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Queen Crow by J. Bree

Queen Crow

by J. Bree


Book 3 in the Queen Crow Trilogy

It was never supposed to be like this.

My darkest secret has just been sent to the one person I was desperate to hide it from and now it’s too late to take it back. The damage has been done.

With Atticus’ life in the balance and three new members about to be sworn in to the Twelve, the stakes have never been higher. Having my family back should be the greatest blessing but instead, it’s just made things more complicated.

We’re building a new empire in the Bay, one that is stronger than any that came before it.

Loyalties are being tested and reputations forged on the streets of the country’s most notorious city.

But one thing is for sure.

We might not all make it through, but so begins my reign.



I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because I feel like I am repeating myself a lot with the reviews for this trilogy, so in an effort to not ramble on and on, I will just state some short opinions.

  1. I truly enjoy J. Bree. Her writing is refreshing, modern, dark yet romantic and sexy. She is an instant purchase author for me.

  2. Despite being overly graphic with the torture, death and mayhem, I love the Mounts Bay Saga. It's definitely a story if you want an escape from reality, but not too much off the mark.

  3. Avery's story should have only been two books. One centering around her relationship with Aodhan, and another with Atticus. I get why there is three (the symmetry, for instance. It's a reverse harem, with three people: Avery, Aodhan and Atticus. It aligns with her other reverse harems. Hannaford Prep is four books for Lips, Ash, Blaise and Harley. Bonds That Tie is six books for Oli, Gryffon, North, Nox, Gabriel and Atlas.) Considering those other series feature a different character on the cover though, and Avery is featured on all three, I think she could have got away with it.

  4. There is too much focus on one relationship, and not the other. I know that Atticus and her have this history. They grew up together. But we don't see that. As the reader, I needed more of her and Atticus connecting as adults, and knowing each others secrets. This is one of the reasons I feel like this is the weakest of J. Bree's reverse harems. Aodhan is literally the perfect man, whereas Atticus is extremely flawed, and while doing things with the best of intentions, hurts Avery a lot through this saga. Aodhan and Atticus have virtually no friendship between them, which is one of the things I love about reverse harems. They may love Avery enough to put aside the fact that she loves another man, and wants them both, but I needed something more between these two. And no - I'm not expecting threesomes. I don't think that would work for these three characters. But a friendship between them would have made a world of difference.

Listen, I didn't hate these trilogy. I did enjoy it. It just felt a little all over the place, and it lacked a lot of the chemistry I needed. One of the highlights of this book was Lips and the boys being back. That's a big problem. They are B characters in this trilogy, and they shouldn't be the ones I lean on for entertainment. Let's not forget, there is yet ANOTHER storyline introduced in this book that has yet to be answered, or even hinted at being answered in another book soon. Like the body in the bus. What the hell happened on that tour? Queen Crow, and this series in general, may not be my favorites, but honestly, it's J. Bree. I love her writing, and despite some major flaws in this trilogy, I still enjoyed it.

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