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Make My Move by J. Bree

Make My Move

by J. Bree


Book 2.5 in the Hannaford Prep Series

The Mounty trash has wormed her way into our circle.

We have no choice but to wait until she shows her hand, each move on the board more risky than the last. There’s no way she’s not a spy, not with her allegiance with the sociopath drug addict who walks the halls with murder on his mind.

We’re watching her every move, every choice she makes reshaping the world we live in.

The halls of Hannaford Prep have never been so deadly. The game is only just beginning and now I need to make my move.



Scoff. Scoff. SCOFF.

Sorry. It really bugs me.

Make My Move is a rewrite of the second book, but in Harley, Ash's, and Blaise's point of views.

It's ... okay.

Just okay.

I love reading alternate point of views in romance books. Love them. Like Jennifer L Armentrout writing Oblivion, which is Daemon's POV of the first three books in the LUX series. And Trust in Me, which is Cam's POV of Jennifer's book Wait For You. Scarlett St. Clair's Hades series. Ali Hazelwood's preorder incentive with Adam's POV of Chapter 16 in The Love Hypothesis. They enhance the original story, in my opinion.

I didn't feel much love for Make My Move.

It felt very repetitive. Not a lot of new content. A lot of the same conversations. Fighting over Lips. It just felt very flat to me. I definitely enjoyed Make Your Move more than Make My Move, for sure.

If you have read the Hannaford Prep series, but not this book yet, it's fine. You honestly are not missing anything.

It’s like I can watch the respect she has for him doubling by the second; the more he talks about protecting his cousin in the most violent ways, the more he reels her in. Maybe it is a Mounty love story for the ages. He grins at her and, no. Absolutely not. I'm not having him play the macho bullshit card on her. I might fucking loathe her but she could break him in half with one arm tied behind her back. Ash: “You asked his dealers to leave and they did?”

She shrugs.

Lips: “I asked nicely.” I’m too busy in my own thoughts so when the Mounty starts choking and trying to wrestle the laptop away from me, I almost let her take it, until she snarls,

Lips: “I do not fucking need corsets, suspender belts, or a crotchless bodysuit!”

She does though, she really does. Lips: “Fuck today, fuck this school, and fuck every fucking knuckle-scraping, chest-beating, egotistical piece of shit guy in this fucking hellhole!”

she screams as she stalks to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Blaise: “What the fuck was that?”

Morrison sputters, and Avery giggles at him, standing and heading after her.

Avery: “That was Eclipse Anderson, pushed to the edge by something and when I find out what it is, you’ll kill it for me.” I kiss her like I've never kissed a girl before. I kiss her like she's the only fucking drug I'll ever need pumping through my veins, like I don't fucking care that she's going to be my downfall and that doing this is the end of everything I love and covet in my life. I kiss her like it doesn't matter that I'm betraying two of the most important and vital people in my life. I kiss her like I love her. Harley: “It wasn’t fucking dibs; Ash is just being a confrontational asshole because he’s pissed about this whole… thing. I told them I was interested in her and they both backed off.”

Avery squints at him like he’s dense.

Avery: “Oh, of course, that definitely sounds nothing like dibs to me! Avery: “Oh my freaking God. You’re all in love with her. This isn’t just some disgusting sex thing… you want to date her. All three of you. Well, I’ll be damned.” Avery: “She didn’t want to choose. Apparently she’s just as obsessed with the three of you. Personally, I think you’ll all only really work if you’re with the same girl. I’ve said it a million times, but you’re all painfully codependent.”

Lips: “If both of his hands are on my hips then that hand must belong to me.”

I try not to burst out laughing at her.

Blaise: “Yes, that’s your hand.”


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