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Original Sinners Extra Read: The Mitzvah by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Apr 12

The Mitzvah

By Tiffany Reisz

Free Story available on her website

Prequel to The Siren Short Story

After the death of her mother-in-law, a loving wife helps her grieving husband find intimate healing.



Death of a family member, Descriptive sex with BDSM


I won't be providing a star-rating on this, as it is just a short story. As I am currently reviewing the Original Sinner's series though, I wanted to highlight some of the extra short stories and novellas Tiffany Reisz has on her website. To read the Mitzvah, read it here for free.


Grace: “One week. Whoever invented Shiva must be a sadist.”

Zach: “I think God invented Shiva,”

Grace: “I stand by my words.”

Grace: “Your heart’s still beating.”

Zach: “That’s a comfort.”

Grace: “It is. It’s never allowed to stop beating.”

Zach: “It stopped once,”

Grace: “When?”

Zach: “The day I met you.”

Grace: “Why do they call football soccer in America?”

Zach: “I knew before I opened the door. Now suddenly, I seem to have forgotten…everything.”

Grace: “You don’t get to kiss me yet. I get to kiss you. You just lay there and behave yourself.”

Zach: “I can promise to lay here until you tell me otherwise. The behaving myself ceased to be an option when you put on those clothes."

Zach: “I’ve heard of women like you. Are you a dominatrix?”

Grace: “I’m a horny wife who wants her husband inside her. Do you mind?”

Zach: “Not a bit.”

Zach: “I have to say this scandalous talk of yours comes as quite a shock, Mrs. Easton.”

Grace: “Wait. Not like that.”

Zach: “How then? I will stand on my head and fuck you if you want me to.”


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