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Bookish Gift Guide 2023 | Part 4 | Litjoy Crate

If you have been a reader on here, you know in the past I have done Bookish Gift Guides before the holidays to help readers either find a gift for their bookish friend or family member, or add to their Wishlist. You will notice I am doing things a little different this year. This year, I have featuring shops, instead of fandoms.

I will post a little about each business, add my personal experience if I have one, and then my recommendations.

The fourth shop I am featuring is LitJoy Crate. Please note that I do not receive anything to do these gift guides. I do this because I like to browse bookish merch and share them with you!

But if you want to help a girl out, if you decide to purchase something, click this "Refer a Friend" link right here. If your purchase is over $40, we both get a $5 coupon for their shop!


About Litjoy Crate: Litjoy is a one stop shop for bookish merch and special edition books. They also have different subscription boxes you can sign up for.

Personal Experience: I've only purchased one thing from Litjoy in the past, and it's one of the my favorite items on my bookshelf. It's the currently sold out ACOTAR Lightbox. I've had it plugged in for over a year now and it hasn't needed anything replaced yet. It's absolutely beautiful and detailed, and I hope to purchase more lightboxes in the future.

In my opinion, the shipping time is pretty standard from the US to Canada, about 2-3 weeks if it's not a preorder.


Sarah J Maas Merch

Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses

ACOTAR Cauldron Blessed Mug | 13.5oz | $19.99 US

Throne of Glass Bookshelf Alley | $52.99 US *currently sold out

ACOTAR Velaris Bookshelf Alley | $52.99 US *currently sold out

I own this bookshelf alley and I absolutely adore it! I've had it plugged in for

well over a year now, and no issues at all!

Ali Hazelwood Merch

The Love Hypothesis

Diana Gabaldon Merch


Sassenach Tote Bag | 15"x16"x5" | $18 US

Book Lovers Merch

TBR Bookends | $34 US

Book Lover Scarf | 10"x67" | $15.50 US

Litjoy Crate also has some other great things from other authors I've read! Like Jay Kristoff, Julia Quinn/Bridgerton, Cassandra Clare, and Leigh Bardugo!


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