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Trust in Me by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Trust in Me

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by William Morrow Impulse

Book 1.5 in the Wait for You series

Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants,

especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam’s not ready to give up – he can’t get this feisty and intriguing girl out of his head.

Avery has secrets, secrets that keep her from admitting the feelings Cam knows she has for him. What will it take to help him break down her barriers and gain her trust? Or will he be shut out of Avery’s life, losing his first real shot at the kind of love that lasts forever?


Steamy #NewAdult Happy Ending

Trigger* #Romance


Trigger Warning: This book deals with the emotional trauma the one goes through after rape.

Trust in Me by Jennifer L Armentrout is considered a "novella" in the Wait for You series, but length wise, is very much a novel. In Trust in Me, it's the same story as Wait for You, but this time from Cam's perspective.

A friend once asked me how I could read novels that are essentially the same story, just from a different characters perspective. She thought it would be boring. Seeing as I re-read lots of books that I love, this has never been a problem for me. I love Jennifer Armentrout's work, so frankly, I doubt this will ever be an issue when it comes to this. I loved Wait for You. I adored Cameron and Avery's story. Not going to lie, I am kinda crushing on Cameron, so reading a book from his POV is easy. Moments where Avery was wondering what Cam was thinking, we get a glimpse at. I enjoy these alternating POV's, because we get a whole new level to the story. While sometimes it could be repetitive, it wasn't hard to get lost in the story once again.

If anything, seeing Avery through Cam's eyes makes her even more likable. And how can you not fall for Cam after reading this book? Even when he is frustrated with Avery, his love for her is obvious, as well as his level of respect for her boundaries. I loved the moments where he is with his friends, and family, parts of the story we were not privy to in Avery's side of the story. We get glimpses of the upcoming story between Jase and Theresa, and get to know some of the side characters just a little better.

I will say it again. I love alternate POV's on the same story. You can't go wrong by reading Cam's story in this book.

Where to Buy

Paperback (amazon)

Paperback (Chapters/Indigo)

Holy shit, Strawberry Shortcake just ran me over.

Jase: "What happened to you today? You didn't respond to my text. Thought FIFA hooked you in."

Cam: "Aw, did you miss me?"

Jase: "Maybe I did."

Cam laughs

Cam: "I didn't know we were dating."

Jase: "My feelings are hurt now."

Cam: "I'll buy you a beer next time we're out."

Jase: "That works. I'm easy."

I grinned

Cam: "Don't I know."

Cam: "You really need to lay off the pot."

Ollie: "If I've heard that once, I've heard that a million times, but Mary Jane loves me, and she's the only girl I love."

Cam: "Fucking hippie."

Jase: "Sooo, you were out with the redhead?"

Cam: "Shortcake?"

Jase: "Huh?"

Cam: "Avery's the redhead. And no. We were doing an astronomy assignment. We're partners."

Jase: "Oh. Soooo."

I rolled my eyes

Jase: "Why were you staring at her apartment door?"

Cam: "How do you know?"

Jase: "I watched you through the peephole."

Cam: "Nice."

I laughed.

Cam: "I asked her out."

Jase didn't look interested

Jase: "Okay."

Cam: "She turned me down."

His head swung toward me, his dove-grey eyes sparkling with interest.

Jase: "What?"

Cam: "Yep."

I fell back into the couch, grinning.

Cam: "Turned me down flat."

Jase laughed so hard I think he hurt his stomach

Jase: "I like this girl."

Cam: "So do I.

Cam sighs

Cam: "So do I."

She wasn't like the girls I hung out with - the well put together, coy, and flirtatious ones. Not that anything was wrong with them, but Avery was different. She made me laugh. Maybe not on purpose, but I loved watched her flush over the simplest things, and when she smiled?

Shortcake shone brighter than any chick I knew.

Cam: "You've been checking me out, haven't you? In between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy."

She laughed, and the sounds was soft and sweet.

Avery: "Shut up."

Jase sighed

Jase: "You're obsessed."

Cam: "Huh?"

Jase: "I don't think you've ever skipped a class to hang out with a girl before."

I frowned

Cam: "How do you know I skipped a class to hang out with Avery?"

Jase: "I'm not stupid."

Cam: "That's up for debate."

Jase flipped me off.

Jase: "Well, let's see. Class let out early, so I came over here just in time to see you walking along like a good little boy. I called your name. You waved at me and kept going - or staring at her."

My brows lifted

Cam: "That was you yelling my name?"

Jase: "Exactly. Has she agreed to go out with you yet?"

Cam: "Nope."

Jase shook his head.

Jase: "Man, you are so fucked when it comes to this girl."

Cam: "Apple pie for you. And apple pie for me."

Shortcake peeled open the box

Avery: "Do you think they use real apples?"

Cam: "God, I don't really want to know."

I bit into the crush, groaning at the sweetness.

Cam: "Ah, this shit is so good."

Avery: "I swear. Every time you eat something, you sound like you're about to have an orgasm."

She flushed as she said that

Avery: "Or whatever."

Cam: "Well, now you know what I sound like when I come."

She wrinkled her nose as she picked a section of the crust off.

Avery: "That is something I've been dying to know."

Cam: "Knew it."

Shortcake laughed and then popped the crust in her mouth.

Avery: "You are terrible."

Cam: "I'm perfect."

Cam: "We should've probably picked a different night to do this."

She picked up the bag and scraped off all the sliced apples into it, leaving the bottom crust cleared.

Cam: "That's such a waste."

Her eyes were warm as she cast me a side look

Avery: "You want to dig them out of the bag and eat them? You sound like you have a couple more good groans left in you."

Cam: "Sweetheart, you haven't heard anything ..."

I paused, winking at her

Cam: "Yet."

She rolled her eyes

Avery: "More like never."

Cam: "Doe the lady protest too much, methinks?"

Avery laughed

Avery: "You dork. It's 'the lady protest too much, methinks.' "

Cam: "The fact that you can correct that is further proof."

Another laugh bubbled up from her

Avery: "Whatever. You ready?"

Cam: "Been ready, but you had to stop and get an apple pie."

Avery: "What? That was your idea."

I blinked innocently

Cam: "That is not how I recollect the past twenty minutes."

She pinned me with a dry look

Cam: "You were all like 'I need an apple pie' and what could I do? I live to serve you."

Rolling up the bag, she tossed it at me, but I caught it.

Avery: "Actually, it was you saying something like 'I need food in my belly'."

I laughed.

Cam: "That is not how I recall this little adventure.

Jase: "Who pissed in your Cheerios?"

Cam: "Teresa has a crush on you."

Jase chuckled as he glanced at me.

Jase: "Is that so?"

I shot him a look as I grabbed a stick

Jase: "What?"

He laughed again.

Jase: "Are you surprised? It's my stunning charm and good looks. It's hard to resist."

Cam: "Well, she better resist."

Jase watched me as I racked the balls.

Jase: "Dude, as hot as your sister is - sorry."

He raised his hands as I straightened

Jase: "As beautiful as your sister is, that's your sister. I wouldn't even dream about what you're worried about."

I smiled tightly

Cam: "Good to hear."

Jase: "Do you really think I would? She's a kid."

Cam: "She's just turned eighteen, Jase. She's not a kid anymore."

I scowled as that little ditty sunk in. My stomach roiled

Cam: "Damn, she's really not a kid."

Jase: "She's still your sister. And that's never going to change."

Dad: "I like to have the four-one-one on my son's life."

My head dropped back

Cam: "Four-one-one? Are you drunk?"

Dad: "I'm buzzing."

I laughed out loud

Cam: "Nice."

Dad: "Did I ever tell you how many times your mother turned me down before she agreed to go out with me? No? A lot of times."

Cam: "Really?"

Dad nodded

Dad: "I was a bit of a ... rakehell in college. Had a reputation. Your mother didn't make it easy."

Cam: "So what changed it."

He shrugged.

Dad: "Ah, she was secretly in love with me from the beginning, but you know what? I had to chase her, and to be honest, if you don't have to chase a woman, she's probably not worth the effort. You get what I'm saying?"

Avery: "You're a bad influence."

Cam: "I'm the kind of influence you need."

Cam: "You sure you don't want me to give you a ride tomorrow night?"

Ollie's head whipped around so fast you'd think I said nachos

Ollie: "It would be a rise you'd never forget, Avery."

I shot him a dark look

Cam: "That's not what I meant."

Her cheeks were flushed, either from what Ollie had said, or from the cold.

Avery: "I know. And it's okay."

I shot Jase a dirty look

Cam: "Perfect timing."

Jase: "What? Did I interrupt Avery turning you down?"

Cam: "Funny."

I bounced the ball, missing my target. Cursing, I picked up the cup

Cam: "Fuck you all."

Jase let out a loud laugh

Cam: "I'm going to marry that girl."

Jase choked on his beer and bent over, dragging deep breaths.

Jase: "Holy shit."

I grinned.

Jase: "What is going on with you, Cam? You don't get pissed off like this. You don't get bent out shape over -"

Cam: "Don't you dare say over nothing. He was touching her, Jase. He was grabbing on her and -"

Jase: "So?"

Cam: "Are you fucking serious?"

I shot forward, but Jase didn't back down. He went toe to toe with me.

Cam: "So? You okay with a guy -"

Jase: "Fuck no, I'm not, but Jesus H. Christ in a manger, Cam, he was some drunk idiot freshman and you and I have seen much worse go down than that. And before you say you've intervened in those situations, too, I know. We both have, but you've never tried to take a guy's head off."

Cam: "This is different."

Jase: "Because it's her."

The way he said "her" made me want to put my fist through the wall..

Cam: "You better be very careful, bro, when it comes to your next words."

His pupils flared wide as he held up his hands

Jase: "Look, Avery seems like a nice girl. She does, but the last time I checked, you two aren't seeing each other."

Cam: "So?"

Jase looked like he now wanted to put his fist through me.

Jase: "She's turned you down how many times? And you're acting like a pissed-off, possessive boyfriend, and the last thing you need is to get into a fight. Or need I remind you that if you do, you break your probation, and you will end up in prison? Not jail, but -"

Cam: "You don't need to remind me."

I turned, shoving my hands through my hair.

Cam: "You don't understand."

Jase: "You're right. I don't understand how this girl is leading you around by your dick. Have you ever considered that she's playing you, for some fucked-up reason?"

Cam: "She's not like that, Jase. I know that's hard for you to believe. I get it. You've been screwed over in a way I can't even begin to fathom, but she is not like that."

Jase: "That's what every guy says before they are royally fucked over."

Cam: "Avery is different. You don't know her like I do. You don't know her at all."

Jase: "I don't know you right now."

I didn't know how to respond to that.

Jase: "What is it about her? She's not like any other girl you've gone out with. She's fucking awkward as hell and quiet. She's pretty, but -"

Cam: "She's fucking beautiful."

Jase: "Is she worth this?"

Cam: "Yes. Yes, she is, and I need to make sure she's okay."

Jase: "Cam -"

Cam: "I'm leaving this room right this fucking second and you're not going to stop me."

When Jase didn't move, I cursed under my breath and reminded myself that he was only doing this because he was my friend.

Cam: "I'm not going to go beat the shit out of someone. I'm going to go find Avery. That's all I care about right now."

Jase: "I'm sure she's okay, Cam."

Cam: "You don't ... you don't understand, Jase. I think ... I think something happened to her before."

Comprehension settled across his face and then he stepped aside.

Jase: "Aw, shit."

Cam: "Yeah. Shit."

Jase: "Well, have fun. Don't impregnate her."

Ollie: "All I'm saying is that Presidents' Day is more interesting than Valentines Day. After all, Hallmark created V-Day. It's not a real day."

Brit: "Presidents' Day is boring. What happens on Presidents Day?"

Avery sat in my lap, curled up against my chest. It was a brutally cold day in Fevruary and I had unzipped my hoodie, gathering the ends around her.

Avery: "Did those two hook up at some point?"

I laughed under my breath

Cam: "I honestly don't know for sure."

Ollie: "There're car sales and furniture sales on Presidents' Day. And banks are closed."

Brit: "Wow. You don't get laid on Presidents' Day. You do on Valentine's Day."

Ollie paused

Ollie: "You offering?"

Cam: "Wow. Smooth."

Shortcake giggled.

Throwing out her arm, Brittany knocked Ollie off the bench.

Brit: "No. I am not offering."

Ollie: "That's a shame. I'd change your life, baby."

Avery laughed out loud, and I dropped my head on her shoulder, hiding my face as secondhand embarrassment washed over me.

Brittany looked unimpressed.

Brit: "You're probably right. I imagine that after one night with you, I'd be paying a visit to the health clinic for the rest of my life.."

Ollie: "Ouch. You would me."

She laughed

Brit: "I doubt that."

Cam: "Don't go. You're like my heated blanket."

She twisted toward me, pressing a kiss to the corner of my lips.

Avery: "I have to go to class."

Cam: "Skip. Come home with me. I'll warm you up."

Avery: "That's about as classy as Ollie changing Brittany's life."

Ollie: "Hey! Don't bring me into your little love nest."

Cam: "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Avery: "I was lonely. And I missed you. And I miss ..."

Cam: "Miss me? I know. Going even a few hours without my presence can cause heart palpitations, abnormal sweating, the occasional -"

Avery: "I think your arrogance is actually a disease."

I gave her a cocky grin.

Cam: "I like to think it's a character strength."

Cam: "Keep telling yourself that."

Cam: "Oh, Shortcake, you still don't have to thank me."

Avery: "But I ..."

She stopped, frowning.

Avery: "Shortcake?"

I opened my mouth and then realized my slip. Dropping my hands, I stepped back and laughed.

Cam: "Did I say that out loud?"

Avery: "Yeah, you kind of did. What's up with that?"

Fuck me, but I felt my cheeks start to burn

Her eyes widened as she smiled

Avery: "You're blushing! Oh my God, you're actually blushing! I need to know now why you're so flushed."

Cam: "What do I get if I tell you?"

She pinned me with an arched look that said what I wouldn't get if I tell her. That pissy look turned me on. Then again, when she breathed, it made me hot.

Cam: "It's really kind of stupid."

Catching her hand, I pulled her back to me. Once she was close enough, I dipped low and slid an arm under her legs.

Avery: "Hey! Stop trying to distract -"

She squealed as her feet went off the floor

Avery: "Cam!"

Picking her up, I held her close to my chest as I turned toward the hallway

Cam: "I'm not distracting you. I'm helping you back to the bedroom."

She narrowed her eyes

Avery: "Besides the fact that I don't need help going back to the bedroom, why are you carrying me back to the bedroom?"

Cam: "You don't walk fast enough. Hey."

Avery: "What?"

I winked a second before I dropped her over the middle of the bed. Her squeal ended in a grunt as she bounced. Her mouth opened, and I knew she was about to cuss me out every way but straight. I was on her before she could start what she was about to say, sliding my hands up under the hem of the shirt. In a second I had it off her and she was beautifully, magnificently bare. I shucked off my pants.

Her breath leaked out of her as I climbed onto the bed, admiring my handiwork.

Avery: "So. What about this Shortcake business?"

Cam: "Well, it's a nickname."

I kissed the space between her breasts

Cam: "For you."

Avery: "That much I figured."

Cam: "I came up with it the first time I met you."


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