Original Sinners Extra Read: The Mitzvah Short Story

The Mitzvah

By Tiffany Reisz

Free Story available on her website

Prequel to The Siren Short Story

After the death of her mother-in-law, a loving wife helps her grieving husband find intimate healing.

I won't be providing a star-rating on this, as it is just a short story. As I am currently reviewing the Original Sinner's series though, I wanted to highlight some of the extra short stories and novellas Tiffany Reisz has on her website. To read the Mitzvah, read it here for free.


Steamy Erotica Happy


Favorite Quotes:

Grace: “One week. Whoever invented Shiva must be a sadist.”

Zach: “I think God invented Shiva,”

Grace: “I stand by my words.”

Grace: “Your heart’s still beating.”

Zach: “That’s a comfort.”

Grace: “It is. It’s never allowed to stop beating.”

Zach: “It stopped once,”

Grace: “When?”

Zach: “The day I met you.”

Grace: “Why do they call football soccer in America?”

Zach: “I knew before I opened the door. Now suddenly, I seem to have forgotten…everything.”

Grace: “You don’t get to kiss me yet. I get to kiss you. You just lay there and behave yourself.”