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Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

Love, Unexpectedly

By Susan Fox

Published by Brava

Book 2 in the Wild Ride to Love Series

At thirty-one, Kat Fallon's luck with men shows no sign of improving.

But when she asks her best friend Nav Bharani to be her date at her younger sister's wedding in Vancouver, she has no idea that she's about to get on board the most surprising ride of her life...Nav has been secretly in love with Kat ever since he moved in next door. When she reveals that she loves taking train rides, especially the meeting-strangers part, Nav devises a plan to win Kat's heart. On every leg of her trip to Vancouver, he shows up disguised as a different sexy stranger. Stunned by Nav's daring, Kat finds herself succumbing to his inventive transformations. But what starts out as an innocent adventure soon becomes much more for Kat as she is forced to choose between her long-held fantasies of the perfect mate - and the prospect of something far more real...

This is Book 2 in the Wild Ride to Love series that started with Sex Drive by Susan Lyons.

Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance



Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox is the second book in the Wild Ride to Love series, and centers around Kat Fallon, the second oldest Fallon sister, and her best friend, Nav. Unlucky in love, and constantly reminded of her unsuccessful relationships, Kat begs her best friend Nav to be her date to her sisters wedding. Nav, who has secretly been in love with her since he met her, jumps at the chance - while planning a way to get past Kat's walls. Kat, being afraid of flying, plans to travel to BC by train, a form of travel she loves, because she meets so many interesting people. Who she doesn't expect to see on the train, is Nav. On every leg of her trip, he poses as a new, sexy stranger, and with a promise it won't effect her friendship, Kat can't help but succumb to Nav's charm and her curiosity. By the end of the trip, will Kat finally find her "one", and will Nav finally have the woman of his dreams?

THIS is the book my best friend recommended to me. Her very first romance. This is why I endured the first book in the series (Sex Drive) ... so I can get to this one. And I am so glad I gave it a chance. I really, REALLY enjoyed it. Like, couldn't put it down enjoyed it. The story is fun, and felt fresh. It's the first "on a train" romance I have read, and with Nav's disguises (and before you ask, Kat is fully aware it's Nav, so no trickery), it adds a sexy twist to the friends to lovers trope. And when I say sexy - woah - I mean sexy. Seriously, this books sex scenes were fucking delicious. I couldn't get enough of them. I really only had two issues with this book. One, was the email exchanges with her sister. I read all that already in the first book. Why do I want to read it again? I ended up skimming it. Second, and this is a big one for me, our MC Kat, wasn't a great character. I was left wondering what Nav truly saw in her. For having such a great male love interest, I feel like Kat's character should have been built up so she actually deserves him. Last, I felt the ending was rushed, and was weak.

While I loved Love, Unexpectedly, I plan to DNF the series. I hated the first book, and even my best friend said the other books are not as good, so I refuse to force myself to read them. And while I didn't like the first, and not reading the other two, these books are technically stand alone romances, so you can totally read just this one, and not miss anything. If you are looking for a hot, fun friends to lovers romance, you will love this book!

  1. Nav pretending to be Pritam

  2. The first time they have sex

  3. Nav showing up on the train again, but as Dhiraj

  4. All the sex

  5. Kat finally realizing she loves Nav

Nav: "You meet fascinating people on a train. A train's a special world. Normal rules don't apply."

Nav/Dhiraj: "How would you define love?"

Kat: "How would you define it?"

Nav/Dhiraj: "It's when you see the whole person, their strengths and their frailties, and

Nav: "I owe my parents love and respect. I don't owe them my life."


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