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The Butcher of the Bay Part Two by J. Bree

The Butcher of the Bay: Part Two

By J. Bree


Book 2 in the Butcher of the Bay Duology

Monsters have stalked me my entire life.

From my father’s failing drug business to the evil men he sold me to, I have seen the worst of humanity only to find safety in the arms of the greatest monster of all.

I call the Butcher of the Bay mine.

Betrayed by his oldest and most loyal friend, I was stolen away from him and have once again been sold at auction. Time is running out for my Monster to find me and his greatest allies are no where to be found.

But one thing is for sure.

This time, I won’t go quietly.



Oh no.

Why J. Bree?

I have a problem. A big problem.

I have a problem with introducing new characters and entire new storylines in prologues ... or in general ... and nothing coming of it.

Listen. I love J. Bree. She is literally one of my favorite authors. But this prologue was SO out of place.

Prologues literally set up the book. This prologue sets up an entirely new series, and isn't mentioned again the entire book. It doesn't make sense. Worse, it was INTRIGUING, and the character that I'm pretty sure was in the POV (Nathaniel), intrigues me the MOST in this entire saga, and we haven't gotten ANYTHING in regards to the saga. She has said there is more books coming - like for the Unseen MC books (and I complained that there was no update on the second book for that one, and it ended on a cliffhanger). But nothing.

Now, I love the books she has been coming out with. Bonds That Tie is one of my favorite series', and I can't wait to start her new series involving Fae. But J. Bree ... please ... finish what you started because my brain can't take it.

Wow. All that over the prologue, and I haven't even started talking about the book. HAHA.

Rambling indeed.

There were things I liked, and things I didn't like. I felt like The Butcher of the Bay could have had a lot cut out of both books, and just been one single book. There is a lot of unnecessary details and plot devices (ie, the prologue, the mentioning of the serial killer, etc...) that has nothing to do with this book. It just felt both slow (the first 75% of the book), and then rushed to just finish the murder bucket list, and get that happily ever after.

I do like Odie and Illi. I like them separate and I like them together.

I don't mind the bloody, brutal revenge. But yikes, sometimes a little too descriptive. haha.

I really don't have much to say about this book. It felt a little unnecessary, and the introduction of a whole new story that goes no where in this book is confusing and frustrating, but if you love J. Bree and her Mounts Bay Saga, you will probably enjoy this.

Illi: “I’m naming my firstborn after you, kid. Fuck. I’m on my way. How did you get the intel?”

She chuckles and I hear her panting a little as she jogs. Must be killing her leg, more reason to fucking love her.

Lips: “Nope, you really don’t want an Eclipse running around. For the first time since I was taken, I let myself think about the night we had before I was taken. His hands on my body, the care he took of me, and the way he looked at me like I was his next meal. I'm not going to die before I get the chance to be his meal. Odie: I'm okay. I'm alive and everyone who matters to me is here."

The kid shifts like she’s uncomfortable with all the love seeping through my girl’s words. Odie just smiles and says, a little louder this time,

Odie: ”I mean you as well, le Loup. You mean a lot to me too."

The shifting gets worse and I chuckle.

Illi: "The kid struggles with affection. It's a classic Mounty kid thing, she'll get used to it eventually."

I glance in the rearview mirror in time to catch the kid rolling her eyes.

Lips: "You mean a lot to me too, Odie. That asshole is alright as well, I guess, but he'd be better if he didn't run his mouth." Illi: “Listen here. This friendship of ours? It’s a ride or die situation. I had the same thing with D’Ardo but he fucking betrayed that. I know you won’t. You’re a good kid, a good friend, and I’m all fucking in. You need something? You call me. I’ll answer, no matter what and I’ll throw down for you even if you’re facing all of the fucking Bay. That’s how this is going to go.” Illi: “Baby girl, if you’re here in my bed, in love and of your own free will, you’re already fucking insane and fuck am I glad about it.” Illi: “Yeah, dipshit, I’m in. What do you need to get into the system or whatever… I don’t fucking know what you call it… I don’t speak perverted, virgin who lives in basements so you’ll have to fucking translate… if you start talking about your dick right now I’ll drive over there and filet your entire fucking body.” Roxas: “Should I even ask why you want the hearts?”

Roxas says, leaning against the far wall like he’s cozying up to watch a show. I roll out my toolkit and take out a cleaver, the edge of it freshly sharpened. I keep them well maintained, always as sharp as a surgeon's scalpel.

Harbin: “Hearts for his woman. Sounds fucking poetic to me. Didn’t know you were the type.”

Says Harbin. I enjoy the bloodcurdling terror in the Vulture’s eyes as I lift the cleaver, ready to smash through his rib cage.

Illi: “What can I say, I’m a fucking romantic.” Kiefer: “And where exactly am I putting your wife’s name? And I need the spelling, I’ve never met an ‘Odette’ before.”

I smirk at him and stand up. He doesn’t notice the smirk and he doesn’t catch the rosy blush on my girl’s cheeks either.

Illi: “It’s O-D-E-T-T-E and I want it on my dick.”

Kiefer blinks at me and then shakes his head.

Kiefer: “Of fucking course you’re getting it on your fucking dick. Like my day hasn’t been long enough. Well, come on then. Get the monster out.”


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