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Crazy Apologetic Canadians by Cathryn Fox

Crazy Apologetic Canadians

by Cathryn Fox


I take one look at the grumpy Brit and know I’m in trouble.

Not because he’s in Nova Scotia to tear down our beloved amusement park. Or because he wants to build an elite school on the lush property.

No, I’m in trouble because Colin Parker is superlicious – despite the stick up his British bum.

You see, I’m a free-spirited girl who knows her way around a lobster boat. He’s a rule follower who knows his way around a boardroom. Can you say polar opposites?

Oh, did I mention his mother is back in England planning his marriage? The sexy Brit with a debutante makes sense, right?

You know what doesn’t make sense? The two of us between the sheets and a montage of fun activities that finally put a smile on his face. But when the montage ends, and life turns messy and complicated—yet we still manage to find common ground—it leads me to believe we’re not so different after all.

Until he does the one thing that proves me wrong and I’m forced to make a decision I thought I’d never have to make.



I would like to thank Cathryn Fox for providing my an arc of Crazy Apologetic Canadians via #Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Crazy Apologetic Canadians is the second book I have read from relatively local - different province, but fellow Maritimer - author Cathryn Fox. The bright pink, and off-beat title drew me in - mostly because its a bit ... much. I won't lie, if I hadn't read her work before, I probably wouldn't have requested the arc on the cover alone - yes, I am one of those - but I liked Hooked on You, so I figured why not?

The first chapter had me snorting from laughter. It was a strong introduction to the story, had me actually laughing, and I immediately knew what our main characters personalities were right away. But after the first chapter, I was kind of bored. There are still humorous moments, but the constant stereotypes from both Canadians, and the English got tiresome. As a fellow Canadian, I totally appreciated the funny little mannerisms we have - especially on the east coast - and I loved seeing them highlighted in a novel. I just didn't love that it began to feel like beating a dead horse. Aside from that, its a lighthearted read. It's funny if not witty. The romance is nice. Predictable, but nice.

OH, and I have a note here for those who are not Canadian and read this book. We don't wear wool socks while having sex. That is not a thing. HAHA. I asked around to make sure I wasn't the only one who doesn't, and everyone I asked thought that was a weird little addition. Sure, it's chilly and sometimes downright freezing ... I have definitely worn socks to bed to sleep ... but not for sex. It really took me out of the story when this became a thing.

I think if you are a Canadian, and especially from the Maritimes, and you like lighthearted romantic comedies, you will like this. It's fun to poke fun at ourselves sometimes. And if you don't - I'm sorry!

Fun side note:

Crazy Apologetic Canadian's Canadian Terminology (in my experience)

  1. Beaver: Yes, its the national animal. Yes, sometimes people say beaver instead of vagina. Personally it makes me cringe, but it's a thing. Not overly common, but there are lots of jokes.

  2. Yeah, no: Yes thing is a thing. I do it sometimes, and I didn't realize it was a weird Canadian thing till I read this book. lol

  3. Yeah, no, for sure: I've heard it, but I don't say it. I say for sure a lot. lol

  4. Yeah, no, for sure we're not going that: I don't say this, and I don't think I've every heard it said. Maybe it's a Nova Scotia thing?

  5. Zamboni: I don't know why this is on the Canadian terminology list, considering it's used all over the world, and is the actual name for the equipment.

  6. Scooch: Yes, this is a thing. I say it, I hear it.

  7. Sorry: We really do apologize for everything. I do it all the time. Sometimes bumps into me and I apologize. Not sure why lol

  8. Toonie and Loonie: Yes, this is what we call out $2 and $1 coins. Yes, it bothers be that it's not spelt Twonie

  9. Canadian Bacon: I know they call it Canadian Bacon, but every restaurant I've ever been to, and the most commonly purchased bacon, is just regular bacon. lol.

  10. Beaver Tail: It's a delicious pastry shaped like a beaver tail, and its fucking GOOD.

  11. Eh?: sigh. Yes. This is a thing and VERY common.

  12. Oot and aboot: I mean, depending on where you reside in Canada, out and about sounds like this, but where I live, no. We speak pretty clearly from what I've been told by some friends in the US.

  13. Tim Hortons: It's okay if there is nothing better around, but I definitely am a coffee snob and prefer local coffee shops and if not that, Starbucks.

  14. Toque: This is a Canadian thing? I honestly thought this was what hats were called. Despite thinking that, I always said hat. lol

  15. Out for a rip: Never heard this one. Maybe a NS thing.

Release date is March 6th, 2023

Coming soon after publication!

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