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Bookish Gift Guide 2023 | Part 5 | Fire Drake Artistry

If you have been a reader on here, you know in the past I have done Bookish Gift Guides before the holidays to help readers either find a gift for their bookish friend or family member, or add to their Wishlist. You will notice I am doing things a little different this year. This year, I have featuring

shops, instead of fandoms.

I will post a little about each business, add my personal experience if I have one, and then my recommendations.

Today I'm featuring Fire Drake Artistry! Please know I have received nothing from Fire Drake Artistry for doing this. I do not receive any compensation if you click on one of these links and purchase.

I'm doing this because I enjoy their products, and because I love doing this gift guides!


About Fire Drake Artistry: Fire Drake Artistry is a small bookish shop based in the US. It is owned by Traci Quail, who is the designer, creator, and seller of all her products. She wanted to bring her love of art into her other passion; reading.

Personal Experience: Sadly, I don't have anything from Fire Drake Artistry ... yet. As you will be able to tell when you go on her website, most of her product is sold out - for good reason. It's seriously beautiful. While I have had my eyes on a few of her pieces - mainly her bookends, and a personalized library sign - I'm also REALLY terrible with keeping up with restock updates, so until I catch an update at just the right time, I'm out of luck.

All products on Fire Drake Artistry is fully licensed merch and approved of by the authors.

Please note, most, if not all of the items highlighted below are out of stock, or not available for sale until they catch up on orders, and some have waitlists, as these are all handmade items.

You are probably wondering WHY I would even post these as gift ideas if there is no way you will get the items for the holidays.

It's because they are SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!

I highly suggest that if you want to gift one of these items, you purchase a gift card, so when they are in stock again, the recipient of your gift can buy! :)

Sarah J Maas Merch

Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, Crescent City

Valkyrie Wall Sign | 11.5" Diameter | $126.99

SJM Inspired Personalized Library Sign | 15"x5.5" | Original, Blue, Pink or Purple Nebula, | $98 - $119

ACOTAR Library Sign | 15"x5.5" | $119

Light it Up Crescent City Shelf Sitter | Black or White Background | $37

There You Are Mug | 12oz | Black, White or Pink Glitter | $38

The Thirteen Throne of Glass Bookends | $210 (waitlist is currently closed for this)

ACOTAR Bookends | $210 (waitlist is currently closed for this)

Throne of Glass Bookends | $210 (waitlist is currently closed for this)

Maas Worlds Mini Sign | 5" Diameter | Blue/White or Black/Silver | $38

Scarlett St. Clair Merch

Hades x Persephone

Hades Quote Sign | 5"x5" | $40

Persephone Sign | 5"x5" | $40

Danielle L. Jensen Merch

Bridge Kingdom

Alive Isn't Living Sign | 4"x6" or 11"x16.5" | $40 - $105

Ithicana Sign | 5"x5" | $40

Jennifer L Armentrout Merch

Dark Elements

Roth Bookends | $196 (waitlist currently closed)

Bookish Merch

Fated Lovers Sign | 5.5"x4" | $40

Spank Me Sign | 4.5"x5.5" | $40

Why Choose? Sign | 5.25"x5.25" | $40

Romance Reader Mug | 12oz | Pink Glitter, Black or White | $38

Romance Reader Sign | 5"x5" | $37

Book Dragon Mug | 12oz | Pink Glitter, Black, White, Wisteria, Black & White Gradient | $38 - $42

Read Banned Books Sign | 5"x5" or 12"x12" | $40 - $63

"I Read" Home Decor Sign | 22"x12.75" | $126

Book Dragon Sweatshirt | Black/Dark Heather | S-5XL | $62

Read Banned Books Tee | XS-5XL | $40

Good Girl Sign | 5"x4.5" | $40

Indoor Cat Book Club Hoodie | Black, Dark Heather, Indigo Blue, Military Green, Sport Gray | S-5XL | $62

Fire Drake Artistry also carries product for Nikki St. Crowe, Tate James, Holly Renee and Adelaide Forest/Harper L Woods


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