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Twisted Hearts by Cora Reilly

Twisted Hearts

by Cora Reilly


Book 5 in the Camorra Chronicles

Savio Falcone has a few non-negotiable rules when it comes to girls.

They need to be hot as f*ck.

Spread their legs without much prompting.

And leave as soon as the fun is over. Preferably minus any bitching or tears.

With his easy-going bad boy attitude, a last name that rules over Las Vegas and a body to die for, girls have always been at Savio’s disposal.

Unfortunately, the hottest girl in Vegas comes with a price Savio isn’t willing to pay. For Savio to get Gemma he’d need to seal the deal and put a ring on her finger. Settling down is out of the question, no matter how hot a piece of ass waits at the altar.

Gemma Bazzoli has had a crush on Savio from the first moment she came face to face with his arrogant smile, but for him she was always his best friend's annoying little sister—until her hard-earned curves catch even his attention.

But Savio likes it easy, and Gemma is anything but. When she’s promised to another man, Gemma resigns herself to the fact that the man she’s wanted all her life, doesn’t want her badly enough.

Savio has to decide how much work he’s willing to invest, because bending the rules in his usual style might not be enough to get the girl that haunts his wet dreams.

Age Recommendation:



Dark Romance



Twisted Hearts is the fifth book in the Camorra Chronicles by Cora Reilly. When Savio, and the rest of the male population in Vegas, start to notice Gemma, he knows he has to have her. Hot beyond belief, loves cage fights, and feisty, she is the full package. She is also the one girl he can't have, not because she is his best friends sister, but because the price to have her is more than he is willing to pay: marriage. Gemma has been in love with Savio since she was ten years old, and desperately wants him to ask for her hand. Because one thing is for sure, Gemma won't lose her virginity before she is married. When Gemma is promised to another man, Savio wrestles to find a way to have her hand. He just doesn't realize that Gemma won't let him charm her from her beliefs and morals, no matter how much he tries to bend the rules.

I FUCKING HATED THIS! With Fabiano, Nino and Remo's stories, I had high hopes, but what the fuck? This is terrible.

Okay. Deep breaths.

First the things I liked. Because there are things I liked. I loved Gemma. While I am personally not religious, I respect people who practice. And unlike Cora Reilly's past books, where I didn't feel like the women were traditionalist for themselves, but for their families, Gemma is a traditionalist. She believes in God, and she truly wants to save herself for marriage. And I fucking love that she stands by that. I do hate that she takes so much of Savio's shit before she finally loses it and says she is done. I love the Falcone's, and how they side with Gemma and think Savio is a huge dick. Which he is. Which is my BIGGEST PROBLEM with this book. Savio is a dick. 75% of this book is him sleeping around and acting like a total hoe bag, and knowing he is hurting Gemma and NOT caring. He essentially puts a placeholder on her while he gets to fuck around. Ugh. Ughhhhhhhh. He doesn't deserve her.

I don't want to waste anymore time thinking about this book. Gemma was great. Savio was not. And their HEA left me feeling bad for Gemma because she deserved so much more.

  1. Savio hitting on Gemma when her back was turned to him, so he had no idea who he was hitting on

  2. Gemma punching her brother after she found out she was promised to someone she didn't love

  3. Savio fighting for Gemma's hand

  4. Diego punching Savio when he hooks up with a girl right after the engagement

  5. Gemma throwing her purse and shoes at Savio when she found out he was sleeping with other girls at their engagement party

  6. Gemma kicking him in the balls at his birthday party, when he was arm in arm with two women

  7. Gemma knocking out the Bratva soldier before passing out

  8. Savio smartening up, becoming faithful, and marrying Gemma

  9. "Behave" haha

  10. Gemma refusing to give up her virginity even though they are married.

  11. Savio teaching Gemma to drive a stick

  12. Savio and Gemma's couch nights watching the fights and talking

Gemma: “Were you hitting on me in the bar?”

I considered my options. Lying and not get kicked in the balls by Diego, or the truth and seeing Gemma’s delicious blush deepen.

Savio: “Yes.”

As expected, she turned a darker shade of pink.

Gemma: “Why?”

I gave her a look. Did she have to ask?

Gemma: “So. You wanted to get me into bed?”

I chuckled.

Savio: “I wanted to get the girl with that body into bed, not you.”

Indignation flashed in her eyes.

Gemma: “I’m that girl. That’s my body.” Remo: “You should have a drink.”

Nino accepted the glass.

Nino: “What are we toasting?”

Remo: “That Savio wants to put his bull on a leash.” Savio: “Oh Kitty, I will own you, even if I have to shove my knife into his fucking heart.” Savio: “I’m a grown man, Remo. Gemma is and will be mine till the bitter end.”

Remo: “I’m not worried about her being yours. No one with half a brain will touch a Falcone woman. But she might want you to be hers too, remember that.” When everyone was busy arranging the pots on the wooden table, I leaned toward Remo.

Savio: “If that outfit doesn’t scream Do Not Touch, I don’t know what does.”

Remo: “Heed the fucking message then,” Nevio: “What’s she doing?”

Nevio asked. I lowered my hands, embarrassed. Savio took my hand and squeezed, sending me a grin. He, of course, found this entertaining.

Kiara: “She wanted to pray before dinner, right, Gemma?”

Kiara said gently.

Nevio: “Why?”

Gemma: “It’s tradition in my family to give thanks to God for the food on the table.”

Nevio pointed a finger at Remo.

Nevio: “Dad’s paying for the food, not God.”

Serafina: “No pointing with fingers at people,”

Serafina admonished. Nevio looked at his father as if he hoped the man would disagree.

Remo: “Nevio,”

The boy dropped his hand.

Nevio: “Who’s God?”

Savio rolled his eyes. I couldn’t help but smile. That kid was a handful.

Savio: “How about we just eat and save the existential topics for cozy snowy winter evenings.”

Nevio: “There’s no snow in Vegas,”

Savio gave him a grin.

Savio: “Exactly. Now shut up.” Savio: “Don’t you need to head home to prepare for your confession this Sunday?”

Gemma: “You should consider confessing.”

Savio: “I don’t want to give the pastor a heart attack.” Gemma: “Does that mean you won’t be an asshole anymore?”

I nuzzled her neck without thinking about it. I just wanted, needed to be close to her. Less than an hour ago, I’d thought she was dead, and that had gutted me like nothing ever had before.

Savio: “A tricky question. Assholery is in my DNA and has a penchant of coming out in unfortunate moments. It’s the infamous foot in mouth disease I suffer from.” Savio: “Don’t ruin tonight for me.”

Kiara rolled her eyes.

Serafina: “I’m sure you’ll manage to do that on your own,”

Serafina said with a laugh.

Remo: “Don’t ruin his night, for fuck’s sake. His fucking blue balls moodiness of the last few months is intolerable. I’ll turn fucking homicidal if he doesn’t get laid soon,”

Savio: “You’re homicidal on the best of days, Remo, let’s be honest here,” Savio: “I married you, Gem. That’s not a game, I fucking know that, okay? You make me laugh. You are the only girl who ever made me slack-jawed in the gym. You are the only girl I can watch cage fights with. You don’t screech or puke when you see blood. You are tough and soft, heaven and hell. You’re the full package. That’s why I wanted you.”


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