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Shifters and Mistletoe: A Wolf Shifter Novella Collection

Shifters and Mistletoe: A Wolf Shifter Novella Collection

by Asa Maris Bradley, Carrie Ann Ryan, Cecy Robson, Kait Ballenger, Kate SeRine, L.E. Wilson, Maria Vale, Terry Spear


Heat up your holidays with eight sexy wolf shifter romances!

This novella anthology brings you brand new, never-before-seen stories of strong males brought to the brink by fierce females.

Join New York Times bestselling, USA Today bestselling, and award-winning paranormal romance authors Asa Maria Bradley, Carrie Ann Ryan, Cecy Robson, Kait Ballenger, Kate SeRine, L.E. Wilson, Maria Vale, Terry Spear for hunts across moonlit snow with wolf shifters who bare their bodies, their hearts--and their teeth

Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy




Shifters and Mistletoe is a holiday anthology of shifter romances. I was originally drawn into this book because Cecy Robson wrote a Celia/Aric short story that I just needed to get my hands on. But I've been in the mood for a shifter romance, so I figured, why not read them all. Will post my thoughts on each story, and give an overall review at the bottom.

A Wolf's Holiday by Asa Maria Bradley

  • Felt very out of the loop, and like I was missing information. Definitely not written for new readers in mind.

  • Typos that bothered me because I felt compelled to report them

  • Just didn't really like it ... but the sex was great!

Fated in Winter by Carrie Ann Ryan

  • Felt very rushed, and I didn't always understand how we went from one event or feeling to the next.

  • Liked it, but also suffered from obvious typos

A Cursed Noel by Cecy Robson

  • Tame compared to her other work, and definitely the LEAST steamy of the anthology

  • Delightfully ridiculous. Really enjoyed it. And while there was a typo or two, one of the better edited stories for sure.

Cowboy Wolf Christmas by Kait Ballenger

  • Liked this more than I thought I would, considering the whole cowboy thing was cheesy as fuck.

  • Love the way autism is handled in this story.

Better Watch Out by Kate SeRine

  • Transplanted Tales has been on my tbr for a while now, and while I know I am "jumping ahead" by reading the novella, it's convinced me I will love this series, and to start asap!

  • Just delightful. Fun. Sex was great. Loved it

A Second Chance at Snow Ridge by L.E.Wilson

Wonderland by Maria Vale

  • Probably one of the most unique shifter stories I have ever read. Very intrigued to look into this series.

  • Really enjoyed this story, and couldn't put it down until I finished.

A United Shifter Force Christmas by Terry Spear

  • I ... really didn't enjoy this one. Felt cheesy, way too rushed, and there was no chemistry between the characters. Just ... meh.

  • For the first time, saw the word clit replaced with the phrase "feminine nubbin" and I lost it. All I could think about was Chandlers third nipple.

Anthologies are hits or misses. You won't love every story. Every author has a different style, a unique way of making us connect with the characters. And while not every story in this anthology made me rush to add more books to that towering tbr, I gotta say, it was one of the better anthologies I have read.

From A Cursed Noel by Cecy Robson -

Mimi lifts the staff triumphantly in the air.

Mimi: “This used to belong to Gandalf,”

Aric: “Really?”

Mimi: “Of course not. Gandalf isn’t real.”

She stabs the pointy end into the ground.

Mimi: “Asshole,” Aric: “I, Aric Connor, pureblood Leader and future alpha order you to—”

Mimi: “Ah, shad up,” Liam. No filter. Brutally honest. All heart. All he ever wanted was to have fun and maybe change the world for the better. He changed my world just by being a part of my life. No. I whip around, inspecting the plates on each car in the lot to make certain.

I’m not in hell. But it’s a close second. I’m in New Jersey! Aric: “Oh, honey, you’re messing with the wrong wolf,” Celia: “Aric, it’s all right.”

Aric: “How the hell is someone touching you without your consent all right?”

Celia: “It’s not. Which is why I ripped his arm off and smacked him across the face with it.”

Aric: “You…”

I choke back a laugh. For all she’s sweet, my rose has some serious thorns. Aric: “Stay here while I kill whatever’s invaded your house. As soon as I’m done, I’ll come fetch you.”

I do a double-take when my beloved glares at me, like glares as if ready to kill me.

Celia: “Fetch me? Really, Pa?”

She smiles. It’s not one of her prettier smiles. If I’m not mistaken, she’s ready to bite.

Celia: “Can I bake you a pie afterward? Maybe mend your socks by the fire? You know how I love to mend dem socks after a good fetchin’.”

Aric: “You’re not going with me. It’s too dangerous for someone as fragile as you.”

Why is she looking at me that way?

Celia: “I can see your prowess with the ladies is on point as always." Shayna: “It’s the perv! The one who humped Celia!” Shayna: “You cold, Ceel? Your nipples are like, really pointy.”

She looks at Taran.

Shayna: “Do you ever remember Celia’s nipples pointing north and northwest like that? I don’t. You think you zapped her a little too hard?”

Taran does a double-take as the temperature between me and Celia shoots sky high. She flashes an evil smile.

Taran: “Shayna, that’s not my lightening. That’s Teen Wolf over there and his titillating man parts.” Celia: “They can be killed with metal or water,”

She gives Shayna a look.

Celia: “You can also cut their heads off.”

Shayna: “On it,”

Shayna says and…skips away.

Shayna: “T, Em’. Things with bad haircuts have invaded the house.”

Taran: “What?”

I pinch the bridge of my nose. How are these girls still alive? Taran: “If you knock up my sister, I’ll burn your man parts to cinders.”

I’m pretty sure she meant it. Given she also slapped a strip of condoms in my hand before stomping out the door. In the quiet that follows, I fixate on the television. Shayna found a channel that plays holiday music with a crackling fireplace for a background.

Shayna: “You need ambiance. You know, in case you deflower my sister.” Celia: “What are you thinking?”

Aric: “That I can’t imagine a world where we don’t end up together.”

From Cowboy Wolf Christmas by Kate Ballanger

Silas: “Yeah, she’s different. But who the fuck isn’t?”

From Better Watch Out by Kate SeRine

Seth: “No candy before breakfast,”

He raised his arms to his sides as if shocked at my words.

Lavender's father: “How is Violet going to learn moderation if you don’t let her live a little? I gave Lavender everything she wanted and look how she turned out.” Lavender: “Are you fucking kidding me? My brother got Santa Claus shit-faced?” Lavender: “You’ve never liked anyone in my family, honey, so I really don’t think it would take much to set me above them.”

I took her hand and kissed her gloved fingers.

Seth: “Not true. I like your sister Lily.”

She gave me a wry look.

Lavender: “Seth, I have twenty-three siblings.”

I nodded with mock solemnity.

Seth: “Uh huh. And Lily’s great.”

From A Second Chance at Snow Ridge by L.E.Wilson

Riko; “Hey. Anyone sitting here?”

Addison closed her eyes as the rumble of his deep voice sent chills over her skin.

Addison: “Yeah. What’s left of my pride,” Riko: “I swear it. I tried to forget you. I really did. And honestly, I thought I had, but—”

She looked away, and he gently pulled her face back around and waited until she looked up at him.

Riko: “But the moment I saw you again, it was like the last twenty years just slipped away. You’re my everything, Addison Conley. Even when you weren’t with me, you were in my dreams. I’d smell your hair in the wind and feel your touch on my skin. I’d hear your voice in the trees when the seasons changed. But when I’d look, you weren’t there.” Addison: “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch.”

Riko wished she would try to touch him again.

Riko: “Aw, that just makes you the perfect mate for a wolf.” She felt so good in his arms. So sweet. So soft. And somewhere within the haze of love and lust he was drowning in, Riko realized something… He was home.

From Wonderland by Maria Vale

Julia: "It's not for burning. You put it up and decorate it. It’s a human thing.”

Leonora: “You put it up and pups pee on it. It’s a wolf thing.”

Julia: “We’ve already talked about it,”

Julia said, looking at one of the First Shoes.

Julia: “Right, Xander?”

Xander: “Dis tree is not fo pees!”

Xander announced proudly. Xander: ”This. Tree. Is. Not. For. Pees!” Sten: “I know I don’t shine so brightly. But”

—his voice dropped to a whisper and she no longer felt it—

Sten: “I have always seen you.” Sten: “Ever since I first knew what wanting was, Nora, I’ve wanted you.”

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