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The Summer We Fell by Elizabeth O'Roark

The Summer We Fell

by Elizabeth O'Roark


He was my boyfriend’s best friend—and the bane of my existence.

I wanted to hate Luke Taylor. I did hate him. I just never hated him enough.

Now, a decade later, tragedy has brought us back to the place where it all happened—my best times, and my worst.

Our lives have changed, but that pull between us is just as strong as ever.

Only this time, it’s more dangerous too.



I would like to thank Valentine PR and Management and Elizabeth O'Roark for sending me an arc of The Summer We Fell in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Guys, this book.


I finished The Summer We Fell a week ago, and I still get emotional thinking about it.

This book hit me in the feels. As emotional as the story is, it doesn't distract you from the story or romance. I read this book within 24 hours it was so good. This is my first book by Elizabeth O'Roark, and I've become a fan. I literally ran to her Goodreads book list and added every book she has ever written to my tbr, This one book had me doing that.

The Summer We Fell is an emotional, forbidden love story between Juliet and Luke. I'm always intrigued with forbidden love, second chance romances, and Elizabeth O'Roark wrote one of my favorite romances so far this year. The story itself, written half in the past, half in the present, is beautiful, yet tragic in many ways. Elizabeth adapts many different themes in The Summer We Fell in a very subtle way. It's not just a romance. This is a story of following your heart verses obligation. How even the best of society isn't perfect. It's a coming of age story. It has an undercurrent of the pitfalls of religion, how some will use it for their benefit instead of the benefit of others, while still being respectful of religion in general. The story - the past and the present - feel effortlessly weaved together for this bittersweet tale that will leave it's imprint on you.

It's not just the story that will draw you into this story; it's the characters as well. Not just Luke and Juliet, but all the characters. Whether you love them, hate them, or not sure how to feel about them, one can't help but be impressed with Elizabeth giving each character their own personalities and growth. Best of all, they all felt human. None of them were perfect. They all had their faults. But I felt invested in every. Single. Character. Whether I liked them or not. That is a rare talent, and a testament to a well thought out story and execution.

The Summer We Fell was a huge hit for me, and I won't lie - the minute I finished this book, I immediently added all of Elizabeth O'Roark's books to my tbr. I can't wait to explore more of her work. I promise, you will love The Summer We Fell.

Coming soon after publication on April 6th, 2023!

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