Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

Updated: Jan 24

Heir of Fire

by Sarah J Maas

Published by Bloomsbury

Book 3 in the Throne of Glass series

Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak-but at an unspeakable cost.

Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth . . . a truth about her heritage that could change her life-and her future-forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?


Violent High-Fantasy Thrilling

Young Adult Emotional


Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas is the third book in the Throne of Glass series, and focuses on several key characters in the series, and some new ones. First, we have Celaena/Aelin, assassin, kings champion, but most importantly, the lost Queen of Terrasen. After giving Chaol the last puzzle piece to who she was, and us coming to find out who she is, book 2 has her leaving on a mission for the king, suggested by Chaol to get her to a safer place after finding out she is fae. When Celaena gets there, her severe depression of all she has lost keeps her from finishing her own tasks to bring down the King, until she is forced to face her biggest enemy: herself. Her adventure leads us to new character, Rowan, a very strong fae prince, who is forced to train Celaena to use her fae powers, so she can gain access to her aunts kingdom to get the answers she needs to defeat the king. While training, arguing and brawling with each other, and trying to figure out what is killing demi-fae nearby, Rowan and her develop a strong mutual understanding of one another. We also get POV's from Chaol, who is forced to decide what to do now that he knows that Celaena is Aelin, Dorian, who finds comfort and a bond with a young healer named Sorscha, Aedion Ashryver, a distant relative of Celaena, who was very close to her, and was meant to become her protector, but is now a general for the King after believing Aelin dead, and a new character, Manon Blackbeak, a witch, who's coven has been invited to fight in the kings army, as riders on wyrvens.

First of all. Oh. My. God. This book was INSANE! Heir of Fire was original, and thrilling, right to the end. Seriously, most of the book is amazing. I couldn't put it down.

I only had two problems. First, with Manon Blackbeak. Her whole story arc in this book must be set up for future books, but the amount of time spent with her character wasn't needed. It was boring, and took me out of the story. I also wasn't a fan of Dorian's story. While his arc ends on a cliffhanger, and was brutal, I felt like we didn't get anything but him and Sorscha sneaking around. It would have been nice to get some more story with him actually learning to control and use his magic. The characters arcs in Heir of Fire were pretty good, aside from Manon (at least in the end, Dorian finally stood against his father). The best arc, which was a long time coming, is Celaena ... now Aelin, now that she has finally faced her past and decided to embrace it.

Celaena/Aelin's character arc is the best one of the book, as it should be. Celaena starts off in a really bad place. She slowly pieces herself together, and finally faces the brutal violence of her past. Embracing who she truly is: Aelin, Queen of Terrason. Its a moment I have been waiting for since figuring out who she was. We also finally learn the details of what happened ten years ago, and everything Aelin's character in the past books clicked into place. One of the things I loved in this book was her relationship with Rowan. The animosity between the two of them was brutal in the beginning, but the growth of reluctant understanding and acceptance, to a strong friendship and bond was wonderful. I have a theory. Highlight the text if you don't mind a mild spoiler concerning Rowan's character background ------>I have this feeling that their mates. I don't know how, because Rowan was mated before and she died. Maybe in rare cases you can have more than one mate? I just have this inkling. The bond between them is strong, more strong than I think Carranam would be, (Carranam is a bond between two warriors. They fight better together). They sleep in the same bed, hold each other when the other is upset, hell, Aelin has no problem being naked around him. It just seems like something more ... and while I love Chaol, I think Rowan is the perfect fit for Aelin.<------ I think it's important to point out, that just like Aelin finally puts herself together again, Rowan does as well. His bond with Aelin forces him to get himself out of that dark hole of grief and guilt he was in.

On the other continent, we have Chaol, Dorian, Aedion, Sorscha, and Manon. I have made no secret that I really like Chaol. He is sweet. But his indecision drove me nuts in this book. I don't fully believe he is doing what he is doing JUST for Dorian. A lie to himself, because he still loves Celaena, but knows, and admits to himself, that while Celaena loves him, and would always pick him, Aelin, who she truly is, probably won't. By putting that aside and saying its for Dorian's sake, is a lie to try to escape the pain of heartbreak. I just wish he would pick a side. Knowing what the king has done, why is it even a question? Dorian's story in Heir of Fire was truly boring. Mostly filler to get him to the end of the book and in that room. His relationship with Sorscha wasn't interesting. I would have loved if his story was more about learning to control his magic. Instead we get a little bit about a tonic to suppress it, and then a whole lot of him stealing kisses with Sorscha. The end of the book is when he finally faces his father. And, spoiler ------>The moment Sorscha is beheaded, and he goes to her, trying to put her back together ... one of the most horrific moments in the book. I wasn't overly invested in the two of them, but the thought of it is hard to read. I'm truly worried about Dorian's character now that his father has put that collar on him.<------

Aedion's arc is wonderful too. I always wondered why someone so close to Aelin's family would ever work for the king, and getting answers to that question was great. He obviously has a lot of love for his kingdom, and Aelin. In truth, and here is another spoiler/theory ------->I think Rowan is Aelin's mate, and Aedion is Aelin's carranam. It's just not been discovered yet, because they haven't fought along side each other.<------- Aedion is a true rebel, and if he lives long enough, a worthy member Aelin's court.

I think I made it clear above that I was annoyed with Manon's part in this book. It seemed so separate from the book, and a whole lot of set up with no hint of what her part will be in the future. Her character doesn't even have a major arc. In the end, she is left questioning her grandmother, but still chooses to do as she was raised to do, which is a heartless, violent witch. So what was the point? The best thing she did was save Abraxos, and devote herself to his care and training. Otherwise her story is boring. The War Games? Again, what the fuck? All I kept thinking was that is was a mix of quidditch and the dragon egg task in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Heir of Fire had a couple of faults, but I am finding as each book passes, Sarah J Maas's talent grows. Her writing is much better compared to Throne of Glass, and the story flows wonderfully. Heir of Fire has A LOT go down, and I am so glad I am done writing this review, so I can go start the fourth book, Queen of Shadows.

Favorite Moments

  1. Rowan biting Celaena, and her shifting

  2. Rowan saving Celaena's life by following her after she left, and her shifting and using her power to save them both.

  3. When Rowan was poking and pinching Celaena, and she managed to hit him, and he chases after her in the woods

  4. Emrys telling Rowan that he needs to do better by Celaena

  5. Rowan comforting Celaena

  6. Rowan deciding that for now on, Celaena and him would share a room

  7. Celaena sneaking a big, smacking kiss on Rowan's cheek after he brought her some chocolates

  8. Celaena/Aelin finally facing her darkest moments, and us finding out what happened ten years ago

  9. Rowan and her becoming carranam.

  10. Celaena freeing Rowan from Maeve, only for Rowan to insist on taking the blood oath with Celaena

  11. Rowan giving Celaena the tattoo

  12. Aedion finally being able to admit how much he hated the king

  13. Chaol telling the king he was done serving him, and will serve the true king, Dorian.

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Favorite Quotes

Celaena: "I've known a few brooding warrior-types in my day, but I think you might be the broodiest of them all."

Rowan: "Give me your weapons."

Training with him would be absolutely wonderful.

Celaena: "Tell me why."

Rowan: "I don't have to explain myself to you."

Celaena: "Then we're going to have another brawl."

Rowan: "Here's your first lesson, girl: cut the horseshit. I don't feel like dealing with it, and I'm probably the only one who doesn't give a damn about how angry and vicious and awful you are underneath."

Celaena: "I don't think you particularly want to see how angry and vicious and awful I am underneath."

Rowan: "Go ahead and be as nasty as you want, Princess, because I've been ten times as nasty, for ten times longer than you've been alive."

Celaena: "We're not - together. Not anymore. I let him go before I came here."

He looked over his shoulder.

Rowan: "Why?"

Celaena: "Because he's safer if he's as repulsed by me as you are."

Rowan: "At least you've already learned one lesson. The people you love are just weapons that will be used against you."

Celaena: "I made an unbreakable vow. And you and Maeve - all you gods-damned bastards - are getting in the way of that."

Rowan: "And what of your own people? What of your own kingdom?"

Celaena: "They are better off without me, just as you said."

Rowan: "So you'd save another land, but not yours. Why can't your friend save her own kingdom?"

Celaena: "Because she is dead! Because she is dead, and I am left with my worthless life!"

Celaena: "Why is my shifting so vital?"

Rowan: "Because it terrifies you."

Rowan: "Why was it different this time?"

Celaena: "Because I didn't want you to die to save me."

Rowan: "Would you have shifted to save yourself?"

Celaena: "Your opinion of me is pretty much identical to my own, so you know the answer."

Aedion: "When she returns, what she will do to the King of Adarlan will make the slaughtering ten years ago look merciful."

Celaena: "These days, I am very glad to be mortal, and to only have to endure this life once. These days, I don't envy you at all."

Rowan: "And before?"

Celaena: "I used to wish I had a chance to see it all - and hated that I never would."

Rowan: "You're already late."

Celaena: "There were extra dishes this morning. Can I expect to do something useful with you today, or will it be more sitting and growling and glaring? Or will I just wind up chopping wood for hours on end?"

Rowan: "They've all been keeping their distance because of the scent you put out."

Celaena: "Excuse me?"

Rowan: "There are more males than females here - and they're fairly isolated from the world. Haven't you wondered why they haven't approached you?"

Celaena: "They stayed away because I ... smell?"

Rowan: "Your scent says that you don't want to be approached. The males smell it more than the females, and have been staying the hell away. They don't want their faces clawed off."

He gave her braid a sharp, painful tug.

Rowan: "Unless you're still frightened."

Her nostrils flared

Celaena: "The only thing that frightens me is how very much I want to throttle you."

Rowan: "See what you want, Aelin, and seize it. Don't ask for it; don't wish for it. Take it."

A fierce, challenging grin, and Rowan moved, so fast she could hardly follow as he appeared on her other side and yanked on her braid again. When she whirled, he was already gone, and - She yelped as he pinched her side.

Celaena: "Stop -"

He was standing in front of her now, a wild invitation in his eyes. She'd been studying the way he moved, his tricks and tells, and the way he assumed she'd react. SO when she crossed her arms, feigning the tantrum he expected, she waited. Waited, and then -

He shot left to pinch or poke or hit her. and she whirled, slamming down his arm with an elbow and whacking him upside the head with her other hand. He stopped dead and blinked a few times. She smirked at him

He bared his teeth in a feral, petrifying grin.

Rowan: "Oh, you'd better run now.

When he lunged, she shot through the trees.

Rowan: "Pointing is a crutch. Your mind can direct the flames just fine."

Celaena: "Perhaps I like the dramatics."

Emrys: "What do you see when you look at her, Prince?"

He didn't know. These days, he didn't know a damn thing.

Rowan: "That's none of your concern, either."

Emrys: "I see her slipping away, bit by bit, because you shove her down when she so desperately needs someone to help her back up."

Rowan: "I don't see why I would be of any use to -"

Emrys: "Did you know that Evalin Ashryver was my friend? She sent almost a year working in this kitchen - living here with us, fighting to convince your queen that demi-Fae have a place in your realm. She fought for our rights until the very day she departed this kingdom - and the many years after, until she was murdered by those monsters across the sea. So I knew. I knew who her daughter was the moment you brought her into this kitchen. All of us who were here twenty-five years ago recognized her for what she is."

It wasn't often that he was surprised, but ... Rowan just stared.

Emrys: "She has no hope, Prince. She has no hope left in her heart. Help her. If not for her sake, then at least for what she represents - what she could offer all of us, you included."

Rowan: "And what is that?"

Emrys: "A better world."

She vaguely felt the light shifting on the lake. Vaguely felt the sighing wind, warm as it brushed against her damp cheeks. And heard, so soft it was as if she dreamed it, a woman's voice whispering, "Why are you crying, Fireheart?"

Celaena: "Because I am lost. And I do not know the way."

Celaena: "It gives me comfort to know that people like you have a special place in hell waiting for them."

Rowan: "Tell me something I don't already know."

Rowan: "You are in control now. You are its master. You are the keeper of your own fate."

Celaena: "You know, that's twice now you've made a mess with my training with your tasks. I'm fairly sure that makes you the worst instructor I've ever had."

He gave her a sidelong look

Rowan: "I'm surprised it took you this long to call attention to it."

She snorted

Emrys: "I've never seen such a sorry sight. Blood and dirt and leaves over every inch of you both. No better than alley cats, brawling at all hours of the day and night."

Emrys slammed two bowls of stew onto the worktable

Emrys: "Eat, both of you. And then get cleaned up. Elentiya, you're off kitchen duty tonight and tomorrow. I don't want you bleeding on everything. You'll be more trouble than you're worth."

Celaena slumped next to Rowan on the bench, and swore viciously at the pain in her leg, her face, her arms. Swore at the pain in the ass sitting right next to her.

Emrys: "Clean out your mouth, too, while you're at it."

Emrys: "No more adventures."

Rowan: "Agreed."

Emrys: "And no more brawling."

Rowan met Celaena's stare over the table. His expression yielded nothing.

Rowan: "We'll try."

Celaena: "How - how did you come back from that kind of loss?"

Rowan: "I didn't. For a long while I couldn't. I think I'm still ... not back. I might never be."

She nodded, lips pressed tight, and glanced toward the window.

Rowan: "But maybe - maybe we could find the way back together."

Celaena: "I think I would like that very much."

He held out a hand

Rowan: "Together, then."

Celaena: "Together."

Rowan: "That is not very queenly."