s death, the way she tasted and fit against me like she was the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my life.  Somehow, she’d gone from the last person I wanted to be around to the first person I turned to when I needed comfort or just someone to talk to.

Alex: “Ninety-nine percent of people in this world are idiots. I regret to inform you that you’re one of them.”

My brows snapped together.

Josh: “I’m convinced you don’t actually want to be my friend again.” 

Where was the ass kissing? The flattery? He gave up his company and flew to fucking London for Ava, but I couldn’t get so much as a sympathetic that sucks, man? Talk about getting the short end of the grovel stick.

Alex: “I’ll send you flowers later if you’re that upset about it,”

Josh: “I don’t know what you did to me, Red. But somehow, I went from wanting to kill you…to willing to kill for you.”

Josh: “There’s no letting you go, Red. It would be easier if you asked me to tear my heart out with my own fucking hands.”

He closed his eyes for a brief moment before he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

Josh: “Okay.”

His raw whisper clawed at my heart.

Josh: “Take however much time you need. I’ll wait.”

For some reason, his words sent a fresh ache through my chest.

Jules: “Why?”

No one had ever waited for me. I couldn’t fathom why they would.

Josh: “Because you’re it for me. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, a year, or decades from now, that’ll never change.”

Josh’s lips brushed against my skin before he pulled back, his face taut with emotion.

Josh: “I’m human, Red. I’ve made mistakes in the past, and I’ll make many more in the future. But one mistake I’ll never make is letting you go, not when there’s even a sliver of a chance left for us. Because the possibility of you is better than the reality of anyone else.”

Saltiness trickled down my cheeks.

Josh: “So, like I said…”

Josh brushed away my tear.

Josh: “I’ll wait. For as long as it takes.”

Josh: “Twelve days, eight hours, and nine minutes. I spent every second thinking of you.”

Josh’s lips brushed against mine as he spoke.

Josh: “I thought I knew what I wanted before. Becoming a doctor, chasing the next high. Being the most popular, most liked person in the room. I thought those things would make me happy, and they did. Temporarily. But you…”

He rested his forehead against mine.

Josh: “You’re the only thing that could make me happy forever.”

Josh: “In case it’s not clear, I fucking love you, Jules Ambrose, even when you drive me crazy. Especially when you drive me crazy.”

Jules: “That’s because you’re a masochist.”

I couldn’t contain my smile.

Jules: “It’s okay. I love you anyway.”

Jules: “Yes, Dr. Chen. Do you offer these kinds of hands-on checkups to everybody, or am I special?”

Josh: “I only offer them to my most stubborn, infuriating, pain in the ass patients. The ones I can’t stop thinking about. Luckily…”

I smoothed my palm over the curve of her ass.

Josh: “I only have one of those.”

Jules’s breath hitched.

Jules: “Lucky me.”

Josh: “Lucky you,”

I drawled, a cocky smile forming on my lips.

Jules: “Arrogant ass.”

Jules: “If I die, I will drag you to hell and torment you for eternity.”

Jules wrapped an arm around my waist, her face several shades paler than usual as we shuffled toward the edge of the platform. Behind us, the bungee jump operator checked our harnesses one last time.

Josh: “If you die, I die, Red.”

I grinned and kissed her cheek.

Josh: “Hell with you sounds like heaven to me.”


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