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NEWS: Hannah McBride's Legacy gets an early release!

Have you heard of the blackwater Pack Series yet? If you have, lucky you, if not, get off this page, grab your kindle, and download the first two books (and the novella) ASAP. The Blackwater Pack series has gotten me out of a serious reading slump, and I DEVOURED Hannah McBrides debut book, Sanctum, her novella, Broken, and the second book in the series, Prey. I was bummed I had to wait till the 16th this month to read Skye and Remy's final book (but not the final book in the series). But then something amazing happened. Amazon released the paperback version early, so Hannah McBride, being the kick ass author she is, is releasing Legacy tomorrow, April 10th!


Here are the preorder links for Legacy (Canadian links)


Check out Hannah McBride's social media to get updates on her future books!

FACEBOOK - Hannah McBride, Author

TWITTER - @Ideally_Hannah

INSTAGRAM - @ideally_hannah



Check out some sneak peeks of Legacy below!

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