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Dirty Like Jude by Jaine Diamond

Dirty Like Jude

by Jaine Diamond


Book 5 in the Dirty Series

He was the one that got away.

She was the one he never got over.

There’s always been a spark between Jude Grayson and Roni “Wild Card” Webber.

Unfortunately, whenever it ignites… it explodes.

And they both get burned.

As head of security for Dirty—his best friend’s rock band—and a member of the West Coast Kings motorcycle club, Jude had a choice to make, long ago.

Loyalty or love.

Brotherhood or her.

But now the woman he left behind is suddenly everywhere he turns.

Problem is, Roni’s still got a wild side—and another biker for a boyfriend.

And Jude’s got a fire for her that just won’t die.

Jude and Roni are about to play a dangerous game.

A game they’ve never known how to win,

and their hearts can’t afford to lose.


Rockstar Romance


Dirty Like Jude is the fifth book in Jaine Diamond's Dirty series, and centers around Dirty's head of security, Jude, and Jessa's best friend, Roni. There has always been chemistry between Jude and Roni, but the timing was never right. And when it was, past mistakes get in the way. But now Jude and Roni are always around one another, and it proves impossible to stay away ... despite what the Brotherhood thinks. Despite her biker boyfriend from a rival gang. Nothing will get in the way this time.

I enjoyed this one MUCH more than I thought I would. If it wasn't for reading the short story between Roni and Jude in A Dirty Wedding Night, I don't know if I would have been excited about this. But there was some HOT chemistry between these two in this chapter, and it definitely carried over to the novel. Both characters are interesting - their back story, that we learn throughout the book was good. I think my only complaint was it was a bit simple. But I almost needed a simple romance after the mess Dylan's book was.

Is this my favorite Dirty book ... no. But it wasn't the worst. It's written well. It's steamy. But just ... meh.

Roni: "As if Brody and Taze are in any way equal.”

Jessa just smiled, but she was still looking at Nick.

Jessa: “If you care about Taze, you can consider them equal.”

Roni: “Jessa. Your man is devoted, successful, wealthy, and, you know, a grownup. Mine is a man-baby with a Star Wars poster over his bed—”

Jessa: “What?”

Jessa started laughing and Nick squirmed in her arms.

Jessa: “Like, Darth Vader or Princess Leia in the gold bikini? Please don’t tell me it’s Ewoks or something.”

Roni: “It’s Han Solo and what’s-his-name. Chewbacca?”

Jessa: “You’re kidding me.”

Roni: “I’m totally fucking serious. Roni: “Did I make you feel powerful?”

I asked him. He didn’t answer.

Roni: “Did I make you feel weak?”

He didn’t answer that either, but he also didn’t break eye contact, even when the waitress came by to ask if we wanted anything else. He ordered us two shots, then when she was gone, he said,

Jude: “You made me feel a lot of things.”

Roni: “Like what?”

He stared at my mouth. Then his gaze dropped lower again. The way he looked at me, there was no doubt in my mind that he remembered exactly how I felt, how I tasted. Then he locked eyes with me again.

Jude: “You playin’ games with me, darlin’?”

He’d asked me that once before. So long ago…

Roni: “I never play a game that I can’t win,”

Jude: “Neither do I.”

Roni: “Then I guess that makes us both sore losers.”

After the waitress returned with our shots, he slipped her a credit card. His dark eyes met mine as we clinked and downed our shots. I asked him,

Roni: “What if you realize, at some point, that you’re losing the game?”

Jude: “Then I change the fuckin’ rules.” Roni: “Ouch! My hair’s caught in the arm thing,”

I said. He helped me free my hair from the arm rest of the futon.

Jude: “I’m sorry this is so fuckin’ ghetto.”

Roni: “It’s fine…”

Jude: “You deserve something better.”

Roni: “I’m not a princess. I’d do it with you in the dirt.”

Roni: “I thought you said… you were gonna make me come…”

I panted after a while.

Jude: “I will. When I want to.”

Holy fuck.

Jude: “In the meantime…”

he murmured between kisses,

Jude: “how about you just take what I give.” Roni: “Jessa. No straight man on Earth would say no to this proposal. I’m pretty sure if you proposed to your brother wearing this, he’d consider it.”

Jessa: “Jesus, Roni.”

She made a barfy face.

Jessa: “Really.” Roni: “Well, what reaction are you going for?”

Jessa: “Reaction?”

Roni: “Do you want him to treat you like the mother of his newborn baby, or like some dirty whore he just picked up in an alley?”

Jessa: “Ew. Roni, gross.”

She stepped out of the walk-in to peruse herself in the mirror again. She was definitely blushing a little when she turned to me and said,

Jessa: “Okay. The whore thing. We haven’t had sex since Nick was born and I don’t even know if I can yet.”

Roni: “How… interesting,”

I said quickly, my pleasant-neutral smile in place—before she could elaborate on any details about that I really did not want to know. She took the hint and moved on.

Jessa: “But I wanted this night to be, you know, X-rated. I don’t want him to think our sex life is over just because of the adorable little cockblocker who sleeps two feet from us.”

I kind of snort-laughed, which was not something I did in mixed company.

Roni: “Jessa Mayes. After all these years… you surprise me.”

Jessa: “I’m serious.”

Roni: “So am I.”

Jessa: “That’s what he calls Nicky. ‘Our little cockblocker.’”

Roni: “Adorable.” Roni: “You can have my pussy, Jude,”

I said with a sigh, giving in to the fact as I collapsed on the couch. Really, my pussy had never been able to resist him.

Roni: “But what about the rest of me?”

Jude: “Yeah…”

he said, his hands sliding up over my curves. He drifted his fingers up my throat and into my mouth; I bit down lightly on his fingertips as his eyes met mine.

Jude: “That’s all mine, too.” When she saw the gift box, though, she stopped. She looked at me, then looked at it again.

Roni: “Another gift from Janice?”

she asked me, completely deadpan. Jesus, the girl had sass.

Jude: “Read the damn card.”

She set her jacket and purse down and carefully nudged open the little folded tag that I’d barely been able to write on, it was so damn tiny.

Roni: “Veronica, Merry Christmas.”

She turned it over.

Roni: “Hmm. It’s not signed by anyone.”

Jude: “Must be from damn Santa Claus.”

Roni: “Guess he came early?”

Jude: “Don’t be a brat.” Jessa: “I’m stuck on the social politics. Like where to seat everyone. I had it worked out, but then with adding your mom in, I had to change some things around… We always split the couples up, to make it more mingly, and do a boy-girl-boy-girl arrangement, if possible. But I can’t seem to make it work.”

Roni: “What politics?”

Jessa: “You know, Katie and Elle, Dylan and Amber and Ash…”

Her voice dropped to a whisper.

Jessa: “Brody and Seth…”

Rodi: “So? Just do the best you can,”

I told her, as I glanced at the pretty little place cards she’d made and set out.

Roni: “We’re all adults here—Oh sweet mother of fuck. For the love of all that’s good and holy on Christmas Eve, do not seat my mom next to Zane.” Jessa: “I just hope everything turns out well,”

Jessa said with a little sigh as she stroked Nick’s head.

Jessa: “I literally had to tell Zane what to bring, lest he show up with a loaf of bread and a couple of hundred-dollar bills.”

Roni: “He’s done that?”

Jessa: “He’s done that. The man is truly clueless in a kitchen. This year I just went ahead and put him in charge of cranberry sauce and gave him the names of a couple of good delis where he can get some. If he fucks that up, we can probably live without it.” We sat there facing off across the table. In utter, uncomfortable silence. Dean Martin crooned away. Someone cleared his throat. Dylan, maybe. Baby Nick squealed and started crying in his bassinet, and Jessa hurried to attend to him.

Zane: “Holy fuck. Please. Someone tell a dick or fart joke, quick.”

Maggie sighed. Roni: “Okay. So… this is all of me. I do trust you. I trust you with my life,”

I told him, and it was the truth.

Roni: “I guess it’s just my heart I’m a little more precious about.”

Jude: “Yeah.”

He smiled a bit, but it was a sad smile.

Jude: “I got that.”

Roni: “And you’ve gotta step into it, too. I want all of you, and then some. I want everything you’ve got and everything you didn’t even know you had to give. I want it all, and I want it now. I’m greedy, and I’m not a patient woman, Jude Grayson.”

Jude: “Yeah.”

His smile deepened.

Jude: “I got that, too.”

Roni: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life waiting for you.”

Jude: “I know. I’m here, darlin’. I’m in.” Jude: “I ever tell you I love you, Roni Webber?”

Jude murmured in his low, rough voice. Roni: “Did I mention that I love you, too?”

Jude: “You inferred.”

Roni: “Great. Then I guess you don’t need to hear it…”

He ran his hands up under my sweater and squeezed my breasts through my bra.

Jude: “Don’t be a brat. I wanna hear it.”

Roni: “I love you, Jude.” Roni: “I still remember every word you said. How it made me feel. You and me, we’re not goin’ down that road. You took my hand and that’s what you said to me.”

She swallowed and gazed up into my eyes in a way I probably didn’t deserve for that bullshit.

Roni: “But… I would’ve gone down any road with you.”

I took her hand and twined my fingers through hers, just like I did that night. I still remembered it, too. How soft and small and warm her hand felt in mine. How much it killed me she’d been with my brother. How much it killed me to push her away. And I felt the connection between us now, just like I did then. The want I had for her. For more. More of her. More of us. So this time, I told her the truth.

Jude: “You and me, darlin’, we’re goin’ down the longest road there is.”


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