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Holiday Gift Guide for the Jennifer L Armentrout Fan 2022 Edition

I made up these fun holiday gift guides last year, and they were a huge hit. So with an entire year that has gone by, so many new bookish product is out on the market. Below, here are some of my favorite JLA products, that I know a fan would love this holiday season! Please know, that I am posting these items because I own/want them myself. I receive no compensation for this, in the form of money or product. This is just one fan, trying to help you buy for another fan!

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Signed Books

Honestly, the ultimate gift for a JLander is a signed book. The best place to get an authenticly signed JLA book, is right from the source herself. You can purchase right from her shop on her website.

Jennifer L Armentrout SIGNED books by the JLAshop - approx $14 - $33 CAD + shipping



*1* I actually own four of TheJLAshop's character mugs (Poppy, Casteel, Kieran and Reaver) and I can't tell you how much I love these mugs. Can fit lots of coffee, a big and comfortable handle, and great overall quality.

*2* I also own this mug (I bought my bff and myself matching ones last christmas) and its truly a quality, good looking mug. One of my favorites.


  1. Tink Troll Doll by TheJLAshop - approx $17 CAD + shipping

  2. Luc's Llama Plush by TheJLAshop - approx $17 CAD + shipping

  3. Wooden Signs by FandomDecorShop - various pricing + shipping *note*

  4. ALITF Bookends by The JLA Shop - approx $41 CAD + shipping

Note* Fandom Decor Shop only opens periodically after restocking. Check out her instagram to find out dates and times, as her stuff sells fast!


  1. LUX enamel pin by TheJLAshop - approx $18 CAD + shipping *note*

  2. Layla and Roth enamel pin by ArtBySteffani - approx. $21-$28 CAD + shipping

  3. Tink Troll Pin by ArtBySteffani - approx $14 CAD + shipping

  4. Officially Licensed We Will Rise enamel pin by lormaeart - approx $16 - $18 CAD + shipping


*1* I actually own this pin, and the picture does not do it justice. So beautiful and great quality.


  1. Queen unisex tshirt by TheJLAshop - approx $38 CAD + shipping

  2. Daddy Nyktos boyfriend tee by The Bookish Shop - approx. $38 - $42 CAD + shipping

  3. City of Atlantia boyfriend tee by The Bookish Shop - approx. $38 - $42 CAD + shipping

  4. Blood Forest National Park tank by The Bookish Shop - approx. $43 - $47 CAD + shipping

  5. Property of Casteel Da'Neer sweatshirt by Rainbow Pop Studio - approx. - $53 - $57 CAD + shipping

  6. Blood Forest/Masadonia tshirt by ChapterCatchers - approx $31-$35 CAD + shipping

  7. Miss Willa's Book Club hoodie by UndercoverMerch - approx $56 CAD + shipping

  8. Officially Licensed FBAA Canvas shoes by EternalGeekery - approx $109 CAD + shipping

  9. JLA Postcard series tshirt by Novel Grounds - approx $38 CAD + shipping

  10. Officially Licensed Liessa joggers by TheDearWriterCo - approx $43 - $48 CAD + shipping

  11. Crown of Gilded Bone audiobook hoodie by The Bookish Shop - approx $85 - $91 CAD + shipping

  12. From Blood and Ash PJ Set by The Bookish Shop - approx $89 CAD + shipping

For the Books


*1* I own both these book beau's and they are PHENOMINAL!



*1* I own this candle (received it in my adult subscription box) and I love the smell and artwork on the jar!

Home Goods


  1. I own this beauty as well. Super soft, and does keep you warm, but it please note it is a throw blanket. It's not overly big.


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