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Crescent City Refresher | PART I | The Hollow

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

It's a big book, with a lot of information - but we can do this! Did you check out the first refresher post? I suggest you do. Refresh your memories on Crescent City, and the world of Midguard, its characters, important terminology and items ... that sort of thing.

PART III - The Canyon Chapter Breakdown

PART IV - The Ravine & epilogue Chapter Breakdown





Seriously. Don't blame me past this point.




Chapter One *Bryce*

Danika shows up at Griffin's Antiquities (Bryce's workplace), to stash her sword and things in the supply closet. Danika tells Bryce that Phillip Briggs - a human male, and known human rebel - whom her pack and her arrested for planning a series of bombings, is being released due to a loophole in the system. She needs to head over to meet with the heads of the city, and fight to keep him in prison. Bryce offers her the shower there to get ready.

Seriously, check out her art. Gorgeous.

Chapter Two *Bryce*

Bryce and Danika are walking together : Bryce to go sleuthing for the recently stolen Luna's Horn for her boss, and Danika to her meeting. Before splitting up, they jump the line at Heart Gate in Old Square, and each place their hands on the golden plaque to give it a zap of their power and make a wish. Danika claimed to have too many things to wish for, so she wished for Ithan to win his sunball game that night. Bryce wished that Danika would get a manicure, because her nails looked like shit. They split up.

My five year old (currently sitting on my shoulders) deems this GIF "so sweet". So here it is :)

Chapter Three *Bryce*

Bryce comes home from work, where Danika and the pack are already there for their weekly bonding time. They warn Bryce that Danika is in a mood. Bryce finds Danika in the kitchen, eating pizza alone. She tells Bryce that Phillip Briggs was released. While talking, Danika reminds Bryce about her date with Reid, and teases her about the relationship. Bryce rushes to get ready. Before she leaves, Connor tries to ask Bryce out. She says no, despite having feelings for him, because she doesn't want to date an "alphahole".

Chapter Four *Bryce*

Reid ends up being 45 minutes late for their date. Bryce sits at the restaurant, orders an expensive bottle of wine, and drinks half of it. When Reid finally shows up, he proceeds to ignore her, and is constantly on his phone. Bryce orders another bottle of wine, and then dumps Reid. She grabs the new bottle of wine before leaving the restaurant. She texts Connor, and agrees to a date, while also texting Juniper and Fury to go to The White Raven and party. Bryce purchases some Mirthroot, meets up with Fury, and goes into the club.

Chapter Five *Bryce*

Bryce and Fury smoke Mirthroot, snort Lightseeker, and dance. Juniper abstained due to work in the morning, but hooked up with someone, and danced with Bryce later on. Bryce finds herself almost home, not knowing how she got there. When she got into her building, she noticed a putrid smell. When she got up to the third floor, she drops her keys and her hand touches something cold and wet when she picks them up. She noticed her door was open a crack, which would never happen. She walked in and discovers the torn apart remains of the Pack of Devils. All she smells is blood. In shock, she goes to her room, where she discovers Danika in pieces on her bed, Connor on the floor, torn apart, in a spot making it obvious he went down protecting Danika, and to the right of the bed, closest to Danika, Thorne. In shock, and questioning whether or not she is hallucinating, she hears a sound in the hallway. Thinking its the person/thing who did this, she grabs a broken table leg and chases after the thing. She runs through the streets, where people are running and screaming, and finds a demon - with greyish translucent skin, and humanoid - feasting on an angel. She runs and hits it in the face with the table leg. It looks at her and goes back to the angel. She hits it again and again until she breaks its teeth, and it takes off. Bryce, who has to choose between pursuing the demon or trying to save the angel, chooses the angel. He has a massive chest wound. She puts pressure on it while grabbing his phone, and calling the emergency help line. Not knowing where she is, she screams over and over for them to track the phone. The drugs pull her into a haze again.


Mental Health Check - you okay there? Yeah, I get it. This is my second read through, and I'm an emotional mess too. Don't worry. We are in this together.


Chapter Six *Isaiah*

Isaiah is looking at Bryce through the one way window outside the interrogation room. Bryce is in shock, still under the influence of drugs, and staring into nothing. Hunt arrives, and Isaiah catches him up on the case, including the deaths of Danika and the Pack of Devils. Sabine storms in, wanting Danika's sword and to kill Bryce. She says Danika could never keep her mouth shut around her enemies. When Sabine tries to get to Bryce, Hunt blocks the way and threatens her with his lightening. She leaves.

Viktoria enters the room to interview Bryce, but Bryce isn't responding. Viktoria brings up the text messages between Danika and her that night. We learn that Bryce hooked up with someone in the bathroom of the club. Bryce looks at the screen, but then goes back to staring into space. Hunt says they are wasting their time, as Bryce is in shock. Viktoria than starts playing some recorded audio of the murders. Of the screaming, and Danika begging for it to stop. Noticing Bryce is about to go into a Primal Rage, Hunt and Isaiah get into the room and manage to shield themselves and Viktoria before Bryce loses it, throwing furniture. She begins to vomit, and ends up curling into a ball. Hunt lays a hand on her to comfort her.

Isaiah gets a call from Naomi, who tells them to release Bryce NOW, because she is somehow connected to Ruhn and The Autumn King, and they are pissed she is there without a fae escort. They release her and she walks out of the building in shock. A few minutes later, Ruhn enters, and is pissed. Hunt and him verbally fight. Ruhn says Bryce is in cousin. When asked about his whereabouts tonight, he laughs, because its known that Danika and him had an argument at the meeting with the seven earlier that day. He leaves to find Bryce. Isaiah and Hunt start discussing how they will find the demon responsible.

Chapter Seven *Bryce*

Its been six days since the murders. Bryce is reading a text from Ithan, telling her not to come to the Sailing, that she is not welcome there. For the last six days, Bryce has been staying with her mother in a hotel, where Bryce is still in a silent state of shock. She ends up sneaking out as her mother sleeps. She leaves all mortal items behind, pays "the fee", and sails across the Istros River to the Bone Quarter. She kneels and lowers her head on the entrance steps, until a cloaking being comes out of the mist.



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