For The Taking by Brenna Aubrey

For The Taking

by Brenna Aubrey

Published by Silver Griffon Associates

Book #8 in Gaming the System Series

So I married my nemesis…

My new life in the States and dream job as a game tester just hit a massive snag. If I don't want immediate deportation on my to-do list, I need help, stat. Quickest solution—marry Lucas Walker, my cranky and oh-so-annoying co-worker.

Still, this can work. We’ll have rules and have to stick to them. I won’t think about his muscled arms or how stupid handsome he is even while he pushes all my hot buttons. It’s a marriage on paper only. I need to remember that.

Player two, press start.

When that exasperating Canadian, Katya Ellis, asked for help, I agreed because she was willing to help me in return. She doesn’t need to know it’s in my best interest for her to stay in the country. Nope, this is a business arrangement through and through. Which means I’ll set aside all those involuntary fantasies I’ve been having about her shapely body pressed to mine…

What could go wrong? Welp… as it turns out, just about everything.


Steamy Romance Lighthearted

For the Taking is Brenna Aubrey's 8th addition to her Gaming the System series, and this time around centers are Mia, Adam, and Heath's Canadian friend, Katya, and Adam's employee, and Katya's co-worker, Lucas. Katya is in trouble. Held up trying to get back into the US after Mia and Adam's wedding, she finds herself in need of a green card, and the first name that pops in her head: her annoying co-worker Lucas, who at that moment was texting her about work. And Lucas agrees. He is up for a big promotion, and he needs Katya to stay at the company, her skills helping his department meet quotas despite brutal timelines. The rules are simple: Keep it secret, and she helps him get his promotion by continuing to do her job. No sex. No feelings. It works flawlessly ... until the secret gets out. Suddenly, Katya finds herself moving in with Lucas, and acting like a couple with their friends and family to maintain the ruse. But when two people who are already attracted to one another find themselves together, it's hard to maintain those rules.

For the Taking is cute. Yup, just cute. The story is good, the characters are good, past characters are consistent. It's just not original. It's a classic marriage of convenience romance. I was rooting for Kat and Lucas, of course, and it kept up an interesting amount of action, so it was a quick read. I just found it a little ... bland. Some of the highlights were the inside jokes - like the cactus plant - and the sex. There were a couple of issues for me. Their first kiss, we get Kat's reaction and thoughts to it, but not Lucas's, which is annoying. He doesn't even think about it. Then there is poor Heath. I'm starting to feel like he is the token gay character. Everyone goes to him for advice and help, but there is no depth to him but that. It's frustrating. We need a Heath book. He needs to find someone, and he needs to fall in love. Pronto.

If you enjoy contemporary romance, with some sizzle, you will really enjoy this book. I love a good enemies to lovers, opposites attract story, and this is what For the Taking is. Enjoy!