The Naughty List by Kayla Wren Book Review

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The Naughty List

by Kayla Wren

Published by Black Cherry Publishing

It all starts with a magazine article. The Naughty List: a bucket list for bad girls.

All her life, Addie Miller has been good.

The dutiful daughter. The supportive best friend. The helpful tenant.

And where has it got her? Alone for Christmas, working in an elf costume and cleaning the little Russian old lady’s apartment upstairs. Addie’s only selfish pleasure is tormenting the prickly, gorgeous guy next door.

Well, no more.

It’s time to say no. Time to grow a pair. Time to be bad.

And time to tempt her hot, grumpy neighbor out of his apartment and into her life.


Steamy Romance Fun

The Naughty List by Kayla Wren is one of my picks for my holiday line up, AND a great use of that kindle unlimited subscription I have. The Naughty List is a two-person POV of Addie, a young woman who is run down because of her people pleasing tendencies, and her inability to say no, and Lucas, a highly successful man in the tech field, who is ... well, he doesn't "people" well. Addie and Lucas are neighbors, and don't get along very well. That is, until Addie and her best friend decide to make a "naughty list", a list of all the bad things they want to do, but would never usually do. Somehow, Lucas ends up helping Addie, and as the two get closer, and bicker, feelings begin to grow.

The Naughty List was cute. Not in a bad way cute. Wasn't overly fluffy. Just ... cute. The characters were enjoyable, the story was fun. It kind of reminded me of Big Bang Theory. While Lucas isn't exactly like Sheldon, he definitely has some Sheldon-like tendencies. The budding romance between the two leads was sweet and adorable. My only complaints are, there were quite a few typos, which yes, bother me, and the sex could have been a bit more descriptive. The sex is hot (love a good enemies to lovers trope), but I swear it's like the author did everything possible to avoid labeling female anatomy.

Side note romance authors: If you can say cock, dick, and penis, you can say clit. Just saying. If you don't like that word, use the overly-used, and much distained "bundle of nerves". There is a part in this book where Lucas is putting his hand down her jeans and makes tight little circles. Where? On her thigh? I know it's assumed it's her clit, but it's a pet peeve of mine.

Ladies ... we all have one. Just say it. Or in this case, type it.

That was a long side rant. Yikes.

We don't get a whole lot of characters like Addie in romance. Too nice. Chronic people pleaser. Perky. And I have read prickly men before, but Lucas is definitely high on that list. I think one of the things that makes him stand out to other characters I have read, is that he seems to have always been kind of a jerk. Even as a kid. No reason for it. He is just not a people person. So for someone like Addie to get under his skin, equally annoying him and making him fall for her as well, it's fun. I also loved the whole sexy nerd thing going on. I say that as someone who, admittedly, has always had a thing for the geeky/nerdy guys.

The Naughty List is a short read (Less than 200 pages), so if you are looking for a quick romance that happens around the holidays, and enjoy a little steam, you will like this!