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Little Red Riding Crop by Tiffany Reisz

Updated: Jan 23

Little Red Riding Crop

by Tiffany Reisz

Published by Mills & Boon Spice

Prequel to The Siren in the Original Sinners series

Mistress Nora needs a vacation. She might be the one flogging the clients, but Kingsley, her sexy French boss, is the real sadist who rarely gives her a day off. They strike a backseat deal: Nora gets one month off and a trip to Europe if she can sneak into a rival BDSM club and get the dirt on the owner. But she’ll need more than her little red riding crop when she comes face to face with Brad Wolfe, the one man who stands between her and freedom.


Steamy #Erotica Fun


I will not be giving a star rating, as it is too short of a novella to fairly critique, but as I am currently reviewing the Original Sinners series, I wanted to let you know of the many short stories and novella's Tiffany Reisz has written for this series. Enjoy!

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Cooper: "Seriously, Nora, do you want to get locked up?"

Nora: "Isn't that the question I usually ask you, Coop?"

Nora: "The maid wasn't paying to get the shit beat out of her. My client was. Only he can press charges, and he won't because he's scared of me. He pays extra to be scared of me. So I'm going, right? You're letting me go, aren't you? Say 'Yes, Mistress.'"

Cooper sighed heavily

Nora: "Coop. Say it."

Cooper: "Fine. Yes, Mistress. You're free to go. The boss man is outside waiting on you anyway"

Nora: "Cuffs, put them on me. Now. Slammer. Lock and key. Never let me out. Please, please, please, Coop. This is me begging you. Record it. You'll never hear it again."

Cooper: "That bad, eh?"

Nora: "He's going to yell at me."

Cooper: "Nora ... grow up. You're a Dominatrix. Have some dignity."

Nora: "But he's got the sexy French accent and the whole 'I'm very disappointed in you' thing, and I just can't handle that right now."

Nora: "Later, Coop. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Cooper: "We figure out what that was yet?"

Nora: "Nope."

Kingsley: "You are a dangerous woman, Nora Sutherlin. This is the last time I employ someone more manipulative than I."

Brad: "Well ... If it isn't Little Red Riding Crop."

Nora: "If it isn't the Big Brad Wolfe. We meet again."

Nora: "I'm smart too. Used to fuck a Rhodes scholar. By the way ... are you going to invite me in?"

Brad: "Should I?"

Nora: "Nope."

Brad: "If I let you in, will you promise not to break anything ... or anyone?"

Nora: "Nope."

Brad: "The Dam will have my hide if I let you in and you know it."

Nora: "Then let's hope you're into that sort of thing."

Brad caresses her face

Nora: "What was that for?"

Brad: "You're beautiful."

Nora: "And you're huge and handsome. You don't see me going around getting all personal with your face."

Brad: "Would you like to get personal with my face?"

Brad: "You keep a St Andrew's cross in your basement? You're kinkier than I thought."

Nora: "It's good for drying laundry."

Brad: "That's it. That's a flogging for you."

Nora: "Oh ... darn."

Brad: "You know, Nora, for that little stunt you pulled, keeping quiet while I was beating the hell out of you, I'm going to have to punish you. I think maybe I'll punish you by fucking you so hard you scream for me."

Now Nora laughed.

Nora: "I don't scream, Sir. I make others scream. In fact, that's how I ended up at the police station this morning."

Brad: "You don't scream? You say that like it's a fact, when we both know I'll just take it as a challenge."

Brad: "Yes, laughing at me while I'm naked. That is sure to get you into my good graces."

Nora: "I'm only laughing because your nickname is so appropriate ... Mr. Big Brad Wolfe."

Brad: "I don't fuck my clients. Neither do you, I hear. What happened here wasn't business."

Nora: "Yeah ... but it was a lot of fucking fun."

Nora: "My goodness. What a big ... crop you have."

Nora: "My ... what a big smile you have."

Brad: " Why ... all the better to eat you with."


#bdsm #alpha #domme

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