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Hell Hath No Fury: A Romance Anthology for Reproductive Rights : Part 2

Hell Hath No Fury: A Romance Anthology for Reproductive Rights

by Alexandria Bishop :: :: Karina Halle:: Amelia Wilde :: Amie Knight :: Anna B. Doe :: Anna Edwards :: Anne Malcom :: Anne Mercier :: Bella Matthews :: BT Urruela :: Cali Melle :: Carly Phillips :: Cassandra Robbins :: Claire Hastings :: Clarissa Wild :: Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels :: Danielle Pearl :: Darcy Rose :: Dee Palmer :: Dove Cavanaugh King :: Eden Summers :: Ella Fields :: Evie Mitchell :: Giana Darling :: Hannah McBride :: India R Adams :: Ivy Fox :: Jack Davenport :: Jenika Snow :: Jessica Gadziala :: Kat T. Masen :: KL Donn :: LP Lovell and Stevie J Cole :: Max Henry :: Nicole Blanchard :: Nikki Belaire :: Piper Davenport :: Sade Rena :: Saffron A. Kent :: Samantha Young :: Sarah Bale :: Serena Akeroyd :: Sierra Glass :: Skye Warren :: Susanne Valanti and Caroline Peckham :: Willow Winters

Self Published

We will not be silent.

We will not stand down.

We are furious.

We are the storm.

More than forty of your favorite authors have gotten together to create an anthology where 100% of the proceeds go toward charities fighting for our reproductive rights.

This was a big anthology to read, but there are a few reasons why I was glad to do it. Aside from the fact that Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti, and Hannah McBride contributed.

  1. The most important - all the proceeds are split between several charities that fight for the right for women's reproductive rights.

  2. There is a Zodiac Academy prequel and a short story featuring Skye and Remy from Hannah McBride's Blackwater Pack series

  3. I got introduced to new authors and new book series' that I now want to read.

Below are my personal ratings for each short story in the last half of the book, and any thoughts I might have regarding them ... but again, key word is short, because there is a lot to unpack in this anthology. And of course, I can't help it ... there are quote.


Heat | Hannah McBride

This was one of the reasons I bought the anthology. I love the Blackwater Pack series, and I loved this short story featuring Skye and Remy. It was hot, hot hot! And got Remy for supporting Skye, and Skye standing up for her wants and needs!

Favorite Quotes

Mallory: “Okay.”

Mallory clasped her hands in front of her.

Mallory: “Do you have any questions?”

I blushed, hating that I was discussing this with my mate’s mom.

Skye: “I don’t think so. We kinda already figured out how sex works.”

I cringed at my attempt at a joke, but it was true. When we’d officially bonded and had sex for the first time, we’d triggered a global mating wave amongst our kind. Not something people forgot about. An amused smile tilted up the corners of her mouth.

Mallory: “I’m sure you did, but still, your first heat can be… intense. Make sure you hydrate and have snacks on hand. You’ll both need your energy for, uh, well…”

Her nose wrinkled.

Mallory: “I’m not making this any less awkward, am I?”

I shook my head miserably.

Skye: “No, but thanks for trying.” Skye: “I don’t know if I want a baby right now,”

I admitted even as my wolf rebelled at the idea. I felt like a failure and an asshole for saying it, but I just wasn’t sure I was ready. Having a baby was what I was supposed to want. And I did… but maybe not right now. Remy nodded, zero condemnation in his eyes.

Remy: “Okay.”

Skye: “Just okay?”

I parroted, arching a brow.

Remy: “Skye, we have the rest of our unnaturally long lives to have kids,”

he reasoned with a lopsided smile that made my heart do funny things.

Remy: “I’ve never put you on a schedule, and I don’t plan to now. If you aren’t ready, then we aren’t ready. That’s it.”

I wound my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers in his dark hair.

Skye: “But what about what you want?”

Remy: “I want you.”

He grinned and slid his hands down to cup my ass, a possessive and totally Alpha look in his dark eyes.

Remy: “And I have you.” Groaning, I leaned back against the headboard.

Skye: “I’m not sure if I should apologize or not for the last few days.”

Remy scoffed and scooted over to use my lap as a pillow.

Remy: “There was a minute I was worried you might’ve broken my dick, but I think we handled that pretty well.” Remy: “Babe, all I’m saying is, what we decide to do with our family is no one else’s fucking business. Not the pack’s, not my parent’s, your parent’s, or our friend’s.”

He came around to my side of the island and turned my chair, stepping between my legs to press a hand against my flat stomach.

Remy: “We give enough of ourselves to our pack. When we’re ready, we’ll have as many kids as you want.”

I tipped my head back to look up at him.

Skye: “And have we decided how many we want?”

Remy: “Ten?”

He kept a totally straight face, but there was a teasing glint in his eyes. Snorting, I punched his stomach.

Skye: “Nice try. I’m thinking half of that.”

Remy: “Five?”

He gave me an odd look.

Skye: “Is that okay?”

Remy: “Five sounds perfect,”

he replied, kissing my forehead and then my mouth.

Remy: “When we’re ready.”

I nodded, inhaling his scent. This was my home, right here in his arms. As long as I had that, I could handle anything. Maybe even ten kids.

I dropped my half-eaten burger.

Skye: “Maybe we should’ve just stayed at my place and ordered in.”

Katy snorted.

Katy: “And eat my meal with the aroma of my brother’s and bestie’s sex juice everywhere? Hard pass.”

Skye: “Ew,”

I laughed, throwing a french fry at her face. Skye: “We’re fine,”

I assured her, smiling at Zane when he gave me a toothy grin.

Skye: “You need to listen to your mama, mister.”

Zane: “No,”

he declared with a gleeful giggle.


Hostile Fates | A Steel Stallions Novel | India R. Adams

I liked this one! Gotta get the book and finish it :)

Favorite Quotes

Lynx: “Why are you helping me?”

Reaching for a door handle, she almost sneered,

Elle: “I’m a dumb sucker when it comes to spiritual eyes.”

As I was taken into a decent-sized broom closet, I chuckled,

Lynx: “Nothin’ spiritual about this wolf, sweetheart.”

She plopped me down on the lidded bucket of some cleaning chemical.

Elle: “I wish you were right. That way I could avoid some serious trouble.”

Lynx: “No trouble.”

I leaned back against the corner I was in and grinned.

Lynx: “I’ll protect ya.”

She eyed my gutted body, then mumbled to herself,

Elle: “Jesus, and he has the ego to match that spirit.” Lynx: “If these are my last moments on Earth, I want a sample of Heaven before I’m sent to Hell.” At that moment, I realized God was cruel. He had given me a glimpse of the perfect girl, yet made it impossible for me to have her.

Lynx: “You’re defying murderers to help me. You talked back to my dad—which no one does, or at least lives to brag about. And you have a weapon in your hand. If I were willing to let a girl in my heart, Green Eyes, it would be you.”

Amused, she grinned.

Elle: “Girls with blades is what it takes, huh?”

I stared at the door that would take me closer to a goodbye I didn’t want.

Lynx: “Girls with balls, apparently, are my weakness.”

I chuckled.

Lynx: “Who would have known I prefer balls when I’ve been chasing pussy this whole time?” Lynx: “I bet you’re a great kisser.”

Conceitedly, I informed her,

Lynx: “Too bad you didn’t take me up on it. It’s a panty dropper.”

Elle: “Not for me, VP.”

She opened the door.

Elle: “I don’t wear any.”

Her wink almost crippled me more than the bullet in my gut. Jesus. H. Christ. I could have stared at her for hours. She was fascinating to me. Yes, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, with her slender nose and contoured face, slanted sexy eyes and long eyelashes, but there was something else—something inside her that screamed out to be heard. There was a passion or spirit that was intoxicating and invigorating to be around. It was like her being near me had me experiencing life for the very first time. Like I’d been walking around Earth as a breathing, eating, and hussy fucking zombie until this particular girl entered my world. I somehow knew nothing would be the same once I left her side. No sunrise or sunset, no meal or breath of air, no kiss would ever taste the same after meeting Elle.

I weakly lifted my hand and touched her face because I had to soak up every second of her presence. I was actually fearful of becoming a zombie again once she was gone.

Lynx: “So few moments, yet I feel like I’ve known you for years.”

Eyes fluttering shut, her cheek nuzzled into my palm.

Elle: “That’s just because life-threatening situations amplify every little detail.”

She stopped moving her head, almost lost in unwanted thoughts.

Elle: “In any normal circumstance, we would barely even notice each other.”

Her eyes reopened and stared as if she was waiting to gauge my reaction. I couldn’t help but grin.

Lynx: “Lucky for us, nothing is normal about you or me, sweetheart." Lynx: “Can’t look at me while you lie?”

After her tongue swiped at my thumb, she whispered,

Elle: “No.”

I repeated her words,

Lynx: “That’s the best answer you could have ever responded with.” Not even glancing at my wound, Pops grabbed his chest.

Pops: “Boy, are you seeing bright lights and shit?”

I pulled Elle to my side and gazed.

Lynx: “Yes, isn’t she beautiful?”


Atonement | A Novella From the Society Chronicles | Ivy Fox

It was good. Going to read the Society books, I think.

Favorite Quotes

My mother’s worldviews are so outdated that sometimes I want to scream in her face. A woman can be anything she wants to be. She can wear a flowing gown and still demand the respect of her peers. She can wear oil-covered overalls and still own her sexuality. We can be anything we want. Do whatever feels good to us and it’s no one’s goddamn business otherwise. We are majestic queens and it’s time the world regarded us as such. Josephine: “I see you share in my sentiments, old friend. Yes, it seems my eldest daughter wanted to try out something …bolder…if that’s the correct term for it, but as you can see, she failed in her mission to shine. An error in judgment I won’t allow her to make in the future. Well then…now that all the pleasantries have been done, it’s time we leave for the gala,”

my mother says, tilting her head towards Ferguson for him to bring her coat and purse. I keep my fake smile intact, watching him place her coat over her shoulders, doing my utmost best to pretend I don’t see the Turners throwing not-so-discreet awkward glances at each other, while their son’s previously taunting features turn to stone.

Owen: “I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that, Josephine,”

Owen chimes in before my mother is able to take a step towards the door.

Owen: “But I agree if what you’re implying is there is no accounting for taste. Some people have it. Others don’t. But I won’t let that spoil my evening. And I’ll make sure it won’t spoil Colleen’s either.”

My mother’s blank features never change, but there is an edge in her stare that tells me Owen’s remark hit a nerve.

Owen: “Shall we?”

he says, back to his usual playful self, offering me his arm for me to hook mine to. I take it without thought and let him lead me outside in front of everyone else to where our chauffeurs are waiting for us. Owen: "How about we make the best of it?”

He cocks a flirtatious brow.

Colleen: “With you? I can’t see that happening.”

He chuckles, the low timbre of his voice going straight to my lower belly.

Owen: “Don’t be like that, beautiful. I might surprise you.”

And then the womanizing jerk has the nerve to wink at me. Price: “What kind of bet?”

To this, my mischievous smile only widens further.

Owen: “It’s quite simple. The first one to kiss their date before the stroke of midnight wins. If you kiss Sierra, the car is yours. But if I can get the Ice Queen to kiss me first, then your cherry Porsche is all mine. What do you say?”

Rick holds his breath for one split second before bursting out in laughter.

Price: “You’d have a better chance of hell freezing over before Colleen ever kisses you. You’re on, asshole,”

he says, extending his hand for me to shake. Owen: “Is this really happening?”

I stupidly ask, instead of falling to my knees and thanking my lucky stars it’s happening at all.

Colleen: “Don’t ruin it, Owen, and just keep kissing me.”

Yes-fucking-ma’am! Owen: “Who was he?”

I bark, my fingers digging into her thighs.

Colleen: “I’ll tell you who he was if you tell me the name of every woman you’ve ever been with. How does that sound?”

Owen: “Time-consuming,”

I reply, my shoulders slumping in defeat.

Colleen: “Look at me, Owen,”

he orders, lifting my chin to stare into her eyes.

Colleen: “We have tonight. You and me. Isn’t that enough?”

I’m not sure if it’s the whimsical tone she uses on me, or the way her stare looks into my eyes like she sees me, really sees me, that has me falling completely under her spell.

Owen: “It’s more than enough. It’s everything,”

I reply sincerely. The way her gaze softens, her cheeks flushed and perfect, has me mesmerized, pulling me deeper into this rabbit hole I have no wish to ever climb out of.

Owen: “Keep the fucker’s name, princess. Before the night is through, you won’t ever remember him ever again.” Owen: “You can’t come on my cock, princess? Is that what you’re telling me? Because I can guarantee you, you will. Your dripping cunt is loving getting fucked by me. By me, Col. Only by me,”

he says through gritted teeth, like he’s doing his best to keep his shit together too. But it’s no use. We’re both too far gone. And now we’re in trouble. Because this feels too right. It feels predestined. Owen: “Is that another invitation?”

Colleen: “Hell no,”

she scoffs, palming the creases of her dress, inspecting it for grass stains.

Owen: “Oh, I’m not so sure about that. You did just admit that I screwed your brains out.”

Colleen: “Well, I never said you didn’t have your charms.” Colleen: “I never said we were friends,”

she reprimands accusingly.

Owen: “You never said we would be lovers either, but here we are.”

Colleen: “We’re not lovers,”

she rebukes, outraged.

Owen: “Keep telling yourself that, princess. Now that you let me in the gate, there is no way you’re going to kick me out.”

Colleen: “We’ll see.”

Owen: “Yes, we will,”

I deadpan. Owen: “If you’re going to replace me this soon, I would have thought you’d pick someone our age. Isn’t Crawford too old for you?”

I question, my thumb caressing her naked skin.

Colleen: “Are you saying you can be replaced?”

she counters instead of answering my question.

Owen: “I’m humble enough to believe that I could be, but just cocky enough to know it will always be a downgrade.”

Colleen: “You really are something else, aren’t you?”

she scoffs.

Owen: “You have no idea, princess. I’m a one-track-mind kind of guy.”


Duke | A Burning Saints MC Prequel | Jack Davenport

Pretty good. Added the series to my TBR.

Favorite Quotes

Duke: “Wait, you never answered my question,”

I called out to her.

Pearl: “What question?”

she asked without turning around.

Duke: “Will you go out with me tonight?”

Pearl: “Goodnight, Mr. Duke,”

she said with a wave before disappearing through the front doors of the building.

Duke: “I’m gonna marry that woman,”

I said out loud to no one, before double-timing it to catch up with the Burning Saints, ignoring Mr. Bird’s pathetic cries of objection as I started off down the street. I sighed.

Pearl: “Duke, do you read the Bible?”

Duke: “Forget changing your mind, let’s talk about how fast you change subjects,”

Pearl: “The Bible?”

I asked again.

Duke: “I’ve been bored enough in a few hotel rooms to thumb through it, but wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve read it.”

Pearl: “Well, I have. All of it. And one of the Ten Commandments…”

I paused.

Pearl: “You’ve heard of the Ten Commandments, haven’t you?”

Duke: “Saw the Chuck Heston movie,”

Duke replied with his usual grin. I ignored his comment but secretly found this playful banter to be utterly delicious. I’d never fought with a man like this before. I’d been at war with my father and my brothers all my life, but this wasn’t fighting like that. I knew that secretly Duke and I were trying to get to the same place, and the tension of getting there without directly saying so was making me ache in ways I’d never felt. I suppose this was flirting, and it had never occurred to me that I’d never done it before. I did my best to keep a poker face and continued,

Pearl: “One of the Ten Commandments, ‘Thou shalt not lie,’ is one I try very hard to keep. So, I want to be honest with you.”

Duke: “Please do.”

Pearl: “I’m not sure if you’re an answer to prayer or an object of temptation, but something inside of me needs to find out.” Pearl: “You’re…you’re going to…?”

Duke: “Yeah, baby, I’m going to taste you.”

Pearl: “You can’t.” “I can’t?”

Duke smiled.

Duke: “How come?”

Pearl: “It’s…naughty.”

Duke: “Which is my absolute favorite thing, baby.” Duke: “I’m so proud of you,”

Duke said as he held my hand.

Pearl: “I don’t care how proud you are, I want your spawn out of me!”


Harm | A Dogs of Fire Story | Piper Davenport

I liked this! I love a story of a divorced woman, a strong single mom, ending up with someone who worships her, after years of being married to a douche. Fucking love it!

Favorite Quotes

Briggs: “Delaney’s parents kind of invited me to dinner,”

he hedged. I dropped the sponge I’d been using to wipe down the counters into the sink.

Brynley: “Briggs, we only have a few more days to spend together before you go.”

Briggs: “I know, I know, and I’ll totally turn the invite down. I just wanted to check with you, you know, in case you didn’t care?”

he asked, hopefully. I sighed.

Brynley: “I do care, honey, but I know you’re going to miss her, too, so go. Break my heart in a million pieces and go to dinner with the girl with the big honkers.”

Briggs: “Oh my god, Mom, gross.”

He rolled his eyes.

Briggs: “Why do you always have to take it to a level of weirdness?”

Brynley: “Because I pushed your giant head out of my vagina, that’s why.”

Briggs: “I’m going to ignore the fact you just crossed the line, and take the win,”

he said, kissing my cheek.

Briggs: “Love you!”

Brynley: “Baylor’s now moved to the front of the line as my favorite.”

Briggs: “No, he hasn’t,”

he retorted, rushing out of the kitchen, and I heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs as he made a run for his room. I had just dried my hands when my phone buzzed on the counter, and I saw it was Baylor calling.

Brynley: “Were your ears burning?”

He chuckled.

Baylor: “You were talking about me again?”

Brynley: “I was just informing your brother that you’re my favorite because he’s ditching dinner with me to go out with Delaney and her parents.”

Baylor: “Mom, she’s got huge tits, what do you expect?”

Brynley: “Boy, those Sunday school classes really didn’t stick with you kids, did they?” Bryce: "You’re the only one who can make me whole and holy again, in the eyes of our Lord.”

I turned and faced Harm, leaning heavily against him.

Brynley: “I might murder him,”

I whispered. Harm slid his hand to my neck and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Harm: “Right, time for you, the Lord, King David, and whoever the hell else you’re fuckin’ to get the hell outta here,”

Harm said. Bryce jabbed a finger in his face.

Bryce: “I take orders from no man, only the Lord has the authority to guide my steps.”

Harm caught his arm, twisted it behind his back, simultaneously grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, so he had to bend at the waist, and pushed him toward the door.

Harm: “Then, how about you go in the name of the Lord before I get all Old Testament on your ass?” Brynley: “I don’t know if I can get past the age thing.”

Harm: “Sure you can.”

Brynley: “I’m too old to have more kids,”

Harm: “So?”

Brynley: “You’re young, Harm. You should have kids of your own.”

Harm: “Jesus, we’re all the way to kids?”

he teased. I leaned back to see his expression.

Brynley: “I’m too old to waste time.”

Harm: “Baby, if you keep sayin’ you’re old, we’re gonna have our first fight.” Avery: “I’m gonna go ahead and go home,”

Avery said, walking back into the room.

Avery: “If you don’t get your vagina back in play, bestie, I’m gonna talk to Lance about a threesome.”

Harm chuckled.

Harm: “Sorry, babe, I’m a one-woman man and not into sword play.”

Avery scoffed.

Harm: “Damn it.” Brynley: “Briggs, is that you?”

Bryn called from upstairs.

Briggs: “No, it’s Santa Claus,”

he called back with a grin.

Briggs: “Who else would it be?”

She appeared at the top of the stairs, her hands on her hips.

Brynley: “You keep it up, buddy, I’ll shove you right back up my hoo-haw.”

I stuffed down a laugh and tried to focus on the job at hand.

Briggs: “Gross, mom, we have company.” Brynley: “I’m trying to give you space.”

Harm: “You don’t have to do that, Bryn.”

Brynley: “Yes, I do.”

I cocked my head.

Harm: “How come?”

Brynley; “Because if I don’t, I’ll peel you out of your clothes and…,”

she whispered, waving her hand in frustration,

Brynley: “…you know.”

I chuckled.

Harm: “You say the word, baby.”

She let out a quiet grunt.

Brynley: “Not helping, Harmon.”

Harm: “Not tryin’ to, just Bryn.” Harm: “If you change your mind, at any point tonight… it’s okay.”

I let out a quiet snort.

Brynley: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.”

Harm: “No?”

Brynley: “No. I’ve got some serious restless bean syndrome going on.”

He burst out laughing.

Harm: “Jesus, woman, get your ass outta here before we run the risk of traumatizin’ your kid.” Brynley: “Okay, one more thing about DC, then never again in this bed,”

I said. He narrowed his eyes.

Harm: “What?”

Brynley: “Compared to you, he has what we would call in the medical field, a micro peen.”

Harm buried his face in the mattress and burst out laughing.

Harm: “Fuckin’ hell, woman, I’m gonna lose my shit if you keep goin’ on like that.”

I grinned.

Brynley: “What? It’s a very serious medical condition.”

He laughed harder, covering his face with his hands.

Brynley: “I’m serious,”

I continued.

Brynley: “The man is hung like a Lite Brite peg.”

He guffawed so hard, I thought he might fall off the bed.

Harm: “Jesus, Bryn. You need to quit.” Brynley: “Hi, honey. We’re both here because we want to talk to you about something.”

Baylor: “Mom, if you’re going to try and break the news to us that you’re sleeping together, we already figured that out,”

Briggs: “Yeah, and we approve,”

Brynley: “What?”

I squeaked.

Briggs: “Welcome to the family, Harm,”

Briggs continued. Harm chuckled.

Harm: “Thanks, bud.”

Brynley: “When exactly did you figure that out?”

Briggs: “The night he offered up the truck. ‘Friend,’ my ass.”

Harm laughed.


Look But Don't Touch | Jenika Snow

I might have been able to like this one ... but there was a lot of typos and editing issues. The whole "daddy" thing lost me ...


Clyde + Bear | Jessica Gadziala

Good. Love a woman taking charge.


The Choices We Make | Kat T. Masen

Damn it, I need to finish this story.


Dorian & Clementine | The Throwaways Books 2 | KL Donn

I liked everything but the relationship. lol

Favorite Quotes

Dorian: “You’re a bad girl, Clementine.”

I skim one finger down her neck, across her shoulder, tracing the fine line of her collarbone before trailing it down the valley of her breasts.

Dorian: “Do I need to teach you a lesson?”


No Way | A Dayton Series S | Stevie J Cole & LP Lovell

Good, dirty read.

Favorite Quotes

Bellamy shook his head.

Bellamy: “Why did all those girls fuck you?”

Hendrix: “Because I have a massive, pierced cock.”

Hendrix patted Bellamy’s shoulder.

Hendrix: “I know you and your shriveled-up microdick don’t understand the duty that places on a man’s shoulders.”

He snorted.

Bellamy: “Maybe that’s why Drewbers is dating your ass. Rich people love a case of charity.” Hendrix: “Brake, Bell. Brake!”

Hendrix shouted, then grabbed onto Bellamy’s leg like he could force it over the pedal.

Hendrix: “Push it down, you ball of shit.”

More weed-scented smoke filled the car.

Hendrix: “Make your brakes your bitch!” By the time they dropped me off at home, I was semi-high, fully traumatized, and thanking God I hadn’t been brought back here in a cop car or a hearse.


Redeemed | Max Henry

This was pretty good. Going to read the series someday

Favorite Quotes

Beth: “Promise me something?”

Crackers: “What’s that?”

She pulls away, nostrils flaring as she swallows.

Beth: “That I won’t lose another friend.”

Crackers: “You know I can’t promise that.”

Not when I don’t know what we walk into. Especially not when the second I get back this ‘friendship’ between us needs to fucking die.

Beth: “Then promise me you’ll do your best.”

I lift a hand and cup her chin between my forefinger and thumb.

Crackers: “For you, baby, that's all I ever do.” Beth: “I don’t have scars,”

I say with a tense laugh.

Beth: “There’s nothing that’s happened to me that can compare to what you men go through.”

JoJo: “Are you sure?”

He turns his head to the side yet keeps his gaze downcast.

JoJo: “Tell me, girl. Are you wounded right now? Does it hurt when you think about Heather’s blood on the wall?”

Panic spikes hard and fast, a burn that spreads from the center of my chest and races down my limbs leaving a chill in its wake.

Beth: “Of course.”

JoJo: “Then your wound makes a scar.”

He pats a hand over his heart.

JoJo: “The body keeps score.”


Darkest Desires | Nicole Blanchard

Predictable, but I liked it!


Fireball | A Mafia Kidnapping Romance | Nikki Belaire

Didn't like it. Ended up DNFing


Power Play | A Workplace Romance | Sade Rena

It was okay.

Favorite Quotes

Rylan tries to move and take the lead, but I stop her.

Kareem: “Stop moving,”

I order through a kiss.

Kareem: “I know you like being in control.”

I lick the roof of her mouth.

Kareem: “It’s sexy as fuck.”

A peck.

Kareem: “But when the clothes come off, this is my territory. You do what I say when I say it.”

She remains quiet.

Kareem: “Now, I’m going to make you come. Then, after work, you’ll join me for dinner.”

Her gaze roams my face like she’s uncertain about what I’ve said.

Rylan: “Our staff is right outside that door,”

Kareem: “Then I guess you need to come before someone walks in.”

I kiss her again.


Arrow & Salem | Saffron A. Kent

Yup. I liked this. I'm going to read the series me thinks.

Favorite Quotes

Obviously I don’t care about the wedding. I don’t care about the flowers or the music or what kind of cake we’re gonna eat. Or even my dress. I’m marrying the fucking love of my life. Who cares if my veil is slightly tilted or if there isn’t enough booze for the guests? Who cares about a perfect wedding when you’re marrying your perfect? I swallow thickly.

Arrow: “I thought you left me.”

Salem: “I would never leave you. I’m the clingy girlfriend, remember?”

Arrow: “Fiancée.”

And just like that, her golden eyes shine again.

Salem: “Fiancée. But not for long.”

Arrow: “No?”

Salem: “Nope. I’m going to be your wife this Saturday.”

Wife. Not sure if it’s a word that many guys want to hear or if it’s a word that would bring peace to them. But it does to me. She does it to me. Chuckling again, she kisses my lips.

Salem: “Sometimes. But it’s okay. Let me teach you a little something about marriage.”

Arrow: “Yeah?”

Salem: “Yes. Rule number one: your wife is always right,”

she tells me sagely. I kiss her lips too.

Arrow: “Is she?”

Salem: “Uh-huh.”

She comes back with another kiss.

Salem: “Rule number two: just say yes to everything your wife says.”

Arrow: "What about what your husband says?”

Salem: “Meh. What my husband says doesn’t matter.”

When I growl, she laughs and kisses me again.

Salem: “This marriage thing is going to be a piece of cake.”

I nip her lip then.

Arrow: “You sure about that?”

Salem: “Totally. I get a hot, sexy husband who’s also a soccer god. He’ll take me out on rides on his motorcycle. He’ll buy me ice cream and he’ll write me poetry. And he’ll fuck me whenever I want. See? Piece of cake.”

Arrow: “What do I get?”

Salem: “Me. In all my clingy, dramatic glory.”

Her. I get her. That’s all I want. That’s what it has been about ever since I saw her, even though I hadn’t known it back then. Her. So maybe it will be a piece of cake, this marriage thing. Because I get to keep her forever.


Ember in the Heart | Samantha Young

I actually really liked this.

Favorite Quotes

Colt: “What has gotten into you tonight? Ember is thirty-six, she co-owns a house she inherited from her dead parents, she’s a massage therapist, and she owns a spa and store.”

Foster: “Well, all that’s fine and good, but while you might be into older women, I’m twenty-five, Colt, and not interested in taking on a woman who I assume has a shit ton of baggage. I mean, why is someone like her single at her age?”

That cheeky son of a bitch. Before I could think it through, I stepped out from behind the wall, and both Colt and Foster looked over sharply. Colt looked horrified. Foster hid his surprise behind a cold mask. I stared at him like he was a bug and detected the slightest flinch in his expression.

Ember: “I’m single because, unfortunately, there are far too many Foster Darwins to Colt Barons. I’d rather be alone than settle for immature man-children who can’t even stand up to Daddy.” Foster: “I’d prefer her not to hang out in your store.”

Ember crossed her arms.

Ember: “Why? What do you think is in there?”

He shrugged.

Foster: “Nonsense occult, paranormal crap that might make my kid uneasy.”

She grimaced.

Ember: “I sell candles, jewelry, crystals, yoga mats, cute yoga gear, and books on meditation.”


Ember: “You should check it out. Meditation has a way of removing large sticks from small assholes.” Foster: “Colt—”

Colt: “Nah, listen.”

His friend pushed off the desk.

Colt: “It’s clear that you have real feelings for Ember. In fact, it’s clear that you think you’re in love with her.”

Foster: “Think?”

he snarled. How dare he—

Colt: “Yeah, think. You see, because I love Jade. I love Jade so much that the thought of hurting her, of putting my feelings before hers, makes me sick to my stomach. You don’t love Ember. If you loved Ember, you would tell your father where to stick his opinions and his money.” My attention moved over the tables before us, sliding through the Darwins and past folks I recognized from the engagement party. Then on to the banquet table where my sisters sat with their partners. Moon, Linzi, and Jilly. Luna and her bored-looking husband Garret. And Celeste and the guy she’d been dating for the past month. He was a cute vet she’d met after accidentally running down a cat. Seriously, my sister’s life was an ongoing rom-com novel. They looked good together, and she seemed to really like this one. Who knew, maybe I’d have to buy a one-bedroom house on the beach. Grow old on my own, no kids, no pool, just a cat that someone would run over one day and use as an anecdote at her wedding to the vet she met through my damn cat! Foster: “Ember Bonet, I know I don’t deserve you. You are incredible, smart, kind, funny, loving, and passionate, and there is no doubt in my mind that someone who is your equal is out there waiting for you. But I’m a selfish bastard because the mere thought of letting him have you feels like my heart is being ripped from my chest. And that guy, whoever he is, might deserve you … but I promise”

—Foster lowered to his knee in front of me and reached for my hand—

Foster: “I promise you that no man will love you harder than I do or work harder to prove it. Please forgive me for being a blind fool?”


Her Choice | Sarah Bale

Definitely an MC romance. Not bad. Going to read the other books.


A Dark & Dirty Sinners MC Series | Serena Akeroyd

These text exchanges between the couples (and throuple) made me want to read this series.

Favorite Quotes

Giulia: If I asked for Doritos are you gonna give me crap about it?

Nyx: You said it yourself. You’re cooking my hellspawn. No crap given for requests for Doritos.

Giulia: Well, I didn’t put it that way.

Nyx: In so many words. You know what that means, don’t you?

Giulia: What?

Nyx: You’re the gatekeeper. Indy: You’re mean!

Cruz: Hardly.

Indy: Very mean.

Cruz: Remind me of that when I’ve made you squirt.

Indy: The act of squirting comes under extreme vaginal distress I’ll have you know. Squirting is not and has never been restful.

Cruz: That’s what all the sobbing is about, huh?

Indy: Mostly lol. Indy: Hush.

Cruz: Did you just tell your Dom to hush?

Indy: *coughs* Nope. Not me. No sirree.

Cruz: It’s too late to backtrack now.

Indy: It’s almost like I do it on purpose.

Cruz: What? Top from the bottom? You don’t say lol. Cruz: I’m thinking that might have to be a part of your next punishment. When your ass is too red to blister with my palms, I’ll make you recite something from the Bard verbatim. If you get it wrong, that’s an extra orgasm I’ll want out of you.

Indy: You did not just turn me on and turn me off at the same time?

Cruz: I did. I like the idea of that. I’ll make you stand in the corner, back to me, red asscheeks lit up like a traffic light as you recite one of his sonnets. I’m appreciating this imagery more and more.

Indy: That’s so wrong.

Cruz: Ah, baby, don’t you know nothing can be wrong between us?

Indy: Don’t be charming now you’ve got me all riled up.

Cruz: Just because you’re my Old Lady doesn’t mean I get to stop being charming.

Indy: Hush.

Cruz: Did you tell your Dom to hush AGAIN? I’m thinking two sonnets now.

Indy: Christ, I’m going before I end up having to recite Midsummer Night’s Dream to you from the corner of my bedroom with a vibrator on max and my tits bound in hemp rope.

Cruz: You just gave me a great idea…

Indy: No!!

Cruz: Oh, yes. ;) Love you, sweetheart. You have the rest of the day to behave and to make up for telling me to hush. Twice.

Indy: Now you’re just daring me to get into trouble again, aren’t you?

Cruz: Well, I have more fun that way.

Indy: *sigh* I’m going. I love you. Remember that. When my butt is redder than Mars.

Cruz: When it’s at its prettiest? How am I supposed to forget that? Alessa: Jameson! Are you being sarcastic?

Maverick: Ten points to Gryffindor.

Alessa: Grr. You know I’m Hufflepuff.

Maverick: I still don’t see it. Alessa: You really are. Anyway, what is the saying… Do not look a gift donkey in the mouth.

Maverick: :P Gift HORSE, sweetheart.

Maverick: Did you write that just to make me smile?

Alessa: Maybe.

Maverick: Maybe you ARE a Hufflepuff. A Ravenclaw wouldn’t admit to that.

Alessa: I’m not ashamed of my house.


Driven | A Retro Romance | Sierra Glass



Into the Flames | Skye Warren



Savage | A Zodiac Academy Prequel Short Story | Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

This was one of the main reasons I wanted this book, and despite it being just a tease of whats to come, I loved it!

Favorite Quotes

Merissa: “It is not cowardice to hope for a brighter fate,”

I said in a low tone as she choked and spluttered, her eyes fixed on the stars above while she searched for peace in their embrace.

Merissa: “Sometimes we must look into the darkest of nights to discover the greatest of treasures. I don’t balk from that path, Lethia. I just choose to chase a fate greater than my own.” He would grow to be brave and powerful, his gifts greater than mine and that of the man who held me at the point of his spear in the present moment. The boy’s destiny was far greater than I dared to even wish for too, but terrible in ways too. This child of passion and fire, of agony and loss. His life was the most important thing I had ever heard called to me on the voice of the stars. Gabriel. My dark hearted son, destined for so, so much. Merissa: “His life will be hard,”

I murmured as I wound my arm around Marcel’s neck and drew him down over my body, the weight of him pressing over me so beautifully real. Grief closed in on me then. Grief for this man I knew and yet didn’t know. Grief for the boy who would be born of this act and who would never get the chance to know his father. A tear slipped from my eye and tracked down my cheek as Marcel drew back just enough to gaze at me.