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The Summer You Found Me by Elizabeth O'Roark

Updated: Jan 25

The Summer You Found Me

by Elizabeth O'Roark


Book 3 in The Summer Series


I tore out of rehab to win my husband back. It’ll work, too. He just needs to see that I’m clean, that I’m on my feet again.

Until that happens, though, I’ve got only got one guy in my corner—Beck, my husband’s best friend, who takes me in against his will and keeps me


Living with Beck is easier than I expected. And fun . Except I’ve got a long history of wanting things I’m not supposed to want.

And Beck may be the most dangerous of them all.


Kate had nowhere else to go—helping her out is the right thing to do. Though if she thinks the fact that she’s still married to my best friend means she’s safe walking around my house in nothing but a t-shirt…well, I’m somewhat less sure.

Because maybe Caleb could overlook her. Maybe Caleb could fail to notice her.

But from the moment we met, Kate’s been the only thing I could see. And no matter what she’s telling herself, she wants me just as badly as I want her.



Trauma from infant death, Drug Addiction


Before I begin, I would like to thank Valentine PR and Elizabeth O'Roark for sending me an ARC of The Summer I Found You in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I love this series.

I love this series so, so much.

So I knew I was going to read The Summer I Found You, but I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't apprehensive about this book.

Not because of everything that happened with the baby, but because Kate is ... difficult. I was scared I wouldn't like her, and personally, I need to like the main character.

I went into The Summer I Found You with an open mind, and you know what? By the end of the book, I can still say that Kate is difficult. She is complicated. But I like her.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Elizabeth's writing is how layered her characters are. They are so richly developed, and it's not always pretty.

Much like real life people.

Elizabeth did a beautiful job balancing the devil and angel on Kate's shoulders. Doing just enough to make her morally gray, and making sure the reader knew why she did the things she did.

She isn't simple.

She isn't always likeable.

But I respected her struggle.

Another thing I loved about this book? Beck. Complicated in a different way, in a less traumatic way, but complicated all the same because of his prickly personality. It was his steadfast support of Kate. His understanding. The only time he didn't support her, was when she was acting in a self-destructive way. He never one told her to calm down. To stop crying. He just supported her. It felt ... pure.

As for the romance between the two of them, it was everything I love in a romance. The tension between Kate and Beck is delicious. The banter is hilarious, and the chemistry between these characters is perfect. The characters play around each other perfectly. It was great!

And yes, steamy.

If you love emotional contemporary romances with rich characters, intense chemistry, and lots of tension, you will love The Summer I Found You. You will love this series. The Summer I Found You releases January 25th, 2024.



Coming soon after release!


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