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Picture Perfect Cowboy by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Apr 11

Picture Perfect Cowboy

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by Tiffany Reisz

Stand Alone novel in the Original Sinners Series

Jason "Still" Waters' life looks perfect from the outside—money, fame, and the words "World Champion Bull-Rider" after his name.

But Jason has a secret, one he never planned on telling anybody...until he meets Simone. She's the kinky girl of his dreams...and his conservative family's worst nightmare.



Descriptive sex with BDSM


Holy shit. Did Tiffany Reisz write a romance? Did she just make the romance genre THAT much hotter with her dark and twisty ways? Hell yes, she did!

Sorry, I'm overly excited.

Picture Perfect Cowboy by Tiffany Reisz is a novella in the Original Sinners universe, and stars Simone, photographer and pro-sub, and Jason, a famous retired bull-rider and sometimes model, who now owns a horse farm in Kentucky.

I'm going to be honest. I didn't think I would like this book. Cowboys and all things country is not my thing. The cover isn't great. I hate the title. I was king of dreading purchasing it, and taking the time to read it to be honest. I was only going to do it because it's an Original Sinners novella. I am SO GLAD I gave it a chance. This is the first, and only book in this entire series I have put in the romance category. The other books all tip toe that the line of happiness, and end up bittersweet. This was romance, with a big ol' heaping of Tiffany's erotic literary magic. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the story for multiple reasons. For one, this is the first book I read where the female was the experienced one, and was "teaching" the male. Second, the message of the book was kind of beautiful. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is no one's business, and doesn't define you as a person. Third, the romance. I'm not usually a fan of quick love stories, but this seemed believable. For someone who typically writes BDSM erotica with a not always happy ending, Tiffany Reisz sure does write romance well.

I gotta say, I love the characters in this book. Simone is hardly a character in the Original Sinners main novels. We know she is a professional submissive, and Søren calls on her often when Nora and him are separated. It was nice to get to know her character, and I see why Søren liked her. She fully owns her kinky side, but that is only a part of her. She's a sweet girl with dreams and goals. Jason is a total sweetheart. I couldn't help but feel for his character. How many people in this world grow up believing they should be ashamed of themselves, just plain disgusted by themselves, because of how they are raised? Too many. It's nice to not only see a character written to highlight this fact, but a male character.

Don't let the cover and cheesy title scare you away, like it almost did me. Picture Perfect Cowboy is a surprising feel-good book, but with all the delicious dirty details we love to get from Tiffany Reisz. You won't regret reading this one!



Jason: "Something funny?"

Simone: "Oh, nothing."

Jason: "You sure?"

Simone: "I thought it was funny that I said 'Rusty' could be your safe word."

Jason: "And why's that funny?"

Simone: "Because you didn't ask me what a safe word is. You already knew."

Simone: "I'm just going to shut up now and take the pictures."

Jason: "Why?"

Simone: "I keep putting my foot in my mouth around you."

Jason: "You said, ah ... you still sometimes, you know, do your other job?"

Simone: "Pro-subbing? Yes? You know someone who needs one?"

Jason: "Yeah. Me."

Simone: "No offense, but I don't like anyone but me touching my equipment. My photography equipment, that is. Other equipment is negotiable."

Jason pointed at her

Jason: "That's flirting."

Simone: "Just trying to make you laugh."

She wasn't sure if she was allowed to say ass. Maybe she'd say it anyway just to find out. She might get another spanking if she did, though.

Oh, the horror. Not that.

Jason: "That's what I'm calling you from now on. Spanky. My little rascal."

Simone: "Oh, God."

Simone: "I'm a pro-sub. I submit for an hour or two here and there to men who pay me. I know how to do a lot of kink, and I enjoy a lot of kink. I've dated kinky people and slept with kinky people, but I've never been the real slave of someone I was in a relationship with. I mean, not that you and I are in a relationship. I just ... I mean, you're not paying me."

Jason: "Not enough money in the world to pay you for what you're giving me."

Simone: "This is what I think. If you're enjoying it and I'm enjoying it, then we're doing it right."

Jason: "I'm not enjoying it. I'm loving every second of it."

She walked over to him where he stood with his back to the counter. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked up into his eyes.

Jason: "What?"

Simone: "I was hoping if I stood within kissing distance, you'd kiss me. You say something like that to a girl, and she'll probably want to be kissed after."

Simone: "Of course ... if you showed up at the club with your crop in your hand, there'd be a line around the block of subs, slaves and masochists waiting their turn for you."

Jason: "And what's the address of this club of yours?"

She looked up at him, eyes narrowed and glaring

Jason: "Oh, look at that - Spanky's got a jealous streak. I like that."

Simone: "I saw you first."

Jason: "You all right there, Spanky?"

Simone: "You killed me dead. Put on my tombstone, 'Here lies Spanky Levine, done to death by her master's cruelty.'"

Jason: "Cruelty? I made you come so loud my ears are ringing."

Simone: "You didn't put your cock in me. That's cruelty."

Jason: "It's my cock, not yours, and I'll put it in you on my say so, not yours."

Simone: "Ooh ... That was very sexy, sir."

Jason: "Well, better bunk with me. I've never had a pink-haired gal in my house. No telling what your sort gets up to in the night."

Simone: "We can be awfully wily. You should probably hold me really tight, in case I try to sneak out and get up to no good."

Jason: "If I hold you real tight tonight, we'll probably get down to no good."

Simone: "Then it's a win for both of us, sir."

If he wasn't careful, he was going to get real used to this real damn fast. And that was going to be a real problem once Simone left. So maybe he ought not to let her leave. And after that bright idea, Jason fell asleep too.

Jason: "Good morning."

Simone: "Good morning, sir."

Jason: "Now get your ass out of bed and dressed. Be in the kitchen in five minutes or else."

Simone: "Or else what?"

Jason: "You challenging me?"

Simone: "No, but I don't know if I can get cute in five minutes so I'm just wondering what the consequences are if I'm late."

Jason looked up at the ceiling.

Jason: "Lord, give me the patience to put up with the pink-haired girls and their sass."

Simone: "You stole my panties."

Jason: "I'm keeping 'em too. What are you wearing under there?"

Simone: "Boxers. Yours, sir."

Jason: "Cute. Real cute. I guess we need to get your luggage out of the car."

Simone: "I don't know. I like wearing your clothes. Nice and cozy."

Jason: "We got another option."

Simone: "What's that?"

Jason: "I could keep you naked all week."

Simone: "If that's what you want. Sir."

Jason: "You'd get cold."

Simone: "Not if you kept me warm."

Jason: "You are killing me."

Simone: "Oops? Sorry?"

Jason: "You're about as sorry as I am."

Simone: "Did you buy Cupcake for Katie?"

Jason: "Ponies don't cost much."

Simone: "You totally bought a pony for a little girl. That's the sweetest thing ever."

Simone: "Your ass is dangerous. I better keep my eyes off it and on the road."

Jason: "Your ass is gonna get it later for swearing in front of a little girl's pony.

Jason looked over his shoulder and winked at her. Simone nearly fell off her damn horse again at the naughty wink.

Simone: "So you get to threaten me with corseting and spanking in front of Cupcake, but I don't get to say 'ass'?"

Jason: "That's right."

Simone: "How is that fair?"

Jason: "It's not. But I'm your master and you're gonna follow my orders, fair or not. You got that?"

Simone: "I got it, sir."

Jason: "Good."

She almost asked him to give an order right then and there. She wanted him to order her not to fall in love with him. A simple order to give. Maybe an impossible one to follow.

Luke: "Naked calendar. Photo shoot. Yesterday. You were supposed to call and tell me how it went? Remember? You getting in the raw in front of that sexy-as-hell photographer from New York?"

Jason: "Hey, how do you know she's sexy as hell? You never met her."

Luke: "Seen her pictures, man. Why do you think I agreed to be in the stupid calendar in the first place? She's got a website. I've been on it. A lot. I'm on it right now. Oh my God.."

Jason: "Yeah, I'm gonna need you to stop doing that."

Luke: "Why?"

Jason: "Cuz I said so. And aren't you supposed to be in traction?"

Luke: "My dick's in traction after looking at her in tight corsets."

Jason: "Dude, stop it, I swear to God."

Luke: "Whoa. What the hell is going on, man? I just called to find out if she was as pretty in person as she is in her pictures."

Jason: "Yes, she's very pretty, and she's sweet, too. Don't talk about her like that to me. All right?"

A long pause followed

Luke: "You fucked her."

Jason: "I'm hanging up."

Luke: "You dirty dog, you did. God damn, I am killing myself as soon as we get off the phone. I gave that girl to you on a silver fucking platter."

Jason: "That's not how this works. What Simone and I did or did not do is none of your god-damned business, and if you keep talking about her like that, you're gonna be in traction for the rest of your life."

Luke: "I better get to be best man in the wedding, son."

Jason: "I feel mighty flattered. I didn't know my ass was that good."

Simone: "I'm a fangirl of it. You want to see the Tumblr?"

Jason: "Not in a billion years."

Simone: "You really thought you were crazy because you like kink? Kink is not crazy. Bull riding is fucking crazy."

Jason: "Maybe I oughta just tie you to my bed and not let you ever leave."

Simone: "I've heard worse ideas."

Jason: "You are too good to be true."

Simone: "That's funny, sir."

Jason: "And why's that?"

Simone: "I keep thinking the same thing about you."

Jason: "That an invitation?"

Simone: "You don't need one, sir."

Jason: "That's right, I don't. A man doesn't need an engraved invitation to come in his own house."

He stroked her back with his fingertips, happy to simply hold her and touch her. And he better do it, too, hold her and touch her as much as he could, since she would be leaving soon. Unless he ordered her to stay. No, he couldn't do tha. You couldn't order someone to stay with you, could you? That wouldn't be right. He couldn't force Simone into staying with him. That wasn't fair to her. But he could ask her to stay, couldn't he? Maybe he could. Maybe he would. Maybe he'd never get invited home for Christmas again, either.

It shouldn't be this hard to fall in love with someone.

Simone: "Master Jason..."

Jason: "Yes, Spanky?"

Simone: "Nothing. I just like saying that."

He kissed the top of her head. Maybe it wasn't so hard to fall in love after all.

Text message exchange:

Simone: Do sane women fall in love with random cowboys after spending four days with them?

Nora: Depends on the cowboy.

Simone: He trussed me up in a corset last night and fucked me - on camera.

Nora: Marry him.


Simone: I'm not in love with him. I just keep thinking about how nice it would be to spend the rest of my life with him and be his cookie-baking slave forever. That wasn't a euphemism. I baked him cookies and he loved them and it made me happier than it should have. Also, he smells really good. And he spanks like a god. And he bought a therapy horse for a little girl who has speech problems after brain surgery. And I keep almost crying every time I think about leaving because I want to spend the rest of my life with him. That's not love, right?

Nora: :|

Simone: Okay, so maybe I'm in love with him. HELP!

Five minutes later he walked into the house.

Simone sat on his sofa in his living room drinking a cup of tea and trying to look very, very innocent.

Simone: "Hello, sir. You're back early."

Jason: "Are you trying to kill me?"

Simone batted her eyelashes

Simone: "What do you mean?"

He held out his phone.

Jason: "Ahem."

Simone: "Have you never had a woman text you a picture of her pussy before?"

Jason: "No!"

Simone: "Oh. I thought that was standard procedure these days. Want some tea?"

She held out her cup to him, still half full. She smiled. He didn't.

Jason: "You're in so much trouble little girl."

Simone: "Oh. That a 'no' to the tea?"

Jason snapped his fingers and jerked his thumb to the door

Jason: "Up."

Simone: "Are you going to spank me in the kitchen?"

Jason: "No, you'd like that too much."

He was right. She would like that too much

Simone: "Are you going to spank me in the barn?"

Jason: "I'm not telling you what I'm going to do with you. I'm keeping you in suspense."

Simone: "That's psychological torture. Good idea."

With a hand on her arm, he escorted her from the house toward the barn. She was having a very hard time not laughing or smiling. She could tell he was, too, though he was doing his level best pretending to be furious at her.

Simone: "So I guess I'm not allowed to send you pussy pics? I'm only asking for future reference, sir."

Jason: "You can send them when I ask for them, and I promise you I'm not going to ask for them when my farm manager is standing two feet away from me."

Simone: "What? Does Franco not like pussy pics, either?"

Jason: "You're going to get cropped so hard tonight you won't be able to sit for a week."

Simone: "I don't really need to sit. Being sedentary is bad for you, I hear."

Jason: "I should have known better than to let a pink-haired menace into my house."

Simone: "You really should have, sir"

Jason: "Are all pink-haired kinky girls as crazy as you are?"

Simone: "No, sir. It's just me."

Jason: "Just this one thing - if you were really mine, like for real, and someone tried to take you from me ... I wouldn't let them. I want to keep you, Simone. If you'' let me, I'd like that very much."

Simone: "You know, while we're apart for the next few weeks we could maybe both get tested, and then we wouldn't have to use those anymore."

Jason met her eyes

Jason: "I'd like that."

Simone: "And maybe, when I come back I can bring all my equipment with me - my kink equipment, and you could try flogging me and stuff?"

Jason: "I'd like that, too."

Simone: "And um ... maybe, if I have your permission, Master Jason, maybe it would be okay if I fell in love with you?"

A smile spread across his Jason's face, wide as the blue Kentucky sky.

Jason: "Yeah. I'd like that most of all."

Cassie: "Uncle Jason has a girlfriend?"

Aimee: "He does. And her name is Simone and she's very sweet but we're not allowed to see pictures of her so she must be very, very ugly."

Jason: "I swear to God, I will make you sleep in the barn tonight."

Simone: "There is nothing wrong with what you and I do alone together in private."

Jason: "Tell that to the world."

Simone: "No, because it's none of the world's fucking business. I gave my answer. No, you don't get more time to decide if I'm a decent person or not. You do not. Not one minute. Not one second. Because I am a good person and so are you. At least I thought so before this conversation."

Jason: "You're awfully demanding for a slave."

Simone: "And you're pretty weak-willed for a master."

Søren: "Hello, Jellybean. It's been too long. How are you?"

Simone: "I..."

It was as far as she got. Simone burst into tears and collapsed against him. He put his arms around her and held her close as she wept loudly and long against his chest.

Søren: "Ah. Memories."

Luke: "Asshole."

Jason: "Whatever happened to 'hello'?"

Luke: "Hello, asshole. Why are you calling me? I'm busy here."

Jason: "Busy in the hospital?"

Luke: "I'm out, man. Got out yesterday. I'm about to get a sponge bath from a sexy nurse."

Jason: "If you're out of the hospital, why the hell do you have a nurse giving you a bath?"

Luke: "I asked her real nicely."

Jason: "Good Lord."

Luke laughed.

Jason: "What would you know about it?"

Luke fell quiet for a few seconds

Luke: "I know a lot about it. And I know if I had a girl who understood all that about me, I would not fuck it up a week after meeting her. Now fix it with her so she can introduce me to all her wild friends. I am only two weeks away from being healed enough to fuck again."

Jason: "So me making up with Simone is about you, not me?"

Luke: "Right."

Jason: "I'm hanging up now."

Luke: "Good. My bath's ready."

Jason hung up

Søren: " 'You're pretty weak-willed for a master ...' You do go for the jugular, don't you, Jellybean?"

Søren: "Even when it's meant to be, it isn't necessarily meant to be easy."

Simone: "Ugh. Don't make me empathize. I hate that."

Søren: "It might be for the best that it ends no, early, before you grow any more attached than you already are."

Simone: "You think so?"

Søren: "You and Jason have so little in common. I can certainly foresee a painful breakup in the future if you stayed together."

Simone: "Really?"

Søren: "I'm afraid so. I've seen it too many times to count."

Her bottom lip quivered but she tried not to cry again

Simone: "You're probably right. We ... we don't have a lot in common, really."

He smiled. It was a wicked smile. Positively satanic.

Simone: "What?"

Søren: "You see how easy it was?"

Simone: "What do you mean?"

Søren: "You care about me. You trust me. Although you were certain of your feelings one minute ago, I was able to plant a seed of doubt in your brain with just a few barbed words. This is how it happens when someone you trust and care about makes you second-guess your own heart."

Simone: "You did that to me on purpose?"

Søren: "Of course I did."

Simone: "You're evil."

Søren: "I proved my point."

She lightly beat her head against his shoulder

Simone: "Evil. Evil. Evil."

Simone: "You're so smart and wise."

Søren: "Yes I know."

Simone: "Pretty arrogant, though."

Søren: "Well aware, Jellybean. Well aware."

Aimee: "Dinner's ready."

Jason: "Eat without me. I have to go."

She walked in and shut the door

Aimee: "Go where?"

Jason: "New York."

Aimee: "What? Why?"

Jason: "Because I need to go apologize to Simone."

Aimee: "For what?"

Jason: "For listening to your bullshit and taking i t out on her."

Aimee: "Jason!"

He pushed the photo album toward her.

Jason: 'Simone just sent me that. Look at it."

Aimee: "Do I have to?"

Jason: "Look at it. You see all that? She did that for me. I told her I was sick of having all my trophies underfoot and wanted to donate them to the rodeo museum. She took those pictures of every single one of my trophies so I can donate them and still keep them. Isn't that the sweetest damn thing in the whole wide world?"

Aimee: "It's very nice. But that doesn't mean you should run off and marry this girl. She's about the last girl on earth Mom and Dad would want for you."

Jason: "Don't care."

Aimee: "What?"

Jason: "Don't give a shit. Not a single solitary shit."

Aimee: "Jason, you don't mean that. You can't possibly want an underwear model as an aunt to your nieces."

Jason: "This is coming from a place of love, Aimee. But that's your problem, not mine. They're your kids. You feed them all the 'good girl' garbage Mom fed you if you want. I'm out. I don't care if Simone walks down the highway naked, she's still the best thing that's ever happened to me. And I'm going to go, right now, to the airport and pray to God the whole way there she forgives me. And if she does, I'm going to throw her over my shoulder and bring her back here with me. And if you're here when we get back, you better straighten up and treat her with the respect she deserves. And if you can't do that, then you better be long gone or I'll kick you out on your ass in front of the girls if I have to."

Aimee: "You are really going to pick this girl you barely know over your mother, your father, your sister, and your nieces? You're not. I know you're not."

Jason: "Fuck yes, I am."

And on his way out the door he stopped, looked at his sister, and grinned.

Jason: "And you know what else? She's not the only one who's modeled naked. I have, too."

Aimee: "What? When?"

Jason: "For a charity calendar, and I am completely naked in it. I'll send you the calendar for Christmas. Everybody's getting one for Christmas, and when you see my bare ass in that calendar, feel free to kiss it. Then maybe y'all will stop trying to make me into a saint when all I ever wanted to be was my own man."

Simone: "I don't want you to have to choose between them and me. I really don't."

Jason: "I appreciate that, but it's all right. It is what it is. And if it comes down to that, I want you to know something. I want you to know ... I'll choose you every time."

Jason: "You don't love me. You just love my square footage."

Simone: "I don't care about the feet. Just the inches, sir."

Jason: "I missed that 'sir.' Much as I missed this girl."

Simone: "Damn, you're good. Sir."

Jason: "What did I say about that unladylike language?"

Simone: "That I'll be punished for using it?"

Jason: "Right. SO why did you use it?"

Simone: "So I'd be punished for using it."

Jason: "What am I going to do with you, Spanky?"

Simone: "Punish me, I hope, sir?"

Jason: "I guess I gotta. You're overdue for it."

Simone: "It's the training dungeon. Has all the basics plus good lighting."

Nora: "And the library. This was my idea. But if you check out a book, you better return it. We fine in floggings."

Simone: "Nora makes a very sexy, vicious librarian. I've seen it with my own eyes."

Jason: "I can picture that."

Søren: "Picture what?"

Jason: "Nothing. Not a thing."

Simone: "Jason was picturing Nora as a sexy librarian."

Jason glared at her. He hoped there were gags in this training dungeon.

Jason: "No, I wasn't."

Søren: "Why not? I would if I were you."

Søren laughed

Jason: "Wait. Has he actually been nice this whole time, and y'all just been messing with me?"

Nora: "No. Definitely not nice."

Simone: "Not really. But he's friendly enough when you get him in a good mood."

Søren: "And nothing gets him in a good mood faster than being spoken about as if he weren't standing right here."

Simone: "Sorry."

Søren poked her nose

Søren: "You are not."

Simone: "True."

Nora: "He really is a college professor. I suppose that makes me his T&A."

Søren: "T.A., Eleanor. They're called T.A.'s

Nora winked at Jason

Simone: "Behave."

Søren: "I don't want to."

Simone furrowed her brow at him and made the meanest, angriest face Jason had ever seen her make. She kissed like a snake. It worked.

Søren: "Fine. I'll behave. But only for you, Jellybean."

Jason: "All right, all right. Enough. You - stop calling my girlfriend cute names. That's my job. You- Don't go making mean faces at people and hissing l ike snakes when they're trying to help me out. And you -"

Nora: "What about me?"

Her voice was pure velvet, pure seduction. It was the last voice you heard right before the knife slipped between your ribs into your heart.

Jason: "Nothing. I have nothing but respect for you, and I just want everyone present to know that."

Nora: "He's a keeper, Simone."

Simone: "I agree."

Søren: "I'm going to flog someone now."

Søren: "The top can ask how the submissive is feeling, what they're feeling, what they want to feel..."

Nora: "Or, if you're old like we are and you've been doing this forever, you're lucky to get a 'Brace yourself' before the blows start."

Søren: "Do as I say, not as I do."

Søren: "If I got a little too far with Eleanor, I know he'll say something to the effect of -"

Nora: "Asshole!"

Søren: "Not that 'Asshole' counts as your safe word."

Nora: "Yeah, usually at the point I'm yelling 'Asshole' is about when I start having fun."

Søren: "When the flogging session is over, you'll want to engage in aftercare. Take her down off the cross gently and carefully. Flogging can - and should - cause an endorphin rush. She might be dizzy so help her down. After that, water and rest. Ask how she is. Spend time together."

Nora: "Or, if you're old like we are, you fuck hard and then immediately roll over and go to sleep."

Simone: "That works for me, too."

Jason looked at her

Simone: "Just saying."

Jason: "You're everything I never knew I needed. What do you have to say to that?"

Simone: "Hit me, Master Dickhead."

Jason roared with laughter. God, he loved this girl. He kissed her shoulder again and Simone whispered

Simone: "I love you, Master."

Nora's note to Jason: Good job, Asshole.


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