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Top 10 Best Reads of 2022

Below are my top 10 books of the year! They may have made it on this list for different reasons. A relationship finally consummated. Love found. Strong women, honorable, respectful men. Funny. Emotional. Intriguing. For these reasons, and so many more, these books below are my top ten of the year.

10 (Loved) - 1 (Obsessed to an unhealthy degree)

10. Tragic Bonds

by J. Bree

Why: I adored this series' so much, but I think the book that hit me the hardest was Tragic Bonds. It's emotional. Its dark, but enlightening. Oli is officially bonded to all of her mates. It's the book in the series that is the height of their story - they are bonded, and ready to face their enemies. Their relationships with Oli and one another are deep and loving, and just perfect at this stage. But I think Nox's backstory finally coming to light, and his journey with Oli throughout the series finding a peaceful resolution is what truly makes this one of my top ten of the year.

9. Mad Love

by Hannah McBride

Why: This series has been INSANE! Hannah McBride managed to write a richly woven, action packed story, with a passionate romance that you can't help by root for. Mad Love was a satisfying conclusion to Maddie and Ryan's story arc, and I can't wait for Hannah to continue the series, and tie up some loose ends with the side characters I fell in love with in these books.

8. A Duel With The Vampire Lord

by Elise Kova

Why: I love this series so much. It's always a true enemies to lovers romance, and here, it is no different. We get a strong female presence, who is not only able to overcome everything she has been taught her entire life, and find in herself an ability to get over hate and prejudice, but she intelligent and capable at everything that is thrown at her. The romance is a true match, which is what I love about Elise Kova's work. Romance on equal footing.

7. Lady Gouldian

by Calia Read

Why: This book. Honestly, I have LOVED Calia Read's other books, but Lady Gouldian had me chewing my nails the entire book. The TENSION. The CHEMISTRY. The INTENSITY. I was literally SOBBING at the end, and that cliffhanger just killed me. I can't wait for part 2 coming out next year.

6. Zodiac Academy: Heartless Sky

by Caroline Peckham and Suzanne Valenti

Why: How a series' that has such off the wall crazy shit has become one of my favorites, I am not sure, but it has. Heartless Sky especially is a wild ride that ensured a spot on my top 10 list. If I wasn't laughing, I was crying. And boy, did I cry. I mean, I had an emotional book hangover for days. It is a true testament to Caroline and Susanne's skills as writers that they have created a world and characters that I can't help but love and root for, yet still have that certain flair for the ridiculous that causes me to snort and stomp my hooves (you will only get this if you have read these books)

5. Glow

by Raven Kennedy

Why: Glow had a beautiful arc of a woman learning her own power, and embracing it. Healing from her trauma, and finding peace. Auren's journey was powerful enough, but add the intensely hot romance between her and Slade on top, and some really great side characters, Glow was an easy choice in my top ten of the year.

4. The War of Two Queens

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Why: The War of Two Queen's is easily my second favorite of the series to date (From Blood and Ash being the first, of course). We get intense battle scenes. We get Poppy learning how to control her growing power, and learning more about it along the way. We get her growing into a fair and just queen. We get so many answers to so many questions. Of course, there are more questions, but I'm here for it. Cas and Poppy's bond with one another, the strength in it, adds another layer to this already amazing story. But I think my two favorite parts of this this book is Poppy and Kieran's friendship, and the fact that this war isn't just between two different countries, but between a mother and daughter.

3. The Inadequate Heir

by Danielle L Jensen

Why: Okay, if you've read my reviews, you KNOW I love the enemies to lovers trope. But a book about two heirs of warring countries, falling in love? The Inadequate Heir had my heart pumping fast the whole book, for a multitude of reasons. The actions, the banter, the romance, the steam ... no joke, it almost made it to the number one spot on this list.

2. It Ends With Us

by Colleen Hoover

Why: I don't think I have ever read a book that affected me quite as much before. For weeks I would think of this book, and get weepy. It's been 4 months since I've read read this book, and it still gives me feels. Everything in this book felt real, and the reader takes Lily's journey with her right by her side. Despite being bittersweet, I don't think I will ever forget how this book made me feel, how it made me think about certain things, and how it has lingered in my mind since finishing.

1. House of Sky and Breath

by Sarah j Maas

Why: Action packed. Emotional. Witty. Sexy. So many questioned answered. And THAT ending. There was no way this wasn't ending up #1.

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