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The LUX Series by Jennifer L Armentrout Bonus Scenes

Updated: Jan 16


Spoilers Ahead for extra reads to the AMAZING LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Updated January 16th, 2024 Click on the titles to be directed to the bonus scenes


“You know what Dee was telling me the other day?” Adam asked as I stepped back. “It’s real interesting.” Ignoring him, I lifted my right arm. The two tools from the colony exchanged looks. Source rippled down my arm. 

Adam continued. “She was saying that Katy and Simon would make an amazing couple. She thinks he’ll ask Katy to homecoming too, and you know what happens after homecoming. Someone will be getting—” 

I looked at him sharply as I let go of the rock. Adam better not be suggesting what I pretty sure he was. The only thing Simon looked good with was my fist, sure as hell not Kat.  


Kat, a nerdy little human, and I, totally not a nerdy little human, had something in common. Not a shallow bond like we enjoyed the same movies or shows. No. This was the kind of similarity no one, human or Luxen wanted to share, but we did, despite all of our differences. And that made her more ... real to me.


Of course my gaze zeroed right in on a certain asset of hers.  

I managed to pull my gaze away before I gave myself a damn eyestrain.


Daemon lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me. No quick peck on the lips. No chaste kiss. It was deep and slow, scorching and heated the blood rushing through my veins. Our tongues touched. Tangled. The kiss made me forget we weren’t alone.  

He withdrew, his lips brushing mine as he spoke. “Kitten, you better get ready. It’s almost time for round two.” 


Here are a few snippets and scenes from Daemon's POV in Obsidian, Onyx and Opal. Honestly though, you might as well read Oblivion in ebook format, where you can get Daemon's POV for all three of the first books.


“I’m not wearing that.”

 Daemon’s extraordinary green eyes, the color of dew-covered grass, flicked away from my scowl to the black and red scrap of cloth he held in his hands. “What’s wrong with this?”

 Did I really need to spell it out for him? Yep.

“That is barely enough clothing to cover my stomach, let alone any other part of my body.”

 “I don’t see a single problem with that.”

 I folded my arms and leveled a stare at him.

“What?” One side of his lip curled up as he lifted his other hand. Two fury black ears

were attached to a rhinestone headband. “It even comes with ears and a cute tail. A kitten costume is perfect for my Kitten.”


I wish on a million stars and galaxies that you will never see this letter, that I will forget it about, but I’m going to give this letter to Dee just in case. Because I want you to know no matter what happens, there will always be a piece of you living inside me, and even if I’m far away, I will always be a part of you


His deep chuckle sent a shiver over my skin.

“You sound so sincere,” he said, slipping around me. “So, what are you in the mood for?”

 There was a sudden image of him pressed against me, his hand on the bare skin of my stomach. My chest warmed. Maybe I kept thinking about that moment because Daemon was asleep and therefore could open his annoying mouth.

Daemon leaned in and murmured, “Ice cream, Kitten. I’m talking about ice cream.”


At that moment, little Adam decided to kung fu my stomach and his daddy's hand. Daemon's head lifted, his eyes wide and shining. "You feel that?"

"Every organ in my stomach felt that."

His smile spread, becoming stunningly beautiful as he turned his gaze back to my stomach.

"That's my boy."


Check out the rest of the LUX Series below!

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