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Happy New Year! Here is the Top 10 Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2023

Some of these books already have a publication date ... others just expected, or rumored. Let me know below what books you can't wait for this year!

10 (Excited) - 1 (Will literally squeal in excitement and might even pee my pants a little)

10. Throne of the Fallen

by Kerri Maniscalco

Expected Release: October 3rd, 2023

Synopsis: Not yet released, but here is some info: Throne of the Fallen is a standalone adult fantasy romance set in the KINGDOM OF THE WICKED universe and is told from both Envy’s perspective and a brand new character—Miss Camilla Antonius.

My thoughts: While I didn't truly love the Kingdom of the Wicked until the final book, one of the issues I had was it's labelling as young adult, which I felt was a bit of a roadblock for the story Kerri was trying to write. And lets be real; Kingdom of the Feared didn't read as a young adult. Maybe upper young adult. With Throne of the Fallen being specifically for adults, I feel like Kerri will have more freedom going forward in her story.

9. Requiem

by Hannah McBride

Expected Release: February 13th, 2023

Synopsis: Not yet released, but will center around Dimitri & Lulu's story

My thoughts: I love the Blackwater Pack series, and I can't wait to continue reading the series. Hannah McBride has written these characters so well that I don't mind when we move from couple to throuple, because I genuinely care and am invested in all their journeys. And with Dimitri and Lulu, it's going to be all whole new ballgame, with Lulu being a powerful witch, and Dimitri the heir to the first pack, and expected to marry and produce a werewolf heir. And of course, we can't forget their frenemies like banter and bickering. It's going to be intense - enough so for their story to span two books.

8. A Duet With The Siren Duke

by Elise Kova

Expected Release: August 15th, 2023

Synopsis: Not fully released, but here is a snippet: The sea will consume me, if given the chance…

In water as cold as death, the duet began. With it, she gained five years of freedom. But, her time is up. And now she will go beneath the waves and into the hands of the enchanting siren who claimed her as his sacrifice.

My thoughts: I love this series, and I can't wait for it to continue. I haven't read a whole lot of books that involve siren's, or mer-people, so I won't lie, I'm intrigued. Being a blend of The Little Mermaid and Orpheus and Eurydice, I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

7. Zodiac Academy #9

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Expected Release: 2023

Synopsis: Not yet released

My thoughts: I know some fans were upset that they decided to split the final book into two books, but my honest thoughts after reading the 8th book, it HAD to be done. Yes, it was long. Over 1200 pages on my kindle. But very little of it could have been cut. I appreciate their efforts to make sure all of their beloved characters have their stories told, and loose ends tied. After the action packed book 8, I can't wait for the conclusion. There is no date announced on it as of yet, but I believe they both said they wouldn't make us wait too long for the conclusion, so it will be this year.

6. Gold

by Raven Kennedy

Expected Release: June 8th, 2023

Synopsis: Not fully released, but here is a snippet:

'Find me in another life. Find me in all of them'

It all ends now.

My thoughts: After that epic cliffhanger in the last book, I need the conclusion to Auren and Slade's story. Like now.

5. Fall of Ruin and Wrath

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Expected Release: September 12th, 2023

Synopsis: Long ago, the world was destroyed by gods. Only nine cities were spared. Separated by vast wilderness teeming with monsters and unimaginable dangers, each city is now ruled by a guardian―royalty who feed on mortal pleasure.

Born with an intuition that never fails, Calista knows her talents are of great value to the power-hungry of the world, so she lives hidden as a courtesan of the Baron of Archwood. In exchange for his protection, she grants him information.

When her intuition leads her to save a traveling prince in dire trouble, the voice inside her blazes with warning―and promise. Today he’ll bring her joy. One day he'll be her doom.

When the Baron takes an interest in the traveling prince and the prince takes an interest in Calista, she becomes the prince’s temporary companion. But the city simmers with rebellion, and with knights and monsters at her city gates and a hungry prince in her bed, intuition may not be enough to keep her safe.

Calista must choose: follow her intuition to safety or follow her heart to her downfall.

Breathtaking suspense and scorching romance meet in this immersive new fantasy from a mega-bestselling force, Jennifer L. Armentrout.

My thoughts: Jennifer L Armentrout is one of my to-go reads, so its NO surprise this brand new fantasy romance is on this list. Honestly, from the teasers she posted on her facebook group, I've been excited for this release. It's going to be epic.

4. A Fire In The Flesh

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Expected Release: December 12th, 2023

Synopsis: Not yet released.

My thoughts: After the emotional turmoil A Light in the Flame caused me, A Fire in the Flesh can't come soon enough. I need more Nyktos in my life, and I need it now.

3. The Red Herring

by Calia Read

Expected Release: February 16th, 2023

Synopsis: Not yet released

My thoughts: After reading Lady Gouldian earlier this year, I've been obsessing over part 2 of Nat and Asa's story. It's finally almost here, and I'm looking forward to an epic conclusion.

2. Bridge Kingdom 4

by Danielle L Jensen

Expected Release: 2023

Synopsis: Not yet released

My thoughts: After The Inadequate Heir, I went through a major book hangover. I fell in love with Keris, and after that ending, I wished I had the next book in my hands. Now, this series always gets released on audible first, and is exclusive to audible for the first six months. In the past, I have waited the six months for the book, but I'm so excited for this book, I might just get over my aversion to audible books just to "read" it that much faster.

1. A Soul of Ash and Blood + A Fire in the Flesh

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Expected Release: A Soul of Ash and Blood - July 18th, 2023

Visions of Flesh and Blood - October 31st, 2023

Synopsis: Not fully released for ASOAAB, but here is a snippet:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout revisits the first novel in her phenomenal Blood and Ash series. But this time…it’s Hawke’s turn to tell the story.

Filled with new scenes, insights, and a few surprises, A Soul of Ash and Blood is a must-read for fans of From Blood and Ash and the love story of Poppy and Hawke.

For Visions of Flesh and Blood:

VISIONS OF FLESH AND BLOOD: a Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium is a comprehensive companion guide for background, history, reader-favorite information, art, and reference materials. Combined with original short stories and scenes from some of the world’s most beloved characters, as well as never-before-seen visual enticements, it’s a treat for the senses.

Told from the point of view of Miss Willa herself, the compendium acts like research material but reads like a journal and cache of personal notes, allowing the reader to revisit the characters and history they so love yet view things in a different way.

VISIONS OF FLESH AND BLOOD by Jennifer L. Armentrout with Rayvn Salvador is a must-add addition to the series that any Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire fan will enjoy.

My thoughts:

First of all, I have been looking forward to the Hawke POV since Jennifer said she was going to write it. I'm SO stoked.

As for Visions, despite being fairly knowledgeable about these series', I am also looking forward to this. Information, stories, fanart ... this will be amazing.

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