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Waiting for Her by Mari Carr

Waiting For Her

by Mari Carr


Book 2 in the Sparks in Texas Series

Jeannette's life is...nice.

Great job in the family restaurant, cute house, sweet cat. All very nice...and boring...and maybe a little lonely. But she'll suffer that price for the safety she desperately covets. Now, if only something could keep her safe from the temptation that is Luc and Diego. The gorgeous firemen are a danger to her libido, if not her heart. Luc and Diego have had a hunger for the pretty cook since they rolled into town three years ago. But everyone knows Jeannette doesn't date, so the men's lust seems destined to go unslaked, no matter how much they want her in their bed. If friendship is all she's willing to offer, Luc and Diego will greedily take it. That changes quickly when an arsonist throws Jeannette in harm's way, forcing her to find security and comfort in Luc and Diego's arms. But the trio's simmering heat is barely a flicker before the men learn Jeannette has secrets that run dark and deep...presenting them with a challenge unlike any they've yet to face.



Trauma from rape (not by MC's), Memories of rape, House Fire


I didn't think it would be, but I think this is my favorite book in the series so far.

It has a great story. Wonderful character arcs. Steamy as hell.

It's longer than the other books so far, but still short at only 242 pages. But as with the other, it packs a lot in those pages. Again - predictable. It didn't take a genius to understand why Jeannette was the way she was. But I honestly didn't mind that.

I knew everything that was going to happen. Knew who was doing what.

But the writing was great enough to draw me in. I couldn't wait to see how it all came to pass.

I loved Jeannette's evolution throughout the book. From timid, and guarded, to becoming who she was meant to be was done well, and her romance with Luc and Diego was perfection. I didn't think it could be done with so few pages, but it was done beautifully.

What I particularly love it that this is a true threesome, and not a shared situation. Luc and Diego's relationship is just wonderful - and yes, hot - as it is when Jeannette joins them. I read it, and by the end, felt their unconventional relationship could and would absolutely last. That isn't the case with most throuple romances.

A steamy romance with a surprisingly interesting story, you can't go wrong with Waiting for Her.



Diego: “Everything okay?”

Jeannette: “Yes,”

Diego: “Then good morning.”

He gave her another, longer kiss.

Jeannette: “You realize Evan has a gun,”

she joked when he released her. Evan didn’t laugh.

Evan: “She’s right. I do.”

They sat down, Jeannette, Luc, and Diego grinning, while Evan appeared less than amused.

Jeannette: “We’re really slammed. I can’t stay long. You didn’t call me out here to yell at me for last night’s date, did you?”

Evan tilted his head, his tone dripping in sarcasm.

Evan: “Yeah, right. That’s what this meeting is about. Because I have complete control of everything my cousins do.”

She laughed at his sardonic tone.

Jeannette: “Good point, but maybe you think you’d have a better chance with me?”

Evan: “I grew up with six girl cousins and a sister. I’m now married with a daughter. If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s simply this—shut up and nod.”

Jeannette: “Wow. I’m starting to understand why you spend so much time at the restaurant. Part of me thinks I should offer to give you guys cooking lessons, but I’m not going to.”

Luc: “Why not?”

Jeannette: “Because I’m afraid you might get the hang of it and stop coming to see me.”

Luc grinned.

Luc: “Careful, angel. That sounds a hell of a lot like flirting. You keep that up and we might start thinking you like us.”

Diego: “I swear to God, this is the last time, Jeannette.”

Jeannette: “What?”

she asked, her voice hoarse, throaty. Like the men, she was struggling to regulate her own breathing. The air in the room was thick, humid, heavy.

Diego: “The next time Luc and I are together, you’re going to be with us. A part of this. It doesn’t work without you.”

Jeannette: “I’m afraid to ask. What did Uncle George say to you?”

Tyson lifted one shoulder.

Tyson: “Dad just looked at me and said, ‘Son, if you’re gonna tap it, wrap it,’ then he handed me a couple condoms and walked away.”

She giggled.

Jeannette: “Oh my God. I think that would have traumatized me.”

Tyson: “Yeah. I should probably be in therapy.”

Luc stepped beneath the steamy jets first, and then reached out for Jeannette. Diego stepped in last, chuckling as he stood bone-dry at the end of the line.

Diego: “I need to put in another showerhead on this side.”

Luc: “We need a proper bathtub too. One of those big Jacuzzi types,”

Luc added. Jeannette looked around.

Jeannette: “I don’t think you’re going to be able to squeeze all of that into this tiny bathroom.”

Diego shrugged as an idea niggled.

Diego: “Then we’ll move. Build ourselves a big house.”

Jeannette glanced over her shoulder at him.

Jeannette: “Wow. That was quite a leap. We haven’t even had sex yet and you’ve got us all buying a house together.”

Diego: “I know how this is going to end,”

he said as he placed a kiss at the nape of her neck.

Jeannette: “How’s that?”

Diego: “Just like those fairy tales do. Happily ever after.”

Jeannette: “Right now, I need to report a fire.”

Diego frowned.

Diego: “Fire?”

Jeannette: “Yeah. I’ve got one raging inside me, most particularly between my legs. I need a couple of firefighters to help me put it out.”

Luc grinned.

Luc: “Well, as luck would have it…”

He held out his arms, displaying his heavy coat, red suspenders and boots.

Luc: “We’re already dressed and ready to roll.”

She gave him a flirty wink.

Jeannette: “I’d prefer you undressed and ready to roll.”

Jeannette: “Want to hear a joke?”

Both guys gave her a funny look, but Luc took the bait.

Luc: “Oookay.”

Jeannette: “Why do firemen wear red suspenders?”

Luc chuckled while Diego rolled his eyes good-naturedly and said,

Diego: “To hold their pants up?”

Jeannette shook her head.

Jeannette: “To tie their girlfriend up with in bed.”

She laughed as both men fell speechless.

Jeannette: “I figure it’s a good thing there are two of you. I have years of sexual fantasies to explore. You guys are bound to get tired while I make up for lost time.”

Luc’s eyes widened.

Luc: “Jesus. We gotta get home. Now.”


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