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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bookish Sort

Okay, so I didn't do this last year, but honestly, after curating my own bookish Christmas list, I figured why not share a few holiday gift guides to help those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for the bookish person in your life. If you have any ideas, comment below! Seriously, I love looking at all things books, and the more, the better!

The gifts featured below are for the BOOKISH SORT. Meaning no specific genres, no fandoms ... just items that any book lover would enjoy.

I do not receive any compensation for giving you these ideas. This is just a fellow book nerd, passing along ideas so that her book nerd peers get some lovely gifts :)

1. Bookish Tee's and Hoodies

Who doesn't like a cute new shirt that tells the world what you love? Up above are some of my favorite, general book love shirts.

2. Candles

Who doesn't like a good candle? Honestly, if I were to think of a perfect day, it would be laying in bed, with a warm breeze coming through the window, a great book in hand, and a handle going. These also make cute book shelf décor if the bibliophile in your life is into that.

3. Pins

I LOVE enamel pins! I'm in my thirties, but I insist you can't be too old to decorate your bookbag style purse. Whether you want to buy a bunch of pins and gift them, or use as a little stocking stuffer, you can't go wrong with a cute pin.

4. Jewelry & Accessories

Accessories that let the world know you are a bibliophile, AND are cute and functional? Who wouldn't want these!

5. For The Book

These gifts are just as much for your favorite book nerd as much as it's for the books.

6. Bookish Home Decor

Not only am I a book hoarder of sorts, but buying bookish things to "dress up" my book shelf. As for the pillows, if the person you are buying for has a favorite chair, or a book nook space, why not spruce the space up with a cute pillow and blanket?

7. Mugs & Tumblers

It doesn't matter who you are shopping for - everyone needs mugs. Whether its for the coffee-dependent (like myself), a tea drinker, or strictly hot chocolate, there is no one who would turn down a mug or tumbler.

8. Gift Sets

Can't decide? You can't go wrong with a surprise book gift book, or a monthly subscription!

Stay tuned for my next holiday gift guide, centered around fans of Sarah J Maas

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