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Flames and Flowers by Jaine Diamond

Flames and Flowers

by Jaine Diamond


Book 4.5 in the Players series

All I want is both of them…

I. Love. Couples. Yes, you read that right. But even an openminded rock star like me has rules. For one, no getting involved with married couples. And absolutely no getting involved with my band members.

But that all went to hell the moment Ash and Danica walked into my life.

Little did I know, when I pushed Ashley Player up against a wall and kissed him, that he’d soon be asking me to join the Players, the new rock band he was putting together. Or that the legendary player himself would soon be getting married.

Now, we’re on the road together, and his beautiful new wife, Danica, is touring with us. And I’m falling in love with two people who are already deeply in love with each other.

Obviously, this can spell only one thing: complete and total disaster. For me.

I know I don’t belong in their marriage. But never did I dream that Ash and Danica would open the door and leave a light on for me.

I’ve never taken a risk like this before. Especially while the whole world is watching. The only question is: do I have the courage to admit how I feel about them, no matter who’s looking… and take a chance on us?


Contemporary Romance


Flames and Flowers is a novella in Jaine Diamond's Players series. It is meant to be read after you finish the series, and centers around Matt, bass guitarist of the Players, and has a thing for couples. In this case, he is in love with Ashley and Danica. As his friendship grows with both of them, so does his love for them. But can he tell them how he feels? And would they open themselves up to a third in their relationship?

This needed to be a full length novel. And not just because I want more of everything - which I absolutely do - but because it felt so rushed. I wanted Matt's journey of falling in love with these two. I wanted Ashley and Danica's points of view, and how they both fell for Matt, and came to the decision to entwine themselves with Matt. It was too short. Too fast. I love these three together, and it just wasn't enough. The best part of this book was the sex scene at the end. Because holy fuck, the three of them together is HOT.

Jaine Diamond .... you need to turn this into a full length novel. I know I am not alone on this.

I think I would have loved Flames and Flowers if it was a novel. It being a novella made it tough to get invested in the relationship, but I loved Jaine Diamond exploring different types of relationships in her books. I just needed more.

Ashley: "Damn, girl. What happened to your face?"

Taylor: "My life imploded on it."

Matt: So you're telling me if you and me and Danica were together, you'd tell everyone?"

Ash: "Fuck yeah, I'd tell everyone."

Matt: "It's that easy for you."

Ash: "Who cares if it's easy. It just is."

There are people who come in and out of your life and make no waves. Make no damn difference. Others set fire to everything you ever knew and leave a smoldering mess in their wake.

Ashley did that to me.

Then Danica planted flowers in the ashes, where I had to see them every day from the corners of my eyes, like a promise that was just out of reach.

I wasn't sure which was worse, the fire or the flowers.

As we stepped past, Ronan tried to look like a security guy just doing his duty - like he hadn't seen anything at all - but failed.

Brody glanced at the sky, like, Give me strength to deal with this shit show, and he didn't even try t o hide it.

Xander slapped me on the back.

Xander: "Having a good night?"

he asked me kinda under his breath. He fell in stop with me, behind Ash and Danica, as Ronan and Brody brought up the rear.

Matt: "Pretty fucking great night, actually."

Xander: "Huh."

he grunted, with a mixture of grudging amusement and wonder.

Matt: "Don't worry. A throuple is my limit."

And when I glanced at him, he cracked a small smile.

Ash: "We got you something."

Danica: "Don't just blurt it out."

Ash: "It's a ring."

I opened my eyes.

Danica rolled her eyes a little, but she was smiling. She was glowing, actually. She held up a little ring box in my vision.

I blinked.

I knew this was coming, kind of. They'd mentioned it a few times, thinking they were being casual, slipping it into the conversation like I wouldn't notice. Asking if it bothering me that I couldn't marry them, if I wanted a ring.

Matt: "Why are you guys arguing?"

I said, finding my voice. I cleared my throat.

Ash: "Danica thinks we should get down on one knee."

I cocked an eyebrow.

Matt: "Both of you?"

Her cheeks flushed a little.

Danica: "Is that weird?"

Matt: "No, babe."

I said, choking up a bit.

Matt: "It's not weird."

Ash: "I just wanna be on the level."

Ash said, smoothing my hair back from my forehead and looking in my eyes.

Ash: "And look you in the eye when we ask you. Man to man. Will you be ours?"


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