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The Proposal by Adriana Locke

The Proposal

by Adriana Locke

Published by Umbrella Publishing

Breaking News: Rugby’s bad boy marries his best friend’s little sister

If Renn Brewer would’ve asked me to marry him, I would’ve said no.


One, his reputation precedes him. His name is in the headlines at least once a month. Two, he’s not just my brother’s best friend. They’re teammates. And three, I’m in my self-care era.

Unfortunately, a version of me equates self-care with bad choices.

The cocktail in my hand—similar to the one that got me into this situation—is the prettiest shade of pink. It’s almost the same color as the giant rock on my left hand. And instead of discussing an annulment, I’m considering a 90-day marriage of convenience to the man I accidentally married in Las Vegas.

Renn didn’t propose marriage. But he does deliver a proposal I might be unable to turn down.



Memories of mother passing away from cancer, verbal sexual assault (not my MC's)


Before I begin, I would like to thank Valentine PR and Adriana Locke for sending me an arc of The Proposal in exchange for a fair and honest review.

As soon as I saw "Brother's Best Friend" trope, I applied.

No questions.

No reservations.

It's just that quick of a decision for me.

If it's a forbidden romance involving a brother's best friend, I am all in.

This is my first book that I have read from Adriana Locke. I really liked her writing style. Adriana did a great job conveying the attraction between Renn and Blakely, and keeping to the plot.

Was it predictable?

Yes. It was. I called the whole book pretty early on. But it was still entertaining.

Simple, but entertaining.

The characters were likeable. The banter and flirting was great, and the chemistry between Renn and Blakely sizzles from the first page they are both on.

If you love the brothers best friend/Best friend's sister trope, and are looking for a sweet, but seriously hot romance, The Proposal is for you!

Coming soon shortly after publication

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