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Zodiac Academy: Fated Throne by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Zodiac Academy: Fated Throne

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Self - Published

Book 6 in the Bullies and Beasts series

Fate has torn us apart and sometimes I believe the stars have given up on us altogether.

Without my sister, the world seems darker than ever before and the shadows loom thicker, rising up to answer the call of the Shadow Princess and changing the face of Solaria for good.

Now Lionel Acrux has the strength to make a move for the throne, I’m not sure how much time we have left to stop him.

Our only hope is to find the Imperial Star before he does. We made the sacrifice the stars called for and we’re paying the price for that decision so it can’t be for nothing. But with the stars turning against us at every move, and the last light in the world seeming to fade, I’m afraid we’re almost out of time. Hope is a dangerous thing. It’s the key to us fighting on. But it could be what destroys us in the end.

One thing is for certain, I won’t stop until I have been reunited with my other half and together we will fight to take our crowns.

A war is coming.

The throne is calling for a new monarch. And someone must answer its call.

Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy



Zodiac Academy: Fated Thrones by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti is the sixth book in their Zodiac Academy series, and picks up months after the events of the fifth book. The Vega sisters are split up. Lionel has forced Tory to be his bonded Guardian, and has made her succumb to the shadows, and he is closer than ever to securing the throne for himself. Darcy, and the Heirs refuse to give up though. Darcy will stop at nothing to get stronger, get her sister back, and fight for their crowns, and Darius will not let anything - even the stars - keep him from the woman he loves. Their only hope of getting in the way of Lionel's plans is finding the Imperial Star before him. No matter what happens, war is coming ...

WOAH! Where did this come from? I was literally groaning when I saw the length of this book. Don't get me wrong - I like a girthy (heh.) book - but I try pretty hard to get a review out every other day, and with the length of this book, I didn't think I could get it done. But holy shit. I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. And I have thoughts. So many thoughts. And because SO MUCH happens in this book, I gotta split up. Spoilers will be hidden for those of you who haven't read this book, but I will try to give a general, non spoilery blurb.

Tory - In the past others, including myself, have complained that Tory felt a little one dimensional, and there wasn't a whole lot of growth. This book changes that. Her storyline is dark, and some parts are hard to read, but in true Tory fashion, she finds a way turn it around and make something positive for herself. ---------spoiler --------> In so many ways too. She becomes stronger in her magic, and controlling the shadows after Darcy and the Heirs help pull her out. She learns to control herself and her anger. In the past, she NEVER would have been able to pretend and work undercover. She learns to forgive. Forgive Darius, and herself. Forgive the Heirs and Orion. She forgives but doesn't forget. She won't be steamrolled, and she won't let anyone get away with shit. Hence, Orion's daily dick kicks. lol. Can we celebrate the moment Tory's tore off Lionel's hand, and then burnt it to ash before he could get it back to heal himself. FUCK YES GIRL!<----------------------

Darcy - Darcy is a sweet twin. The easily loveable twin. But that girl has been scorned, and its SO good to see her grow from the experience. Orion broke her heart, but she doesn't give up on life, even if she wants to spend the day in bed. She becomes this kick ass girl who literally sneaks out with the Heirs and goes killing Nymphs - and she's good at it. She plots and fights to get her sister back. And -----------spoiler -------> she doesn't forgive Orion right away. Don't get me wrong. I fucking love Orion and I love these two together. But good for her for making him work for her forgiveness. What he did was totally understandable, but he broke her trust, and he needed to build that foundation again. And can I just say, her friendships with the Heirs are fucking amazing. I love her and Seth's friendship, and I love that Darius and her have a brother/sister thing going on. I'm supper concerned about the curse placed on her. I wonder what it means <------------------

Darius - I am both equally happy with Darius's growth, and frustrated. We know he loves Tory. And he doesn't give up on getting her back from his father's clutches. But ... -----------spoiler-----------> He STILL wants the throne for himself and the Heirs! What the fuck? This is like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. He acknowledges in the last book that his desire for power cost him the most important thing in his life - love with Tory, his Elysian Mate. One would assume that he would be willing to step back for the sake of the woman he says he will do anything for. But no. UGH! Aside from that ... hiccup ... I genuinely feel his love for Tory. Obviously. He goes through with the wedding with "Mildred" - Gabriel was hilarious here, by the way - to save Tory's life. His sacrifice in the end is fucking brutal, and I hope it's a test from the stars, and it doesn't actually mean his death. Maybe because their star crossed, if they want a second chance, the tests are harder? <----------------.

Seth and Caleb - While Caleb has always been a bit better towards the Vega's, Seth had a lot to make up for, and his arc has been fabulous in this book. His friendship with Darcy is WONDERFUL, and the way he tries to make it up to her for what he did to her and Orion, while a little out of the box, was hilarious and wonderful at the same time. ------------spoiler-------> That. Threesome. OH MY GAWD, it was hot, and not because of Rosalie. The sexual tension between Caleb and Seth is SO HOT and I am in NEED for these two to get together. Xavier, why did you have to interrupt? Whyyyyy? I can picture Seth and Darcy talking it over in explicit detail too. <-----------------

Max and Geraldine - I just need these two together. I do. I'm putting money down on it now. They're Elysian Mates. He can't resist her buttery bagels. And what Max does for Tory in this book - true friend right there.

Orion - This poor guy can't catch a break, but I liked his arc in this book. And judging my the prophecy, his story is very important. ---------spoiler-------> Being in prison sucked, and I was really happy when he ended up on house arrest, and we got some Orion and Darcy scenes. But damn ... just as he and Darcy are finally getting a moment, and they are both succumbing to their feelings for one another ... BOOM. Stupid Lionel crashes the party. I wanted a steamy scene with these two. I miss them. Add it to the list of reasons I want Lionel killed. I did appreciate finishing the storyline with his sister. He got a proper goodbye, and while it didn't end the way he hoped, it was the best outcome. <----------------

Lionel/Shadow Bitch - They need to die. Like, right away. Horrifically, brutally DIE.


This book was a whirlwind of emotions. I was laughing, and crying, and I had a genuine book hangover. This isn't just a bully romance for the sake of it anymore. We have new adults acting their age, growing as characters, building lifelong bonds. We have a thick, meaty plot, that is moving along quickly, which after the first three books being super slow, was needed. Caroline and Susanne's writing has visibly improved in style (I need them to work on the misspelling of words though. Although it could be a geographical thing.) Anyways, I hate to leave it here. I wish the seventh book was out already. Crossing fingers it comes out earlier than December, because I NEEDS IT.

  1. Seth and Darcy talking about Seth's crush

  2. Gabriel giving Darcy clothes so Orion "Eats his heart out"

  3. The hot threesome with Caleb, Seth and Rosalie

  4. Seth interrupting Darcy's shower to tell her about the threesome

  5. Darcy and Seth wrestling while Gabriel casually appears and throws stardust to transport them to where Orion is.

  6. Tory is free!

  7. Tory and Orion hugging because they were both partially free ... but she still kicked him in the balls

  8. Darius and Tory's date to the human realm

  9. Seth texting Orion pictures of him and Darcy


  11. Orion walking in on Geraldine, Darcy, Caleb, Seth and Max wrestling

  12. Orion and Darcy's kiss

  13. Love that Darius bought Tory her own special mug


  15. Tory and Darius stealing a moment from the stars, and the tattoos!

  16. Seth admitting to Darcy what he has been doing to make Orion jealous

  17. Caleb helping Darcy escape Highspell - no questions asked

  18. Seth, Caleb and Xavier freeing the prisoners

  19. Orion and Darcy's make out at Gabriel's house

  20. Gabriel's reveal to Darius

  21. Orion freeing Clara

  22. Tory tearing off Lionel's hand and burning it to ash so he couldn't heal it back on

Seth: “It’s kind of a big deal.”

Darcy: “Every crush you have is a big deal, you had a crush on a cookie the other day and didn’t eat it for like eight hours.”

Seth: “The chocolate chips were arranged into the shape of a dick!” Seth: “We won’t die. We’re the Heirs and the Savage Princess. Darcy and the dudebros. Wolfman, Bitey C, Fish Fury, Dragzilla, and the Phoen Dream.” I might have been broken, hurt, and ruined by destroying us. But the sacrifice had been worth it. She was becoming the queen she was always meant to be. It was just hard to accept that I was never going to be her king. Darius: “Pinching my ass, Gwen?”

I snorted.

Darcy: “Gross. And don’t call me Gwen.”

Seth: “Why’s that gross?”

Seth asked as he woke, yawning broadly as he sat up and nuzzled into my neck in his Wolfish way. He did that shit so often these days, I didn’t even notice it half the time.

Seth: “Darius has a lovely peachy ass.”

Darcy: “Because he’s in love with my sister which makes him about as appealing to me as a three day old tuna sandwich – no offence,”

Darius: “You’re an old tuna sandwich to me too, Gwen,” Gabriel: “He’s going to eat his heart out,”

he murmured and I rolled my eyes.

Gabriel: “I hope he does by the way. I’m still pissed he hurt my little sister. Kick him in the dick for me, okay?”

I chuckled as I headed to the window, pushing it open and feeling him drop the silencing bubble.

Darcy: “Can you see a dick kick in his future?”

Gabriel: “Definitely,”

Darcy: “Love you, Gabriel,” Darcy: “Why are you smirking?”

I narrowed my eyes at him and he shrugged innocently.

Darius: “This is just my normal face,”

he said, trying to flatten his smirk and failing. Darcy: “No, your normal face suggests you’re deciding whether or not to eat the Fae in front of you. You only smirk when you’ve decided you’re actually going to do it.”

He released a low laugh.

Darius: “Maybe I’m hungry.”

Darcy: “Well maybe you should have brought a snack.”

Darius: “Maybe I did.”

He gnashed his teeth at me and I snorted.

Darcy: “I’d cook your ass if you tried it.”

Darius: “Hmm, that’s a point. How will I fry you up if you don’t burn?”

he mused and I laughed.

Darcy: “Sucks to suck, Darius. I’m uncookable.” I hated being tactile with anyone. Anyone except Darcy. Alright, and Darius. Apparently I only liked the D. I looked down at the water concealing the scissors and cursed the stars. And Gabriel a bit too. Fucking pube scissors, Noxy?? Darcy: “You need to speak to him.” Seth: “Yeah, I mean I kind of tried to.”

He hung his head, whining softly.

Seth: “I mentioned how good it had been seeing his dick driving in and out of Rosalie and I was about to say how much I’d wanted to put his dick in my mouth too, but-”

Darcy: “You could just try saying, ‘hey Caleb, I think you’re hot, maybe we could go on a date sometime,’”

I said with a laugh.

Darcy: “You don’t need to go from nought to blowjob.”

Seth: “Right…yeah, that makes sense. I just get so excited.”

Darcy: “It’s good you’re excited. But you kinda need to figure out if he’s on the same page as you before you try to suck his dick.”

Orion: “We haven’t been able to really fulfil the needs of the Guardian bond in a long time.”

Seth: “Oh, I see. Say no more.”

Seth winked, strolling casually over to me and slinging his arm around my shoulders. He turned his head, whispering in my ear.

Seth; “Butt sex.”

Darcy: “Seth,” I batted him off absentmindedly, working to focus on the diary and nothing else as my eyes kept skipping over to Orion and the taut muscles of his stomach. I mean seriously, could someone just put a shirt on that man?

You’re not distracted by Darius going around all shirtless and shit.

Well he’s a tuna sandwich dammit. Geraldine: “Merely a ditty to appease the stars on this – the night of the great A.S.S. ramming.”

Angelica: “Are you certain you want to stick with that name?”

Angelica asked, that dubious tone to her voice which she kept using when I brought this up.

Geraldine: “Angelica, dear. Are we or are we not about to meet in a clandestine, Order mixing, law flouting, gathering of the biggest you know?”

Angelica: “Well, yes, but-”

Geraldine: “And are we, or are we not about to ram our truth down the throats of those vile K.U.N.T.s?”

Angelica: “Yes. But-”

Geraldine: “So are we A.S.S. ramming or are we ramming the K.U.N.T.s? Because so help me, Angelica, I can’t think of a simpler way to phrase our noble work.”

Geraldine: "Oh magical muscles, look at the size of that six pack!"

Geraldine gasped as she looked at me.

Geraldine: "You truly are one beastly specimen of a man, Darius Acrux. No wonder my lady Tory is so enamored with your swollen banana. I did sometimes wonder if she'd been drinking at the moose juice when she kept falling under your spell, but getting a close up look at your man-parcel really has me all of a dither-" Max: "Stop looking at his fucking man-parcel,"

Max snarled, moving up behind her and slapping a hand over her eyes as I snorted a surprised laugh. That girl was seriously off her fucking bagels but there was something about her that was growing on me. The beastly specimen comment probably helped.

Geraldine: "Do not tell a goose where to gander, you overgrown seahorse!"

Geraldine cried, scrambling to get out of Max's arms as he glared at me like this was somehow my fault.

Max: "Put your fucking shirt back on, man,"

Darius: "I'm about to shift,"

I replied, shaking my head as Caleb laughed his ass off and Seth looked like he was a popcorn bucket shy of settling in for a show.

Geraldine: "Unhand me you slippery sea urchin!"

Geraldine shouted, throwing a hand into Max's stomach and knocking him off of her with a slap of water magic.

Max: "Well stop staring at Darius's dick then,"

Geraldine: "Excuse you, sir, but I am doing no such thing! For one, the delicious Dragon has not revealed his man ham for the room to peruse at leisure, so I was only appreciating the powerful physique which he uses to please my lady! And for two, I would never lay so much as a chin whisker upon the flesh of the man my lady is destined to love by all the stars in the sky! I am merely expressing my approval for his ability to pleasure her physically, even if his personality has left a lot to be desired-"

Darius: "Hey,"

Darcy: "She's got a point."

Caleb: I heard he's got a hot sister who graduated before we came here. I could bang her and make a sex tape. His family wouldn't seem like such amazing Royalists if everyone knew she'd been sucking Heir cock."

Seth: "Let's not do anything too hasty,"

Seth laughed kinda aggressively as he slapped Cal on the shoulder harder than necessary.

Seth: "No need to go whoring yourself out, Cal, let's just fuck the guy up and threaten his balls until he agrees to break it off. No cock sucking required."

Caleb: "Sure,"

Caleb agreed, blowing out a laugh as he glanced at Seth then looked to me quickly.

Seth: "Not by the Masters chick anyway."

Seth smirked at him and Max groaned loudly.

Max: "Stop flirting, you two, you're just making me feel worse about my shit."

Caleb: "Flirting?"

I balked, glancing at Seth as he shrugged innocently.

Seth: "I can't help it if all of my friends are stupidly hot and I like to suck the odd dick from time to time. But if you guys ever wanna ditch the girl drama and build a sausage heavy harem then I wouldn't take a whole lot of convincing,"

he said, his gaze falling to my bare chest for a moment before he looked at Cal again and winked.

Caleb: "Right. Well, as much as I like brunettes, I'm currently hooked on one who needs us to chase her into a cage and drug her, so shall we get on with that?" Max: "I hate fighting with you, Gerry,"

I breathed as I moved my hands into her hair, letting some of my heartache slip away and worshipping her with every movement of my mouth against hers. Everything just felt better when I was with her. She could fight away the worst demons in my mind and keep them at bay if only she'd stay here.

Geraldine: "Then stop talking. We only argue when you open your flapper trap." I relented, hugging him tight for a moment as we just took a second to appreciate the fact that we were both half free of our shackles, then I huffed out a frustrated breath and kneed him in the balls as hard as I could. Orion wheezed out a cough laced with a surprised curse and I gave him a shove so he fell back onto the couch beside us as he cupped his junk.

Tory: "That's for breaking my sister's heart, asshole,"

I snarled, pointing a finger at him and glaring. On the one hand, I was seriously pleased to have him back, but on the other, Darcy was my one and only priority in the world and as her big sister - by a few minutes, but whatever - it was my duty to give him a hard time. And that knee to the balls had been a long time coming.

Orion: "Fuck, Tory, why do you always go for the balls?"

he groaned, cupping his crotch with his eyes half closed against the pain.

Tory: "You're lucky I left them attached to your body. You're on my shit list, douchebag, and don't you forget it. Orion: "You know, your sister is a lot nicer than you are,"

Tory: "No shit, Sherlock. That's why I'm kicking your ass on her behalf. She's too good to go for the balls but I swear to you now, if you hurt her again then I'm coming for yours with a fist full of Phoenix fire. Got it?"

Orion: "You're a fucking animal,"

he said, shielding his junk protectively and giving me a look that told me he knew I meant it.

Tory: “Yeah. And don't you forget it. Tory: “Now you’ve just gotta decide, do you go with another sweatpants, t-shirt combo? Fancy it up to jeans? Or go all out with a suit and try to casually pretend you forgot she was coming and just happened to be wearing your fanciest shit,”

I joked and his face fell.

Orion: “Fuck you. I wasn’t even thinking about that until you said it. Next time you’re meeting up with Darius I’m gonna get in your head over outfit choices too.”

Tory: “Good luck with that. Unlike you, I don’t give a shit what I wear. We’re not all so vain, you know?” Orion: “We’re all at least a little fucked up, Tory. But the people who love us don’t give a shit about that. Better still – they love us even more for it.”

My gaze snagged on the friendship bracelet I’d made for him all those months ago and my heart felt full as I smiled at him.

Tory: “I missed you, asshole,”

Orion: “Missed you too, savage.” Having Orion’s new number was a treat in itself. I sent him daily photographs of me and Darcy together with captions like #sheaintblueoveryounomore and #teamDeth. He’d blocked my number after threatening to rip my intestines out and strangle me with them – amongst other murderous threats - but then I got a magical app which sent my texts from anonymous numbers so he couldn’t keep me away. It was hilarious. And very intentional. Because I was officially kickstarting Mission: Get Darion Back Together. Denial was my best friend who liked to braid my hair and call me pretty. I was going to get her back together with the love of her life and make Lance Orion my bestie in the process. Like, not at first. Man, he was going to fucking hate me. But long term, he was a bestie to be. Either that or I really was going to end up strangled by my own intestines. Tory: "Please alleviate my boredom - I need something to get me through the reality of spooning with that motherfucker tonight,"

I begged and Orion's lips twitched the tiniest amount as he handed me a glass of champagne before taking a long swig of his own.

Orion: "You and I both know you'll be diving in for that spooning head first,"

Tory: "At least allow me to pretend I've still got some dignity,"

Orion: "It's fine - I'll be in bed with Darius, no doubt listening to him talking about you incessantly while he makes me his little spoon."

Tory: "I would have pegged you for a big spoon kind of guy,"

I teased, not sure what to think of Darius talking about me like that.

Orion: "Yeah, well I would be if I had my girl in my bed, but the bond makes me want to please my Ward and seeing as Darius suffers from the superiority complex of a lifetime, let's just say the domineering asshole always wants to be the big one." Orion: "Shit, you really look like her sometimes, you know?"

Orion breathed, swiping a hand over his face and looking so freaking tired and broken that I kinda wanted to hug him despite all the witnesses.

Tory: "I look like my identical twin? Really? No fucking way," Orion: "Why?"

he hissed and I cut him a look that said 'you know why' to which he muttered beneath his breath something along the lines of me being a fucking psychopath and feeling sorry for Darius if that was how I treated his junk.

Tory: "If you recall correctly, I offered you one chance not to fuck things up with her and promised castration if you hurt her. So really you're getting off lightly."

Orion: "By the stars, you're a monster,"

Tory: "Damn straight I am. So fix it and I won't have to elevate your punishments."

Orion: "Elevate? If you elevate it, I won't be left functioning."

I cut him a look and mimed snipping a pair of scissors with my fingers while he grimaced, shifting a protective hand over his balls as he shook his head in horror at me.

Fucking Werewolf. I’m gonna break his legs and shove his head up the ass of a Griffin. I managed to get hold of my air magic and pulled myself upright, standing in a cloud as the moon gazed down at me.

Orion: “Don’t judge me. It’s easy being you, all the way up there with your big, glowy head and your smug little crater face.”

I threw another pinch of stardust over myself and was transported away again, getting the last word with the moon and this time landing in a bush beyond the fence. Ha. She’d dropped a mirror in her wake and I hurried forward, picking it up and checking my reflection. Oh shit. I looked like a deranged yeti with a glittering horn poking out the center of my face and huge fangs peeking out of my mouth. I stared in the direction I’d launched Kylie, sure I could still hear her screams carrying to me. I have no regrets. Orion: “It’s not safe,”

Darcy: “I’m a Phoenix who can destroy Nymphs, who has four Elements, who’s fought the shadows and won. And I will not be told no by anyone, Lance Orion.” Orion: “I knew I could never keep you, Blue. I knew it from the first time we kissed, I just fooled myself into believing it for a while. So when it came to us or you, I chose you. Because I woke up to reality. And real life isn’t nice or easy, it’s fucking quicksand that tries to drag you down the more you fight it. Love doesn’t conquer all this time, because we’re on two different paths. You’re heading to the stars, beautiful, and I’m staying down here in the dirt. That’s just the way it is.”

Darcy: “It didn’t have to be,” Seth: "If I die, don't let my mom clear out my room. There's like soooo much porn beneath my bed." Tory: "You fucking idiot,"

I snapped, punching him in the chest as I realized he was okay.

Tory: "Why the fuck were your eyes open?"

Darius: "Because I wasn't going to risk them getting past me to you,"

he snarled like that was the most obvious thing in the world and I punched him again.

Tory: "And what would I do without you?

Geraldine: “Holy guacamole, I’m upon the loins of a lizard.” Geraldine: "Oh my, I'll never know why I didn't suspect your royal blood before the truth was revealed, dear Gabriel,"

Geraldine said, fanning her face with her hand.

Geraldine: "The cut of your physique is clearly that of a true, blue blooded specimen. The broadness of your chest alone-"

Max: "Put a shirt on dude, you look cold,"

Max snapped, using air magic to whip a shirt out of the chest at the side of the room and tossing it into Gabriel's face. Gabriel: “Geraldine is looking for recruits to a good cause,”

Hadley: “I’m not becoming a part of her loony royalist society,”

Gabriel: “You don’t have to. Her cause runs far deeper than that,”

Nox explained then lowered his tone to a whisper.

Gabriel: “A rebellion.”

My heart rate ticked up in excitement as I shared a look with my friends.

Xavier: “Like, against my father?”

Gabriel: “Exactly. And as faculty I am absolutely not allowed to be involved. So of course, I have involved myself up to the neck and am working hard to see who may make suitable recruits.” Darius: "Well if you find me so obnoxious then why did you chase me out here?"

Tory: "Because, from the moment I arrived here I swore I wouldn't let anyone decide my fate for me. So despite the fact that you're literally the rudest, most pig-headed, infuriating asshole I have ever met, I still want you. So fuck the stars. Fuck the moon and the meteors and the fucking clouds. Let the sky watch me as I tell it to get fucked. Nothing up there or down here gets to tell me what to do. You told me I was yours and I think that you're mine too."

Darius: "You think? I told you I love you. I tattooed it on my flesh, Roxy, I feel like I've made my feelings pretty clear. You're all I want for myself. The only choice I wish I could make and the only one I can't. So you don't think anything. You know I'm yours, every damn piece of me.

Tory: "I'm the girl no one ever loved, Darius. No one but Darcy, my whole life. And though I never let it show, I used to dream of finding someone who would love me like a prince in a fairy tale so I could be their princess. But I don't love you like a princess. There isn't anything soft or sweet or easy about us. It's wild and unpredictable. It hurts more than any pain I've ever felt and consumes me more completely than anything I ever could have predicted. You make my heart race with all the best kinds of fear and my gut clench with the angriest butterflies I've ever known. I have hated you more than I even knew I could hate a man and I think if I love you with as much fury then I'll burn up in it." Darius: "So you don't want to let yourself love me?"

I asked, looking down at her as she stopped barely a meter from me and the heavens raged in fury at the way we were defying them.

Tory: "Maybe not,"

she agreed and my gut fell, but she lifted the hem of my tank and my gaze was drawn to the movement of her hand as she dragged her thumb up the front of her thigh and removed the concealment she must have had in place over her skin there. A lump formed in my throat as my gaze tracked the lines of ink on her flesh. I knew the design because it mirrored the one Gabriel had told me to place on my own skin. The lines which dictated the position of the heavens on the night she'd told me no. The night when everything could have been so different if I'd only followed what my heart wanted sooner. The words which ran down her thigh to the left of the design in delicate script were a mirror of those on my own skin. There is only him.

Tory: "I think I'm already burning, Darius. And it's time I stopped pretending I'm not." Tory: "I'm yours, Darius. And you're mine. No matter what." Darius: “Then in the words of Lance Orion, the best damn Pitball coach this team has ever had by the way, class is fucking dismissed.” Seth: "I know it’s fucked up, and I do love my pack. But they’re not family. The Heirs are. And so are you now. Your sister is too…though I don’t think she likes me that much.”

Darcy: “Well you keep bringing her snacks and then stealing them back.”

Seth: “That’s a game we’re both taking part in. When I was on the moon the other Fae used to hide all the best snacks for me to sniff out and steal. They loved it.”

Darcy: “That kinda sounds like you just stole their food.”

Seth: “Trust me. They loved it. Tory does too,” Darcy: “Err, no. Tory is like a bear when it comes to food. She doesn’t share often and she definitely doesn’t like it being stolen from her,”

Seth: “She loves it,” he insisted even though I knew for a fact he was wrong.

Seth: “But aside from that, she still doesn’t seem to wanna snuggle with me much, so there must be something else holding her back.”

Darcy: “Well, you peed on her that time. People don’t just get over being peed on.”

Seth: “Yeah…” Darcy: “Even if I wasn’t over him, which I am, I could never be with him after what he did,”

I said, but even as I said it, I knew it wasn’t entirely true anymore. Since Orion had explained himself, I kept running over his words in my mind. They were too sincere, too fucking sweet.

Seth: “You mean when he sacrificed himself for you so you might have a chance to take down Lionel? So that you wouldn’t lose everything including your place at the one academy capable of training up a Fae of your power level and giving you a real chance for the throne? By the stars, what an asshole,”

he growled mockingly and I pursed my lips.

Seth: “No, you’re right, Darcy. I won’t stand for it. How dare he throw himself into the most dangerous place in Solaria and face months of hell in Darkmore because of how much he loves you? How fucking dare he.”

Text: Darius: Can you go to Lance’s tonight? He might need help and I’m busy.

My heart missed a full beat. Darcy: Busy doing what?

Darius: Stuff and things. Be there by seven, shrew.

I shot him a gif of an angry Minotaur shouting ‘NO!’ and he replied with one of a shrew running away from a torrent of Dragon fire. Orion: “This is crazy.”

His eyes met mine and his fingers brushed my hand on the table, sending a line of fire through my body.

Orion: “You’re gonna need to polish your crown, Blue,”

he teased. I breathed a laugh, leaning a little closer and whispering,

Darcy: “I need to take it back from a Dragon king first.” It had been too damn long since we’d stolen that time alone together from the stars and I was seriously tempted to ask him if he wanted to try for round two somewhere soon. Maybe somewhere less muddy, though it had to be somewhere open…like a desert. Sun, sand, sex…but then there would be sand everywhere and that was never fun. No one wanted a sandy vag.

Dammit stars, why do you have to be such fucking V blockers? Orion: “Your carriage awaits, ma’am.”

I beckoned her forward and she stepped through the gap.

Darcy: “Are you my carriage?”

Orion: “Yeah, I forgot my saddle, but you can ride me bareback, right?” “Two phoenixes, born of fire, rising from the ashes of the past. The wheel of fate is turning and the Dragon is poised to strike. But blood of the deceiver may change the course of destiny. Beware the man with the painted smile who lingers close to your side. Turn the scorned. Free the enslaved. Fear the bonded men. Many will fall for one to ascend. Suffer the curse. The hunter will pay the price. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Keep the broken promise. Mend the rift. All that hides in the shadows is not dark. Blood will out. Seal your fate. Choose your destiny. She moved forward and pressed a kiss to Gabriel's cheek before turning and placing the briefest of ones on my lips. My heart leapt in surprise and I barely even leaned into it before she'd broken away and was heading towards the hidden door again, leaving my lips tingling and my heart thrashing.

Tory: "We can finish that argument later, asshole," Caleb: "You're high maintenance, dude. You gotta admit it,"

Seth: "Yeah, everyone knows brooding bad boys are the hardest work when it comes to boyfriends. But all the angry fucking usually makes it worth it."

Darius: "Usually?"

Seth: "Well, I don't have first hand experience of your cock to judge by, so I can’t be sure unless you wanna go somewhere more private?"

Seth teased and irritation prickled down my spine.

Caleb: "If anyone is going to be pinning you beneath them tonight, mutt, it'll be me," Orion: “You’re going to be a queen. Just like your ancestor. I can feel it, I fucking know it.”

Darcy: “How do you know?” I asked, doubt flitting through me. Orion: “I’ve known since I crowned you in my car. Just don’t ever forget you were my queen first.” Orion: “You can burn the house to the ground if you want, beautiful, I’ll happily rebuild it brick by brick when you’re done with me.” Tory: "You're mine where it counts, Darius. And I'm yours. Nothing can change that." Orion: “I love you, Blue. I loved you then, I love you now, I’ll love you tomorrow even if I’m no longer on this earth. No time exists where I won’t love you.” Darius: “You wanna tell me why you decided to kiss me and grab my fucking dick while I believed you were her?”

I asked, unable to shake the feeling of Mildred’s moustache grazing across my lips from my memory even though I now knew it had been him in disguise. Gabriel smirked, stepping forward to look me right in the eyes and I was surprised to find he matched my height because there weren’t many men who did.

Gabriel: “You remember when my little sister came back from the mortal realm and you made her life a living hell? Remember how you burned all of her clothes off and made the whole kingdom think she was a sex addict and almost drowned her in that fucking swimming pool?”

Darius: “You were punishing me?”

Gabriel: “It was the least you deserved, don’t you agree?”

The pain ebbed away as he worked and I let out a low whine as I wheeled my head around to lick his face, making him grunt in annoyance. Lance Orion came for me. He loves me like a pack mate.

Orion: “This is only because Blue would hate me if I let you die,”

he growled and I gave him a Wolf’s grin, my tail pounding against the sand.

Sure it is. Lionel: "You can't leave me, Roxanya. We are in the middle of a battle. My life is in danger. The bond will keep you by my side and ready to die in my defense whether you want it to or not."

Tory: "Then I hope I die. And the last thing I see is my sister cutting your fucking head off." It wasn't enough time. But no amount of days, months or years with her would ever be enough. And I knew that all the time in the world would be empty to me without her in it if she died now. The price was too high. But I would pay it twice over for her.


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Can someone give me the page number for the start of chapter 34 🙏🏻


I love your posts! Thank you so much!! 😊 I am wondering though, I've read all the books and I just can’t remember, do you know when Tory tell Darius she loves him?

Alisha Eadle
Alisha Eadle
Apr 06, 2022
Replying to

It's this one ☺️


Becca Reagin
Becca Reagin
Jan 23, 2022

I’m a terrible book reader sometimes lol when I find a series that I’m genuinely into I’ll sometimes skip to the end just to see who is left. I really appreciate you saving this series for me with your posts! I feel like I can put my heart at ease but not miss anything after reading your spoilers. I was ready to throw this series out after book 4, but you absolutely saved it for me!