The LUX Series Extra Reads

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Spoilers Ahead for extra reads to the AMAZING LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Daemon watching over Katy at the Library

Kat, a nerdy little human, and I, totally not a nerdy little human, had something in common. Not a shallow bond like we enjoyed the same movies or shows. No. This was the kind of similarity no one, human or Luxen wanted to share, but we did, despite all of our differences. And that made her more ... real to me. - Daemon

Ice Cream (Deleted Scene from Obsidian)

Click here, and scroll to the bottom where it says bonus material. Click on that, and at the bottom of the options, click on ice cream to read. It's good old fashioned Katy and Daemon bickering and their steamy connection. Super cute read!

A Letter from Daemon to Katy in Opal

Kat and Daemon Go Halloween Costume Shopping

I love this tiny little insight to how life is after Opposition. Daemon actually mentions in Opposition how he wishes they could do normal things, like shopping for Halloween costumes together, and in this little extra, we get to see that. Its fun, happy, and sexy! I swear, only Jennifer Armentrout could make Gremlin costumes sexy. :)

Katy: "Just the ears?"

Daemon: "Yeah. Just the ears. Absolutely nothing else. Okay, Maybe heels, 'cuz that would be sexy. It can be our own personal trick or treat. And I promise you, I'll have a big treat for you."

Daemon: "The official Gizmo costume. Excuse me, the official sexy Gizmo costume. Well, that's kind of disturbing. Since when is Gizmo sexy?"

Daemon: "You're so going to owe me for this."

Katy: "you're right. I'll buy the kitten ears too."

Daemon: "And that's all?"

Katy: "That's all."

The Wedding