Yours to Keep by Lauren Layne Book Review

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Yours to Keep

by Lauren Layne

Published by Montlake Books

Book 2 in the Man of the Year Series

Pro baseball shortstop Carter Ramsey is about to be Citizen magazine’s Man of the Year, but the only title that matters to him is out of reach: World Series MVP.

Benched by a recent injury, Carter retreats to his hometown to recover. His ten-year class reunion and a potential reconciliation with the sweetheart he left behind could be perfect distractions. Until another old acquaintance throws Carter a curveball.

Olive Dunn admits that her former high school science partner is still a handsome charmer. But she wasn’t swayed then, and she won’t be swayed now. Because Olive remembers Carter’s little shortcoming: he tends to bail the moment it suits him, without a backward glance. Best to keep her feelings strictly platonic while he’s in town.

Except the entitled boy she knew is a changed man: solid, reflective, and generous. As they ease back in to their familiar friendship, things take a surprising turn, and Carter and Olive must decide if what they have is a passing flirtation or a real shot at love.


Steamy Romance Cute and light

Yours to Keep by Lauren Layne is the second book in her Man of the Year series, and centers around Carter, a pro-baseball player, who after suffering a possible-career ending injury, is left to wonder what life has to offer after baseball. When he finds out his high school sweetheart will be back in his small hometown for their ten year high school reunion, he decides to go and see if rekindling their romance could be the answer. Enter Olive, another girl from Carters high school days, but not a girlfriend. His science lab partner, who is now the high schools beloved biology teacher. Olive is chatty, quirky, and describes herself as strong rather than dainty. His high school sweethearts, and the models he has dated in the past, exact opposite. That doesn't stop their friendship turning into something more, that leaves them both wondering ...

Okay, so one thing I can always count on from Lauren Layne, is a happily ever after, cute and fluffy story. I've been really into fantasy/romance books, that can get dark and emotional at times, so I was looking forward to reading another book from Lauren Layne. While Yours to Keep isn't my favorite of her work, it doesn't disappoint. It's not overly original (but most romance isn't). Her characters were a lot of fun to read, their banter with one another, and even others, would often have me smiling or laughing. If you liked Chloe from Lauren Layne's Crushed, you will love Olive. Just as quirky and funny. The story was interesting enough that I didn't find myself bored, but the premise of it seemed so unrealistic I just rolled my eyes. Spoiler -------> the whole 'if we're still single in 10 years, lets get married', and both him and his ex planning to go to the reunion to see if that deal was still on? Super weird. <-------.

Carter and Olive were a fun couple of characters to put together. The whole academic/nerd and jock falling in love is a tale as old as time, but the true strength of this book is in these characters, and their playful, sarcastic conversations. There is nothing better than picking up a book, and enjoying a lighthearted read with two good people falling in love. I was expecting a bit more steam (as this is supposed to be one of her steamy works), but it's wasn't bad. Just not enough of it. The romance was top notch though.

If you are looking for a lighthearted, romantic read that will put a smile on your face, Yours to Keep is a short and sweet story that will do just that.