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The Red Herring by Calia Read

The Red Herring

by Calia Read


Book 3 in the Belgrave Dynasty Series


When I came back to Charleston, I intended to take back my future and my one true love, Asa Calhoun.

Life had different plans for me, but it seems it always did.

As I try to move forward in my life, years of memories and passion between us refuse to stay buried in the past, leading me back to Asa.

But, so do the dark, sordid memories of my married life. I came back home a different person, with good reason.

Many things changed me over the past six years, including both love and betrayal. If I don’t face these truths, I might lose myself, and Asa, forever.


When I married Juliet Breymas I tried to replace the one person I wouldn’t allow myself to have, my Nathalie.

I never expected she’d return from Savannah.

Throughout the years we would came together, only to drift apart. Sometimes by choice, other times by chance.

But one thing always remained the same. I couldn’t seem to stay away from her, my one true love.

Life should be different now. I have a wife and much to look forward to.

Yet once again, it’s Nathalie I want, Nathalie who I keep turning to, Nathalie who allows me to be me.

And the woman I married, who seemed so perfect at first, well, she isn’t what she seems.

The longer I stay married to her, the more certain I am that Juliet has secrets she’s hiding.

Many things have changed in my life, but if I don’t discover the truth, I risk losing Nathalie forever.



I am currently not functioning at optimal energy levels due to only 3 hours of sleep.

I did nothing yesterday. No dishes. I fed my family frozen pizza for dinner.

All because Calia Read has done it again.

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I have been doing some promo for The Red Herring. I assumed that was all I was going to be doing, as I didn't hear anything about getting an arc. If you have read my reviews for Calia Read's Surviving Time Trilogy, and the first two books of Belgrave Dynasty - King of the South, and Lady Gouldian - you know I LOVE Calia's work, so just being picked to do promotional stuff for The Red Herring made me genuinely happy.

But a little after midnight, when I did a last minute email check before going to bed, I got THE email.

The Red Herring arc was sent to my kindle.

I mentally did a happy dance so I wouldn't disturb my husband, and forced myself not to start it that night.

No. Wednesday would be devoted to The Red Herring.

And it truly was. From the moment I sent my kids off to school, I was reading.

It. Was. Amazing.

It's been a year since I've read Lady Gouldian, but that book, that ending, ingrained itself in my brain. Every so often, Nathalie and Asa would pop into my head, and I would wonder how Calia would wrap up their story. How to turn such a complicated past, and even more complicated present, and weave them so these two characters could find their way to one another again. Calia Read did it though. She did it beautifully. With more memories from their pasts - their moments together, and their own personal journeys - everything came together. And while I never had an issue respecting their characters in the past, I ended up respecting them more.

Calia has this magic touch to her books, that I can't quite explain, but it's evident in The Red Herring. She writes truly dimensional, realistic characters. They all have their own hang ups, baggage, and issues that get in the way of the story, but in a realistic way that has you understanding where they are coming from. Her plotlines for her books always have a wonderful flow. I've never felt bored reading a book of hers. Every chapter has had meaning, and The Red Herring is no different. If this wasn't enough, her romances are unique and refreshing. Emotionally charged. Insanely sexy with intense chemistry. They truly sink their talons into you, and make an impact.

No joke.

I finished the book at 1am.

I couldn't fall asleep until 3am, because I couldn't stop thinking about what I just read.

There is a reason Calia Read was my number one top author in 2022.

In fact, she was on ALL my top ten lists for 2022, and I had to lump all her books into series' because I couldn't pick just one. Top 10 Romantic Reads, Top 10 Sexiest Reads, Top 10 Book Series', Top 10 Books I Want to Read in 2023, and Lady Gouldian ended up on my Top 10 Reads of the Year.

As I did after reading her Surviving Time series, after King of the South, and Lady Gouldian, I IMPLORE YOU to read these books, including The Red Herring, today. I promise you will not regret it, and Calia Read will become one of your favorites.

*Coming Soon! Release date is February 16th, 2023, so as soon as I get the links, you will too*

Coming soon after publication on February 16th, 2023, to avoid spoilers. :) Until then, here are a few teasers for your enjoyment.


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