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Corrupted Heart by Jagger Cole

Corrupted Heart

by Jagger Cole


Book 4 in the Venomous Gods Series

I taunted a monster. Now I’m caught in his claws.

He was only supposed to be a faceless fantasy.

A masked man from the app to enact my darkest, most depraved impulses with.

But I played games with the wrong stranger, and caught the attention of a psychopath.

Because Kratos Drakos isn’t just Greek Mafia royalty. He’s not just lethally powerful, physically massive, and dangerously gorgeous.

I’ve seen what lurks beneath his mask: a beast with a primal taste for chasing, catching, and corrupting.

Now, to stop a mafia war, I’m being wed to that very monster.

But the deeper I’m drawn into Kratos’ twisted reality, the more I realize one thing:

The most dangerous game you can play with a psychopath isn’t running away.

It’s falling for one.



Violence, Murder, Drug Deal, Sexual Assault, Trauma from Sexual Assault as a minor, Trauma from parental abuse, Consensual Non-Consent, Primal Play, very graphic, rough sexual encounters


Before I begin, I would like to thank Jagger Cole, his team, and those at Valentine PR for sending me an arc of Corrupted Heart in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Just when I think Jagger Cole can't possibly write another book that tops it's predecessor in terms of smut, he does.

He. Does.

Not much makes me blush, but this book did it.

Now, I've said before that Jagger Cole is now one of my go-to authors when I am in the mood for a dark, mafia romance. That hasn't changed.

Corrupted Heart's overall story is interesting. While I was able to predict certain things, it didn't bother me. I was hooked into these characters and their story, as well as their personal arcs throughout the book.

Great, entertaining story, and interesting, traumatized characters coming together in an unconventional way?


Now, as much as I love Jagger Cole's work, and I truly mean it when I say he writes the dirtiest smut I've come across, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone.

To my dark romance fans, with little to no triggers, absolutely I would recommend.

To those who are easily triggers, or are not interested in dark romance, I would not.

Jagger Cole doesn't mince words. He doesn't sugar coat.

The violence is brutal, and gory.

The sex is truly depraved. Consensual, but rape fantasies are a very niche trope that not a lot of people love. But I feel like Jagger Cole does it well. By writing characters living with trauma from their pasts, it was easy to understand why Kratos enjoys complete control. And the story as a whole, and personal experiences of both Kratos (dom) and Bianca (sub), makes it very clear just what consensual, nonconsensual, and consensual non-consent sex is without outright defining it.

Corrupted Heart is yet another hit for me. This series just keeps getting better and better, and somehow, Jagger Cole keeps raising the bar on steam. Before even learning who the next book was about I was excited to read, but now that I know? I can't wait!

Know your triggers. If safe, read this book - this series! It's so good!



Coming soon shortly after release!


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