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Top 10 Sexiest Reads of 2022

Below I have listed my sexiest reads of the 2022 year. Keep in mind, I'm not just rating the sex in each book, but the sexual chemistry and buildup between the characters in each book as well.

10 (Sexy) to 1 (My lady parts combusted while reading)

10. The Inadequate Heir

by Danielle L. Jensen

The Sex: 3/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 4/5

Keris: “Some things I won’t be robbed of.”

He kissed the inside of one of her knees, and then the other, making her shiver.

Keris: “And being the one to make you come is foremost on that list.”

9. Surviving Time/Belgrave Dynasty (no, I can't choose)

by Calia Read

The Sex: 3/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 5/5

Livingston: “I’m simply curious. When I arrived this mornin’, I heard two of the maids talkin’ about how they overheard loud noises coming from your room, Étienne.”

Étienne, who’s in the middle of taking a sip of his coffee, coughs loudly while I fight the urge to slide under the table where I can privately die of mortification.

8. Dirty/Players Series (nope. Still can't choose)

by Jaine Diamond

The Sex: 3/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 4/5

Jesse: “Favorite food, T-bone steak, rare. I’m allergic to cats. I sometimes talk in my sleep.”

Katie: “Really? What do you say?”

Jesse: “I don’t know. You’re my girlfriend. You tell me.”

Katie: “I think I heard you mumble something about getting my name tattooed on your ass.”

Jesse: “Sounds like something I would say.”

I laughed.

Katie: “Favorite sexual position?”

Jesse: “My face. Between your legs.”

My laughter choked off as heat flushed my cheeks. Right. Oral fixation.

Katie: “Um…”

I swallowed.

Katie: “Isn’t that more of a foreplay


He didn’t answer that, just chewed his

gum and smiled.

7. Kingdom of the Feared

by Kerri Maniscalco

The Sex: 3/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 3/5

Wrath: "What are you doing?"

A coy smile curved my lips as I unfastened his trousers.

Emilia: "Conquering, your majesty."

6. Wicked Beauty

by Katee Robert

The Sex: 5/5

The Chemistry: 4/5

The Tension: 2/5

Achilles: “Look at the princess. You hurt her feelings when you acted like fucking her was something to be guilty about.”

The exasperation on Patroclus’s face is really, really attractive. He glances at me and shrugs.

Patroclus: “Sorry, Helen. He’s being ridiculous.”

It isn’t even a question of playing along with Achilles. I simply do it. I give Patroclus a sexy pout.

Helen: “He’s right. My feelings are very, very hurt.”

Achilles: “See.”

Achilles nods sagely but his dark eyes

are sparking with mirth. He’s

absolutely irresistible right now, and

he knows it.

Achilles: “Do you want to guess what would make our princess feel better?”

Patroclus: “I’m sure you’re about to tell me.”

Achilles: “Orgasms.”

Helen: “Yes.”

I nod quickly. I’m not touching the our princess with a ten-foot pole.

Helen: “Lots and lots of orgasms.”

Patroclus gives another of those sexy exasperated sighs.

Patroclus: “Gods save me, now there’s two of you.”

Helen: “You’re acting like it’s a bad thing.”

I’m still pouting and feeling a little ridiculous about how fun this is. The only people I play around with are Hermes, Dionysus, and Eros, and it’s not sexual in the least with any of them. I didn’t realize anything related to sex could be this fun. I nudge Patroclus’s bare calf with my foot.

Helen: “Double your pleasure, double your fun.”

Achilles barks out a laugh.

Achilles: “Listen to her. She knows what she’s about.”

Patroclus: “Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

A knock on the door has Patroclus rising. He points at us.

Patroclus: “Behave while we get to the bottom of the very serious attack on Helen last night.”

He pauses.

Patroclus: “If you manage that, we’ll spend the rest of the day naked in bed.”

Helen and Achilles: “Deal,”

we say at the same time.

5. King of Battle and Blood

by Scarlett St. Clair

The Sex: 4/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 3/5

Isolde: "I don't know what you mean by pretending. I am a saint."

Adrian: Oh, Sparrow, no one who fucks like you is a saint."

4. Glow

by Raven Kennedy

The Sex: 5/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 2/5

Slade: “Come, baby. Take your pleasure on my cock and fucking flood me with it.”

Her orgasm seems to implode. I feel her body clamp down on my cock, and my thrusts stutter. She calls out my name, shaking all over, her pussy surging with wet heat that sends me right over the edge with her.

Slade: “Good fucking girl.”

3. House of Sky and Breath

by Sarah J Maas

The Sex: 4/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 4/5

His laugh was like dark velvet.

Hunt: “Where would you like me to lick you, Quinlan?

2. The War of Two Queen's

by Jennifer L Armentrout

The Sex: 5/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 4/5

Casteel: “Brace yourself, my Queen.”

1. Bonds That Tie Series

J. Bree

The Sex: 5/5

The Chemistry: 5/5

The Tension: 4/5

Gryphon: “You’re assuming that I’m going to shower, but I’m going to smell like you all fucking day, Bonded. I’m going to sit in that stupid fucking meeting with your pussy all over my face, and it’ll be the only thing that gets me through the day.”

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