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House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City) | Everything you need to remember before CC2

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

House of Earth and Blood

by Sarah J Maas

Published by Bloomsbury

Book 1 in the Crescent City series

Bound by blood.

Tempted by desire.

Unleashed by destiny.

Bryce Quinlan had the perfect life—working hard all day and partying all night—until a demon murdered her closest friends, leaving her bereft, wounded, and alone. When the accused is behind bars but the crimes start up again, Bryce finds herself at the heart of the investigation. She’ll do whatever it takes to avenge their deaths.

Hunt Athalar is a notorious Fallen angel, now enslaved to the Archangels he once attempted to overthrow. His brutal skills and incredible strength have been set to one purpose—to assassinate his boss’s enemies, no questions asked. But with a demon wreaking havoc in the city, he’s offered an irresistible deal: help Bryce find the murderer, and his freedom will be within reach.

As Bryce and Hunt dig deep into Crescent City’s underbelly, they discover a dark power that threatens everything and everyone they hold dear, and they find, in each other, a blazing passion—one that could set them both free, if they’d only let it.

With unforgettable characters, sizzling romance, and page-turning suspense, this richly inventive new fantasy series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas delves into the heartache of loss, the price of freedom—and the power of love.



And if you have read my review on House of Earth and Blood, you know I fucking LOVED it, and can't WAIT for this new one. But House of Earth and Blood is a beast, and even I - who can remember tiny details about most books read years ago, but can't remember to take a pill every day - needed a refresher. So until House of Sky and Breath comes out, I will be posting 5 Crescent City refresher posts! This first post is just general information. Location, CC politics explained, important terminology and items, AND character bio's. Then we will get into chapter breakdowns - divided by the 4 parts of the book.



(otherwise known as Crescent City)

Important Notes about Crescent City:

  • It is an almost exact model of an ancient coastal city around the Rhagan sea. Micah Domitus has let CC be updated though, so while it still is a tribute to the old city, its also something the future can thrive in.

  • The location was picked because the bend in the Istros river looks like a crescent - which is why Lunathion is nicknamed Crescent City.

  • There are seven gateways in the city, all built on top of ley lines. Before the invention of mobile phones, all guards needed to do was place a hand on a golden disc, and speak, and they would be heard at all the other gateways. Now they are used as a tourist attraction.

  • Crescent City is located on Valbara - a continent in Midgard (the planet)

  • Midguard is ruled by the Asteri, who reside in the Eternal City, on the continent of Pangera

  • Micah Domitus is the governor of CC

Crescent City is divided by seven districts, which are controlled by a Vanir.

  • The Meat Market (controlled by The Viper Queen) - has its own laws and ways of dealing with things. Half human women tend to sell their bodies in the area, and some beings use the meat market as their personal hunting grounds.

  • Central Business District (controlled by Micah) - also called the CBD, is the main hub in CC, with the most modern shopping, businesses, and high rise condos available. The Comitium is in the heart of the CBD, and is where Micah and those who work for him live. Next to it is the 33rd barracks (Micah's personal guard). The square in the CBD is used for public crucifixion, a popular form of execution in CC.

  • The Old Square (controlled by The Oracle) is where Bryce's place of work is located. The White Raven is located in the center of it. Bryce picks this area to live in, as its the most friendly toward half breeds due to how touristy it is.

  • Asphodel Meadows (no head of this district) is where most of the humans live in CC.

  • Five Roses (controlled by The Autumn King) is sometimes called FiRO, and is where most of the Fae reside, including Ruhn.

  • Moonwood (controlled by the Prime of the Valbaran wolves, but unofficially Sabine rules) is where most shifters reside, and is where the Wolves Den is located.

  • The Bone-Quarter (controlled by the Under-King) is where the dead's spirit's reside.

Other locations mentioned:

  • Hel - another planet according to Aiden. It has 7 territories, each darker than the last, and is run by a "Prince of Hel". There is The Hallow, The Trench, The Canyon, The Ravine, The Chasm, The Abyss, and The Pit.

  • Rhagan Sea - Crescent City is a near replica to an ancient coastal city by the Rhagan Sea. It is not said where the Rhagan Sea is located

  • Pangera - a continent across the Haldren (I'm not sure what this mean - if it means equator, an ocean, or what) where the human rebellion rages on

  • Psamathe Desert - about a 5 hour drive from Crescent City, an hour for an angel at top flying speeds, or 30 minutes by helicopter.

  • Heliruna Mountains - Mountains covered with a deep Boreal forest that was rumored to shield Hypaxia from the Republics influence

  • Dolas Mountains - Where the rare gorsian stones, used for magic nullifying manacles, is mined.


The Asteri

Essentially, the Gods of Midguard. They rule everything. No true descriptions of them, but it is believed their forms are made by the extreme raw power of the stars.


The Imperial Senate

In name only, as they are puppets of the Asteri.


The Archangels

The most powerful of the archangels are made governors of areas in Midgard.


House leaders

There are four houses the population are sorted in.

House of Earth and Blood






House of Sky and Breath


Malakim (angels)



Sprites (removed after the angel rebellion)

House of Many Waters



River Spirit



Water beast

House of Shadow and Flame








Many wicked and unseen things that Urd cannot see

The most important to know about this, for this first part, is that while House of Shadow and Flame and House of Many Waters are lead by one person each (The Under-King and The River Queen), the House of Earth and Blood, and the House of Sky and Breath are split up amongst the most powerful.' Being labeled as King or Queen is really a courtesy, as the ones truly in power is the Asteri.

Important Terminology

The Ascent - this is the hardest part of the drop, coming back to life. Only with an anchor is this possible, and the more powerful you are, the farther you had to drop into your power, and harder it is to come back.

The Asteri - Treated as Gods, they control every aspect of the world. Unknown vanir. They created the Malakim to be the perfect soldiers, which is why they are the most powerful Vanir. Hunt describes being in their presence at his trial as, at that point, the most horrific of his life. So unearthly, it was as though his own life was a mayfly, his power a wisp of breeze in the face of their hurricane. They each hold the power of a sacred star, and each can destroy a planet.

Auxiliary - Law enforcement group. Predator Shifters (like wolves) do not have a choice in joining the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary takes orders from the City Heads. There are different divisions of the Auxiliary, separated by shifters, Fae, etc...

The Crossing - when Vanir crawled through the opening in the world, and took over Midguard

Starborn - Some of the first Fae has the power of starlight. To be starborn, means you are a descendant of the First Fae

The Ordeal - it is a very difficult personal trial or hardship that each Fae will go through before they make the drop. The level of difficulty depends on their level of power.

The Drop - is a ritual for Vanir to claim their powers and immortality. The initial part of the drop is easy - you drop into your power. But once you get to the bottom, your mortal body expires. Then it's a race back through the psychic pathway of your power to come back to life, before your brain shuts down from lack of oxygen. One is unable to complete the drop alone. You need someone to anchor you to life, to lead you back.

Eleusian System - a computer program that can monitor every moment of "The Drop" by recording the vibrations in the worlds magic.

Firstlight - When a Vanir completes The Ascent, their body is bathed in "Firstlight", which the government siphons away to use for healing, powering the city, and other "dark purposes" known to the republic. You get a tiny drop of it in a jar as a souvenir.

The Fall - This refers to the defeat of the Angel Rebellion. A play on the term "fall from grace". The rebel angels were enslaved, and had halos tattooed to their heads to bind their power.

The Great Library of Parthos - a supposedly mythical and ancient library that holds forbidden books, written by Philosophers who write about evolution, mathematics, theories to disprove the superiority of the Vanir and Asteri. Some that are claimed to have existed before the Asteri arrived. It's later discovered that the Library resides under Griffin's Antiquities - until it's moved to a safer location. According to Micah, a hundred thousand humans knowingly went to their deaths in a battle, just to give the priestesses more time to save the books.


The Halo - a tattoo imbed with magic by the Pangeran witches, placed on the foreheads of the rebel Angels to contain most of their power. It's placement is in reference to how human's used to see angels. Around 2000 Malakim have them. Aiden is the only one to call it the "Black Brown", which confuses Hunt.

Keres - an offshoot of the Ophion group, and led by Philip Briggs

Ley Lines - Natural channels of firstlight that travel through the city under ground. Called Highways of Power, they travel right through the gateways.

The Living Death - the punishment where an angel's wings are cut off. They grow back over weeks, but its painful.

Mystics - Not a lot of detail (YET), but it was another option for Hunt and Bryce to ask about the horn, OTHER than the Oracle. Hunt says they are "some dark, fucked up shit"

Malakim - Angels. They were created to be soldiers for the Asteri. They have no choice but to be in the legion. Hunt says if he wasn't officially branded as a slave, he would be in a sugar coated version of it anyway.

Northern Rift - A rift that opens to other realms and planets. Closed by the Pelias using the horn, it has small cracks that demons can slip through, and more importantly, the demon princes in small animal forms. They have no power in those forms though, and can only stay for a few hours.

Otters - True animals, not shifters, their intelligence and old magic in their veins made them perfect messagers between the 3 realms: the mer in the River, the Reapers in the Bone Quarter, and the residents of Crescent City.

Ophion (Human rebellion) - Humans who are tired of having no rights have revolted, and war has broke out on Pangera. It has yet to reach the shores of Crescent City. It has been going on for 40 years.

Primal Rage/Wrath - a state of absolute fury that a fae can enter, their power lashes out, they become stronger, and tend to destroy things around them. Bryce describes her vision going hazy, her muscles seizes painfully, and her fingers curving as if she wants to tear into something

The Sailing - a ritual performed after one dies. The body is put into a black boat, and it is sailed across the Istros River to the entrance of the Bone Quarter, where their soul is welcomed by the Under-King, and they are granted access to the mist veiled shores. If a soul is deemed unworthy of this, the boat will tip their body into the river before making it to the Bone Quarter, and the soul is given to the river.

SPQM - the slave mark tattooed on every slaves wrist. The letters SPQM are surrounded by the seven stars of the Asteri. No matter what is done to it - burned or cut off - it will return. Stands for Senatus Populusque Midguard (The Midguard Senate and People)

The Summit - Each territory in Midgard held their own Summit every 10 years, attended by various leaders in their borders, along with a representative of the Asteri and a few visiting dignitaries relevant to whatever issues would be discussed.

Through Love, all is possible - what the Oracle told Danika when she went as a teenager, Hunt also says its an ancient saying, dating back to some god he can't remember, but wouldn't be surprised if it was Cthona

Vanir - Supernatural beings.

The 18th - Shahar's most elite warriors in the Angel rebellion

The 33rd/The Triarri - The Governor of Crescent City's personal guard and army. Also a law enforcement group, but can only be ordered by the Governor. Most of the 33rd are slaves.

The 45th - Was Sandriel's triarii. Consists of the Harpy, the Hellhound, the Hawk, and the Hind.

Important Items

Archisian Amulet - an incredibly rare and expensive amulet said to protect the wearer. Bryce is given on by her boss Jesiba, as Bryce will be around a lot of dangerous artifacts and clients. It is the amulet of the priestesses who one served Parthos.

Brimstone Missiles - missiles made from pure magic from the Asterian Guard. A combination of angelic powers of wind, and rain, and fire into one, bound with firstlight.

Godslayer Rifle - very rare, incredibly powerful rifle. Bullets are made from gold, are 6 inches long, and are usually engraved. The one Bryce uses is engraved "Memento Mori" (Remember you will die)

Gorsian Stone manacles - manacles made from a stone that completely nullifies vanir power. The stones are mined from the Dolas Mountains. It is rumored that the human rebels are working on turning the metal to a spray to use against Vanir on the battlefield.

Danika's sword - A Fendyr family heirloom. Meant to be passed down generation to generation, Danika's grandfather bypassed his daughter Sabine, and gave the sword to Danika, as he claimed the sword called out to her.

Lightseeker - Party drug that resembles a white powder that reflects different colors. Creates a euphoric and energetic high that also increases affection and positivity in its user. Seems similar to ectasy.

Luna's Horn - A Fae item that belonged to the first Fae, it was named after the Goddess Luna. It belonged to Pelias, the First Starborn Prince, who used it during The First Wars. After facing off with The Prince of The Pit for three days, he was mortally injured. Before succumbing to his injuries, he summoned the full strength of the horn, banishing the Prince of the Pit, his brethren, and their armies back to Hel. It closed the Northern Rift permanently, but left it broken. Demons can only leave through small cracks, or being summoned with salt. Only a Starborn Fae can use the horn. At the end of the book, we learn that the horn was stolen by Danika, after Micah blackmailed her. Danika, suspicious of Micah's intentions, didn't hand over the horn, but had it round into powder, mixed with ink, and tattooed on Bryce's back

Mirthroot - Creates a calming and mildly hallucinogenic high in its users. Very similar to marijuana, except for the hallucinogenic effect. It can be smoked through cigarettes' or bongs.

Synth - is a drug made from synthetic magic, created by Redner Industries, that gives humans Vanir powers for an hour, and increases Vanir's powers. For a human, their powers would be stronger than a Vanir. A high dose will lead to the user killing those around them, and themselves. The only known cure for a Synth overdose is Kristallos venom, which nullifies magic, stabilized by the healing magic of a powerful medwitch. Ironically, the amount of obsidian salt matches the unholy number of the Kristallos demon, which causes users to sometimes accidently summon it. It was labelled as a healing drug, as it started out that way. We later learn that Synth was actually created by human rebels, but human spies tipped off Redner Industries, who had Danika bring them and the research back to them. Danika kept an eye on the trials for Synth, in hopes that it could help Bryce, being half human with no power, a leg up in the world. After seeing the test trials though, she became concerned for the test subjects - the human rebels she brought in.

Starsword - Sword that Ruhn pulled from a stone during his ordeal, as it recognized his Starborn powers. It is the fabled dark blade of the ancient Starborn fae. When pulled from its scabbord, starlight flows through the blade, before settling at the tip. Despite this, the sword is powerless without the matching long-daggered knife, that was forged from the iridium mined from the same meteorite that fell on their old world. The knife was lost eons ago, with no recollection on how it was lost. It is thought to have been lost during the First Wars. "When knife and sword are reunited, so shall out people be."

Not an item but ...

Kristallos Demon - a demon created to find Luna's Horn. Created by the Star Eater, using blood from Prince Pelias on the battlefield and his own dark essence. Suspected to be a Type-Six demon, where Type-Seven is allocated for the Princes themselves. Because of the obsidian salt in synth matches that of the unholy number of the demon, users of it can accidently summon it.


These are just general bio's. We will get more in depth when we go through the chapters :)

Bryce Quinlan (Half-Fae/Half-Human)

  • Bryce is the bastard daughter of the autumn fae king, and estranged from him after he threw her out in the street after finding out her power levels.

  • She has wine red hair, looks mostly human except for her hair and ears, and is curvy.

  • She works in an antiquities store, selling rare, and sometimes illegal artifacts

  • She met Danika in college, and they have been best friends since.

  • Her step-father trained her on self-defense and guns

  • Ruhn and her were close for three years, until a terrible fight occurred.

  • Nicknames are B, BB, and Legs.

  • Loves dance, and would have pursued it as a career, but was told she couldn't because of her body type

  • Hunt describes her scent as a combination of nutmeg, lilacs, and the gleam of the first stars at nightfall. Later, he thinks she smells like paradise, home, and eternity. Of exactly where he was always meant to be.

  • Later find out that she makes a deal with the Under-King, exchanging her place in the Bone Quarter for Danika. Whether this becomes null-and-void after the events of this book is unknown.

  • Bryce, along with her parents and Danika, kept Bryce's Starborn power a secret - until Bryce reveals it in an attempt to save the city.

  • Danika had the horn ground to powder, mixed with witch-ink, and tattooed on Bryce's back, knowing Bryce was Starborn. It's in the language of the universes.

  • Bryce's Ordeal is her fight with Micah, one she ultimately wins by shooting Micah in the head with the Godslayer rifle

  • After completing the drop, she becomes a decimal point stronger than The Autumn King, because she used the plaque to connect with Danika's soul, that millions and millions of beings dropped power into over the centuries to make a simple wish, to complete the drop with. The firstlight Bryce creates during her Drop fixes the city, and heals injured beings.

  • Bryce is the only known being to complete the Drop without a real anchor, as Danika was dead and unable to be a true one. She is also the only one known to survive the Ascent after going beyond her power means by using an artificial source.

  • After Bryce uses her power to save the city, she is left with a pale scar of an 8 pointed star on her chest

  • In the epilogue, it is revealed though Jesiba and Aiden that Bryce carries Theia's light.

Danika Fendyr (Shifter-Wolf)

  • Alpha of the Pack of Devils

  • Had silvery blonde hair with colored highlights, a tattoo on her neck of a horned wolf, and a tattoo along her spine that said "Through love, all is possible", that she got with Bryce.

  • Daughter of Sabina, the Prime Apparent of the Valbaran wolves. She has no idea who her father is.

  • Danika's grandfather gave her the family heirloom sword, bypassing her mother, because it "called" to her.

  • Rumored that with her power levels after making The Drop, she could be alpha of ALL wolves in the world.

  • is the only person who knows Bryce's biggest secret (other than her mother and step-father)

  • Died at age 23, along with her pack. While at first believed that the Kristallo's demon was responsible, and later determined that Danika was addicted to synth, and killed her pack and herself when overdosing, it later comes out that Micah nullified Danika and the packs powers, injected Danika with synth, which caused her to kill her pack mates and herself.

  • Nicknames are Dani and The Party Princess

  • According to Micah, Danika was researching something at Redner Industries on her own time.

  • Danika gives up the rest of her essence, her soul, to boost Bryce in the Ascent

Hunt Athalar (Malakim/Angel)

  • Full name is Orion Athalar, also known as the Umbra Mortis (The Shadow of Death)

  • Most notorious Fallen Angel, and is now a personal assassin for Micah

  • Is the only being who has the gift to harness lightening, and considered one of the most powerful beings on the planet without the halo containing his magic

  • He was the right hand of Shahar, and was the General in her legendary 18th elite

  • Hunt is assigned to guard Bryce while she tries to figure out who Danika and the Pack of Devils murderer is, and as they work together, the closer they get.

  • Has grey wings

  • Smells of rain kissed cedar

  • After Hunt sacrifices himself to save Bryce, Bryce ultimately saves his life with the firstlight generated from her Drop

  • Aiden says that he thinks Hunt's father would have been proud - but no mention of who his father is

Ruhn Danaan (Fae)

  • Bryce's half brother (but others know him as her cousin)

  • Crown Prince of the Valbaran Fae

  • Known as the chosen one, the Starborn, as he is the only known fae to have access to the stars light. He was also able to retrieve the Starsword from a rock during his Ordeal.

  • Best friends are Tristan Flynn, and Declan Emmet

  • Deeply resents his father, for many reasons, including his treatment of Bryce, and his mother.

  • Is deeply loyal to Bryce despite their fight, and Bryce pushing him away

  • Keeps the full strength of his shadow magic secret, but is advanced enough that he can speak to people telepathically

Isaiah Tiberian (Malakim/Angel)

Art by Salome Totladze @morgana0anagrom

  • Commander of the 33rd Legion

  • was a part of the Angel rebellion, and a part of Shahar's elite 18th Legion

  • despite being enslaved, he has worked his way up the ranks under Micah, by being agreeable and doing what he is told, in hopes that he will eventually be freed

  • Mentioned he has a boyfriend, but its also hinted that he saves a lot of his money, and does everything he is told to free someone he loves.

  • Has white wings

Micah Domitus (Malakim/Angel)

Art by Salome Totladze @morgana0anagrom

  • Governor and Archangel of Crescent City, appointed by the Asteri

  • Head of the Central Business District

  • Owns and controls the angels in the 33rd Legion

  • Seen as incredibly handsome, with large, white wings, he is also known as being very cold, and unforgiving.

  • His powers are stronger than most other angels

  • Bryce shoots him, killing him. But she makes sure by using Danika's sword to cut him to pieces, burning his body to ash, then vacuums him up.

Pack of Devils:

  • Connor Holstrom - Danika's second in command. After his parents died when he was a teenager, he raised his little brother on his own, and insisted he go to college before playing Sunball professionally. They were very close. He developed feelings for Bryce in college, but Danika ordered him to not pursue her, and he obeyed. Five years later, with both Bryce and him clearly interested in each other, Danika gives him permission to ask her out. A few hours later he was killed. Thorne and him were going to be Danika and Bryce's anchors during the drop. At the end of the book, the Under-King gives Bryce a gift for her saving the city - a glimpse of Connor and the Pack on the shore of the Bone Quarter. Connor waves at her, smiling, and Bryce waves, smiling and crying, and blows him a gentle kiss.

  • Nathalie - Danika's third. Was killed along with her pack.

  • Thorne - Danika's Omega. Seemed to be a "gravitational pull" between Thorne and Danika, like two stars orbiting each other. Him and Conner were going to be Danika and Bryce's anchors during the drop. He was killed with the pack.

  • Bronson - liked documentaries, and was never allowed to pick the movie. Died with his pack.

  • Zach and Zelda - nicknamed "The Ghosts" for their white fur coats, and were twins. They died with the pack.

Gods/Goddess' Mentioned:

  • Luna - patron goddess of Crescent City, and favors some members from both House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath. Luna's Horn - a fae relic - was named after the Goddess. She is known for never having a mate or lover

  • Urd

  • Solas - Sun God

  • Cthona - Mother/Goddess.

  • Ogenas- The River Queen is possible his/her daughter

Other Characters:

Aidas (Demon)

  • One of the 7 princes of Hel, Prince of the Chasm, the 5th circle of Hel

  • First meets Bryce in cat form, when he is lured by The Oracle screaming after her meeting with Bryce. He sits next Bryce, telling her not to cry because it would make those who hurt her happy, and stays with her until she is calm enough to return to her father.

  • Bryce summons Aidas to see if he has more insight into the murders. He appeared as a "slender, pale-skinned pretty boy", thinking it would please Bryce more than his cat form. When summoned, the room becomes so cold, it only takes minutes for frostbite to occur, and the air hurts to breathe.

  • He says that Theia's light is a song in his blood, and he will never forget the exact shine and use of it

Amelie Ravenscroft (Shifter/Wolf)

  • Alpha to the Black Rose Pack

  • Deeply resents Bryce because Connor, Danika's second, had feelings for Bryce.

  • When she has a friend write "trash" on the chocolate crescents Bryce ordered to remember Danika's birthday, Hunt finds her and threatens her. When Sabine insists that Micah punish Hunt, Amelie insists she doesn't want that, whether its because of Hunt's threats or her own guilt, I am not sure.

Declan Emmet (Fae)

  • one of Ruhn's best friends, and a member of the Aux

  • is a hacker, and makes him money by hacking into the republics system, and telling them how to block him

  • has the rare fae gift of healing

Ember Quinlan (Human)

  • is Bryce's mother

  • The Autumn King pursued her when she was 19 years old, seduced her, and tried to keep her. When she realized she was pregnant, she ran away.

  • In the course of running away, she seeked help from Solas's Temple, in hopes of getting a Holy Guard. Randall, two weeks away from taking his vow, is selected to help her as she would be more comfortable with a human. When the Autumn Kings people find Ember and her child, they didn't realize the human she has with her was a notorious sharpshooter. It is assumed they killed the Autumn Kings People, but in reality Bryce blinded them with her Starborn power, making them easy kills, and they kept it secret. After this event, the House of Earth and Blood deemed Ember a vessel of Cthona, and Randall a vessel of Solus, meaning the Autumn King couldn't touch them. She is married Randall Silago, and they raised Bryce together.

  • Sells pottery of fat babies lolling in beds of vegetables.

Fury Axtar (unknown)

  • Bryce doesn't know what Vanir she is

  • she is an infamous assassin, and has a license to kill in many different areas of the world.

  • is one of Bryce's best friends, but kept her distance from Bryce after the murders

  • has an ongoing relationship with Juniper

  • so dangerous, Hunt even prefers to stay away from her.

  • Her handgun is engraved with silver wings

Hypaxia Enador (Witch)

  • Queen of the Valbaran Witches, after her mother's (Hecuba) death

  • was a Med-Witch

  • The Autumn King wants to arrange a marriage between Ruhn and Hypaxia, to ensure allies

  • Is the one who heals Bryce of her injury from the Krystallo's demon, and creates an antidote combining the venom from her leg and her healing magic to stabilize it. She gives Bryce a dose of it in a vial, as a reminder of the past.

  • Is the one who removes Hunt's halo

  • is rumored to have been raised deep in the boreal forest of the Heliruna Mountains, to keep her from the influence of the Republic

Ithan Holstrom (Shifter/Wolf)

  • is Connor's little brother

  • was a professional Sunball player, until his brother's death.

  • Resents Bryce for her behavior the night of the murders

  • Is a member of the Black Rose Pack

  • In Part I, Bryce said that Ithan was her second favorite of the wolves, Danika being her favorite. They had a very close, teasing friendship.

  • He comes to Bryce's aid, along with the rest of the wolves in the city, when Bryce's heads to Asphodel Meadows to protect the humans

Jesiba Roga (Sorceress)

  • she is an infamous sorceress

  • she is Bryce's boss

  • said to be the Under-Kings emissary

  • Well known to turn people who annoy her into animals

  • Incredibly powerful and feared

  • switched from the House of Earth and Blood to the House of Shadow and Flame

  • apparently knew Hunt's father best

Juniper Andromeda (Fawn)

  • is a famous dancer for the City Ballet

  • one of Bryce's best friends

  • is in a relationship with Fury

Justinian Gelos (Malakim/Angel)

  • a member of the 33rd

  • Deceased by crucifixion

Lady Helena (Starborn Fae)

  • Daughter to Queen Theia, and married to the first Starborn Prince, Prince Pelias

  • Was one of the First Fae

  • Described as having night colored hair, and golden skin that poured starlight and shadows

Lehabah (Fire Sprite)

  • enslaved from birth. Due to the Sprites part in the Angel Rebellion, all future Sprites would be enslaved, not just those in the rebellion.

  • Owned by Jesiba, Lehabah guards the antiquities and forbidden books in the basement, and keeps the books in line when they misbehave

  • Bryce's friend

  • Made completely of flames, she is able to change the color of the flames with her mood.

  • According to Lehabah, she says she is a descendant of Queen Ranthia Drahl, Queen of Embers, her six times great grandmother. She was dethroned in the Elemental Wars, and her family was cast from favor. They had a good chance of regaining their title until her great great grandmother was booted from the Eternal City for being falsely accused of trying to steal the royal consort from the imposter queen.

  • Loved watching trashy TV, and gossiping

  • was attracted to Hunt and Ruhn

  • Her great great grandmother fought in the 18th with Hunt

  • Died protecting her friends, and after learning that Bryce freed her. And it doesn't matter how many times I reread it ... I still bawl my eyes out.

Lidia Cervos (Shifter/Deer)

  • most notorious spy-master and breaker for The Republic, and answers to the Asteri directly.

  • Known as The Hind

  • was in a relationship with Pollux

Maximus Tertian (Vampyr)

  • son of the most wealthy and monstrous vampyrs of Pangera

  • after meeting for a transaction, Maximus thought that Bryce would spend the night with him. When he wouldn't take no for an answer, her brother Ruhn pushed him away.

  • Later that night, he was found dead, in the same state as Danika and the Pack of Devils.

Naomi Boreas (Malakim/Angel)

  • Captain of the 33rd Infantry

Philip Briggs (Human)

  • Leader of the Keres (an off-shoot of the human rebellion)

  • Was originally arrested by Danika and the Pack of Devils, for planning several bombings, including a bombing of a popular Venir nightclub

  • He was released the day of Danika and the pack's murders, because of a loophole in the system, but was re-arrested that night, accused of the murders.

  • He was found guilty, at a "sham of a trial", and is tortured on a regular basis in prison

  • He admits that Danika came to him weeks before his initial arrest, and warned him that while she was sympathetic to his cause, if he went ahead with his plans, she would have to arrest him. He never wanted revenge for the arrest, and while he had evidence that he didn't kill Danika and the pack, he wouldn't give it, to protect those around Danika who were also sympathetic to the Rebellion, and his own shame over his failure.

Pollox Antonius (no confirmed Vanir, but I would guess Malakim/Angel)

  • Nicknamed "The Hammer", is known to love to torture people

  • Commander of Sandriels Triarii

Prince Pelias (Starborn Fae)

  • One of the first fae, and one of several Starborn fae

  • The first Starborn Prince

  • High General for Queen Theia

  • was able to yield Luna's Horn, and uses it before dying to close the Northern Rift.

  • Was killed by the Prince of the Pit

Queen Theia (Starborn Fae)

  • One of the first Fae, and was a Fae queen

  • Had two daughters, both with Starborn power, but history only names Lady Helena

  • Was killed on the battlefield by Prince Pelias

Randall Silago (Human)

  • Bryce's step-father since she was three years old

  • Legendary war hero and sharpshooter. Dracon Captain in the 25th Legion

  • Was an acolyte to Solas before being assigned as an escort to Ember and three year old Bryce, to get them to safety from the Autumn King. They faced off against a group of fae that were sent after them.

  • Was deemed a vessel for Solas, and Ember a vessel for Cthona, giving them a mark of protection, meaning the Autumn King could do nothing to them.

  • Later married Ember, and raised Bryce as his own.

  • Is now the co-head of an organization that helps humans who are traumatized by their military service.

Reid Redner (Human)

  • Rich ex-boyfriend of Bryce

  • works for his father at Redner Industries, a company that produces human items enhanced with Vanir magic.

Rigelus (Asteri)

  • Is the head of the Asteri, and the most powerful of them all

  • is known as the "Bright Hand of the Asteri"

  • Only seen through a video conference at the Summit, recognizing Hypaxia as the new Witch Queen, and telling those at the Summit to discuss how to end the war.

  • Rigelus notices Hunt staring him down.

  • After the events at the end of the book, apologizes to Bryce for the Asteri almost destroying Crescent City, and granting Hunt freedom with words, but underneath those words were threats to everyone she loves if she steps out of line.

  • Covers up the fact that a half human/half fae was able to kill a powerful Archangel, and to thank her for her discretion, they will allow Hunt to remain free, as long as its also covered up that a slave killed another archangel.

  • Looks like a teenage boy

Riso (Shifter/Butterfly)

  • owns The White Raven

  • always has a booth open for Fury, since he knows her through her job

Sabine Fendyr (Shifter/Wolf)

  • Alpha of the Scythe Moon Pack, and Prime Apparent of the Valbaran Wolves

  • Danika's mother, but their relationship was strained due to jealousy over Danika's power

  • Upset that the family heirloom sword was given to Danika, after centuries of her father promising it to her. But he explained that the sword called to Danika, which is why he had given it to her.

  • Although she is next in line for the Prime position after her father dies, there were whispers that she should be skipped, in favor of Danika who would have way more power than her mother after making The Drop.

  • Despite the strained relationship, she does love Danika, as she is distraught over her death, and she knows Danika's soul is with Bryce when she makes the drop, quoting Danika's favorite quote "Through love, all is possible."

Sandriel (Malakim/Angel)

  • Archangel and Governor of the northwestern quadrant of Pangea

  • her twin sister was the leader of the Angel rebellion

  • rumored that she had her parents killed so that her and Shahar could claim their Archangel status'

  • at one point, she owned Hunt, and subjected him to centuries of torture and fighting in the arena for her entertainment.

  • Deceased by end of book, by being "flayed by the inside out with lightening"

Shahar (Malakim/Angel)

  • Leader of the Rebellion against the Imperial Senate.

  • Was nicknamed "Daystar"

  • her twin sister was Sandriel, and her belief that Sandriel had their parents killed for power lead her to beginning the uprising.

  • was Hunt's lover

  • Was killed by her sister in the skies at the Battle at Mount Hermon

Sirius (Asteri)

  • Was one of the seven Asteri, and is the first, and only, Asteri to be ever killed. It is rumored that her remains were eaten by The Prince of The Pit, (the 7th circle of Hel) earning him the nickname "Star-Eater"

Star Eater (Demon)

  • is the Prince of the Pit (The 7th level of Hel), and is incredibly powerful, more powerful than the other princes of Hel

  • is the first, and only being to ever kill as Asteri

  • was banished, along with his brethren and their armies, back to Hel, with the power of Luna's Horn, used by Prince Pelias before he died on the battlefield. Because of the horn, the Northern Rift is closed forever, with only small cracks for demons to leave by summoning.

  • No one utters his name - Voldemort style.

Syrinx (Chimera)

  • used to be owned by Jesiba, but when Jesiba grew bored with him and wanted to sell him, Bryce was so distraught that Jesiba let Bryce buy Syrinx's freedom, and pay in installments.

  • Very protective of those he loves and trusts.

  • Wasn't a fan of Hunt at the beginning (and bites him in the ass one morning), but warms up to him the longer he is around

  • Chimera's have the power to pick locks, and teleport between spaces, leading Hunt to be amused at the fact that Bryce puts him in a crate when she leaves the house.

  • Can communicate in some way, as Lehabah talks with him, but it hasn't been made obvious how.

Tharion Ketos (Mer)

  • Is Captain of Intelligence for The River Queen

  • is a friend of Hunt's

The Autumn King (Fae)

  • One of the seven heads of Crescent City, Head of Five Roses

  • is Ruhn and Bryce's father

  • Seduced Ember Quinlan, and wanted to keep her. When she realized she was pregnant, she ran away before he could scent the pregnancy and lock her up. When he found out Ember had a child, he sent a group of people to bring Ember and the Child to him, but at this point, Ember was aligned with Randall, and together they fought the group. They were later named as vessels of Cthona and Solas, and became untouchable by the king.

  • When Bryce was 13, she decided she was ready to meet her father, and was excited about it. The Autumn King brought her to The Oracle, but after finding out Bryce's power was minimal, he threw her belongings out of the house.

  • Incredibly cold and demands respect for his position

  • Is always locked in his office, performing experiments and monitor the positions of the planets in their world, searching for "patterns."

  • He appears upset when he finds out Bryce's hatred for him, and her declaration that Randall is her true father.

  • Bryce believes he played a part in the last Starborn Prince's death, and has warned Ruhn to be careful, as she see's how The Autumn King keeps Ruhn beneath him, despite Ruhn's Starborn power.

The Oracle (Sphinx)

  • one of the seven Heads of Crescent City and has control over The Old Square

  • Gives prophecies and can measure power in fae. It's tradition to go to the oracle on your 13th birthday to be read by her.

  • She told Ruhn that the Autumn King's line will die with him

The River Queen (Half Mer/Half River Spirit)

  • One of the seven heads of Crescent City, and rules over the Blue Court, located under the Istros River.

  • Rumored to the be daughter of Ogenas, born from the mighty river-that-encircles-the-world. Hunt believes there is a 50/50 chance that this is true.

The Under-King (Unknown Vanir)

  • One of the seven heads of Crescent City, and controls the Bone Quarter

  • When Bryce went to The Bone Quarter to make a deal, The Under-King was veiled in black and silent as death. His voice sounded both old and young, male and female, kind and full of hatred, hideous and beckoning.

The Viper Queen (Shifter/Serpent)

  • One of the seven heads of Crescent City and rules over the Meat Market

  • Specializes in venoms and poisons

  • Can taste when "shit is about to go down" in the air

Theia (Fae)

  • A ancestor of Bryce, Bryce has her Starlight power

Tristan Flynn (Fae)

  • is a Lord, but tries to forget about the duties that will fall to him when his father dies.

  • Best friends with Ruhn and Declan.

  • Is part of the Aux, along with Ruhn and Dec

  • Bryce had a huge crush on him when she was younger, and fantasized marrying him.

  • After finding out the truth about Bryce, he called her his "Princess" and treated her as such

Viktoria Vargos (Wraith)

  • part of the 33rd Legion

  • as punishment for her part in the Angel Rebellion, she has been trapped in the body she is currently in (Wraiths are able to switch bodies and inhabit them at will) , meaning she will grow old and die.

  • Hunt likes her as she knows when to give him space, and respect her for being one of the few non-angels to join the rebellion

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