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Bookish Gift Guide 2023 | Part 2 | Caffeine & Curses

If you have been a reader on here, you know in the past I have done Bookish Gift Guides before the holidays to help readers either find a gift for their bookish friend or family member, or add to their Wishlist. You will notice I am doing things a little different this year. This year, I have featuring shops, instead of fandoms.

I will post a little about each business, add my personal experience if I have one, and then my recommendations.

Today I'm featuring Caffeine & Curses! Please know I have received nothing in exchange from Caffeine & Curses. I do not receive any compensation if you click on one of these links and purchase.

I'm doing this because I enjoy their products, and because I love doing this gift guides!

Enjoy 10% off Caffeine & Curses product by signing up for the SMS service when you log on to their website!


About Caffeine & Curses: Caffeine & Curses started out as a bookstagram account, and after falling in love, and sharing different book merch on her instagram, decided to start her own licensed bookish apparel business. Caffeine & Curses has been in business since January 2021, and has quickly become one of the most popular book merch businesses around. They are based in Australia, and ship worldwide.

Personal Experience: I don't have personal experience with their products yet, but my best friend does. She loves the quality of their shirts, and wears them all the time. I have been in contact with their customer service before to ask a question, and I will say that they were very prompt with a response (just a couple of hours) and very kind.

Because they have several print businesses around the world that they work with, shipping does not take long at all, as your order gets shipped from the printer closest to you. Shipping costs are very fair, compared to other shops out there.

I adore her products! Everything, including the AMAZING art, is done by Tracy, the owner of Caffeine & Curses. Her beautiful designs really blow me away, and she has them available of a range of different products - tee's, long sleeve tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, drinkware, tote bags, notebooks, and iPhone cases (iPhone gets all the fun, haha)

All products in Caffeine & Curses is fully licensed merch and approved of by the authors.


Sarah J Maas Merch

Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, & Crescent City

Wing Leader Bookish Hoodie | S-5XL | $57 - $61 CAD

Fireheart Festival Hoodie | S-5XL | White or Sand | $61 - $65 CAD

Manon Blackbeak Tee | XS - 5XL | $40 - $45 CAD

This is the tee that my best friend owns and I am OBSESSED and must have it for


Bone Carver Bookish Tee | XS - 5XL | $37 - $41 CAD

Terrasen Bookish Sweatshirt | S - 5XL | $53 - $57 CAD

Ruhn Danaan Bookish Tee | S - 3XL | $37 CAD

Velaris Sweatshirt | S - 5XL | White, Black & Navy | $53 - $57 CAD

Sarah J. Maas Mug | 11oz | $21 CAD

Crescent City Bookish Tee | XS - 3XL | Ash, Athletic Heather, Maroon, Navy, White | $37 CAD

Bat Boys Hoodie | S - 5XL | $61 - $65 CAD

Bone Carver Mug | 11oz & 15oz | $25 - $29 CAD

Fireheart Tote | Large | $33 CAD

Feyre's Tattoo Sweatshirt | S - 5XL | White & Black | $53 - $57 CAD

Rebecca Yarros Merch

Fourth Wing

Violence Tee | XS - 5XL | $37 CAD

Violence Sherpa Blanket | 37"x57" 50"x60" 60"x80" | $57 - $73 CAD

Fly or Die Long Sleeve Top | XS - 2XL | $45 CAD

Xaden Riorson Tee | XS - 5XL | $37 CAD

Scribe Tee | XS - 5XL | Soft Cream & White | $37 CAD

J. Bree Merch

Bonds That Tie

Bond Haze Festival Tee| XS - 5XL | $37 CAD

Gryphon Bookish Tee | XS - 5XL | $37 - $41 CAD

Soul Render Mug | 11oz & 15oz | $25 - $29 CAD

Draven Brothers Mug | 11oz & 15oz | $25 $29 CAD

Soul Render Long Sleeve Top | XS - 2XL | $45 - $49 CAD

Draven Brothers Bookish Tee | XS - 5XL | $37 - $41 CAD

General Bookish Merch

Forbidden Can Glass | 473mL | $21 CAD

Slow Burn Tee | S - 4XL | $45 CAD


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